What Is HDR Gaming?

What Is HDR Gaming

When playing a video game, you may have heard of HDR games. High-dynamic-range (HDR) play is one of the new technologies in the video game industry.

Games with HDR provide players with high-resolution graphics, clear thinking, and light or dark levels depending on the environment.

Some games have a photo mode feature that allows players to take pictures of their personal collections.

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What is HDR play?

The monitor’s ability to display a better colour range and contrast than the SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) indicator called High-Dynamic Resolution (HDR).

The display can feature rich blacks and bright colours, leading to closer to life images.

This requires a panel that can display a wide range of colours and brightness. An HDR feature is a great option.

What do you need with HDR?

You will first need an HDR-compatible TV. TVs are at the forefront of incorporating HDR technology. Many modern televisions support one form of this feature. We will be discussing the difference soon.

You will also need an HDR source. This refers to the media that provides the image in your display. This image source can be a compatible Bluray player, video streaming service, or PC.

HDR is not possible unless the source provides additional colour details. While you will still see the image being shown, you will not experience the benefits of HDR, even if your display is HDR.

This is like a solution. If you do not provide a 4K image, you will not be able to see it on your display, even if it is compatible with 4K.

Publishers receive HDR in many ways, including video streaming services, UHD Bluray movies, and many consoles and PC playback themes.

While not all PC games support HDR, there are many high-end titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Star Wars (TM), Squadrons, and Marvel’s Avengers, which support it.

HDR on PC Gaming and Console games

With a good HDR feel, there are plenty of pieces. The HDR content you are trying to view (in this case, games); the hardware that transmits that HDR content (your console or graphics processor); the cable that holds that signal, the display detects and processes HDR content, and the HDR format used (Dolby Vision or HDR10 or HLG), all important pieces.

Each component has to work together to get the best HDR experience.

It is very easy to make things work on consoles connected to the TV. Both Xbox One S (and Xbox One X) support HDR10.

All PS4 models with 4.0 or later system software also support HDR10. The Xbox One S and X now support Dolby Vision, the most advanced version of Dolby Vision.

It is easy for console players using Sony and Microsoft hardware to get compatible TVs, with HDR10 being the standard view with Dolby which is not a challenge to get.

As long as your games support HDR, HDR games are available. It does not take much to convert your existing console to HDR mode.

You can also get it with a compatible TV.

It’s not so easy for PC users, especially since the monitors are still behind HDR configuration and TV reception.

Nvidia and AMD have made the latest PC graphics cards available for HDR support.

Games with older cards will still need to be upgraded. Rock Paper Shotgun provides a list of HDR-ready GPUs and cables needed to support HDR.

It’s not always easy to get Windows and other games to support HDR, even if you have a powerful graphics card and monitor ready for HDR. Not all games support HDR.

HDR formats


HDR10, the most popular variant of HDR10, is the most likely to get HDR as its favourite player. Both console and PC setups support HDR10. 10 represents the minimum depth of the variable width. Most TVs and monitors with HDR10 compatibility are compatible.


HDR10 + a joint venture between Amazon Video and Samsung. It presses a lot more than HDR10 by adding metadata to the stream.

This metadata can be used to make visual improvements to the aircraft, keeping them as beautiful as possible. Although the acceptance of HDR10 + is slowly increasing, it may only affect the setting of the UHD home theatre.

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