The Best Game Streaming Services in 2022

The Best Game Streaming Services in 2022

The gaming industry experts and commentators all agree that game streaming is the future of video games. Game streaming services allow gamers to play games from any location or device without worrying about expensive gaming equipment.

However, the available gaming services all come in different styles. For example, some allow gamers to play games they already have while others require them to buy them once again.

Besides, some work flawlessly on any device, while others have restricted access. You’ll also find that some have superior performance than others.

Nonetheless, there are more benefits associated with using streaming services to enjoy your games. For example, suppose you love to play roulette online at Joe Fortune and would love to expand your gaming portfolio.

You can simply subscribe to a game streaming service and start enjoying games without having to purchase additional gaming infrastructure.

The question is: what are the best gaming streaming services in 2022? Read on to find out!

1. PlayStation Now

Sony’s PlayStation launched the streaming service in 2014. It boasts of a library of more than 600 PlayStation games to play.

Moreover, it is the only way to enjoy PlayStation games via your PC. As a result, you can stream your preferred PS2, PS3, and PS4 games on virtually any Windows-based PC or laptop.

The collection has over 250 PS4 games and 350 classic PS2 and PS3 games. Therefore, you can play The Last of Us, Borderlands, and Red Dead Redemption.

You could still download the games onto your PS4 for offline play if you want to access higher resolutions.

2. Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia GeForce is regarded as one of the best streaming services in the gaming sector. The service allows players to stream games they own across platforms like Uplay, Epic Games, Steam, and PC-based stores.

The Nvidia servers have pre-installed games that you can enjoy instantly on mobile, PC, Mac, Chromebook, and Shield TV, owned by Nvidia. You can also upgrade to RTX 3080 tier for superior performance.

3. Google Stadia

Google Stadia is an ambitious project by Google as it makes inroads into the gaming sector. Using the service requires gamers to re-buy games, meaning it is the ideal option for gamers who don’t have a preferred gaming platform.

Google uses its capacity to offer gamers a superior cloud-based console that can deliver up to 4K visuals at 60fps with a 5.1 surround sound.

The service also has smartphone support using its Android app. However, iOS users are restricted from using the Safari-based web app.

Alternatively, you can use the official Stadia controller or any other compatible controller to enjoy games from your phone or PC.  

4. Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass

This service is available under Project xCloud and is a part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. With a monthly subscription, you pay for cloud gaming and other Game Pass benefits worth your while.

For example, the subscription grants you access to a vast game library you can play from PC and Xbox.

You can also get exclusive deals, discounts, and additional subscriptions to EA Play and Xbox Live Gold. Cloud gaming service is available on Windows and Android using dedicated apps.

You can also stream using web apps and iOS devices. The subscription also offers you access to over 100 games.    

5. Hatch

Hatch game streaming service primarily targets mobile gamers. It comes with over 100 top-drawer mobile games such as Crashlands, Monument Valley, Hitman Go, and Fortune.

The service also grants users access to eSports tournaments where they can compete against other mobile gamers.

What’s more, the service works flawlessly, offering top-notch graphics and gameplay. However, it has been built with 5G in mind, so you need an excellent internet connection to enjoy the games.

Final Thoughts

Cloud gaming is the future of gaming. Gaming service providers are preparing for this future. Are you?  

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