My Call of Duty Mobile Loadout and Tips Got Me 138 Kills In MP Mode!

CODM Kill History

Hello there, welcome. I played Call of Duty mobile for barely three months (it started towards the end of Season 11), and somehow, after playing around, I found myself ranked 150. Yeeee!!!!!

I won’t call myself a professional player nor say I am very good, as I have mostly avoided Ranked Matches because of those CLAW technique guys using tablets and iPads and some very hard-to-kill guys.

You must have seen them, those guys who run, jump and slide at every turn and somehow close the distance between you very fast.

The worst are the snipers who use quick scope, like this guy below.

I also don’t get many kills in battle Royale 🙁 though I can manage four kills in team matches (and about 7 in isolated), and be rest assured, I won’t leave your Dog Tag is hanging :).

Anyways, the purpose of this article is to share with you the loadout that got me 138 kills and 0 death in Shipment Yard 1944 Kill Confirmed (Cookie Confirmed) event. The Shipment Yard 1944 map is one of the hardest mini maps in CODM, as you are likely to die at least four times in normal mode.


In 10 v ten cookies confirmed, with about 160 tags to be collected and enemies spawning everywhere and even behind you, you can say I got lucky.

My Loadout

Here is the screenshot of my loadout


Primary Weapon: Assualt DR-H

The DR-H ranks right behind the ASM10 and Peacemaker MK2 in power in Call of Duty Mobile Season 13. I play more as a defender with a touch of sneak attacks, securing a position and holding it, so I go for the assault weapon with the best damage score when maxed out.


With the OWC Marksman Barrel and 30 Round OTM Mag attachment, the DR-H has its Damage at 67 points, Accuracy 70, and Range 65. If you are the type that runs around and you are worried about mobility, you can always switch to Peacemaker.

Secondary Weapon: J358 Maxed Out

The J358 is a beast. Just look at the stats: Damage 102, Accuracy 83, range 77 but don’t be fooled, and I don’t use this weapon.

Once I get up 3 to 6 kills, I quickly swap the pistol for a Cordite, HG 40, or any AK. I don’t see pistol doing much if three or more enemies storm my position.

The WAR machine operator skill is also useful for running around and taking out clusters of enemies from a distance. The rest consist of the trip mine and the concussion grenades.

The cocktail deals a great deal of damage between the Trip mine and Molotov Cocktail, but the trip mine helps me set a trap where I know the enemy will pass if he decides to come looking for me.



The perks are one of the most important aspects of CODM gaming. I have tried a couple and settled with these three;

  1. Fast Recover: There by default and every one has it. It was tough to choose between Fast Recover and Persistence since the later ensures your score streak progression does not reset after death but meh.. Takes too long to even get enough scores for a Sentry Gun, so, Fast Recover.
  2. Cold Blooded: Yeah, double middle fingers to stealth choppers and sentry guns!! You can’t kill me no more. This perk saves me a lot but it also means I run out of bullets very easily too so I have to keep running around to get guns. I miss the Vulture perk.
  3. High Alert: Knowing enemies were going to spawn everywhere all around me, this perk helped me by making my vision pulse whenever an enemy I haven’t seen has me in his sight. That way, I can either find the enemy or quickly run, jump, slide and change location.

Score Streaks

  1. Sentry Gun: Yeah, almost everyone’s favorite tool. Helps me cover an angle while I face another. Although with the introduction of the new EMP system for the overpowered VTOL (EMP system takes down trip mines, Sentry Guns, VTOL, stealth choppers and every electronic device the enemy has), I might consider switching to Manual Shield Turret later.
  2. SAM Turret: The SAM turret is a very useful scorestreak that is easily overlooked. With it, I shoot down UAVs, Counter UAVs and Stealth Choppers targeting my team mates who aren’t using the Cold Blooded Perk. The logic is simple. IT FLIES, IT DIES.
  3. Stealth Chopper: Yup. There is no better way to annoy the enemy than to shoot down his Stealth Chopper and deploy yours. Deploy it and pray none of the enemy has a SAM Turret, EMP System or FJH-18 rocket launcher.

My Game Play Style

Like I mentioned earlier, when I can’t carry out sneak attacks (shout out to Hackney Yard), I usually take over and defend a position. It’s pretty simple.

In Shipment Yard 1944 Mini Map, I picked a position that shielded me from enemies’ bullets and killed enough of them to allow me to activate and deploy a sentry gun. I could quickly move around with the sentry gun covering an angle, starting my scorestreaks and Operator skills.

The High Alert Perk Helped me a lot as I could easily evade enemies behind me and run around a little. It also helps to have teammates ready to assist you in defending and holding a position. That way, they don’t spawn in enemies’ strongholds.

That’s it, guys. The tips are not for pros but for noobs like me who want fun. If you are playing with friends, make sure one has Cluster strike, XS1 Goliath, VTOL, and the Manual Sentry Gun, they sure turn the tide of battle around when used well.

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