14 Best Johnny Depp Movies to Watch

best johnny depp movies

The best Johnny Depp movies, from his roles in the Fantastic Beasts franchise to his various projects with director Tim Burton, are listed here. One of Hollywood’s biggest stars is Johnny Depp. 

Depp is renowned for playing characters that are odd outcasts who are misunderstood by society often in his roles.

The characters often have vibrant appearances and demeanors, as Captain Jack Sparrow shows perfectly.

Although Depp is most known for playing the pirate Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, he has also starred in other critically acclaimed and financially rewarding productions. 

1. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

  • Director: Tim Burton
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jamie Campbell Bower, Laura Michelle Kelly, and Jayne Wisener
  • IMDb rating: 7.3/10

This is one of the best johnny depp movies. Tim Burton’s horror movie showcases Johnny Depp’s incredible musical abilities.

Depp plays a barber in London who uses his business as a front for his long string of murders. 

He requires the assistance of Mrs. Nellie Lovett, who owns the bakery beneath his barber shop and disposes of his victims’ bodies by baking them into her meat pies. This is another of his more eccentric characters. 

It is a terrible story of a man who is determined to get vengeance on Judge Turpin for killing his wife, and it has enough gore for those who prefer blood over the performers’ musical talents. 

The peculiarities of Depp’s Sweeney Todd and Carter’s Mrs. Lovett are brilliantly complemented by Alan Rickman’s outstanding performance as Judge Turpin.

2. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

  • Director: Lasse Hallström
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Juliette Lewis, Mary Steenburgen, Laura Harrington, Mary Kate Schellhardt, Kevin Tighe, and John C. Reilly
  • IMDb rating: 7.7/10

One should include “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” on any list of the best Johnny Depp movies since it is a moving and unforgettable movie.

Gilbert Grape, played by Johnny Depp, is a small-town grocery store employee who complains about how boring life is.

Gilbert is the main character of the story. He lives in Endora, Iowa, with his mother, who is excessively obese and confined to her home, and his two younger brothers, one of whom has a developmental impairment. 

Gilbert longs to escape his obligations and embark on a new life. Still, his intentions are derailed when Becky, a free-spirited traveler, arrives in town and completely alters Gilbert’s world. The portrayal of Gilbert Grape by Johnny Depp is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Through his delicate and nuanced acting, he gives the character a depth of feeling, which enables viewers to relate to him deeply and meaningfully.

This movie demonstrates Johnny Depp’s talent for bringing even the most complicated characters to life.

Therefore, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” is a must-see on this list of the best Johnny Depp movies, whether you like family stories or want to see him at his best.

3. Donnie Brasco (1997)

  • Director: Mike Newell
  • Cast: Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Michael Madsen, Bruno Kirby, James Russo, Anne Heche, Zeljko Ivanek, and Gerry Becker
  • IMDb rating: 7.7/10

The title character of the crime thriller “Donnie Brasco” is Joseph D. “Donnie” Brasco, an FBI agent who goes undercover in the mafia, and Johnny Depp plays him.

Donnie, played by Johnny Depp, is torn between his duty to the FBI and his developing connection to the mafia. 

He must navigate a dangerous and unpredictable world while keeping his actual identity a secret as he grows more deeply entangled in the criminal underground. 

Throughout the movie, Johnny Depp portrays Donnie engagingly and movingly, perfectly capturing the inner conflict of a man torn between two worlds.

Donnie’s relationships with the FBI and the mafia get more complicated as the plot develops. 

However, Johnny Depp skillfully balances the character’s brilliance, charisma, and sensitivity. For those who like a well-made criminal thriller and admire Johnny Depp’s work, “Donnie Brasco” is a must-see. 

This movie stands out among the best Johnny Depp movies because of its compelling narrative, engaging acting, and stirring ideas. It also offers a memorable cinematic experience.

4. Ed Wood (1994)

  • Director: Tim Burton
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Martin Landau, Sarah Jessica Parker, Patricia Arquette, Jeffrey Jones, G.D. Spradlin, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Bill Murray
  • IMDb rating: 7.8/10

This movie follows the life of Ed Wood, a director most known for his inferior movies that became cult favorites.

Tim Burton once again chose Johnny Depp to play the lead role and directed the movie

The whole thing was filmed in black and white, and even though it didn’t do well financially, many people praised Depp’s performance.

The movie followed Ed Wood’s struggle as he repeatedly failed to establish himself in the movie industry. 

His struggle would open up many doors for him. This includes the chance to meet his hero and future friend, Bela Lugosi, and many heartbreaks, including losing his love Dolores Fuller due to his lifestyle and the failure of his movies. 

Anyone who sees the movie can tell he made a great effort to portray Ed Wood. This is undoubtedly one of the best johnny depp movies.

