16 Best Otome Games for Android

Best Otome Games For Android

Best Otome games for android have started to gain popularity among gamers in recent years, not just in Asia but also in the West.

Several developers have already made English translations of well-known games available, and this trend is continuing.

The gaming industry has continued to expand and is now on various devices, including smartphones, gaming consoles, and even the Nintendo Switch.

Various otome games are available for every platform, including the Playstation 5 and Nintendo DS. We are here to provide you with some of the top mobile otome games because sometimes, all you want to do is curl up on the couch with your phone.

You can play these otome games on the go because they are accessible on your phone. All of the otome games on this list are free to download and are available for android.

These choices are also excellent places to start if you are new to otome games, introducing you to this romantic subgenre.

This article will delve into the vibrant world of otome games. We will be discussing the best otome games for android.

1. Ikemen Sengoku

We start with Ikemen Sengoku. This game is a part of the larger collection of otome games called the Ikemen Series. In Ikemen Sengoku, you can find real historical figures like Nobunaga Oda during the reign of the Japanese warlords.

Ikemen Sengoku is an Isekai game in which you are “transported” to a different setting and have to deal with your surroundings. You will only have three months to play before you can return to your own time; will you fall in love during this time?

2. Mystic Messenger

One of the most played otome games to date is Mystic Messenger. Cheritz produces it, and in 2016, when it was first made available, it took the world by storm.

The visual novel-style game has the player discover an app called “Mystic Messenger” on their phone. It links them to a group of individuals engaged in a charitable cause. In addition to planning events, players have 11 days to make their crush happy.

The game offers a second story option called “Another Story,” in addition to the standard story, which has seven possible routes.

One of the best otome games for android by far is Mystic Messenger. It won the Best Indie Game award at the 2017 Korea Game Awards and still draws crowds today. To find out how to win this game, read our Mystic Messenger guide.

3. Obey me! Anime Otome Sim Game

Obey Me! is unquestionably the game for you if you enjoy dabbling in the paranormal. You assume the role of a human who is sent into the demon world as an exchange student at the Royal Academy of Diavolo in this video game set in the imaginary world of Devildom.

You will have to complete several tasks to meet the exchange program requirements. Seven demon brothers will travel with you and assist you along the way so you won’t be alone.

Furthermore, obey Me! It is a music-focused card battle game that lets you collect cards, level them up, and use them to win battles despite the game’s intimidating-sounding name. But keep in mind that you need to survive in the Devildom. 

4. Amnesia Memories

Amnesia: Memories, as its name implies, puts you in the shoes of the lead character, who has forgotten her memories. You’ll need to gather your memories and figure out the situation’s details as the game progresses.

Furthermore, you can play Amnesia: Memories on your phone, computer, Nintendo Switch, and any other supported device. There is also a 2013 anime series with the same name if you want more Amnesia content.

5. Ayakashi: Romance Reborn

Play Ayakashi: Romance Reborn to lose yourself in a tale of mystery and love. The narrative, which takes place in a fictional city, centers on a heroine who teams up with beguiling spirits to protect her father from an invasion of ghosts.

The capital may seem strange to you if you’re playing as her, but that’s where your adventure starts. The game’s combination of a visual novel and a card game format only adds to its intrigue.

Voltage, Inc., a company well known for creating excellent otome games across various platforms, created the game. This is one of the best otome games for android.

6. Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice is a hybrid otome game with superpowers and a mysterious setting. Many elements in otome games, including the visual novel format, the card gacha, and the message and call system, are present in this game.

Also, you will play as a media producer in this game. As your career progresses, you become attached to characters, find your true love, and enjoy their mystery.

The game has dozens of episodes so that you won’t get bored. You turned the game into an anime series due to its popularity.

7. Ikemen Vampire

Along with Ikemen Sengoku, Ikemen Vampire is a game in the Ikemen Series. You won’t transport to feudal Japan; instead, you’ll be surrounded by historical figures from Europe, but with a twist—they are all vampires.

Do you envision yourself dating Isaac Newton someday? You can now do so in Ikemen Vampire. Ikemen Sengoku-style gameplay is used in this game, which also has lovely animation and an exciting plot.

It’s simple to overlook the fact that vampires are all around you. This is one of the best otome games for android.

8. Uta No Prince-Sama: Shining Live

A mobile rhythm game and an otome game combine in Uta no Prince-Sama: Shining Live. The game mechanics are simple to understand, although playing it can be pretty difficult.

