19 Best Puzzle Games for iOS

Best Puzzle Games for iOS

The best puzzle games for iOS will keep you occupied for hours as you attempt (and frequently fail) to move through the game.

Furthermore, you may feel frustrated and toss your iPhone or iPad down in frustration, but the game will have you coming back for more since you won’t let a game get the best of you.  

Many gamers, on the other hand, have a love-hate relationship with the sheer willpower required to keep playing a well-designed puzzle game, but there’s no denying its potency.

Some of the best puzzle games for iOS are: 

1. Flow Free

Flow-free is one of the best puzzle games for iOS. Flow Free is a simple puzzle app for the iPhone that requires you to link matching-colored dots with a pipe to form a Flow.

However, It may appear simple, but there’s a catch: you can’t cross any lines without first using a bridge or tunnel.  

Additionally, in Time Trial mode, you can play against the clock or choose Free Play. Looking for a game that will help you unwind?

Or perhaps you’d prefer a fast-paced game? That, as well as everything else, is within your capabilities.  

There are over 1,500 free levels to play, as well as new Daily Puzzles added every day to put your mind to the test.

Furthermore, there are ten board sizes to choose from, with difficulty growing as the size increases and additional levels to purchase once you finish the free ones. 

2. Red’s Kingdom

Red’s Kingdom is a well-made puzzle game with a lot of depth.

Furthermore, the game’s extremely engaging action never gets old, as the game layers in lots of components to surprise you at every turn, and the game’s amusing yet uplifting plot with its colorful characters is guaranteed to catch your interest.  

Additionally, Red’s Kingdom allows you to explore its realm and locate other routes to hidden treasures by taking non-linear paths.  

3. Lara Croft Go

Lara Croft Go is also one of the best puzzle games for iOS. It takes the legendary explorer on an unusual journey.

Croft must conquer several environmental problems in this game, with each level requiring her to move from space to space while avoiding trips, vaulting over obstacles, and even defeating monsters.  

Despite the slower speed, new design, and shift in perspective, Lara Croft Go manages to keep the tone of the jazz source material, which is surprisingly rewarding.

With over 115 riddles to solve, there’s much to do here due to updates. 

4. Cryptogram-cryptoquote

Cryptograms is a free puzzle game by Razzle Puzzles in which the goal is to decrypt famous quotations.

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Cryptograms will appeal to everyone who enjoys fascinating quotes and word puzzles. In the cryptograms contained in this puzzle game, a 1-to-1 substitution cipher is used.  

Furthermore, aside from the letters, no other aspects of the phrase have been altered, such as spacing and punctuation.

However, all comments in this puzzle game are quoted from people who are reasonably well-known to highly well-known. Test your English language and grammatical skills to see if you can decode the quote. 

5. The Room

I couldn’t compile the best puzzle games for the iOS list without including The Room 3, a terrifying puzzle game. Room 3 is extremely entertaining if you enjoyed Myst back in the day.  

The Room has challenging box-related riddles, a dramatic plot, and startling clues to the truth behind the madness.

Playing Room 3 is a complete experience, with stunning images and a piece of creepy music to match. 

6. Causality

You will be guiding tiny astronauts along roads in this bright and appealing indie game. You’ll have to control the space-time continuum to get the small astronauts safely to each exit.  

Additionally, each level is filled with peril, including collapsing tiles and strange alien tentacles, as well as switches to press and other assistance.

In addition, time-warp portals transport your astronaut to a different area and timeline. Does it sound like it’ll mess with your head? Causality will undoubtedly do this. 

7. Slayaway Camp

Slayaway Camp is a morbidly humorous puzzle game in which you are faced with going on a murder spree while leaving no one alive. 

Furthermore, to progress to the next area, you must glide across each scenario and murder your victims in a specific order.

You’ll need to be cautious throughout your rampage due to a multitude of hazards such as fire pits, open water, and officers in your path.  

Additionally, the violence in this game is over-the-top, exceedingly false, and highly humorous, drawing inspiration from famous 1980s horror flicks. 

8. Zulu-logical puzzle

Learn about “Zulu,” a new brain logic game that is now available on all devices. The most basic logical game in which all that is required is to clear the field of all symbols.  

Additionally, this game is enjoyable and straightforward for both children and adults due to its friendly UI, soothing colors, and clear characters. 

9. Prune

Prune is one of the unique and best puzzle games for iOS. It, like trimming a Bonsai tree, has a calming effect.  

However, this calm and serene puzzler takes a few turns along the road, providing a little complexity while maintaining its distinct personality. 

10. The Container

The container is one of the best puzzle games for iOS we’ve come across in a long time. It’s entertaining, a touch addictive, and unique among the applications we’ve evaluated.  

Additionally, it’s based on the well-known “bean counting” principle, but with several new and exciting activities added in.

