17 Best Mafia Movies on Netflix to Watch

Best Mafia Movies On Netflix

What are the best mafia movies on Netflix right now? Netflix may provide you with enjoyment, and several types of amusement exist. Netflix must-see movies include comedies, thrillers, Romance, and terror!

Have you been looking for movies with enormous firearms, tons of swearing, and larger-than-life crimes? Then you’ve come to the perfect spot, thanks to our list of the finest mafia movies on Netflix.

What distinguishes an excellent gangster film? But on the other hand, these films do a wonderful job of glorifying the nether with a fair dosage of liquor, gorgeous women, money, and luxury automobiles while simultaneously presenting the dark and dangerous side to life’s finer pleasures.

If you enjoy crime, grandiose mobsters, and loads of violence and bloodshed, the films on this list are for you. These true masterpieces will keep you engaged the entire time.

1. Snatch (2000)

The narrative examines the London underground contrasted with boxing and has one of Brad Pitt’s greatest performances to date.

The movie stars Jason Statham, an illegal boxing promoter who persuades mobster Brick Top (Alan Ford) to accept wagers on bare-knuckle boxer Mickey (Brad Pitt) at his bookie.

With suitable action sequences, chaos and violence follow, making it one of the best mafia movies on Netflix to watch.

2. Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Bernie Mac, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, and Casey Affleck appeared in Ocean’s Eleven, released in 2001. In the film, Danny Ocean and his ten comrades concoct a scheme to heist three Las Vegas casinos simultaneously.

3. Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino’s debut film and one of the best mafia movies on Netflix, stands at number three on our list.

The narrative revolves around a botched diamond robbery. Six crooks using aliases are recruited to commit a heist.

Unfortunately, the theft goes apart as the cops assault the scene. The group must abandon the theft and barely escape alive.

The survivors gather in a predetermined warehouse and discover that they have a traitor amongst themselves. Tarantino’s characteristics include short speech, vivid action, and engaging storytelling.

4. Uncut Gems (2019)

Uncut Gems is one of the best mafia movies on Netflix that is thrilling to watch, is about Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), an intelligent salesman who has dragged himself into many problems with the gangsters.

But Howard has a ‘plan’ in the shape of a $1 million black opal he got from Ethiopian mines. The only hitch is that he can’t locate it. This 135-minute film by the Safdie brothers is filled with tense moments and is riveting viewing.

5. True Romance (1993)

The story recounts the turbulent relationship of two fresh companions, a prostitute called Alabama (Patrica Arquette) and a comic-book nerd named Clarence (Christian Slater). Clarence discloses the hidden connection to the hustler, and the encounter leads to his death.

Panic follows as the star-crossed lovers attempt to flee swiftly, with Clarence picking up Alabama’s luggage, believing it to be full of clothes.

However, when they get on the road, they realize the suitcase contains cocaine and plan to sell it once they reach California.

But the crowd is on their tail, and they immediately discover that they are in a race against time with no escape. True Romance is among the best mafia movies on Netflix that will keep you entertained all night.

6. Lawless (2012)

Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain, and Shia LeBeouf star as a family of bootleggers pocked against a crazed cop in the film. In the film, the Bondurant brothers of Franklin County run an illegal booze delivery operation.

Hardy portrays Forrest Bondurant, the eldest of the Bondurant brothers, alongside his brother’s Jack (LaBeouf) and Howard (Jason Clarke), overseeing the company’s operations.

However, their supposedly thriving enterprise turns for the worst when a vicious sheriff (Guy Pearce) arrives from Chicago and attempts to shut down the entire organization, making it one of the top mafia movies on Netflix.

7. Beats (2019)

This Chicago-set hip-hop movie tells the story of a teenage kid scarred by gang violence who seeks solace in music and creativity.

Khalil Everage plays August Monroe, a small youngster who sees his sister’s terrible death and is shot at very close range by a mobster in the film’s opening sequence.

One year later, the child has crippling PTSD, preventing him from taking classes or leaving home. Nonetheless, he composes songs on his piano as his mother (Uzo Aduba) watches.

A casual meeting with a gentleman named Anthony builds into a friendship as they spend more time talking about hip-hop and their sad, difficult childhood.

