15 Best Russian Video Games to Play Right Now

Russian Video Games

Russian game developers have developed so many Russian video games over the years. Not all games are created in the United States, Japan, or Western Europe.

Russia’s and its zone of influence come in many kinds and sizes.

There’s something for everyone, from ancient cosmic and fantasy methods to modern cyberpunk puzzles and informant simulations.

Want to play games infused with Russian culture but aren’t sure which ones suit the bill? Maybe you’re a new gamer who doesn’t know where to go for Russian-developed games.

No worries, you’ll find a collection of games from Russian creators on this page that will satisfy your desire for some good Russian games.

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1. Atom RPG

Platforms: Linux, macOS, Microsoft Window, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

ATOM RPG is a post-apocalyptic role-playing Russian video game set in an alternate universe after a nuclear war on the territory of the Soviet Union.

ATOM RPG is an independent game developed using Unity 5 and inspired by the legendary Fallout series.

The Fallout aesthetic may be seen in many aspects of ATOM RPG, including the UI, color palette, and gameplay mechanics, to name a few.

Furthermore, this Russian video game takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of the former Soviet Union.

In mutual nuclear bombings in 1986, both the USSR and the Western Bloc were obliterated. It is now 2005, after nineteen years.

The protagonist is an ATOM agent who is a survivor of the nuclear holocaust. This splinter of a semi-legitimate military and scientific organization dispatched him to investigate the mystery bunker in search of a special squad that had vanished during the probe. 

The game has received a mixed response. According to Metacritic’s average critic reviews, the title gets a 70/100 rating. However, the average user score from the same aggregator was significantly better, with an 8.6 for the PC version and an 8.9 for the Switch version.

2. Active Shooter

Platforms: Microsoft windows

Anton Makarevskiy, a Russian video game developer, created Active Shooter, a first-person shooter game.

This is one of the Russian video games that simulate a school shooting, and players can choose to play as the active shooter (referred to as the “attacker” on the title screen), a SWAT member responding to the incident, or a civilian who can either flee or confront the gunman.

In the attacker role, players can use guns, grenades, or knives to attack, and the amount of civilians, guards, and police killed is displayed on the screen.

3. Hello Neighbor

Platforms: Microsoft Window, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Stadia

Hello, Neighbor is a survival horror stealth game created by Dynamic Pixels, a Russian video game studio.

The player assumes the role of Nicky Roth, who is investigating the strange Mr. Peterson who lives next door.

This is one of the Russian video games whose goal is to successfully sneak into the Neighbor’s basement to unearth a terrible secret while avoiding being discovered by the Neighbor.

While fans and critics well-received early alpha versions of Hello Neighbor, the final game garnered unfavorable primary feedback.

Although some liked the tale, mystery themes, and graphical style, some criticized the gameplay, control scheme, and technical performance.

4. Dark Horizon

Platforms: Microsoft Window

Dark Horizon was released in Russia as Tarr Chronicles: Guardians of the Border. The game takes place 100 years before the events of Tarr Chronicles.

The game takes place in the imaginary galaxy of Enosta, which is under siege by an evil monster known only as of the Mirk.

The player is a member of the Guardians, a community of people who have been infected by the Mirk and are working to build the Light Core, a structure that will keep the creature from wiping out the rest of the galaxy.

The player is tasked with defending the Guardians from Mirk attacks and completing the Light Core’s construction.

Furthermore, Dark Horizon follows in the footsteps of its predecessor. Shadow mode makes the player’s spaceship invisible for a brief period while reducing firepower and speed. According to video game review aggregate Metacritic, the game garnered “mixed” reviews, more so than the previous.

5. Crossout

Crossout is one of the Russian video games developed by the Targem game. In this game, your main aim is to craft, ride, and destroy.

Working as a team and steering your vehicles across the treacherous wilderness, join in this adrenaline-fueled mad-max style racing and eliminate your enemies in style. However, don’t just slam your car into the adversaries; a well-thought-out strategy is essential for victory.

