13 Best Apple TV Party Games

Best Apple TV Party Games

There’s a lot more to life than sitting in front of the television.

Friends and family are what make the world go round, and even the most devoted Apple TV owner will want to spend time with them. Try them out the next time you’re all together and looking for something to do.

Here are some of the best Apple TV party games available.

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1. SketchParty TV

SketchParty Tv is one of the best Apple TV party games, each of the two teams is allowed to include up to eight players. Each player has two minutes to draw five words.

Because you can’t sketch on the television, you’ll need a suitable iPad or iPad Pro with AirPlay Mirroring turned on.

The image displays as the player sketches on the iOS device on the TV screen. The game’s goal is for your team to correctly guess the word you’re attempting to draw (so, no peeking).

The winning team is the one with the most points. It’s a game that everyone can enjoy because it’s exciting, interactive, and competitive, and it enables your party guests to express themselves creatively.

2. Just Dance Now

Do you want to do something a little more active? Ubisoft’s instant classic, Just Dance Now, has you covered if you’re a mover and shaker.

You can play with your buddies or by yourself in these best Apple TV party games. The game includes 300 dance music, some requiring payment to access.

When you dance, you use your right hand to hold the Apple TV Remote or an iOS device running the Remote app and emulate the person on the screen’s moves.

You gain points when you get the movement correct, which you may use (or pay) to unlock new tunes. 

3. Fibbage XL

Fibbage is a party game with a twist from the creators of Don’t Know Jack: you bluff and lie your way to victory while finding out when someone is lying to you.

Because this best Apple TV party game is based on actual events, some of the wild stories you tell aren’t entirely false. On the screen, the questions appear, and each participant enters a falsehood.

Then it’s up to you to judge whether any of them are genuine. 

4. Party Pong

As a best Apple TV party game, Party Pong for two players is fun to keep the party going at smaller gatherings. Ping pong balls are bounced into red cups in this traditional Beer Pong game.

As you play face with another person, use the remote to control the angle of your shot and make the throw with a flip of your finger.

Each player fires a shot at their own set of cups, and the guy who clears all of the cups first wins. In this arcade-style game, the action moves quickly.

5. Spaceteam

In this best Apple TV party game, Spaceteam, you and your companions are in control of a spacecraft racing against a star on the verge of exploding in Spaceteam.

To complicate things, your ship is on the verge of collapsing. You and your companions will yell directions to each other in an attempt to save the ship before everyone perishes.

If you enjoy pressing buttons and looking at flashing lights, this is the game for you. If you want yelling directions and technobabble at your buddies, this is the game for you. 

6. Peg Ballet

Apple TV gaming is not always a solitary activity. Using the associated iOS controller software, eight individuals can play Peg Ballet.

Gamers are given the goal of gathering pegs as quickly as possible. The soundtrack features brand new Teen Daze music and a vibrant atmosphere.

For Apple TV users, Peg Ballet has pretty much everything. The multiplayer functionality and compatibility for MFI controls make this game a hit, along with a straightforward one-touch control method making it one of the best Apple TV party games.

7. Tap Tap Party

Tap Tap Party is a four-player local multiplayer compilation of games.

This is the epitome of casual gaming, making it one of the best Apple TV party games, with adorable and amusing characters that will have you and your friends laughing nonstop. With various mini-games to keep everyone entertained, this is a party game.

Tap Tap Party includes multiple games that up to four people may play at a time. The Siri Remote, an MFi game controller, iPads, iPhones, and even the Apple Watch can all be used as controllers. 

8. Party Pong- On the Big Screen

You’ll be able to experience fast-paced action with automatic game rules and quick reracking, thanks to arcade-style gameplay.

Although Party Pong – On The Big Screen may not be as entertaining as the real thing for obvious reasons, it does appear to be a fun opportunity to test out the new Siri Remote’s multitouch capabilities.

You won’t wake up the following day with a headache. That’s always a benefit of his particular best Apple TV party game.

9. Game Night – multiplayer

That’s what Trivia Night is if you’ve ever seen or participated in those quiz games in sports bars when players push a button on a portable gadget to provide their answer.

The only difference is that this apple TV game works on your Apple TV, with you and your friends weighing in with the (hopefully) correct answer using your iOS devices.

It comprises basic knowledge, literature, film and television, and sports questions. The images are basic but adequate, allowing the user to concentrate on finding the correct answers to these questions.

There is a range of trivia themes to test your knowledge, as well as enough questions to keep you going back for more. 

10. Jackbox Party Pack 3

Since 2014, The Jackbox Party Pack game series has been infiltrating living rooms and has been a smash hit.

You’ll find yourself and your pals riveted to the TV thanks to a range of multiplayer games that users may interact with via an internet browser on any tablet, smartphone, or PC.

Quiplash 2, Trivia Murder Party, Guesspionage, Tee KO, and Fakin’ It is included in The Jackbox Party Pack 3. The party pack has something for everyone, whether you enjoy trivia, quiz activities, or more art forms.

The pricing is a little on the high side, but you’ll quickly make up for it in hours of entertainment.

11. Rush Rally 3

The ultimate racing game, Rush Rally 3, is the best way to evaluate what the Apple TV can do in graphics, making it undoubtedly another best Apple TV party game.

Rush Rally 3 is not only an entertaining rally combat simulator but it can also be played with friends online or other people from all over the world.

As you develop and tune your garage of automobiles, weekly events keep you returning for more. Rush Rally 3 is also a great illustration of how using a third-party controller may help you improve your game.

Again from the comfort of your living room, spin your wheels and hit the dirt.

12. Alto’s Odyssey

In the Apple TV game Alto’s Odyssey, a follow-up to the 2015 open-world game Alto’s Adventure, Alto embarks on a new adventure.

But, before you dismiss “yet another endless runner,” keep in mind that this series of games takes stunning graphics and equally captivating audio on the large screen in a way that makes us happy.

With new game components and a zen option for those who aren’t in the spirit for competition, Alto and his buddies embark on a trip to explore the mysteries of the desert in Odyssey.

Enjoy one Apple device and resume the other with universal iCloud compatibility.

13. Oddmar

Go no further than Oddmar if you’re looking for an exciting activity platform for Apple TV.

Follow the exploits of Oddmar, a Viking who doesn’t believe he is deserving of Valhalla and sets off on a quest to prove himself. The game has two dozen levels with science puzzles that require careful platform timing.

We can’t disagree with Apple’s AppStore team when they named it Editors’ Choice as you go through anything from cold mountains to deep woodlands.

Apple has done everything to corner every market niche, and computer games are no exception. The best Apple TV game is available for download from App Store is one of the many advantages of owning an Apple TV.

Here are some of our favorite Apple TV games that will keep you occupied for hours if you’re seeking something fresh to play (or maybe even days).

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