8. Legend (2015)

Legend is another classic thriller among the mafia movies on Netflix. In the movie, Tom Hardy plays Reggie Kray, a clever and sophisticated mobster in London’s underground during the 1960s.

Ronnie, his similarly dangerous twin brother, works alongside him to carry out a spree of thefts and massacres while managing nightclubs and extortion rackets.

As they elude capture and make the front pages of newspapers, the brothers immediately have a police investigator on their tail.

The events shown in the film occurred during the dreaded mobsters’ reign over London in the 1960s, culminating in their capture and life term in jail in 1969.

9. Den Of Thieves (2018)

The movie features an exclusive section of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in their pursuit of the elusive criminals guilty of the state’s largest bank heist.

The robbers’ focus is now redirected towards the Federal Reserve Bank, an impossible crime. But on the other hand, the criminals have a detailed strategy to execute their heist and would go to any extent to avoid being caught, making it one of the best mafia movies on Netflix.

10. Shot Caller (2017)

Have you ever imagined Jamie Lannister as an inmate and a member of a mob within it? The acclaimed actor plays an unexpected character in this film.

The narrative revolves around him while he serves a jail sentence for DUI. While incarcerated, he joins a violent mob and rises through the ranks.

Once liberated, he is compelled to conduct a weapons transaction or risk endangering his family’s life.

11. Goodfellas (1990)

The movie, one of the best mafia movies on Netflix, depicts the path of a young guy who spends most of his adolescent years in a mob, gradually rising through the ranks. Sadly, the lad is dazzled by the comforts of money and is unaware of the tragedy he leaves behind.

The film is centered on Nicholas Pileggi’s novel “Wiseguy,” and it offers a very sophisticated homage to mafia life and the ups and downs that come with it.

12. Killing Them Softly (2012)

Brad Pitt plays a mob contract killer ordered to assassinate two men in New Orleans who plundered a prominent mobster’s poker game. The late and brilliant James Gandolfini, who plays a fellow killer, joins him on this mob hunt.

The narrative is full of twists and turns, and the performers deliver captivating performances, making this one of the best mafia movies on Netflix.

13. Kungfu Hustle (2004)

The film recounts the exploits of two buddies, Sing and Bone, who dress up as hoodlums with the aim of one day joining the actual mob. Kungfu Hustle is still regarded as one of the best mafia movies on Netflix since its release in 2004.

However, their relatively harmless deed ignites a fistfight that almost ruins the city’s slums. The film contains some hilarious moments interwoven with action scenes that tie everything together.

14. The Town (2010)

Ben Affleck stars in this crime drama, which he also co-wrote and directed. The narrative revolves around four bank robbers in Boston who the FBI is pursuing.

Look no further than The Town if you are looking for mafia movies on Netflix with a little romance. Ben Affleck plays Doug MacRay, the leader of a gang of bank thieves.

Everything changes when James (Jeremy Renner) kidnaps a bank employee (Claire Keesey). As the pair fall in love, plenty of Romance is followed by terrific robbery action.

15. Imperial Dreams (2014)

The film depicts the redemption path of a mobster named Bambi, who has recently been released from jail. However, his commitment to his family is put to the test when he returns to his old Los Angeles neighborhood.

The road to recovery is fraught with perils, as the Netflix original film revisits subjects like mass imprisonment, education, police racism, and gang life.

16. The Highway Men (2019)

The Highwaymen is an American historical crime drama film that recounts the narrative of retired Texas Rangers Maney Gault and Frank Hamer as they come out of retirement to try to apprehend notorious robbers Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker.

Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner portray Maney Gault and Kevin Costner, respectively, in the film. In addition, the film stars John Carroll Lynch, Thomas Mann, Kim Dickens, Kathy Bates, and William Sadler. The movie is one of the popular mafia movies on Netflix.

17. The Family (2013)

The family is also one of the best mafia movies on Netflix. The plot of the 2013 release has a benign name, yet it is entrenched in gangland.

Giovanni Manzoni (Robert De Niro) is a conniving ex-mafia member who exposes his Mafia colleagues. He and his family are accepted into the Witness Protection Program and relocated to a French village.

Notwithstanding their caretaker’s (Tommy Lee Jones) attempts, the family can’t help but go back to their old ways, honoring the dignity and custom of ‘Family’ at all times. Sadly, old habits die hard, and the family is being pursued by furious mobsters.

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