22 Escape Room Games for PC

Escape Room Games For PC

Puzzle games can be quite tricky, and this article discusses some of the best escape room games for PC. An escape room is one of them.

The goal of the game is to get out of a room. You’ll need to devise a strategy in this situation. What are your alternatives when it comes to the top escape room games?

Escape room games include various puzzle games, point-and-click adventures, and narrative adventures. There are few games on your mobile device that can match the intensity and involvement of this one. What is the most enjoyable game to play?

Puzzle and trivia games are sub-genres of escape games. Players must find clues, complete tasks, and solve riddles to progress in the game and meet their objectives within a set time restriction.

If you’re a die-hard player, we’re confident you’re looking for the most sophisticated and psychologically demanding escape room games for PC.

Playing computer games, whether hidden Google games or free source games, provides a distinct type of adrenaline rush.

When you play escape games the old-school way, though, the aesthetics, the atmosphere, the chase, and the win all become more alive.

We’ve compiled some of the best escape room games for PC for you to enjoy.


Survivors are one of the best escape games for PC you should try. It takes you on a journey to a mysterious island. You’ve been stranded on a large length of the land and must find a way to survive.

Explore the jungles, caves, and lagoons, cook food, collect goods, find riches, and explore the jungles, caves, and lagoons.

The activities become more intriguing as you progress through the game. Are you willing to fight the predators and discover a way out in this gripping escape game?

Escape City

Escape City is a PC game that takes place in a city that a criminal organization controls. The cityscape, costumes, and characters will transport the user to 1940s New York City.

You’ll need to gather evidence, solve mysteries, and ensure that all of the perpetrators are apprehended. Escape City adds a thrilling twist to the traditional police escape games.

Doomsday Escape

Doomsday Escape is a fantastic PC escape room game set in a post-apocalyptic future. You are one of the few humans still living, even though there aren’t many. To complete the game, you must locate food, resources, and other living beings.

However, you must escape the virtual hell while also rescuing those who are also stuck in the puzzle adventure game. To immerse yourself in an exciting journey, play Doomsday Escape, one of the top escape games.

Amazing Breakout Game

How often do you come across some of the best escape room games with a museum theme? On the other hand, the Amazing Breakout Game is a rare jewel.

The player decides to spend an evening in a museum and discovers that he is the only person in the vast structure. The guard overlooks the player’s presence and locks him out.

Furthermore, you must figure out how to open every hall that houses humanity’s deepest dark secrets, dating back to the dawn of time. Are you ready to crack the codes, solve the riddles, and escape while playing the best online escape game?

Can You Escape 2

The second edition of Can Your Escape is unquestionably superior to the first. The plot revolves around an individual who wants to buy a property and searches the internet for information on how to do so.

This prompts him to contact a real estate agent, who brings him to a trap house. Also, the figure must get out of the house by going through all the rooms. Furthermore, You’d have to solve puzzles, crack codes, and utilize logic while playing the character to win.

Zombie Escape

Zombies Escape a fun game with distinctive graphics and characters. As a player, you must track down all of the released zombies and return them to the lab.

In Zombies Escape, one of the fascinating escape computer games, you’ll also have to find hidden jewels, solve puzzles, and visit various areas to acquire clues.

Hidden Objects: Time Crimes

A dangerous criminal has been attempting to change the past from the shadows. You’ve uncovered the criminal’s plan by discovering an old-time machine. You can watch history unfold as you explore the same murder scenes centuries apart in the escape room game.

Furthermore, Crack the case by finding the clues and hidden objects! Make sure the criminals do not getaway. Gamers, are you ready to play one of the top online escape room games, Hidden Objects: Time Crimes?.

Hellgate Escape

Hellgate Escape is one of the series’ darkest games, transporting you to a world ruled by demons and devils. According to the gameplay, no one has ever left this hell, which presents a challenge for the story’s protagonist.

The goal of the escape plan is to solve the puzzles in the rooms, chambers, and graveyard to discover a route out. Also, the arenas each have unique characteristics, which adds to the game’s appeal.

Cops Vs. Robbers In Prison Escape

Try Cops Vs. Robbers Prison Escape if you’re tired of the standard room escape games. This game has the worst visuals I’ve ever seen, much worse than those 1990s brick games.

Yes, it appeals in a way that none of the other options on this list do. You can play as a convict or a cop, which means you must either escape prison or prevent others from doing so.

