Where Was Work It Filmed?

Where Was Work It Filmed

Are you curious about where the popular Netflix dance comedy film, Work It, was filmed? You’ve come to the right place! Released in 2020, Work It was directed by Laura Terruso and written by Alison Peck.

The movie features an ensemble cast including Sabrina Carpenter, Liza Koshy, Keiynan Lonsdale, Jordan Fisher, and Michelle Buteau.

While the story of Work It takes place in the United States, the actual filming locations can surprise you.

Stepping into the shoes of Quinn Ackerman, the lead character played by Sabrina Carpenter, you’ll be taken on a remarkable journey through diverse backdrops.

Work It showcases a delightful blend of locations that contribute greatly to the film’s charm, from cityscapes to suburban neighborhoods and college campuses.

Where Was Work It Filmed?

“Work It” is a 2020 American dance comedy film directed by Laura Terruso and written by Alison Peck.

If you’re curious about the filming locations, you’ve come to the right place.

The movie was primarily filmed in two locations, including Toronto, Canada, and the California State University, Northridge campus in Los Angeles.

This might not come as a surprise, as many movies and television shows are filmed in Canada due to their varied landscapes and tax incentives.

For “Work It,” the filmmakers took advantage of Toronto’s picturesque cityscape, suburban neighborhoods, and park locations.

For instance, in the film, you’ll see Quinn and Jake strolling near the Water Guardian sculpture in the Canary District.

Another shooting location in Toronto was the Eighth Street Skate Park near Humber College.

These settings allow for the perfect backdrop for Quinn’s dance journey and the visually-stunning scenes.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the production team utilized the California State University Northridge campus to provide viewers with a taste of college life.

This campus is no stranger to the limelight, as it has been used in various movies and television series over the years.

So, when you’re watching “Work It,” you see a blend of Canadian and American locales that blend seamlessly throughout the film.

In conclusion, by balancing the beautiful settings of Toronto and Los Angeles, the filmmakers of “Work It” were able to create an engaging and visually-pleasing movie that will no doubt leave its mark on viewers.

Enjoy watching the film and exploring these filming locations through the story!

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