FPP Vs TPP: Which Mode Is Better?


FPP vs TPP is a real concern in the PUBG mobile community.

FPP and TPP are the two significant modes of the Public Unknown’s Underground (PUBG) game.

They all provide distinct perspectives on the game, but only one is frequently played in the gaming community.

If you’re undecided about which mode to play, we can provide you with some detailed comparisons on FPP VS TPP.

What Does FPP and TPP Mean?

  • FPP stands for ‘first-person perspective,’ and it is a gaming mode in which you experience the game through the eyes of the character you are controlling.
  • TPP stands for ‘third-person perspective,’ and it refers to the gaming mode in which you see the action from the perspective of the character you are controlling.

This mode of gameplay is popular in shooting games.

Some examples of iconic first-person shooters are the Counter-Strike series, while others like Gears of War are third-person shooters.



There are several reasons to engage in both of these modes in PUBG. If you want to be capable to see behind curves and know what’s in front of you without looking, then TPP is ideal.

Because the camera hangs behind your character, you’ll have a considerably broader range of viewpoints.

Unfortunately, this also indicates that a character is in the way of essential portions of your screen.

As you can imagine, this is a bad idea if the opponent happens to be standing directly in front of you.

You may not see the player in any way, but they may notice you and attack you immediately.

Furthermore, because of the third-person perspective, you will notice that the game has significantly enlarged your field of view.

In the first-person perspective, your range of sight may be limited, but you have a lot more screen space.

There is nothing in the middle that is blocking your view. However, you will also be limited to your character’s true eyesight.

This indicates that you have to peek behind corners to see around them. Certainly, this puts you in a far more dangerous position.

Which is the Preferable Game Mode in PUBG Mobile?


The first major difference between the two game modes is the quantity of difficulty. The FPP mode is more challenging than the TPP mode.

The reason for this is that you can’t use the eye button to scan around and see attackers behind you.

Furthermore, you must spy to see the enemies. As a result, you’ll require strong reflexes and targeting skills.

In TPP mode, you may still observe the opponents without being exposed to them. The TPP mode enlarges your vision.

You can hide behind the wall and turn around to check if there are any attackers following you.

However, in FPP, you must peek to rapidly evaluate the opponents’ position, aim, and speed.

Character Skins and Gun Skins

The character skins and costume set which your character wears are visible in TPP mode. Instead, only other opponents may view your character’s look in FPP mode.

However, the gun skin and other accessories appear better in FPP mode. You’ll feel like you’re holding those guns in your hand.

Camping and Hiding

In TPP mode, players can hide in the grass or woods to test whether they can be noticed. However, in FPP mode, it is difficult for players to lay and camping on the grass.

Players in FPP mode are unable to view him and determine whether or not he is exposed.

FPP VS TPP in Other Shooters

The majority of shooters are played in the first-person perspective.

Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Rainbow Six are among the games in this category.

You can probably switch to a third-person perspective while viewing but not when actively managing your character.

FPP is far superior in terms of competitive quality, and TPP would completely transform the way those games are played.

FPP VS TPP in Racing Games

In the FPP vs TPP discussion, we shouldn’t forget about games like Need for Speed and Forza.

At especially on the competitive side, these games are typically played from a first-person perspective.

However, in racing games, the third-person perspective is uncommon. It gives the game a more genuine feel, which is vital for good drivers.

FPP VS TPP in Non-Competitive Games

There are plenty of games available that let you switch between first- and third-person perspectives.

For example, all of the Action-adventure games are played in TPP.

Games like Grand Theft Auto allow you to easily switch between viewpoints, allowing you to go around in third-person perspective (FPP) while driving automobiles in first-person perspective (TPP) if you like.

Why is FPP More Challenging Than TPP?

The following is the major distinction between FPP and TPP.

  • FPP is more excessive than TPP because it forces you to step outside of your safety zone.
  • The FPP mode conveys a genuine emotion, but TPP is effectively meaningless.
  • Rather than staying behind the wall, you must look around the corner to check the enemy. Since your enemy has an equal chance of noticing you rather than a chance at TPP, you must still have realistic, strong abilities.
  • In FPP mode, if you are lying behind grass or anything else, you can only see the front half of the view.

Pros and Cons of First-Person Perspective (FPP)

Before Playing the game, you must know some advantages and disadvantages of First-Person Perspective (FPP):


The FPP mode provides a more intensive game experience.

Because the player can only see what the character can see, it makes the game feel more realistic.

If accomplished appropriately, the mode is more competitive and can provide a better watching experience.

In FPP mode, players may not only better target their bullets, but they can develop their understanding of noises and character indications as well.


Because FPP mode is more challenging for newbies, the majority of the player base started with TPP mode and stayed with it.

Longer matching queue times encourage more players to switch from FPP to TPP simply to obtain a game quickly, ultimately in much fewer and fewer people playing it.

The prevalence of skins is also another reason why FPP isn’t as frequently utilized.

Pros and Cons of Third Person Perspective (TPP)

Before Playing a game, you must know some advantages and disadvantages of the Third-Person Perspective (TPP):


When playing in TPP, you have a better field of vision and can typically play defensively.

Because you can use your field of vision to notice your enemy’s approach (something you can’t do in FPP), it’s pretty hard for them to attack you.

If you’re going to attack a player who’s on the defense, meanwhile, you should utilize smoke grenades so they don’t see you’re coming close.

TPP’s main advantage is that it provides you with more information about your surroundings at all times.


The most common issue of the TPP mode is that gun battles are boring because participants can see each other through their field of vision.

Because of the concentration on defensive performance, the game is less enjoyable to play and watch.

Moreover, TPP is missing several of the features that make a shooting experience more enjoyable, such as swiping, maintaining angles, and utilizing mechanisms, etc.


FPP mode is the most challenging option, yet it is also the more observer since it generates great highlight moments in aiming and gaming.

However, Casual players choose TPP because it’s easy to pick up and play. If you enjoy shooting games, you should be aware of these modes and make well-informed choices when playing.

What does FPP and TPP mean?

FPP stands for First Person Perspective, while TPP stands for Third Person Perspective.

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