The main character of the story, the player, meets the members of two boyband groups. Also, you can play as her in the game, follow the idols’ daily lives in Story mode, and assist them in performing for a lifetime.

9. Samurai Love Ballad: Party

Samurai Love Ballad: The Sengoku era is the setting for the celebration. Due to the historical setting, many characters are similar to Ikemen Sengoku, but their personalities and character traits are handled differently.

It’s simple to mention the Sengoku era and stop there regarding world-building, but Samurai Love Ballad: Party takes the time to both build the world and teach you about Japanese history.

The supporting cast in this game expands the world beyond just you and your romantic interests. This is one of the best otome games for android.

10. Wizardess Heart

Wizardess Heart is the otome game for you if you enjoy the magic! The game tells the tale of a young wizardess who enrolls in the Royal Magic Academy.

Before enrolling as a full-fledged student at the academy, she must develop her magic and prove herself.

You must get to one of the three possible story endings while playing as her. You must choose carefully to get a good result, just like in other otome games.

Furthermore, the iOS version of Wizardess Heart was previously accessible as well. However, the game discontinued its iOS version due to problems getting updates through. The mobile game is still playable on Android, and you can also try it out on a PC.

11. Dangerous Fellows

Dangerous Fellows is the perfect otome game if you want something completely different. You’ll be trying to escape a horde of zombies in this 21st-century zombie apocalypse, but a group of strangers will save you. Your group hides out in a school, where you must band together to survive the world’s end.

Furthermore, one of the first and best otome games to be set in the twenty-first century, the game has a distinctive setting. Even though it’s not the first game with a horror theme, it’s still worth playing because it adds something fresh.

12. The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

The Arcana: A Mystic Romance is an Otome-inspired dating sim with the same interactive story as most otome games, though it is not entirely an otome game.

The main character in this story is Asra’s apprentice, a magician. The apprentice is allowed to investigate a royal murder, after which they may choose to date Asra, Nadia, Julian, Muriel, Portia, or Lucio.

Furthermore, the Arcana includes Tarot components, as the name suggests. The plot develops in 22 segments, each corresponding to one of Major Arcana’s 22 cards in a Tarot deck.

The Arcana is unquestionably a game you ought to look into if you enjoy Tarot and are looking for one that is excellently otome-inspired.

13. Midnight Cinderella

Midnight Cinderella is another game from Cybird. It tells the tale of a commoner who unexpectedly ascends to the position of princess in the fictional nation of Wysteria. The player character must learn how to rule the nation while adjusting to their new life as a royal.

You also have another difficulty to overcome. You need to track down a prince to rule alongside you.  Although such a task might seem difficult, you are then given a list of nine potential prince candidates to choose from. Make a wise choice because you can only select one of them to be your prince.

Find your happy ending immersed in a world of carriages, balls, and gowns. This is one of the best otome games for android.

14. Tears Of Themis

Tears of Themis, created by MiHoYo and now released by Cognosphere, continues to win over fans of otome games. That comes as no surprise. It successfully combines detective, romance, and gacha elements for a distinctive experience.

You play a rookie attorney in the game. Unlike the stereotypical MC in many otome games who gets into trouble due to careless actions, you are intelligent. 

However, you’ll enjoy the romantic plots in this game, even though you might become overly engrossed in the thrilling cases you’re handling.

To build a relationship with your chosen partner—Luke the detective, Artem the lawyer, Vyn the psychiatrist, or Marius the CEO—Tears of Themis even has video call and private lounge features.

15. Mayday Memory

If you enjoyed Dangerous Fellows, you’d adore Mayday Memory because the same company developed them. You’ll also like it because of the plot.

This otome game adds a twist to popular amnesia and detective themes. In the game’s futuristic setting, memories are commodities that can be bought and sold; there even appears to be a black market for them.

Furthermore, you want to figure out how you and some other characters lost your memories as the MC on an investigation team. As a result, you grow closer to your friends, who are also potentially your in-game love interests.

That is assuming you choose the appropriate responses to them in crucial situations. If you want to, you can also give them gifts. This is one of the best otome games for android.

16. Court Of Darkness

The last game is Court of Darkness. This otome game is set in a magical world where you and five other princes study at an academy.

The characters in Court of Darkness are incredibly well written, making this magical world realistic despite the book’s somewhat straightforward plot.

You can play a sassy girl who speaks her mind rather than a submissive girl surrounded by dominant men. Court of Darkness is unquestionably the game for you if you’re looking for a captivating narrative that emphasizes relationships.

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