21 Best Black Movies on Hulu

Black Movies On Hulu

Look no further if you’re looking for the best Black movies on Hulu to watch online.

This list is just a starting point; there are hundreds of excellent Black movies; however, we want to highlight a selection of the best Black movies from various genres that represent what it’s like to be black.

1. You Laugh But It’s True (2011)

This documentary is a must-see if you’ve ever wondered about Trevor Noah’s background as the host of The Daily Show.

The documentary explains how Noah, born to a black mother and a white father, was “born a crime” under Apartheid in South Africa. It is a satisfying blend of humor and somber reflection.

The movie also shows how Noah got his start in comedy and amassed a fan base abroad before attempting to make it in America.

2. Paid In Full (2002)

The hardest decision of all is to decide between what’s simple and right, according to Dumbledore! People often struggle to withstand the temptations of the wrong path, especially when they are young.

When your friends choose that path as well, it becomes even more straightforward. Ace’s friends were successful drug dealers who made a lot of cash.

On the other hand, he was forced to settle for what his dry-cleaning job could provide. Despite their best efforts, he resists their efforts to convince him to join the drug trade.

But one day, a series of events causes him to acquire a packet of cocaine, which he quickly sells for a sizable sum of money before realizing the opportunity this business presents. However, he must also prepare to face the eventual consequences.

3. Boomerang (1992)

If someone says to you, “What goes around, comes around,” don’t take it lightly. Never doubt that Karma will pay her debts because she is like a Lannister and will.

So, if you’ve been acting like a giant asshole and treating most people around you poorly, it’s time to change how you work. Learn from Eddie Murphy’s portrayal of Marcus Graham.

He has a very lucrative career and a remarkable knack for seducing every woman in his path. He is a playboy.

Also, he has had several affairs but hasn’t yet found his ideal match. It’s not that he couldn’t relate to these women or that they treated him poorly; that’s why just that he has a particular standard for what constitutes a perfect woman.

The issue arises when he finally meets “the one,” only to discover that she is a female version of him. This is one of the best black movies on Hulu.

4. Black Cop (2017)

Something that has been inside you for a very long time is challenging to eliminate. Many people still harbor prejudice and racism because they find it difficult to let go of the sense of racial superiority they have been taught to possess.

It is even more challenging for a person of color to overcome these people’s prejudicial attitudes toward them.

No matter how admirable a person you are or how talented you are at what you do, there is always someone or something that hits you in this way, no matter how big or small. One such character is the subject of “Black Cop.”

He is a black police officer who has sworn to defend everyone in his neighborhood. However, he is compelled to change his perspective when members of his force start mistreating him.

5. Brian Banks (2018)

The film about a young black football star, directed by Tom Shadyac, is based on a tragic true story. After receiving a scholarship offer from USC, Banks’ life is turned upside down when they find him guilty of a crime he didn’t commit.

Aldis Hodge and Greg Kinnear are the strong ensembles cast in this moving examination of the need for criminal justice in America. This is one of the best black movies on Hulu.

6. If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)

The follow-up to 2016’s Best Picture winner Moonlight by Academy Award-winning writer-director Barry Jenkins combines a traditional love story with a crime drama.

Regina King received her first Oscar for the best-supporting actress because of it, and with good reason. It is a stunning and moving movie based on the excellent James Baldwin book of the same name.

7. Monsters And Men (2018)

Police brutality against the black community has been documented. Numerous cases attracted national attention when young people were killed during the incident, and people took to the streets to protest this injustice and demand fair treatment for all.

This setting is used by “Monsters and Men” to follow the stories of three men in various stages of life who are interested in how the system treats them and how they should respond to it.

However, the story starts with a young man seeing another black youth killed by a police officer. He records it on video, but he wrestles with how it might affect his life if he decides to make it public.

Another character is a black policeman who has observed his fellow officers’ fairness toward his people. His helplessness consumes him. A young man with a career in professional baseball is the third character.

But if he joins the protest, as his conscience is nagging at him to do, that could be in jeopardy. This is one of the best black movies for Hulu.

8. Kassim The Dream (2009)

No matter how complex your circumstances are, you can always overcome them and make beautiful things of your life. The audience learns a similar lesson from Kassim Ouma’s tale.

Before winning the boxing world championship, Kassim’s life in Uganda was nothing short of descending into hell.

Also, when he was only six years old and supposed to play with his friends, he was given a gun and forced to enlist in the army.

Kassim endured horrific treatment due to the power struggle between the rebels and the government, which led to some horrible acts committed against and by child soldiers.

He discovered a way out when he joined the army’s boxing team. This is one of the best black movies on Hulu.

9. Undisputed (2002)

George Chambers had the status of the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion. But when he is found guilty of rape, everything he had toiled and toiled for is on the verge of being lost.

He starts bragging about his career to other prisoners while still overcoming the pride of being a world champion.

He is unaware that the prison has its version of the sport of boxing and that the opposition outside is nothing compared to what the competitors face here.

Furthermore, there are no regulations, and failing could have disastrous effects on your life. When Chambers participates in a boxing match, he discovers this. Like many cult movies, Undisputed did not get good reviews when it first came out.

But with the help of the home video market, its popularity gradually grew, eventually inspiring the creation of a sequel. If you like this movie, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the sequel.

10. Fast Color (2018)

Fast Color is a sci-fi superhero tale about a young black girl who grows up and must come to terms with her unique abilities, with an all-star cast led by Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Julia Hart, a mother who is an outspoken advocate in Hollywood for female directors and more family-friendly working conditions in the film industry, wrote the screenplay and directed the movie. This is one of the best black movies on Hulu.

