20 Best Games Like Dark Souls

Best Games Like Dark Souls

You’ve come to the perfect place if you enjoy action role-playing games and have a soft spot for hardcore games like dark souls.

We’ve created a list of titles similar to Dark Souls to feed your need for souls-like games. This list includes the best games like Dark Souls regarding survival and the art design and gameplay.

And mechanics made Dark Souls one of the best games ever for many people. One of the most difficult third-person dungeon crawler RPGs ever developed, the Dark Souls series continues to define an era.

The game’s gameplay mechanics and features, such as stamina and a health meter. Continue to make it an epic experience, pushing players to their limits and over the brink!. 

Each game on this list will feature elements familiar to Dark Souls fans, but it will also put its distinct touch on the genre. Making it more than just a clone.

If you’ve exhausted the Dark Souls series and seek a new challenge. Look at our list of the greatest games like Dark Souls.

So, please read on as we discuss some of the best games like dark souls.

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1. Etrian Odyssey IV: Legend Of The Titan

Legends Of The Titan is a hidden treasure among action-adventure RPGs. Resembling Dark Souls but with more stunning sceneries and landscapes.

You’ll be able to explore an expansive open world full of mountains, deserts, woods, and canyons while also completing quests for new weapons, armor, and secrets.

Assume the role of Eren and set out on a journey to defeat the titans who terrorize your hometown. Fight the terrifying giants and restore humanity’s tranquility.

Furthermore, Legends of the Titan will immerse you in a vivid world where even battles are breathtaking.

The game’s devious atmosphere is enough to keep players enthralled from beginning to end. But it’s not just about the graphics; it boasts outstanding gameplay that plays like Dark Souls yet looks like Final Fantasy.

Also, the game takes place in a dark medieval world populated by knights and mages. Additionally, as you progress through the game, you’ll find plenty of dungeons to explore while raising your hero’s skills and gaining souls, which you can use to level up and purchase new things.

2. Ashen

Ashen is a third-person action role-playing game set in an open world where you must find a home in a newly created universe. This is one of the best games like Dark Souls.

Collaborate with people, form alliances, and defeat the shadow creatures attempting to revert the world to the Dark Ages. Explore forgotten dungeons, battle enormous foes, and travel through numerous places filled with breathtaking scenery and mythical creatures.

Meet people who will join you on your quest and turn your house into a bustling metropolis.

Furthermore, in this new light age, you must protect the Ashen and extinguish the lurking darkness. Also, You notice something strange about this place even before you take your first step. You’re alone in the land as vast and wild as before, but what you can’t see won’t harm you.

Fear not the unknown; in Ashen, everyone is welcome. Another intriguing part of this tremendous souls-like game is how convoluted it is in gradually exposing its enemies, objects, and plot.

3. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

What better way to get started than with FromSoftware’s most recent title? Sekiro is visually unique, but it departs from the ordinary Souls fare.

Combat can feel a little sparse until you unlock new moves, but that’s for the best: forcing yourself to learn the fundamentals reveals their depth.

And serves as valuable preparation for the remainder of the game. Unlike Dark Souls, there’s no crutch to lean on here: Sekiro is a single-player game, so you can’t summon a pal for some lighthearted cooperation. 

Furthermore, The RPG-style leveling system has also been removed by FromSoft. Your character, Wolf, a ninja, does gain strength, but in a much more regulated manner.

Also, by collecting prayer beads, you can increase your health. And posture and your attack strength by thinking about the bosses you’ve defeated.

You can’t farm souls to overwhelm adversaries with raw power because these resources are limited. This is a fantastic game.


Let’s begin with the very best. Team Ninja earned a reputation for brutal combat action in the Ninja Gaiden series long before Dark Souls.

So chopping up mythological animals and spirits from Japanese folklore while rubbing shoulders with historical figures from Japan’s Sengoku period shouldn’t immediately conjure up images of Souls. This is one of the best games like dark souls.

Nioh shines because, despite a few similar elements – shrines serve as checkpoints, leveling up with Amrita, which you can lose if you die.

Furthermore, the Ki pulse, in particular, presents a unique challenge for both you and your opponent in terms of stamina management. While the ability to shift stances adds tactical depth to the flow of a fight.

5. Remnant: From the Ashes

You play as a survivor roaming the ruined countryside to eradicate all evil. Early on, you join other survivors in Ward 13, an underground bunker.

You travel between worlds through portals known as Labyrinths on your quest.

