What Does RAM Do for Gaming?

What Does RAM Do for Gaming

If you crave speed, you’re probably wondering how much Random Access Memory (RAM) you’ll need for gaming on your computer.

Many elements come into accounts, such as the games you engage in, basic technical specifications, and memory speeds. 

No matter the speed of your storage disk, your access memory will store elements of your game in brief storage for convenient access.

The quick answer is that you need as much memory as allowed for complex, realistic games.

What Types of Games do you Play?

The answer to how memory benefits gaming depends on the type of computer gaming you undertake, the multitude of different games you play, and how intense they are, just like everything else.

Titles like Fortnite, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offense may only demand 2GB or 4GB of memory, whereas games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Rainbow Six Siege require at least 6GB or 8GB.

Rising above the baseline may be necessary to sustain greater frames per second speeds for better gameplay.

To improve our gaming performance, we all want a PC with the best gaming specs.

How Valuable is RAM?

It is essential not just to the overall system but also to individual components such as better graphics cards. But, in terms of games, how important are speed and capacity?

Firstly if your system’s performance is hampered by slower hardware elsewhere, adding more and faster RAM won’t help much.

The speed of your processor or the transfer rate of your storage drives is unaffected by the amount of RAM you have.

The second, slightly opposing point I’d want to make is an exception to this rule.

VRAM does a lot of the heavy work when producing graphics, so if you’re dealing with an older GPU with a small amount of VRAM, raising the number of RAM accessible to your system will likely result in much more substantial performance gains.

When an application can use it instead of virtual memory on a hard drive, performance improves, especially in frame consistency (switching between RAM and disk storage might lead to obvious micro stuttering).

Bottom Line

Are speed and memory that important for computer gaming?

Yes, but only in a limited sense. Capacity will only make a major difference if you upgrade from 8GB or less, and speed will give you a small boost in performance here and there, but nothing like the gains you’ll notice if you upgrade performance parts like the GPU or CPU.

When purchasing RAM, building a PC, or searching for prebuilt gaming PCs, the experts advise that you purchase at least 16GB with room to increase and buy the quickest upgrade that works into your wallet without overspending on top speeds if the price difference is too large.

In general, they’re fleecing you if you’re spending over 20 or 30 dollars on upgrading to another speed tier in a RAM bundle.

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