9 Best Zombie Games for PSP

Best Zombie Games for PSP

Survival is a fast-growing niche in the entertainment industry and many survival movies have become bestsellers.

It is fun to note that just as these films came to be, so also are the additions of video games. One of the most mind-blowing areas of survival is the part that deals with zombies.

This field of entertainment has potentially risen since the 1978 movie by George Romero brought it to the limelight. 

In recent times, there have been evolutions in the idea of zombies. Some movies feature slow, drowsy zombies. Others make them fast and vicious.

Either way, this field has proven to stun the audience. With the rise of many more post-apocalyptic films, Zombie games for PSP can only get better. 

Where many of these games are creatively new ideas, most of them draw inspiration from movies. Zombie games, like movies, differ in the zombies, the settings, weapons, goals and perspective.

Features of Zombie Games for PSP

Many of the Zombie Games for PSP contain the following characteristics that make them differ from each other:

Nature of the Zombies

Some games may feature huge, calm and dreadful creatures making steady and threatening advances towards players.

In some others, players may encounter agile and savage beings coming straight for them. Sometimes, these changes are used to depict levels of the game and create difficulties.

Game Settings

The games usually feature an open-world setting. The setting is usually an abandoned building, site, on the road and so on.

Game Perspective

Sometimes, player may not move from the spot until they clear the game. In this situation, they have a fixed point at the edge of the screen with the gun’s target being their perspective.

Other times, the player may move as they progress to destroying the zombies.

Goals and missions

Completing a level rewards players with unlocking tougher challenges in most cases. Other times, completing a level earns you certain bonuses or unlocks special weapons and trophies.

Additionally, newer games are coming up with newer tricks. Special moves like headshots, combos and so on earn players more reputation.

Weapons and equipments

Gaming weapons differ from different varieties of guns to other weapons, like grenades and bombs.

Some other games feature effects that may allow players to cause sudden eruptions when surrounded by zombies.

Now, you know what to expect from a zombie game. So, below are mind-blowing Zombie Games for PSP:

Zombie Games for PSP

1. MediEvil Resurrection

MediEvil Resurrection is the advanced remake of the 1998 action-adventure MediEvil game. The gothic game is a creation of SCE Cambridge Studio with Sony Entertainment as its publisher.

Set in the medieval fictional kingdom of Gallowmere, the game centers on the protagonist–Daniel Fortesque. Daniel aims at stopping the villain–Zarok–who tries to invade the kingdom.

He travels through Gallowmere, accompanied by Al-Zalam, to stop Zarok. As the journey forges on, Daniel encounters not just zombies but other horror figures like skeletons and gargoyles.

The weapons include close-range ones such as swords and axes. Fortunately, long-range weapons like knives and crossbows are also available.

With all these features in play, MediEvil Resurrection proves to be one of the top Zombie games for PSP.


2. Obscure: The Aftermath

Obscure II follows immediately after the incident in the first part. Two years after the “Leafmore Incident”, the characters of the game aim to move on with their lives.

Unfortunately, the Aftermath only proves the show is just about to begin as another breakout occurs.

Obscure: The Aftermath is a survival horror game that Hydravision Entertainment developed and Playlog in North America published.

It became one of the best Zombie games for PSP in 2009 when the developers released a PSP version. The PSP game has a tragic storyline.

However, you don’t get to notice the Jack-and-Rose tearful experience as you’ll be hooked to the action of the game.


3. Infected

With a rather twisted storyline, Infected makes a good play and one of the most interesting Zombie games for PSP.

The game is a third-person shooter game that Planet Moon Studios developed. Majesco Entertainment published the game, and it debuted in 2005.

The game puts players in the character of a police officer. When the virus breaks out three weeks to Christmas, many turn to the walking dead.

You fight through these zombies, aware that your blood is the cure. Still, you have a job of finding the person who can use the use of the character’s blood for a cure. 


4. Dead Head Fred

Are you looking for a zombie game for PSP with a little sense of humor? Then, Dead Head Fred is your best choice.

The game is a creation of Vicious Cycle with D3 as its publisher. The game debuted on August 28, 2007, and is available in single-player only.

Dead Head Fred features a character known as Fred Newman who certain people murder. When Fred comes back to life, he goes after those who killed him.

The biggest thrill of the game is Fred’s ability to switch heads and assume multiple personalities. With this, the game earned multiple positive reviews from players.

It also won the Writer’s Guild of America’s first-ever award for video game writing in 2008.


5. Silent Hills: Origin

Silent Hills is a 3D survival game developed by Climax Action for PSP. Konami Digital Entertainment published the game, and it debuted in late 2007. However, it is the fifth installment in the Silent Hills series.

They set the game in a fictional American town, featuring the character of Travis Grady. In the game, Travis saves a lady from fire but loses track of her.

As he travels to find her, he encounters several troubling experiences.

Reviews say the game follows the storyline of the series rather too closely. Thus, it has sparked up negative reactions from a few fans claiming the game adds nothing new.

Nevertheless, players praised it for its exploration, puzzling adventure, and combat.


6. Undead Knights

Undead Knights is an action-adventure game available for PSP alone. Team Tachyon developed the game and published Temco Koei published it. Here, players may choose to play as any of three characters.

The game plot features three knights, namely Romulus, Remus and Cavalier. After the king murdered them, a ‘beast’ provides them with a chance at living a second time.

Therefore, they go for revenge on the king.

The third-person perspective game has earned positive reviews from fans. Furthermore, players love its features and storyline.


7. Zombie Tycoon

Zombie Tycoon debuted in October 2009 as one of the real-time strategy zombie games for PSP. The single-player game is Frima Studio’s creation with Sony as its publisher.

Zombie Tycoon differs slightly from other zombie games. Here, rather than fight off the zombies, you can control them. 

The plot features a scientist named Brainhov who invented a zombie syndrome that went bizarre. Plus, Like Dead Head Fred, the game uses the Vicious Engine and is available in single-player mode only.


8. The 3rd Birthday

The 3rd birthday is the third entry in the game series Parasite Eve. It is a third-person perspective game and a creation of Square Enix in co-operation with HexaDrive. It debuted in Japan in 2010, and later in America in 2011.

The game introduces the character Aya Brea, who dives into the past. In the plot, Aya tries to find out about her memories as she alters situations to change the future.

The game also introduces the zombie-like enemy termed ‘the Twisted’. With these, the game has gotten mixed reviews.

Still, the game remains a favorite with its introduction of a key mechanic termed ‘the Overdrive ability’. This allows players to take over pre-positioned human allies.

This feature further inflicts destruction on opponents.


9. Age of Zombies

Age of Zombies is an action-adventure that Halfbrick Studios published. The game debuted on February 25th, 2010 for Playstation Portable.

The game does not follow the pattern of many other zombie games in terms of graphics. Instead, it has a block type of build, unlike the human-like features of many others. Yet, from reviews, it still proves highly enjoyable.



Conclusively, these are very good Zombie games for PSP. From a close observation, you notice they are more story-inclined. This means that many of the games focus more on the story they tell.

The story of the game actually tells the audience what to expect and the adventure they are up against. They also have several features that make the gameplay more interesting.

So, get your Zombie games for PSP readily available and dive into a survival gaming adventure.

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