10 Different Versions Of Loki in Comics

Different Versions Of Loki in Comics

In the Disney+ series, the MCU has popularized different versions of Loki in comics, but they have existed in the comics for a while, with some variants being superior to others. 

In just four episodes, Loki on Disney+ has introduced a lot of different Lokis to the MCU. There are even more in the comic books, some of which inspired the ones in the currently streaming series. 

In the Marvel Universe, Loki is a shape-shifting alien born on Earth and raised by Odin’s people, the Aesir. He has been an enemy of Asgardians since he betrayed his father to gain power for himself.  

His goal is to destroy all of humanity so that only he remains alive. He has taken many forms, including human, animal, and even plant life. 

The Loki version from the Thor comics is unrelated to the Marvel Universe version. This version of Loki is a member of the Dark Elves and is the son of Laufey, King of the Dark Elves. He also serves as one of the main antagonists of Thor. 

This version of Loki appears in the Ultimate Marvel universe. He is the brother of Hela, Queen of the Norse Gods. 

Additionally, he is a powerful being with immense magical powers and can manipulate reality. He is the first villain introduced in the new Ultimate Marvel continuity. The different versions of Loki in comics are listed below.

1. Kid Loki

Kid Loki is also one of the different types of Loki. Fans only see Kid Loki, another resurrected form of Loki, in comic books. 

Additionally, Kid Loki was born when Loki broke free from the bonds of fate and had his name removed from Hel’s book. 

Thor helped Kid Loki recall who he was after he was discovered working the streets as a criminal. 

Later, after remembering everything about his previous existence, he intentionally resisted the urge to turn into the malicious Loki that comic book readers are familiar with. 

2. King Loki

The earliest and most evil manifestation of Loki is king Loki. King Loki was his younger self’s worst nemesis in the AGENT OF ASGARD series. 

To further Asgard’s larger goal in the timeline, the “King” made a pact with the All-Mothers to regress his younger self to his old ways. 

It’s possible that King Loki omitted the passage in which he kills Earth in the long future. But King Loki might return in the future because the end hasn’t yet been written. However, he appeared to have an inevitable demise in the KING THOR limited series! 

3. Storyteller Loki

Storyteller is also one of the different versions of Loki in comics. The God of Mischief and the God of Lies, Loki, is no longer. He is currently the God of Stories in Marvel Comics. Thor, who has succeeded Odin as the King of Asgard, and Loki cohabit without the former’s desire for power. 

Additionally, he began this transformation during the War of the Realms, when he sided with the good guys and assisted in overthrowing his father, Laufey. 

Insisting that his “falsehoods” can be stories, he gave up his evil ways and has since made an effort to live up to that claim. 

Although he has similar magical prowess to earlier incarnations, he refrains from using his strength for evil, which limits his ability. 

4. Alligator Loki

The cutest Loki is certainly the alligator one (sorry, Tom Hiddleston). Classic Loki and Kid Loki, who can interpret his growls, appear to have a particular connection with him. 

When Boastful Loki narrates his backstory, Alligator Loki accuses him of lying, and Boastful Loki then admits that Alligator Loki’s Nexus event involved “eating the wrong neighbor’s cat.” 

Like Captain Hook and the Crocodile in “Peter Pan,” Alligator Loki participates in the battle within the bunker and chews off Vote Loki’s hand. 

By the end of the episode, Kid Loki and Alligator Loki depart, but what will become of them is currently unknown. 

5. Female Loki

After Ragnarok, Loki passed away, but he returned as a woman when all the Asgardians left. Additionally, Loki asserted that since Ragnarok had already occurred and was over, she no longer had plans when Thor and the Warriors Three discovered the missing Asgardians. 

She continued and made an effort to win the gods’ confidence. In addition, she gained Thor’s confidence and trust. 

However, she had other ideas and teamed up with Norman Osborn, ultimately leading to a position in his Cabal before the Siege incident. 

6. Boastful Loki (MCU)

After episode 4, one of the most intriguing Loki variations is revealed. This rendition of the character, credited as “Boastful Loki,” looks to be holding a Mjolnir-like weapon. 

The hammer is unique, with a handle made of what appears to be a lug wrench and a possible rail line fragment for the hammer itself. 

This implies that Boastful Loki is deserving of the hammer in his realm, making him one of the best Loki variations thus far and perhaps the most potent as well. 

7. Agent of Asgard Loki

Next on our list of different versions of Loki in comics is the Agent Of Asgard Loki. As an Agent of Asgard, Loki continued to do good deeds as he did as Kid Loki after quitting his job as Kid Loki and merging with his Ikol identity. 

However, to complete his new duties, he needed to be the strongest Loki again, and as he aged, he could use more of his powers. 

Additionally, he worked as an Asgard Agent to get all of his prior offenses against Asgard covered up, one offense for each assignment completed successfully. 

In the end, he learned that an older version of himself was controlling events, demonstrating how readily this Loki could be tricked. 

8. President Loki

Although President Loki was supposed to appear in the series, he hasn’t as of yet. He is based on one of Loki’s most admirable comic book variations. Vote Loki, a 2016 four-issue miniseries, featured him. 

The plot centers around Loki’s candidacy for the White House, during which he flat-out lies to the American people. 

Additionally, a Daily Bugle reporter named Nisa Contreras attempts to expose him, but the satirical series delves into the intricate game of truth and fiction in politics. 

9. Dark Reign Loki

Dark Reign Loki was a particularly nasty and dangerous Loki. He did this after gaining Thor’s trust in the role of Lady Loki and joining forces with Norman Osborn to form the Cabal. 

Furthermore, Loki had complete control of his abilities in this situation and was unrestrained in using magic to alter the universe. 

He traveled to ensure that Bor, Odin’s father, perished. After that, he revived Bor in the present and sent him to go on Earth. 

Because Bor was technically the King of Asgard due to his identity after Thor killed him, so Balder was forced to exile his brother, allowing Loki to grow in power. 

10. Earth-TRN707 Loki

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has yet to feature one of Loki’s more intriguing versions from the books. Furthermore, the TRN707 Earth, One of the most potent, is Loki. 

Additionally, he carries the Infinity Stones on his person and has all of them. He was also qualified to use Mjolnir, the legendary hammer of Thor. 

This character variation appears in a parallel universe in the 2017 Infinity Wars comic book event. In addition, the stones were stolen from him when Requiem slew him. 

In conclusion, there are many different versions of Loki in comics. However, some of these characters have been used in other media, such as video games and television shows. 

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