6. Blitzkrieg 2

Platforms: Windows

Blitzkrieg 2 is one of the Russian video games that is a real-time tactics computer game based on World War II events.

It is the sequel to Blitzkrieg and the second title in the Blitzkrieg series (video game series). Blitzkrieg 2 follows its predecessor’s footsteps and similar Sudden Strike games, focusing on World War II combat rather than real-time strategic elements such as base development and resource extraction.

Over its predecessor, the game has many additional features and troops; the graphics engine has been updated, allowing for full 3D, and the game has over 250 units compared to Blitzkrieg’s 200.

Germany, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, and France are the six factions in the game.

7. Inhabited Island: The Earthling

Platforms: Windows

Inhabited Island: The Earthling is a Russian adventure video game released in 2007. It is based on Arkady and Boris Strugatsky’s 1969 novel Prisoner of Power.

The plot follows a 22nd-century Earthling who travels to another planet and becomes entangled in the local socio-political environment.

In addition, the gameplay is comparable to that of the 1993 game Myst, in which players navigate a sequence of static screens from a first-person perspective. The majority of the riddles are inventory-based.

Romania criticized the “obscene aesthetics” and basic gameplay. The game came across as a mediocre budget title, according to Stop Game.

The character models were deemed unattractive by Absolute Games.

8. Hard Truck Apocalypse

Platforms: Windows

Hard Truck Apocalypse (Ex Machina) is a post-apocalyptic science fiction automotive combat computer game developed by Targem Games in Russia.

The Cataclysm, an unexplained flying object that crashed onto the Earth in the future, is depicted in the story.

After the crash, the known world was obliterated: the atmosphere became poisoned, killing animals, plants, and humans equally.

People can survive because an unknown genius invents a particular mask. Government law and order have completely vanished as a result of The Cataclysm.

Survivors rebuilt new cities and settlements far away from the old metropolises, returning to growing crops and commerce.

Others were traveling and exploring, looting ruins for riches, and creating.

Furthermore, according to review aggregator Metacritic, Hard Truck: Apocalypse garnered generally negative reviews.

9. Earn to Die

Platforms: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows

Earn to Die 2 is the sequel to Earn to Die, released in 2012. Russian independent studio Toffee Games developed it.

Earn to Die 2 departs from the first game’s typical desert landscape and plunges into the bowels of zombie-infested cities.

Players must navigate the town to reach checkpoints and the finish line to complete the game level.

Furthermore, Earn to Die 2 has received mixed reviews, with a Metacritic score of 63 out of 100, indicating mixed or mediocre reviews.

10. Escape From Tarkov

Platforms: Microsoft Window

Battlestate Games is working on a multiplayer first-person shooter game called Escape from Tarkov for Windows.

According to the makers, escape from Tarkov is a realistic and intense first-person shooter survival video game that borrows components from massively multiplayer online games.

Players can play solo or in groups, and they will spawn on one side of one of the game’s several maps.

Once in the game, the players are given an extraction point on the other side of the map and must fight their way to escape by fighting other players and non-player characters.

In addition to the usual extraction locations, players can use “optional” extraction spots around the middle of the game.

11. Heroes of Might and Magic V

Platforms: Microsoft Window, OS, X

Heroes of Might and Magic V is the fifth installment in the fantasy turn-based strategy video game series Heroes of Might and Magic.

In 2006, Nival Interactive, a Russian business, released the fifth edition of this world-famous strategy game.

This is one of the Russian video games that feature Demons wreaking havoc in the Askham universe. And also, the characters that play for their group will have to conquer the enemy and restore order.

The game has over 30 missions in which you can explore and take new regions, build an army, upgrade your characters, manage cities, and conduct battles using over 200 magical spells.