Wild West Escape

Wild West Escape transports you to the 17th-century Wild West or Texas, known as a land of adventure. To stay alive in this intriguing and adventure escape computer game, you must discover secret riddles and avoid all traps.

Find your way to success by deciphering clues, moving forward toward your escape, and solving puzzles. This is one of the best escape room games for PC.

Mystery Society: Relic Match

If you enjoy detective games that need you to solve puzzles, you’ll enjoy this escape room PC game. Furthermore, You’re a rookie detective on a mission to recover stolen goods.

Put an end to the criminal empire and unravel the mysteries of ancient artifacts and rare relics theft. Let’s see how good we are at solving mysteries in Mystery Society: Relic Match, one of the greatest escape room games for PC.

Can You Escape- Deluxe

This is our favorite version of the Can You Escape games out of all the ones available. The gameplay is straightforward, and it is one of the greatest PC escape games available. Also, to discover an escape, you must solve puzzles and navigate your way through the room game.

Find riddles to solve, hidden things to find, codes to crack, and your escape path to find. Also, we can’t wait to play this long-awaited sequel to the cult classic puzzle game.

Pirate Escape

Are you a fan of the TV show “Prison Break”? If so, get your hands on Pirate Escape, a game that will transport you to a pirate-themed jailbreak.

For a decade, you’ve been raiding the seas with your crew of sailors. However, one of your team members betrayed you, and you were all apprehended.

However, Solve the puzzles, crack the codes, and set yourself free as the game master. The plot of Pirate Escape is intriguing, and there are fascinating riddles to solve. However, check it out for yourself by playing Pirate Escape, one of the top PC escape games.

Amazing Breakout Game

A museum is one of the most exciting arenas for an escape game, and that’s exactly what they went to within Amazing Breakout Game. There is a lot more opportunity for mystery-inducing components inside a museum, which would require a lot of creativity, making it ideal for the cause.

Psycho Escape

The plot of Crazy Escape is as follows: You are the protagonist who receives a phone call from a psycho murderer who also offers you hints to help you escape. It won’t help to lock yourself in your room and call the cops.

Alcatraz Escape

You’ve been imprisoned in Alcatraz, a notorious jail. You will be the first prisoner to find a way out of this hell if you are successful.

Use all of your logical thinking skills and puzzle-solving strategies to avoid being caught by the cruel guards. Play Alcatraz for free to discover if you can escape from one of the most intriguing prison escape games. In addition, this is one of the best escape room games for PC.

Paranormal Escape

The Paranormal Escape room game, one of the best escape room games fo PC, transports you to a realm of ghosts and monsters.

Each level of the classic puzzle game reveals a new case, which you must crack by thinking outside the box. Move beyond the strategies you’ve used in previous games, for this one will take you on an unexplained voyage into the paranormal.

Road To Success Game

The Road To Success Game is fun and requires you to solve logical puzzles. This inspirational and meaningful escape game demonstrates no greater escape than changing your life and making your aspirations come true.

Furthermore, The graphics of Road to Success are just stunning. Although some riddles are tricky and difficult, some are simple enough to solve.

Mansion Matchington

This match-three game allows you to unleash your inner interior designer. This game is a lot of fun, whether you’re adding new things to your room and kitchen, finding matching furniture, or upgrading your house and yard.

Moreover, You’ll be able to unlock new areas and uncover hidden secrets. Also, You get to unveil secrets and receive rewards when you place the concealed things together. Also, Let’s play Mansion Matchington, one of the best escape room games for PC.

Prison Escape Survivors

Try playing Prison Escape Survival if you’re looking for a prison-themed escape game. You’ve been imprisoned due to a deadly conspiracy and must devise a strategy to escape.

The gameplay becomes more engaging as you progress, and we highly recommend this thrilling new addition to your game collection.

Furthermore, Players begin their escape path, and the only way to break free and win is to devise a foolproof method for getting outside.

Also, Prison Escape Survival, one of the best escape room games for PC, needs you to prove your innocence and is fun to play.

Hero Wars Escape

Hero Wars Escape is an excellent choice for those who wish to play a logic-based escape game. You are a hero tasked with discovering the treasure.

While exploring this fresh take on the classic puzzle game type, you go on several time-based tasks and figure out the whereabouts of the coveted treasure.

Furthermore, the castle room tour graphics are spectacular, and you can control the majority of the games with the up and down buttons.

Because of its unique concept and quick antics, Hero Wars Escape is one of the best escape room games for PC. It is very appealing to children.

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