Finally, with a few hints and some assistance, you arrive on an island that appears to be the abode of all evil. All of this distinguishes Remnant: From the Ashes from its contemporaries while paying tribute to the games that inspired it—balancing outstanding shooting mechanics with full ground fighting — including randomly generated levels.

But, above all, it’s a lot of fun, occasionally steely-spined, and has some unique traits in store for you.

6. Lords Of The Fallen

Your world’s rulers were on the verge of entirely eradicating all evil from your realm. But then there was a God who had been beaten and banished for his nefarious schemes. This is one of the top games like Dark Souls.

You are released from prison just as the chaos begins. You play as Harkyn, a condemned criminal who has been offered a second chance at life.

Furthermore, You and your tutor vanquish the deity and bring peace to the world.

You will, however, confront formidable foes such as the Rhogar Lords, the evil god’s army’s commanders. Lords of the Fallen is a game with a lot in common with Dark Souls. Also, it has a battle and leveling-up system comparable to other games.

Instead of cash, you receive souls when you level up and buy new goods.

7. HellPoint

Hellpoint is a Dark Souls game set in space (Irid Novo), not hell, as the title suggests. Dark Souls fans will recognize familiar characteristics such as respawn checkpoints (Breaches) in a maze-like area. Losing all your money unless retrieved, light and heavy assaults, and difficult monsters.

Everything in this screams Dark Souls, but differently. There’s a lot to like in this graphically attractive game.

Furthermore, You must solve a secret plan in addition to enjoying the lovely starry vista.

Hellpoint is an inventive sci-fi horror game that plays like Dark Souls, guiding you through a maze of brilliantly built systems that will test your navigation skills to the limit.

8. Salt and Sanctuary

On a 2D plane, this is effectively Dark Souls. The bleak look and salt replace souls as payment for fighting opponents (which you also lose upon death).

There’s an enigmatic plot told through cryptic dialogue and even messages you can leave for other players using pre-programmed words and phrases (“Praise the salt!” is a common one).

Unforgivable bosses, such as ‘The Sodden Knight’ and ‘The Bloodless Prince,’ are present, and you’ll need to study their weaknesses and attack patterns, wear the correct gear, and execute well-timed dodge rolls to kill them.

9. Hollow Knight

This is more Metroidvania than Souls-like (although isn’t Dark Souls a Metroidvania in 3D?). This is one of the best games like Dark Souls. With its dismal ambiance, benches provide respite.

And the need to return to the area where you died to reclaim any lost things it’s unmistakably Souls-like. However, this underground realm is filled with bugs rather than hapless knights and terrifying dragons.

It may not sound appealing, but the gorgeous, cartoony hand-drawn images and smooth animation make it so. Hollow Knight also provides a wealth of mysteries and optional tasks.

Allowing you to continue exploring the game’s environment and delve more profound if you desire.

10. Titan Souls

Titan Souls’ only Souls-like feature is the title. This is a top-down boss rush, with the unusual hook that both you and the boss have only one hit point — but that’s relative, given those bosses have several obstacles to their weak area.

If it sounds gimmicky, it’s because it all started in a game jam, which is a terrific way to come up with new concepts.

Furthermore, Titan Souls is built around this one tactic, and the game’s severe difficulty – and unavoidable repetition – will likely appeal only to the most dedicated adventurers. The sizeable task will appeal to speedrunners.

11. The Surge

Deck13’s second attempt at Souls-inspired gameplay is unique in that it takes place in a science fiction environment rather than a gloomy fantasy one.

There’s a lot of fun with the combat here, especially with your modularly customizable exoskeleton suit, which necessitates dismembering adversaries’ specific body parts to gather materials for upgrades.

It’s a shame the samey-looking surroundings aren’t as inspirational as they could be. But there’s plenty to admire about this weighty sci-fi brawler.

12. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

In Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Respawn Entertainment, which had previously exclusively developed first-person shooters, gave us something we didn’t even know we wanted.

This game deviates the most from a strict Souls-like of all the titles on this list. But not far enough to exclude it.

Rather than taking away anything, it simply adds different aspects, such as riddles, platforming, and Metroidvania-style progression.

It’s also one of the few Souls-likes that lets you set your difficulty level, making it one of the genre’s more approachable games for newbies.

Furthermore, every combat encounter will keep you on your toes, as foes will respawn at every meditation circle. Where you can also level up and gain new Force skills.

The story is also the most straightforward, which isn’t surprising given that it’s still a Star Wars game, but it just adds to the game’s charms.

Although a few flaws and issues prevented it from being as seamless as possible. Fallen Order is not just one of the best Star Wars games we’ve seen in recent years but also a fantastic entry point into Souls-style games.