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On iTunes, there has been a lot of positive feedback.  

In addition, correct answers unlock levels and extras, and there are tips and awards to keep you interested.

Furthermore, We’re also excited to participate in upcoming national competitions with cash awards. 

11. Mini Metro

Mini Metro is one of the best puzzle games for iOS. Do you ever believe you could improve the design of your city’s public transportation system?

On the other hand, Mini Metro allows you to try your hand at building your own subway system.  

However, Mini Metro is a minimalist game with sophisticated puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours, even though you will be scratching your head for some of those hours. 

12. Lumino City

If you enjoy gorgeous games that look like they play, Lumino City is a must-have.

It was also painstakingly hand-crafted using real paper, cardboard, miniature lights, and motors to create a lovely little world with which we can all interact.  

Lumino grandfather, on the other hand, has been kidnapped from Lumino City, and it’s up to you to help her figure out what happened to him.

Furthermore, the city is chock-full of genuine puzzles that are all linked and interrelated, and everything can be interacted with using simple touch controls. 

13. Eloh

This puzzle game will let you unwind while also assisting you in finding your rhythm. It’s also one of iOS’s top puzzle games.

Eloh is a musical puzzle game in which you must place the blocks in the correct order to guide the balls into the appropriate holes.  

However, the puzzles become more difficult as you go through the game, but they always share a fundamental trait: rhythm.

Furthermore, the blocks you’ll be moving take on increasingly inventive shapes and forms, and some of them can only travel in particular directions. 

In addition, there are no time constraints or other stress elements in this game, which is visually stunning and features over 90 stages.

Settle into a groove and work your way through the challenges. 

14. The impossible Letter

The impossible Letter isn’t your average puzzle game. This program will play havoc with your sight, possibly driving you insane.

Additionally, on a screen full of letters, you must locate the mismatched letter. It’s easy to learn yet challenging to master, and it’ll help you pass the time.  

Furthermore, this game has the potential to become addictive, so proceed with caution.

For colorblind users, there is a colorblind option, and the user interface is primary enough for users of all ages. 

15. Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest is also one of the best puzzle games for iOS. It is a match-three game that introduces superheroes to the puzzle genre.  

Furthermore, you’ll be able to create your Dream Team from characters such as Wolverine, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Dead Pool, and others.

You can compete in Player vs. Player tournaments with your friends, form alliances with your favorite villains and heroes, and keep up with the latest Marvel news.  

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Additionally, each hero/villain you select will have unique abilities to aid you during the game. It doesn’t matter if you join up a hero with his foe; it’s entirely up to you how you put your squad together. 

16. Framed

Framed is a unique puzzle game with great visuals and a compelling story! It’s a film noir-inspired comic book adventure. It is one of the best puzzle games for iOS.  

Furthermore, the story is told in the manner of panels in a comic book, but they’re all jumbled up, and you’ll need to place them in the correct order to move further.

Additionally, the gorgeous, hand-crafted comic book imagery will keep you engaged in the game for hours, as will the mystery tale. 

17. Donut County

Donut County is one of the strangest and most intriguing puzzle games you’ll ever play.

Imagine Katamari Damacy in backward. Furthermore, BK, the raccoon, is someone you should get to know.  

He has a gadget that makes donut holes in the ground, allowing him to steal trash and earn ridiculous prizes.

Additionally, He falls one of his holes one day and discovers his best friend, Mira, as well as other Donut County residents, 999 feet underneath. Answers are required.  

18. Photographs-puzzle Stories

Photographs is an intriguing game since you’ll be searching for clues and completing puzzles.

But you’ll also discover and hear a story about each scene as you go. It is one of the best puzzle games for iOS.  

Not only will you be engrossed by the compelling stories, but the exquisite pixel art and soundtrack will perfectly complement the narratives.  

Additionally, each story is situated in a different location and will have its gaming elements. While the game is brief (about three hours to complete), it is an experience that you should attempt. 

19. You Must Build a Boat

You Must Build a Boat blends the basic match-three formula with a frantic and challenging RPG, as well as a dash of endless runner and construction.  

Furthermore, begin an adventure of defeating monsters and recruiting them to join your ranks as you recruit them for your growing boat.

To fight, defend cast magic spells, unlock chests, and more, match blocks in groups of three or more in a row.  

Additionally, as your boat expands, new creatures join your crew and provide valuable services and upgrades. Because your matches can be strung together, you can create massive combos. 

Finally, if you’re looking for a casual game that you can pick up and play whenever you want, these excellent and tough puzzle games are ideal.

The difficulty levels, subjects, and whether the puzzles are for adults or children vary.  

Furthermore, this list contains several puzzles that you can attempt to solve. Furthermore, some things are suitable for children, while others are suitable for adults.

Whichever app you choose, you’ll be in for a difficult assignment. 


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