10 Best Flight Simulator for Android in 2022

Best Flight Simulator For Android

Okay, we are going to clear up one thing right now. Yeah, there are flight simulators for android phones. But in this article, we will talk about the best flight simulators for android devices.

The games listed on the list can be either free or paid.

Although flight simulators are not your usual most popular genre of games, many gamers always source for some flight simulator games, to just past time or to have less competitive fun. Hold on, hold on.

Although I mentioned that gamers use it for casual gameplay, many flight simulators require some hardcore skills to play them successfully, and It’s more about practice.

Flight simulators for android have existed now for quite a long time, and we have curated the best ones for you to pick in our list.

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1. Infinite Flight Simulator

Okay, you might have already guessed it. When it comes to flight simulators for android devices, Infinite Flight Simulators is like the one that comes to mind.

However, it might have a very steep learning curve, which might make it even more enticing. When it comes to graphics well, you can rest assured that it is top-notch.

The game has Higher resolution textures, a realistic environment, and detailed aircraft models. There are also several airplane models you can choose from. 35 to be exact, although some of them are paid for.

If that’s not enough, the game includes single-player and multiplayer modes and an option to play as air traffic control.

The game was developed by Infinite Flight LLC and costs $4.99 on google play.

2. Flight Pilot Simulators 3D

Flight pilot simulators 3D is known for its simplistic and very nice animations, and it is primarily a must-try cause of its hidden goodies. You have regular planes, jet engines, military aircraft, and even supersonic jets.

If that’s not changing your mind, check this out. The Simulator has emergency missions, races, rescue missions – you will get to rescue women and children from different situations and even rough landings.

The game contains a sizable amount of other planes you can choose from. The game does not require any internet connection to play, and you can play the game wherever you are at any time.

Hey, and here’s the best part It’s free! Yeah, free things rock. Although there are in-game ads, I don’t think the ads ruin the gameplay experience.

3. Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D

Airplane pilot simulator 3D is a highly advanced flight simulator for android devices, and it is developed and currently maintained by i6 Games.

The game is incredibly unique cause you don’t fly around in an airplane, and it takes place in a commercial setting, with you as the pilot.

With very realistic airplane cockpits controls, you get to fly the plane safely and get passengers to their location on time.

Twenty exceptional levels test your skills, so there’s never a dull moment. You’ll have to fly through challenging situations and conditions to get your passengers home safely.

The game also simulates weather conditions like sunny or rainy days, thunderstorms, and airplane turbulence. 

The game is free to play on the play store.

4. Air Navy Fighters

So, let’s mix it up a little. Air Navy Fighters have all of the features of a flight simulator but add a little extra fun in the mix.

If you’re looking for a flight simulator for android but with some action in it, then Air Navy Fighters is the one for you.

The gameplay is very well immersive, the graphics are okay, and several missions help you keep the adrenalin going. The weather changes giving you a different feel any time it changes and a very comprehensive tutorial to get you started.

This game offers you a free and paid version, and the paid version provides more goodies like downloading new fresh missions to keep the game alive.

5. F18 Carrier Landing

When it comes to the best flight simulator for android, F18 has some of the best features that make it stand out from the crowd.

The game allows you to land a combat aircraft on a purpose-built landing system. 

The game comes packaged with 6 different training sessions to get you ready for the main gameplay, and there’s also a worldwide leader board for some competition to kick in. the more successful landings you make, the more you rise on the board.

There is a free and paid version. The paid version costs about $12, and you can always purchase in-game items in the free version or go entirely for the paid version.

Most users will use the free version to see if it’s the game for them. If you want more, then you pay. 

6. PicaSim

Okay, at first glance, this might not feel like a full-fledged flight simulator game. But this game deserves a chance. It has robust mechanics, and the free version is completely ad-free, which means your gameplay will go smoother.

The game is lightweight so that you can run this game on your 2 GB ran android devices, no problem! The game compensates for its mediocre graphics with its robust gameplay mechanics and multiple viewing angles to help the user experience.

As I’ve mentioned above, there is an ad-free version, but the paid version can be worth it once you pay. You get races – which is cool, but you also get extra planes and new environments. Sick right? 

7. X-Plane

X-Plane has been around for some time now, and you know we cannot complete this list without it. X-Plane 11 is already out for Android devices.

This game takes simulation very seriously, and you can fly any time, day, night, and even dusk. It has a very efficient weather system. 

The game comes with 2 free airplanes when you download the app, and the others are available through in-app purchases.

There’s even a system failure feature, which means if you run into problems or drive recklessly, your system will begin to fail, and you might crash.

What makes these games stand out exceptionally well is the responsiveness of the developers. The developers are actively updating the game, and their customer service is top-notch.

8. Absolute RC

This game made its mark on the market by being a hardcore flight simulator for android devices. The graphics are pretty good, and the game only offers four-plane models for the free version.

But honestly, compared to others, it’s pretty alright. There is also a paid version with a cost of just $4.

The paid version offers more planes to fly and different environments to keep the experience immersive. The controls are also pretty good, and they might need a little bit more practice for you to get the hang of it. But once you do, it’s smooth sailing from there.

9. Gunship III

About we fly some jet during a war? If you’re the kind of person that needs a little action in your flight games, then this might be your dinner.

Gunship III lets players perform various tasks. One of your tasks will be to fly to several real-world regions like Vietnam, Thailand, etc., performing several military operations.

The game comes with a demo mode to get your hands a little dirty, and if you like it, you can decide to go for the full version, which costs $4. In this mode, you get to unlock 7 helicopters and 2 planes.

10. Take Off Flight Simulator

This game comes in style as it offers 20 different planes to fly around several destinations like New York, Sydney, and even Hawaii.

There are multiple destinations with stunning views, and you can fly around with regular planes, jumbo jets, or even military gets. How’s that for fun?

The game also offers in-game missions to avoid the game being stale. There are rescue missions, pick-up missions, and 50 more!

You can even start your airline and expand your fleet. There are several weather conditions, and you can even do paint jobs on your airplanes.

The game, of course, offers several in-game purchases. Although it is free to download, you will still have to make several purchases for some in-game goodies.


Flight Simulators might be a less popular niche in gaming. But at the end of the day, some people are crazy about flight simulators, me included! So we’ve curated the best flight simulators for android users, and every one of these games is expected to give you the whole flight simulation experience.

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