24 Best PS4 Party Games for Party Lovers

PS4 Party Games

The best PS4 party games are enjoyable, quick, frequently loud, occasionally cheesy, and, at best, furious.

I promise you’re in a good place if your relationship with a friend or significant other can withstand a few rounds in an overcooked kitchen.

You might favor driving games, trivia games, platformers, sports games, wrestling games, and/or games that resemble Pictionary if you’re not burning virtual resources.

The best party games are available for everyone to enjoy, but how much depends on your friends and family members’ competition. Here are some of the best PS4 party games.

Gang Beasts

There is something in particular cathartic about punching your little brother off a semi-truck and into oncoming traffic, even though we would never wish any harm upon our friends or family. Course, in a video game.

If this sounds fun, check out Gang Beasts, a ridiculous beat ’em-up party game where you and your friends take on the roles of a rowdy group of animals engaged in dangerous stages.

Gang Beasts is a fantastic way to de-stress at any party, thanks to its “noodly” physics, moving stages and platforms, and violent yet cartoonish combat.

That’s You

This PS4-only party game brings back memories of playing “Truth or Dare” with your friends during middle school nights.

That’s You requires all players to download the “That’s You” companion app on their phones to play, just like the traditional Jackbox Party games.

The game asks you to vote on absurd superlatives like, “Whose birthday party would attract the weirdest guests?” so get ready to find out exactly what your friends think of you.

Also, That’s You is the ideal icebreaker activity because it includes other texting and drawing mini-games to mix up the fun. This is one of the best PS4 party games.

Jackpot Party Pack 6

Prepare your smartphones for some JackBox Party goodness and charge them up. Also, the sixth pack in the series is a good all-arounder, but any Jackbox Party packs will keep you occupied until the wee hours of the morning.

Each pack typically contains five mini-games, and each one is sure to spark your imagination and put you and your friends in a lot of absurd situations. 

Furthermore, the game can accommodate up to ten players, but for everyone to participate, there must be a smartphone, tablet, or computer nearby.

You can put your vocabulary skills to the test in Dictionarium, put your personalities to the test in Role Models, and test your knowledge in the darkly bizarre Trivia Murder Party 2. 

Overcooked 2

With its outrageous food fest, Overcooked 2, you can be sure that nobody will leave your party with the impression that it was a dull event.

Being a chef has never been more insane, from slicing tomatoes on a hot air balloon to frying steak on water rafts.

Ghost Town Games’ follow-up offers you yet another slice of savory challenges and delightfully doughy puns that will delight you as much as they will test you.

You must prepare all the ingredients and serve as many dishes as possible in the allotted time, cute little cooks. Teamwork and communication are essential to receive the highly sought-after perfect rating.

Furthermore, every six levels offer different difficulties to overcome, such as shifting kitchen surfaces that switch up on you and collapsing floors.

Hidden Agenda

Hitting the Hidden Agenda button will allow your party to take a slightly darker turn. Interactive “choose-your-own-adventure” classics like Heavy Rain and Telltale’s The Walking Dead are probably already familiar to you.

The choices you and your posse make in this game, frequently during timed events, could either save or destroy the characters in Hidden Agenda. This is one of the best PS4 party games.

Furthermore, to assist district attorney Felicity Graves and detective Becky Marney in finding a fugitive serial killer, you must work together to reach an agreement and vote on each option.

Who needs movie night when everyone in your group can influence the outcome of a true-crime thriller adventure?

Little Big Planet 3

Particularly suitable for gatherings with a slightly younger crowd, this game is advised. Little Big Planet 3 is a puzzle-platformer game that can be played with up to four friends and is great for a more relaxed gaming session.

You can either play as Sackboy and his woolly friends through the narrative of rescuing Bunkum from the evil Newton or explore dozens of user-made custom levels.

Even more friendly competition is added to the overall experience by collecting points, stickers, and other collectibles throughout platforming levels—a healthy time for everyone.

Keep Talking, And Nobody Explodes

As you disarm bombs together in the game, Keep Talking, And Nobody Explodes, instill some fear into your party. An area filled with bombs and randomly generated puzzles traps one player.

The manual, which is the key to unlocking every lock and disarming it, is in the hands of the other players. You need to talk it through quickly because the clock is running.

Furthermore, keep Talking, And Nobody Explodes is a PS4 game recommended for two to four players but using a PSVR headset while playing makes the experience even better. What a fun experience that is.

Knowledge Is Power

It’s time for a wits-off! Knowledge is Power, another PS4 PlayLink game that can be played on smartphones, allows up to six players to demonstrate their knowledge of trivia and attempt to answer their way to victory.

You select one of many hilariously bizarre characters—from a man in a hotdog suit to a cowgirl—and then take a selfie to serve as your avatar.