5. Finding Neverland (2004)

  • Director: Marc Forster
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Julie Christie, Radha Mitchell, Dustin Hoffman, Freddie Highmore, Joe Prospero, and Nick Roud
  • IMDb rating: 7.7/10

The playwright J.M. Barrie’s effort to find inspiration for his most famous work, “Peter Pan,” is the subject of the movie “Finding Neverland.” This charming movie proves Johnny Depp’s adaptability and variety as an actor.

As Sir James Matthew Barrie, a struggling writer at a creative crossroads, Johnny Depp excels in this movie. He becomes friends with a group of four boys and their lovely widowed mother. 

Also, through his interactions with the kids, he learns about the wonder of storytelling and the enchantment of imagination.

The playwright’s innocent amazement and whimsical spirit are captured in Johnny Depp’s charming and entertaining depiction of Barrie. 

Barrie sets out on a journey of self-discovery as he negotiates the ups and downs of his personal and professional life, learning to trust in himself and the stories he wants to tell. 

He builds a magical and adventurous world with the boys’ assistance, bringing “Peter Pan” to life on stage and inspiring countless generations with the timeless story.

Overall, “Finding Neverland” is one of the best johnny depp movies that will win your heart. 

6. Benny & Joon (1993)

  • Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Mary Stuart Masterson, Aidan Quinn, Julianne Moore, Oliver Platt, CCH Pounder, Dan Hedaya, and Joe Grifasi
  • IMDb rating: 7.1/10

The movie is a romantic comedy directed by Jeremiah Chechik. It recounts the story of Sam and Juniper “Joon,” a girl who is mentally ill, and features another of Johnny Depp’s more eccentric characters. 

Juniper “Joon” is portrayed by Mary Stuart Masterson. After Joon loses a wager that results in Sam moving in with her and her brother Benny, they cross paths.

They get closer to one another during the movie, and their quirky personalities charmingly complement each other. 

When Benny learns about their relationship and pushes Sam out of the flat; as a result, the movie takes a little turn for the worst, but all works out in the end. 

Sam is a great character, and Depp does a great job of bringing him to life while channeling the spirit of Buster Keaton through his funny routines.

The plot as a whole is made more cuter by the romance between Benny and Ruthie.

7. Sleepy Hollow (1999)

  • Director: Tim Burton
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Miranda Richardson, Michael Gambon, Casper Van Dien, Jeffrey Jones, Richard Griffiths, and Ian McDiarmid
  • IMDb rating: 7.3/10

The gothic horror movie “Sleepy Hollow” depicts the story of Ichabod Crane, who is portrayed by none other than the talented Johnny Depp.

Ichabod is a quirky and curious detective dispatched to Sleepy Hollow in this eerie story to look into a string of unsolved beheadings. 

Thanks to his distinctive style and unconventional approach to detective work, Ichabod rapidly gets in over his head as he finds a sinister and otherworldly conspiracy.

The portrayal of Ichabod Crane by Johnny Depp in “Sleepy Hollow” is one of his best roles. 

Additionally, the part demonstrates his adaptability and talent for giving even the worst of characters complexity and comedy.

The movie’s standout is Johnny Depp’s eccentric, unusual depiction of Ichabod, guaranteed to shock and entertain viewers.

For admirers of Johnny Depp’s filmography and everyone who appreciates a good creepy story, “Sleepy Hollow” is one of the best johnny depp movies to see. 

It’s no surprise this movie is still recognized as one of Johnny Depp’s best and most cherished works, given its unsettling atmosphere, offbeat comedy, and exceptional performances.

8. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

  • Director: Tim Burton
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest, Anthony Michael Hall, Kathy Baker, Robert Oliveri, Conchata Ferrell, and Caroline Aaron
  • IMDb rating: 7.9/10

The Tim Burton classic “Edward Scissorhands” has earned a spot among the best johnny depp movies.

Johnny Depp plays the title character in this movie, a construct of an inventor who was left unfinished and had scissors for hands.

The action of the narrative takes place in a charming suburban area, where a kind Avon saleswoman hosts Edward.

Edward soon charms the locals despite his peculiar looks because of his innocence and kindness. 

He ultimately goes back to his isolated house on the hill, however, since his Scissorhands cause mistakes and misunderstandings. 

Therefore, “Edward Scissorhands” is a must-see on any list of the best Johnny Depp movies that combine Tim Burton’s innovative narrative, Johnny Depp’s performances, and a heartwarming message of love and acceptance.

To say that Johnny Depp’s performance as Edward Scissorhands is riveting would be an understatement.

He lends a charming vulnerability to the role that will melt your heart with his delicate gestures and sad gaze. 

In this movie, Johnny Depp demonstrates his versatility as an actor and solidifies his status as a Hollywood legend.

9. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

  • Director: Tim Burton
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore, David Kelly, Helena Bonham Carter, Noah Taylor, Missi Pyle, James Fox, and Deep Roy
  • IMDb rating: 6.7/10

The 2005 musical fantasy movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” included in this list of the best Johnny Depp movies, is based on the well-known children’s novel by Roald Dahl.

