Disney Plus: Pricing, Launch Date, and All You Should Know

Disney Plus

Disney has been around longer than Netflix and other video streaming platforms, and they have decided to stop sharing all of their films and shows with Netflix and other platforms.

That is why Disney is creating its own video streaming service that most likely will become the game changer for Disney lovers. Can’t wait for it? Oh no! you don’t have to wait too long for the launch of this video streaming platform.

Disney plus will be launched in 2019 and is sure to go up against the current best streaming services, as Disney plus will offer a library of Disney original TV shows and films, as well as several original programs based on popular demand, such as Star Wars and Marvel.

Below is all that we know about Disney plus in details.

What is the official lunch of Disney+?

At Disney’s investor Day event that held on the 11th April, It was revealed by the house of the mouse that the new video streaming platform will be available in the United States on the 12th of November 2019.

How much will Disney plus cost?

We were informed that Bob Iger’s words were “I can say that our plan on the Disney side is to price this substantially below where Netflix is. That is in part reflective of the fact that it will have substantially less volume,” that’s all that we know.

At that point it was hard to say exactly how low he wants to go. Now we have confirmed that Bob meant every word he said, since Disney plus is expected to cost only $6.99 monthly and at most $69.99 per annum.

If you ask me I’ll say that is quite competitive especially because Netflix has increased pricing for its standard package that used to go for $10.99. One good thing about Netflix though is that they have other tiers which begin at .99 monthly and tops of at $15.99 a month.

I lovee free, or at least cheap things. So if you are with me in this category, then I have good news for you when it comes to discounts.

At the April 11th Disney investors event, Kevin Mayer who is Disney’s chairman of direct-to-consumer and international business mentioned that the company will most likely offer some low prices bundles that will package about two to three of their services.

What else? just so you can enjoy great content without disturbance, Kevin mentioned that Disney+ will be completely ad-free.

Will all devices support Disney plus and where will it be available?

When it comes to streaming devices, Walt Disney has only assured us that Disney plus will be available on ps4 and Roku. However, we can bet that Disney plus will be available on everything from Amazon’s fire TV to Apple TV. You will also most likely be able to stream it on your tablets, and even your phones.

During its presentation, Disney showed a stop photo of its streaming service on a wide range of devices, such as the Chromecast, Amazon Fire stick, and Apple TV.

All of those were amazing but the most shocking was seeing Disney plus run on the Nintendo switch, which currently has only Hulu and YouTube. We are having hopes that Winter and Falcon will be streamed, as well as winter soldier and Zelda: Breath of the Wild binges.

Even though Disney plus will be laughing in the United States first, it was mentioned at the Investors day event, that the company has plans for the streaming service to be available to “nearly all major regions of the world within the next two years..

Want to know what original content Disney+ will have?

At the launch, it was revealed that Disney Plus will be featureing a total of 9 exclusive episodic shows at the beginning, and there is much more to be expected. Just incase you want to know, Disney has got plenty of marquee names on board.

The list starts with Loki, which is a new MCU TV show that stars Tom Hiddleston. One other thing we get to enjoy is a live-action Star Wars series starring Alan Tudyk as the voice of K-2SO, and Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, the characters they played in Rogue One.

Disney has also confirmed that “Monsters At Work,” which is a brand new show based on the old Monsters Inc. film, during it’s Investors event. Do you love high school musical? then you will love Disney plus because High school musical: The show will be featured on the platform.

MTV News reporter, Josh Horowitz, posted a tweet in late April that Disney plus “is developing a WILLOW series based on a pitch by @JonKasdan. It’s a continuation and would feature @WarwickADavis. Straight from @RealRonHoward’s mouth to a greenlight please!!! You in, @valkilmer”

The claim has to be contested by a note because the only news we have got about this was in a podcast that Horowitz embedded, in which Ron Howard revealed that such a show was been seriously considered. But he didn’t mention a green light yet.

What else will Disney+ have?

If you already concluded that Disney plus services will be restricted to only content made my them, then you must think again.

Disney wants to give customers value for their money and that is why Bob Iger mentioned that “We are buying certain products from the outside opportunistically.” No doubt Disney plus might become more used than it’s predecessors, Hulu and Netflix.

Classics like Aladdin, little Mermaid and many more well be featured on the platform so you don’t have to bother about searching hard for them.

So that’s much we can take on Disney plus, and we hope that you find the information here useful. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us by leaving a comment below.

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