It allows you to vote for categories and presents multiple-choice questions you must attempt to complete more quickly than anyone else.

You have the advantage over your opponents by being able to throw slime or freeze them after each question, forcing them to clear it off their touchscreens before responding.

However, Since time is money in this situation, the faster you respond, the more points you’ll earn. With various categories and trivia challenges available, it’s like a crazy claymation-style game show, and you can prove to everyone at the party just how much you know.

Gang Beast

Do you want to know a great way to guarantee that no fights start at your party? Let your guests argue with blob-like figures wearing ridiculous costumes in the appropriately named Beef City.

A ridiculous fighting game with bizarre physics, Gang Beasts will keep you on your toes as you desperately try to hold on to victory.

There are many stages to pick from, some of which require more balancing than others. Of course, fighting while perched atop moving trucks or dangerously suspended containers will put you in awkward situations.

A wrestling ring, incinerator, and Ferris wheel are also present. The list is endless. You can probably fight on it, so it’s in there.

Furthermore, One way to keep everyone occupied while you refill the snack bowls is to play fisticuffs with the gelatinous humanoids dressed as cats, chickens, and construction workers. This is one of the best PS4 party games.

Drawful 2

Drawful 2 is a standalone Jackbox Party game that essentially gives the traditional board game Pictionary a fun new twist.

With up to eight players using a phone or tablet once more, one player is tasked with drawing whatever bizarre idea is presented, and the other players must attempt to choose the right multiple-choice response.

Since there is no eraser, you have to just go with the flow and hope that the scribbled-out blob you just sketched out resembles something recognizable. 

The challenge is brought on by the strange things you must try to draw. Additionally, you have the option to design your unique rounds with drawing ideas you come up with on your own to make it even more absurd and challenging.

Rocket League

Why not take that literally when you’re hosting a party since you’re firmly in control? The frantic, slightly manic way Rocket League plays football revs up the game in an endlessly entertaining, arcade-like way that will no doubt get you in the party mood.

It’s much more enjoyable to kick a large ball into a goal while driving a powerful vehicle, which is what Rocket League is all about. Since the game’s initial release, many entertaining new modes have been added. 

Furthermore, you can now play a game of ice hockey against your friends in Snow Day, shoot lots of baskets in the basketball-like expansion, destroy the fields and face off against other players in Rocket League’s version of a Battle Royale mode. Separate into teams to shake things up.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber, which is one of the best PS4 party games, will liven up your party, but it may require a PSVR headset, so if you can, do so. In Party Mode, this beat-rhythm game makes for some hot competition.

Slice through blocks to the beat using your Move Motion controllers, then compete with your friends to see who can get the highest score on a song.

Beat Saber is sufficient justification for purchasing the PSVR because it evokes classic arcade competitions with friends in the most contemporary manner.

Moving Out

Wacky, harmonious chaos That’s an overview of moving out. Everyone detests relocating to a new location. What if you could accomplish it with a group of friends while also breaking a few windows in the process?

However, you and your friends take on the role of an unafraid professional moving company in the game Moving Out. even if doing so requires throwing the bedframe from the top floor.

Moving It will force everyone in your party to work together in the most frustrating ways thanks to its bizarre physics and imaginative level designs.

Tricky Towers

Add a little physics-based tower-building magic to cast a spell over any gathering. Up to four players must stack blocks to create their tower while assuming the role of wizards with various magical abilities.

However, because the blocks come in various sizes and shapes, stacking them resembles playing Tetris. You must carefully slot them into place if you don’t want to risk seeing your once-powerful tower fall apart right before your eyes.

As you must construct your tower more quickly than your friends, the race mode is the ideal way to unleash your strategic competitive side.

Additionally, casting spells can help you gain the upper hand or hurt your friends. It is ideal for a casual gathering. Rising to the top was never so fun in this video game which is one of the best PS4 party games.


Quiplash is one of Jackbox Party’s top standalone games and a very wordy way to demonstrate your wit to others.

Up to eight players respond to questions using a phone or tablet, and you can be as creative or ridiculous as your imagination will allow.

Comparable to Cards Against Humanity, but you always use a blank card to write your responses. There are no restrictions on the prompts; they could be anything from coming up with a new name for France to the worst Halloween costume for kids. Yes, the outside can be quite beautiful. 

However, after that, all the responses are displayed on the screen, and each person must select their favorite response. The winner receives the most points and can declare themselves the party’s funniest and wittiest participant.

Use Your Words

Use Your Words will spice up any gathering if you enjoy word games like Quiplash or Cards Against Humanity with its abundance of absurd scenarios and humorous gaffes.

When using a phone or tablet, you will be given various opportunities to embellish your work, which can be as crude or ridiculous as you like.

Also, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try and make your guests laugh or cringe, from adding subtitles to movie clips to writing your newspaper headlines and editing postcards.