11. This One’s For The Ladies (2018)

This documentary will warm up any chilly night with its upbeat, sex-positive journey into the world of exotic African American dancers.

Director Gene Graham gives us an inside look at the personal lives and showmanship of a group of primarily male dancers with stage names like Poundcake and Sweet Tea.

These dancers enjoy entertaining almost as much as the women who come to their performances enjoy dousing them in cash. Also, after making its debut at the South By Southwest Film Festival, the movie received a jury prize.

12. Ali (2001)

In this stirring biopic about “The Greatest,” Muhammad Ali’s epic life as a boxer, conscientious objector, and American icon, actor Will Smith plays “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali. With Jeffrey Wright, Jon Voight, and Jamie Foxx in the cast, Michael Mann is the director.

13. Where Hands Touch (2018)

Hitler’s hatred of Jews is well known. However, they weren’t the only ones that were subpar. In essence, the rest of the world was his enemy because he only considered his race superior to all others.

While most of his animosity was directed at Jews, other ethnic groups in the nation were also at risk.

The film “Where Hands Touch” tells the tale of a teenage girl who discovers the horror of not being of the Aryan race while residing in a nation under Nazi rule.

Leyna’s mother is German, and her father is of African ancestry. Her favorite boy recently enlisted in the Hitler Youth, and his father is a prominent Nazi.

Leyna begins to worry about her future as the nation begins to be consumed by the terrifying plans made for Jews.

14. Tyrel (2018)

In movies like “Straight Outta Compton,” “Detroit,” and “Mudbound,” Jason Mitchell has made appearances.

While the latter films, in particular, took a somber tone and showcased his skill at portraying serious characters, “Tyrel” gave him the chance to try something new.

The film features Mitchell as the title character, which has a lighthearted but still significant tone. When you visit a new location or attend any social event, you feel at ease when you see familiar faces.

Finding someone who shares your ethnicity can be very beneficial. Also, Tyrel does not possess that benefit.

15. Mudbound (2017)

In this World War II era epic written and directed by Dee Rees, singer and actress Mary J. Blige displays her Academy Award-nominated dramatic acting skills as the wife and mother of Florence Jackson.

In addition to having a stellar cast that includes Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund, and Rob Morgan, this period piece set in the Jim Crow south has a very uncanny relevance to modern society. This is one of the best black movies for Hulu.

16. He Got Games (1998)

The Spike Lee-directed film “He Got Game” tells the tale of a man whose son’s decision about his career will determine whether he spends his life in prison or not.

Denzel Washington portrays Jake Shuttlesworth, and Jesus Shuttlesworth, Jake’s son, is portrayed by former basketball player Ray Allen. Jake, who had given his son years of intensive training, was the source of Jesus’ talent for the game.

But they both ruin their lives by a single error. Jake murdered his wife and received a prison term. He gets a call from the governor six years later asking Jesus to join his team. This is one of the best black movies on Hulu.

17. Sorry To Bother You

‘Sorry to Bother You,’ one of the best and most innovative movies of last year, is something that will stick in your mind. Not only is it packed with social messages, but the way it conveys them makes it incredibly entertaining to watch.

If you enjoy science fiction, this is unlike anything you may have seen before and adds something new to the table.

The main character is Cassius Green, portrayed by Lakeith Stanfield (‘Get Out,’ ‘Atlanta,’ ‘Someone Great,’). He works as a telemarketer and wants to escape his humdrum existence.

A job that doesn’t seem to require much but promises a lot of money is offered to him by the CEO of a successful company. Because of what could go wrong, Cassius accepts it with ease.

18. Precious (2009)

The Academy Award-winning movie “Precious,” which stars Gabourey Sidibe (of “Empire” and “American Horror Story”), Mo’Nique, Paula Patton, and Oprah Winfrey, is based on Sapphire’s novel “Push.” It tells the tale of Precious, a teenage girl.

Her home environment has never been pleasant. She resides with her unemployed mother, who abuses her verbally and physically.

Her father, who is no longer a part of their lives, had also sexually abused her; as a result, she has already given birth to a child and is currently expecting again. 

Furthermore, while Precious’ daughter is cared for by her grandmother, they get by on welfare. Given the chaos in her life, she seizes the chance to attend a different school as soon as she learns about it. This is one of the best black movies on Hulu.

19. Fences (2016)

Parents may be the most critical person regarding their children’s future. They frequently force their young ones to accomplish what they were unable to by shifting the burden of their broken dreams onto them.

Then some are so discouraged by their shortcomings that they believe their offspring will also be unable to outperform them.

One such man’s story is told in “Fences.” Denzel Washington plays Troy Maxson in it. His early life was not without its challenges. He was talented in baseball, but there were no black players at the time, and he was discriminated against because of his race.

Years later, when his son has the opportunity to enter the baseball world, he refuses to give him that luxury.

20. The Two Killings Of Sam Cook (2019)

Sam Cooke, a renowned soul singer who wrote and performed the iconic song “A Change is Gonna Come,” was murdered, and this film takes a true-crime-style look at his life, career, and death.

The documentary, a Netflix original, sheds light on little-known details regarding the mysterious circumstances surrounding Cooke’s shooting and untimely passing in Los Angeles in 1964 at the age of 33.

21. The Black Godfather (2019)

Dealmaker, mentor, and prosperous Hollywood businessman Clarence Avant happily worked behind the scenes before director Reginald Hudlin’s Netflix original documentary.

The film is an intriguing window into the mind of a man who has made a successful career of uniting people, with interviews and a ton of remarkable anecdotes from Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, baseball Hall-of-Famer Hank Aaron, and Snoop Dog, to name a few.

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