List of All Cryptic Studios Video Games

Cryptic Studios Video Games

Cryptic Studios is an American video games design company that concentrates on multiplayer online role-playing games. It is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Perfect World.

Cryptic studios video games are a gaming experience that changes what you’re used to. The game company doesn’t get much attention because of its uniqueness.

If you were to mention cryptic studios video games in a room full of gamers of any platform, they’ll either stare at you blankly or nod as if they understand what you’re talking about. Like they know something you don’t.


Founded in 2000 and established in Los Gatos, CA, Cryptic Studios is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Perfect World and a multiplayer online game developer, one of which is Star Trek Online.

Cryptic initially developed City of Heroes and City of Villains games, hosted by Paragon Studios until November 30, 2012, and Superhero-themed Champions Online.

Cryptic studios video games’ current projects include Neverwinter Online and the development of Magic: The Gathering. On May 18, 2011, Atari announced its intention to sell cryptic studios. That same year on May 31, Perfect World Entertainment bought Cryptic Studios.

Top 7 Cryptic Studios Video Games

1. City of Heroes

 To start our list of Cryptic studios video games is City of Heroes. City of Heroes was a multiplayer online role-playing game designed by Cryptic Studios and published by NCSOFT.

The videogame launched in North America on April 28, 2004, and in Europe by NCsoft Europe on February 4, 2005, via English, German and French servers.

2. City of Villains

Second, on our list of cryptic studios video games is City of Villains. The COH cover is about the awesome Lord Recluse and his series of seven independent islands, the Rogue Isles – home to every kind of maladministration.

Recluse rules citizens, allowing criminal gangs and gangs to run any business they want as long as their plans are not thwarted.

One of them is your good rescue from the infamous Ziggurat prison, a set that builds up a COV tutorial. Right now, the atmosphere is very bad—dark, pitch black.

It sounds like someone attacked the City Of Heroes with a powerful, happy vacuum at the time; when all traces of camp tomfoolery had been removed, he flipped the switch to blow and covered everything with a hole of depression and grief.

Although Residents roam the islands in a state of paranoia and helplessness. Gangs roam (well, depending on their breeding grounds) in disarray, fighting for no reason unless it has to be done. Desolation and oppression abound, and the colorful landscape of Paragon City is a distant memory.

3. Champions Online

The Third Spot on our list of cryptic studios video games goes to Champions Online. Champions Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) based on the popular pen and paper RPG Champions.

Players create a superhero character from scratch and then control that character through their adventures in the world of Champions.

Champions Online was developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Atari. It was first released for Windows in 2009 and has since spawned a free-to-play version, Champions Online: Free For All, as well as a sequel, Champions Online: Game of Thrones.

The game was initially subscription-based but went free to play on January 25, 2011. Many changes were made during the transition to free to play. Also includes removing the monthly subscription fee and adding microtransactions and premium content through an in-game store.

4. Star Trek Online

Next up on our list of cryptic studios video games is Star Trek Online. In Star Trek Online, individual players act as the captain of their ship.

Players can play like a star control ship engineering, techniques, and science programs with the keyboard/mouse or the on-screen console.

In addition, Players can also “light up” and roam their character in different settings by accessing specific weapons and support and combat skills related to their character categories.

Two combat systems are integrated throughout the game: a non-team mission that includes “fast-paced” combat. In contrast, space combat emphasizes the long-term strategic aspect of action between larger ships.

Both are presented with a Star Trek story concert and underline the ship’s position for the effective use of shields during space combat on the part of the outdoor player team when considering side damage and finding various weaknesses to use during battle.

Star Trek Online is a perfect game; the best star trek game available today. If you aren’t a top Star Trek fan, you will probably get tired of this game. For us, Trekkies, get ready for inclusive entertainment.

Moreso, Lots of different ships to choose from, custom-made gear, and many other great features of this game. This game is free to play, but like everything else in life, if you want to move forward, you have to do what others can’t – spend money to buy improved items. DEVS has made this game free to play.

5. Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes 2016 is the most immersive free-to-play massively multiplayer online action game for the PC, featuring your favorite Marvel Super Heroes.

Choose from over 50 playable and customizable Marvel Super Heroes, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, etc.

Subsequently, Control your hero’s powers with detailed precision by using customizable hotkeys. Also, Team up with friends to battle through hordes of enemies in various missions and raids throughout the Marvel Universe.

Explore an ever-expanding world featuring Manhattan, Asgard, The Negative Zone, and more!

6. Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Cryptic Studios. The Game was released by Perfect World Entertainment for Microsoft Windows in 2013, Xbox One in 2015, and PlayStation 4 in 2016.

Although Based on the fictional Forgotten Realms city of Neverwinter from Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter is a standalone game and not part of the previous Neverwinter Nights series.

The game was released on June 20, 2013. The game initially used a paid subscription model until it transitioned to free-to-play on October 21, 2013. By January 2015, the game had over 10 million players.

7. Magic: Legends

Finally on our list of cryptic studios video games – Magic: Legends was an action-packed video game based on the collectible magic card game: The Gathering. Founded by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment.

The game is set in the Magic: The Gathering universe, with players creating their own Planeswalker character and casting spells in real-time combat.

Players will be able to choose from multiple classes based on the five base Magic card colors; the Black class was announced to be the Mind Mage.

Each class has its own unique mechanics available to them. Players will also be able to customize their character’s appearance, including race and gender.

In Conclusion, The Cryptic Studios team is comprised of a diverse group of game developers with numerous influences to draw from.

Likewise, each member brings their perspective and individual talents, resulting in a powerhouse development team producing three hit MMORPGs, Star Trek Online, Champions Online, and Neverwinter.

With the launch of their fourth title announced in 2011, Marvel Heroes, we look forward to seeing what destiny holds for the gaming company.

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