Also, It’s a great game that can be played repeatedly and is simple to set up. It will test your wits and make everyone laugh.

Fibbage XL

Fibbage is a requirement as another Jackbox Party standalone. After all, nothing brings people together quite like lying through your teeth.

Telling the best lies will get you that desired victory, as the game’s name suggests. You use a smartphone as your controller, just like in all of these games, and are given a sentence that is missing a word or phrase.

The next step is to concoct a convincing lie that will lead your friends to believe it is the correct response. Once everyone has contributed, you will show the sentences with multiple choice options to complete them.

If you select the wrong word or phrase your friend came up with, they will receive points. This is one of the best PS4 party games.

It’s Quiz Time

This is a no-brainer if you enjoy testing your trivia knowledge against your friends and family. Even though it can take a while to set up, once it is, it is a fantastic quiz game with an impressively large database of over 25,000 questions to test your general knowledge.

Also, you can set your name and its pronunciation to pretty much anything you like to have a lot of fun with. Furthermore, the AI host, Salli, will say your name, which is a nice touch.

It’s ideal for any party you’re throwing and is appropriate for all ages. There are thousands of categories, ranging from video games (yay!) to history.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

To complete the red flag objective in Clever Endeavour’s platformer, you and your friends must create your levels and platforms.

However, it’s not quite that simple because you can also lay down a variety of nasty barriers to make everyone’s lives more challenging and prevent your friends from securing their victory.

You name it: arrows, flying hockey pucks, barbed wire, deceptive portals, sticky honey. Every round can get progressively more challenging and messy thanks to its sandbox-like nature and various objects, projectiles, and platforms. The various stages will keep you hooked.

However, You’ll be on the edge of your seats as you try to make it through the hellscape you’ve created in your quest to be the best chicken, horse, sheep, or whatever it is you are. It’s a fantastic way to add some platforming mayhem to any event.

Towerfall Ascension

Gather your friends for a session of arrow-spewing mayhem to bring the most chaos possible to your celebrations.

TowerFall Ascension is unquestionably one of the most enjoyable combat multiplayer games available, and even though it can be challenging to master, it’s still appropriate for all ages and occasions.

Also, you can choose to play as one of eight playable archers, each with a unique set of power-ups across 120 maps. To win, you must eliminate everyone else and remain the last person standing with just three arrows at the beginning.

Due to the limited number of arrows you have, you can get inventive and use the surroundings to your advantage to eliminate your friends. This is one of the best PS4 party games.

Monopoly Plus

With Monopoly Plus, the game that has torn apart families and destroyed friendships since 1935, makes a contemporary comeback.

Monopoly Plus, a perennial favorite, allows your party to enjoy the traditional board game experience without dealing with the associated mess.

This rendition of the popular board game offers a more streamlined experience with just a few different House Rules to pick from. Nevertheless, it’s still a very cutthroat one.

With a Playstation Plus subscription, you can play online and use Pass and Play if you only have a few controllers. Monopoly Plus does not support cross-platform play or combining local and online play.

100ft Robot Golf

Yes, you did read that right. In the action-packed golf game, mini-golf meets massive mecha battles. If Mario Golf: Super Rush’s Speed Golf mode had more outrageous abilities and antics, that would be it.

Select your mecha fighter to receive special power-ups, destroy any buildings that stand in your way, or annoy your friends by blocking their access to the hole.

You could even decide to forgo golf and fight it with your friends like kaiju. Any partygoer will get hyped up by playing 100-foot Robot Golf.

Castle Crasher

Nothing brings people together like a silly 2D hack-and-slasher you can play with your loved ones. The hilariously bloody visual style of Castle Crashers sets the stage for a brilliantly chaotic beat-them-up fest for up to four players.

You can pick from a large selection of knights wearing less-than-stellar armor and engage in team combat in the arena mode or go free-for-all to see how messy and bloody it gets.

Together, you can battle through a campaign, defeating various absurd adversaries to save the day—or kill one another. Or else. Because of its sense of humor and crazy antics, you can be sure that it will provide the ideal entertainment for any social gathering and turn your small gathering into a genuine hit. This is one of the best PS4 party games.

Party Golf

Golf may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Party Golf elevates the game so that virtually anyone can enjoy it. It is a vibrant variation of crazy golf played on artificially intelligent golf courses.

Also, you can create your own game by setting the scoring guidelines and choosing from various game modes and customization power-ups. 

Also, you won’t always use standard golf balls because this is crazy golf. No, occasionally, you’ll put bananas, rubber ducks, and even cubes.

Party Golf’s simplistic 2D mechanics and aesthetic suit players of all ages and go well with any event you have planned. It deserves praise for transforming golf into a thrilling, never-ending party game with a fantastic soundtrack.

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