What Is Latency in Gaming?

Latency in Gaming

For the ultimate gaming experience, a combination of network requirements come together for a powerful user experience.

Apart from speed, factors such as the distance to the server, networking equipment connected on the internet, and the number of devices connected to the network all affect the speed of your game.

In gaming, every second count. In fact, every millisecond influences the outcome of any game.

If you are playing online multiplayer games, there is a time interval between an action and a response.

If the action and reaction are not coordinated and, for some reason, are delayed, that is referred to as latency.

What is Latency?

The total amount of time taken for your gaming device to collect and send data to the game server and then receive and send it back to your device is what is called latency in gaming.

Latency is measured in milliseconds, hence why every millisecond in gaming counts.

What is a Ping Lag?

This is a delay in relaying a signal from one computer to another, usually on the same network. 

Why does lagging happen?

There are many reasons that could lead to a lag while gaming.

  • Quality of Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Firewall configurations
  • Connection speeds
  • Inadequate bandwidth
  • Geographical location

What is a good latency?

You may be wondering what a good latency for gaming is.

Well, good latency is relative but anything below 20ms is excellent and anything below 100ms is tolerable.

Anything from 150ms would generate a noticeable lag and affect the game.

How can I reduce latency?

If you are using a wireless router, you may face issues of inadequate bandwidth, as online games require constant bandwidth to increase their capacity to carry traffic.

You can connect an Ethernet cable from your router to your game console to establish a wired connection and connect to a 5G internet connection. 

How can I reduce my ping lag?

  • Check your startup programs and close any that are not in use.
  • Create a wired connection between the router and the computer.
  • Close unnecessary background tabs and pages
  • Limit the number of devices using the internet connection.
  • Temporarily disable any updates
  • Select a game server near you.
  • Try restarting the router.

How do I check my ping or latency?

You can check your latency the same way you check your internet speeds. Run an online speed test to find out your latency per second. 

You can check your ping directly on the game or run a command prompt on your Windows PC.

Latency and ping lag are interconnected and influence your gaming user experience. Both need to be maintained at low levels to prevent lags.

Low lags mean a better and smoother gaming experience.

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