In addition, gaining a new level or visiting specific structures on the adventure map allows a hero to acquire new talent, upgrade an old one, get a unique ability, or create combos of considerable skills. Heroic talents are divided into two categories: racial skills and conversational skills.

A hero can have up to five ordinary skills and the appropriate racial skill at all times. Basic, Advanced, Expert and Ultimate are the four skill levels.

Furthermore, The critical reception of Heroes V’s retail version has been mostly positive, with an average Metacritic score of around 77/100.

12. Beholder 2

Platforms: Linus, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox one

This game is a sequel to Alawar Entertainment’s first edition of the so-called snitch stimulator, launched in 2018. In the first part, the manager of an ordinary house in a bleak, anti-utopian city must collect dirt on his neighbors to save his family from Big Brother.

Furthermore, In the second edition, the main character is the son of a bureaucrat working in the Executive Office, attempting to establish a career in the department.

Initially, he focuses on the complaints and allegations of ordinary people, but as time passes, he rises in rank and aims to become Minister.

Players must choose between stepping on others’ toes and writing up a colleague or doing honest work nonstop and assisting rebels in starting a revolution in a totalitarian country.

13. King’s Bounty: Armored Princess

Platforms: Cloud, Microsoft Windows

The backdrop of this turn-based strategy game, released by Russian studio Katauri Interactive in 2009, is Tean, a fantasy planet.

Princess Amelie is the primary character, and her homeworld of Endorya has been taken over by the archdemon Baal and his comrades-in-arms.

However, the single knight capable of defeating him is in Team. Amelie sets out to find the knight.

Furthermore, she’ll have to battle armies of terrifying monsters and a race of bloodthirsty pangolin in the new world.

As well as a tame dragon who will guard her in battle search for wealth. Also, assist in the eruption of the volcanoes. Players can travel between continents by sea acquire a sidekick for battles against villains.

Also, use a variety of magic spells on the battlefield in the new universe. Furthermore, The game has a Metacritic score of 83/100 and a GameRankings aggregate score of 80.83 percent.

Alec Meer of Eurogamer gave the game an 8/10 rating in his review.

14. Silent Storm

The silent storm is one of the Russian video games that feature 1943, and the world is at war. The world is on fire, and the future is unknown.

I was present at the time. “I recall the person, unconcerned about everything, playing the harmonica in the ashes of the city — he played a long-forgotten tune,” begins the trailer for Nival’s major turn-based strategy war game, launched in 2003.

The player creates a character and chooses their nation of origin (USSR, UK, USA, or other countries) and their profession (sniper, tank commander, intelligence officer, or regular soldier).

The protagonist leads his intelligence team, completes missions, and fights a terrorist organization developing a secret weapon with which it aims to take over the globe.

Furthermore, Silent Storm garnered “generally good reviews” from critics. In the United States, the game did not sell well.

15. Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators

Platforms: Windows

Humanity has long been familiar with flights to nearby worlds and maintains contacts with four sentient civilizations: Maloks, Pilings, Feyans, and Gault. It is the 33rd century.

Suddenly, a new menace to the galaxy emerges free-thinking dominator robots with the power to regenerate, which the Maloks produced by accident.

All other intelligent civilizations are to be exterminated or subjugated by the dominators. 

In this Elemental Games game, the player takes on the role of a space ranger tasked with saving the galaxy through tactics.

Players must travel to several planets and solar systems. Engage in communication, plot strikes against the dominators with their allies.

In addition, players repair spaceships while participating in-ground and interplanetary conflicts, among other things.

Furthermore, this game is one of the Russian video games that blends elements of commerce with turn-based strategy, arcade, interactive narrative, and space simulator.

Even though the game was released 17 years ago (in 2004), gamers continue to enjoy it for its free play and indie open-world, where other ranger-bots trade, play, upgrade their equipment and engage in piracy.

On Metacritic, Space Rangers 2 received an overall 84/100, indicating generally favorable reviews.

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