16 Top Anime Like Blue Exorcist

Anime Like Blue Exorcist

An anime like Blue Exorcist is binge-worthy; once you’ve finished it, there are many other great shows to watch.

Blue Exorcist was a popular Shounen anime series in the early 2010s. It was released in 2011, yet the animation is still relevant today. Newer anime fans would be unable to distinguish if the anime is newer or older.

Over time, more and more shounen-fantasy anime began to appear in the anime scene, driving shows such as Blue Exorcist to become increasingly obscure.

However, for fans who enjoyed both seasons of this anime and were looking for something comparable, here are 16 suggestions.

1. D.Gray-Man

The Millennium Earl is a wicked man who uses deceased people’s souls by putting them within Akuma (his automatic weapons). Such souls are perpetually confined, and their only hope is an exorcism with the sword of Innocence.

Allen Walker is a member of an organization that opposes Earl, and it is up to him and his colleagues to defeat Earl before he destroys the planet. If you fancy anime like Blue Exorcist, check this out.

2. Soul Eater

This movie is similar to anime like Blue Exorcist. Death Scythes are bred in the Death Weapon Meister Academy to aid shinigami in their many otherworldly missions.

On the other hand, these scythes aren’t quite weapons; they’re hybrid humans that can shapeshift into Demon Weapons after ingesting the souls of one witch and 99 evil creatures.

The anime depicts the lives of a diverse group of young kids who band together to combat evil while having fun along the way.

3. Noragami

This anime recounts the lives and exploits of Yato, a lesser-known god who performs menial tasks for humanity in exchange for 5 yen. Everything changes in their lives the day their paths cross with a human named Hiyori.

They soon become entangled in the lives of celestial creatures, and Hiyori learns she has received a lot more than she bargained for. A must-watch if you enjoy anime like Blue Exorcist.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fans who like anime like Blue Exorcist will undoubtedly adore Fullmetal Alchemist. Two orphan brothers grow up in a world where magic and supernatural beings coexist with humanity. They soon learn enough skills and attain enough power to join their city’s military.

However, the more individuals they meet, the more they discover how much their government has hidden from them.

5. Seraph Of The End

Vampires take over the human world and enslave humans. As a result, most of the adult human population has vanished, and those who remain have joined vampire-hunting forces whose sole goal is to exterminate every last vampire on the planet.

This anime is about Mikaela and Yuuichiro’s love for one another and how they would never let anything come between them, even if one was a deadly vampire. If you love anime like Blue Exorcist, you’ll love this anime.

6. My Hero Academia

Being an enthusiast of anime like Blue Exorcist is tough without having heard of My Hero Academia. The narrative of a naive little kid named Izuku Midoriya, or Deku to his friends, who gets the world’s most powerful quirk, was an instant hit with fans.

The action-packed sequences, well-developed characters, and great animation are the hallmarks of this anime.

7. The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Devil loses a battle against the hero and flees to earth. But unfortunately, he loses his powers there. So he is forced to work as an ordinary human in a nearby fast-food restaurant named MgRonald’s.

His tranquil days on earth are shattered when he finds the hero has followed him and will not go away until he dies.

This anime is a pure comedy, and with only 12 episodes, it is a must-see for everyone looking for a good time. You can’t look past this anime, lovers of anime like Blue Exorcist.

8. Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan, just like anime like Blue Exorcist, requires no introduction. This show’s story about humanity being besieged by cannibalistic animals known as titans became an instant smash when it aired in 2014.

The show was praised for its stunning animation, plot twists, and skillfully depicting serious themes like racism and discrimination on screen.

There will be a fourth season, so individuals who prefer committing to lengthy series will enjoy this one.

9. Naruto

Naruto introduced most anime enthusiasts to the medium. However, those new to anime may wish to watch this series to see why it is considered one of the world’s most adored anime shows. Naruto has it all: fighting, comedy, romance, drama, betrayal, anxiety, secrets, and thrills.

10. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul will appeal to people who love anime like Blue Exorcist but with darker undertones. Sui Ishida’s anime is about a young Kaneki who a ghoul partially swallows.

He transforms into a ghoul and is compelled to conceal his identity from his human and ghoul friends. This series became well-known for its horrific nature, particularly how it depicted death and horror situations.

Season 1 was universally adored by everyone, but with each following season, popular affection dwindled.

11. Blood Lad


Blood Lad is great if you’re looking for a funny follow-up to anime like Blue Exorcist. Staz Charlie Blood, a vampire fascinated with the Japanese ure who governs the eastern district, befriends Fuyumi Yanagi after she falls into the fallen angel world and becomes a ghost in this anime. Blood Lad’s bizarre take on the spooky will appeal to fans of The Blue Exorcist!

12. Chrono Crusade

A nun armed with twin pistols joined with a fallen angel to fight evil in another dimension. The Chrono Crusade series follows Rosette and her sidekick, Chrono, on their journeys.

They are frequently doing their hardest to prevent demons from invading our world and threatening people’s lives while also dealing with all of the strange supernatural antics that occur along the way.

At first glance, the show appears like a lighthearted cop drama, but it turns considerably darker as you progress through it. If anime like Blue Exorcist appeals to you, Chrono Crusade promises to be fun.

13. Shaman King

Shaman King is a cross between two anime classics: Blue Exorcist and Pokémon. The plot revolves around Yoh Asakura, a carefree shaman fighting in a tournament with other shamans to become the Shaman King—the title effectively elevates you to God.

Suppose he wishes to compete for this high honor. In that case, he must fight an ancient samurai spirit that has taken possession of him or his Samurai Sword. If you like the spiritual fight sequences in anime like Blue Exorcist, I guarantee your excitement will be sky-high!

14. Beelzebub

Beelzebub is a humorous supernatural anime about the antics of the evil guy’s son: a small baby who masquerades as a lovely, innocent youngster until he’s ready to strike.

Tatsumi Oga, the anime protagonist, becomes Beelzebub IV’s guardian and struggles to keep up with this cute fallen angel progeny, complete with its maidservant Hildegard.

The story takes place at home and school, and we learn how our protagonist deals with not just the bad guy’s youngster but also his family troubles. You will appreciate this anime if you love anime like Blue Exorcist.

16. Bleach

Bleach is a Japanese anime and manga series about Ichigo Kurosaki, who finds his abilities as a Soul Reaper and uses them to battle evil spirits known as Hollows.

He regularly fights with Rukia Kuchiki until the narrative lines take on an even greater scale as they take part in battles that are not only contained within earth’s domain but also reach into the afterlife-the so-called Soul Society.

Fans of anime like Blue Exorcist who wish for more action sequences and seamless narration should appreciate Bleach!

17. Black Clover

Black Cover should be on your must-watch list if you love anime like Blue Exorcist. Black Clover follows Asta and Yuno, two orphans who have a great bond despite their differences.

Asta is fiery yet always eager about his aim of becoming the Wizard King. In contrast, Yuno is cool-headed and possesses exceptional magical abilities.

And, like the Blue Exorcist, this relationship between these step-siblings lasts throughout the series, accompanying them on their quest to become King of Wizards!


It’s time to hear from you as we wrap up this list of binge-worthy anime like Blue Exorcist. Have we forgotten about your favorite fallen angel-shonen anime?

What are some of your recommendations for individuals seeking similar titles to Blue Exorcist? Please leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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