13. Blasphemous

If you only used gameplay terminology to describe Hollow Knight and Blasphemous, they could sound the same.

Both games are a blend of Souls and Metroidvania games, with one primary weapon, spells, combat and traversal abilities, comparable checkpoint and death mechanics, and more.

The visual style and plot are what distinguishes the two. Blasphemous is a pixel art game with some of the most violent and unsettling cutscenes we’ve ever seen.

Everything about this game is terrible, from the battle to the exploration to the bosses. Even things like your vital medicine, the Bile Flask, are oozing with the macabre.

Furthermore, the Game Kitchen, a Spanish dev company, but so much religious inspiration into the game, making it such a unique experience.

Although it is located in the imaginary realm of Cvstodia, the Christian imagery and symbolism are apparent. Don’t dismiss Blasphemous because it appears to be relatively generic on the surface; there’s something extraordinary in store for you.

14. Remnant From The Ashes

Remnant uses randomized zones to make up for its limited scope (at least in comparison to more high-budget games), but it still manages to be engaging thanks to a great core gameplay loop. This is one of the top games like dark souls.

Furthermore, You’ll navigate through locations, kill foes, acquire things, and eventually face monsters who require you to study and exploit their attack patterns.

Except instead of swords, you’ll be using guns. This game may appear more straightforward than the others on this list due to the presence of guns and a greater emphasis on co-op than most other Souls-likes, but this is far from the case.

Also, Death comes quickly, and the adversaries and monsters you face have been programmed to counter your ranged attacks.

15. Death’s Gambit

The fundamentals of warfare are straightforward and well-known. Attack, spend Soul Energy to use unique weapon abilities, evade, block, and parry are all options.

With classic Eastern trappings like knights and dragons and more gothic and nightmarish monsters. The scenario falls halfway between Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

As previously said, the gameplay is heavily influenced by Bloodborne. Furthermore, You and your adversaries are faster than in a typical Souls game, so you need to be more alert.

The twist on death in this game, where you lose one of your healing charges instead of your currency, is fierce, as you lose one for each end until you either reclaim them or spend Shards (XP) at a checkpoint.

16. Immortal Planet

This is the only isometric Dark Souls game to date, despite its universe being a mix of fantasy and science fiction.

However, framing the same meticulous real-time battle in a fixed perspective isn’t optimal. One thing to note is that the stamina management is similar to Nioh’s in that you can see and manipulate the enemy’s stamina bar to your advantage.

Immortal Planet feels like a discount bin Souls because of its low price and short length, but that’s not necessarily bad.

17. Darksiders 3

Four horsemen are sent on an uncontrollable collision course in Sorvia’s colorful, vivid world. A modest horseman is caught in the midst, desperate to be free of his oppressors.

Is it possible for Fury to avoid her fate and defeat darkness with only a shattered sword? Only you can tell if Fury will be able to destroy the seven deadly sins and bring peace to the world.

Darksiders 3 will take you on an epic journey set amid a gripping, hard-fought war against death itself!

Unlike so many other action role-playing games in recent years, Darksiders 3 uses the Dark Souls game design.

18. Below

Given the number of comparisons between the two games, it’s surprising that Below plays nothing like Dark Souls.

You explore the depths of a lonely island in practically pitch-black conditions with just a lantern for illumination as you go deeper and deeper, encountering deadly creatures, traps, thirst, and malnutrition.

It’s more of a survival game with roguelike features when you die. A new character appears who can retrieve your previous explorer’s gear.

19. Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell is a bold new approach to role-playing that could change things forever. It’s an action RPG with only a few standard RPG components.

Unlike other RPGs that require you to level up and keep track of a slew of numbers, Mortal Shell has one gaming mechanic: the shell.’

When your character finds themselves in someone else’s body, this is what they become.

According to tradition, rather than leveling up warriors or wizards, they try on several bodies until they discover one that suits them.

Each suite has its characteristics, such as having more health but a slower body than having less health but a faster body.

20. Bloodborne

You are about to embark on your next adventure. Explore the ruins of an ancient landscape that has been defiled by blood.

The dark, enigmatic air warns against the investigation, but its secrets are simply waiting to be discovered — if you’re willing to take the risk.

Unlike any other, this game is a challenging and rewarding experience, with furious chases and epic fights against eldritch horrors beyond human comprehension.

If you survive the enormous assortment of dangerous monsters that await you without having your arms chopped off by some bone-headed hunter first, you’ll find tremendous power after your long journey.

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