The movie follows the exploits of Charlie Bucket, a little boy who discovers one of five golden tickets concealed within Willy Wonka’s chocolate bars. 

Thanks to the tickets, Charlie and the other fortunate winners may explore Willy Wonka’s enigmatic chocolate factory and sample some of its amazing creations.

As the eccentric and reclusive owner of the factory who has been kept secret from the public for years, Willy Wonka is portrayed by Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp gives a distinctive and eccentric portrayal of the interesting and nuanced figure of Willy Wonka. 

Throughout the movie, Wonka gives Charlie and the other kids a tour of his fantastical factory, testing their morality and exposing their actual selves. 

Johnny Depp’s depiction of Wonka enhances the charm and attraction of the movie, and the role has gone down in cinematic history as one of his most recognizable.

10. Alice in Wonderland (2010)

  • Director: Tim Burton
  • Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Crispin Glover, Matt Lucas, Michael Sheen, and Stephen Fry
  • IMDb rating: 6.4/10

Lewis Carroll’s novels Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass inspired the dark fantasy movie Alice in Wonderland. The Tim Burton-directed movie brought in $1.02 billion worldwide. 

The movie has a considerably darker interpretation than earlier adaptations of Carroll’s writings since it was a collaboration between Depp and Burton.

In the movie, Depp portrays Wonderland’s resentful mayor and the opposition’s head to Iracebeth.

An English nobleman has proposed to Alice (Mia Kingsleigh). She sneaks away from the engagement party to decide whether to proceed with the marriage. She spots an odd rabbit and ends up sliding through a hole in the garden. 

Alice finds herself in a weird, fantastical place that reminds her of childhood nightmares. Talking animals, strange people, evil queens, and knights abound throughout the realm. 

Alice is conscious of her purpose in the situation. She must eliminate the terrifying Jabberwocky and return the legitimate monarch to the throne.

11. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

  • Director: Gore Verbinski
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Jack Davenport, Jonathan Pryce, Lee Arenberg, and Mackenzie Crook
  • IMDb rating: 8.1/10

In “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” Johnny Depp plays strange pirate captain Jack Sparrow.

Jack Sparrow, a crafty and smart pirate, is always ready with a one-liner or a smart scheme under his sleeve. 

He battles the notorious Captain Barbossa and his band of pirates, who the treasure has cursed to become immortal, undead skeletons.

Jack sets out to lift the curse and recover the treasure with the aid of blacksmith Will Turner and the governor’s daughter, Elizabeth Swann.

The action-packed adventure “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” will entertain you with lots of Johnny Depp’s trademark comedy.

12. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” (2006)

  • Director: Gore Verbinski
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Jack Davenport, Bill Nighy, Jonathan Pryce, Lee Arenberg, and Mackenzie Crook
  • IMDb rating: 7.3/10

Action-adventure movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” is a mainstay of the best Johnny Depp movies list.

The vibrant and charming pirate Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, is being sought by Davy Jones, an undead pirate. 

To free himself from a lifetime of slavery on the fictitious ship, the Flying Dutchman, Jack must discover the key to open Davy Jones’ treasure.

Throughout the whole movie, Johnny Depp’s performance as Jack Sparrow stands out because he gives the character wit, charisma, and a hint of madness. 

Jack Sparrow becomes one of the most recognizable characters in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise because of his unusual accent and mannerisms. 

As Jack sets out on a dangerous quest to recover the chest, he comes across various other pirates and sea creatures, each of whom poses different difficulties and barriers. 

Ultimately, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” is an exciting and enjoyable movie emphasizing Johnny Depp’s prominence on the list of the best Johnny Depp movies by showcasing his acting skills. 

It continues to be a fan favorite and a classic of contemporary pirate movies because of its fast-paced action, breathtaking scenery, and endearing characters.

13. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)

  • Director: Gore Verbinski
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Geoffrey Rush, Jack Davenport, Bill Nighy, Jonathan Pryce, and Lee Arenberg
  • IMDb rating: 7.1/10

The third installment in the franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, earned $961 million at the world box office.

Pirates of the Caribbean was originally intended to be a single movie, but a trilogy was later planned, with this movie serving as the final

At the 80th Academy Awards, the movie received nominations for Best Makeup and Best Visual Effects.

After saving Jack from the world of the dead, Will, Elizabeth, Captain Barbossa, and Jack must face old foes, according to the plot of At World’s End. 

Now that he has Davy Jones’ (Bill Nighy) heart under control, Lord Cutler Bekcet (Tom Hollander) joins forces with him to govern the seas and exterminate the remnants of the pirates. 

Jack, Barbossa, Will, Elizabeth, Tia Dalma (Naomie Harris), and the crew must summon the Pirate Lords from all parts of the world to make their last fight for independence.

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