21 Best Alternatives Games Like Words With Friends

Games Like Words With Friends

Games like Words with Friends are great fun but take up time. If you want to eliminate them, you’ll need to change some habits. How can you stop playing games like Words with Friends? 

Words with Friends (WWF) is a mobile game where players compete against each other using letters from their vocabulary. The goal is to rack up points by spelling out words correctly. 

You don’t have to play WWF anymore. There are plenty of alternatives to games like words with friends that are listed below;

1. Lexigo

You’ll notice that many word games arrange the letters in a grid if you play them frequently. Lexington’s letter arrangement in a honeycomb design immediately gives the app a distinctive feel. 

Although it has some similarities to games like Boggle, there are several significant differences. The letters are, first of all, hexagonal. Additionally, you are permitted to use a letter more than once and must use a hint to locate the target word. It’s rewarding and challenging. 

2. Wordscapes

Wordscapes is also one of the alternative games like words with friends. It is a must-try if you always finish your weekly crossword problem. 

Although the design of this word game is similar to that of a crossword puzzle, with crossing lines of blank spaces, there are no clues this time. 

As an alternative, your “wheel” contains three to seven letters. Additionally, your finger is used to pull these letters together to create words. 

The game’s objective is to fill your board with the appropriate words. But if you spell a term that isn’t on the board, it counts as a “bonus word” and can be utilized later. 

Word search puzzles are typically thought of as lonely activities. And they usually are, with this game offering over 130 different kinds of word search puzzles. 

Furthermore, the multiplayer game mode in Infinite Word Search, however, makes it unique. Play against random opponents or Facebook friends while simultaneously looking for hidden words. Who can come up with the most terms wins the race! 

4. Google Feud

It’s time to play the quarrel, search engine style! The Family Feud game show fans will quickly recognize the Google Feud formula. 

The distinction, in this case, is that you’re attempting to determine which of the Google search’s autocomplete suggestions are the most common. 

For instance, you could begin by saying, “I was bitten by a.” On the board are the top 10 outcomes. Furthermore, the most popular answer in this situation is “radioactive pig.” I bet you weren’t expecting that one! 

5. SpellTower

SpellTower is also one of the best games, like words with friends. Even if the game’s fantasy name doesn’t instantly pique your interest, you will be once you play a few rounds. 

Additionally, the game’s main objective, somewhat reminiscent of Boggle, is to construct words using the letters on your board. 

As you explore the more than eight different modes, such as “Search,” which asks you to identify the best word on the board, things get a little more complicated. 

Additionally, SpellTower’s website is user-friendly and valuable for beginner gamers. Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger created the top-grossing word game in 2008, and more than a million people have downloaded it since then. 

Participate in the word game fun and add new words to SpellTower’s expanding library of terms. 

6. Word Wipe

To form words, you must connect adjacent letter tiles in Word Wipe. You can go through the grid by making diagonal connections in addition to horizontal and vertical ones. 

Additionally, the basic objective of Word Wipe is to clean rows and columns, which sets it apart from other seemingly comparable free online word games. 

However, as you use the letters, they are not changed. How many lines can you finish before the timer expires? 

7. Word Cookies!

This word game, which reimagines Wordscapes-style applications with a sweet twist, will be a hit with bakers. 

Using the letters in your “bowl,” you are still attempting to build words, but this time your guesses are presented as cookies on a baking sheet. 

And each level has a distinct flavor, including (but not limited to) oatmeal, ginger, and red velvet. The players, or bakers, can take on a variety of packs and even weekly quests.  

The app’s design is charming. However, there are usually quite a few commercials in between rounds. However, a Word Cookies! Subscriptions can be purchased to remove the adverts and resume making. 

8. Boggle With Friends

Next on our list of best games like words with friends is Boggle With Friends. Do you remember how “With Friends” ended? You do, of course. 

Additionally, the same firm that created Words With Friends, Zynga, also produces Boggle With Friends. 

Boggle With Friends does the same with the classic game of Boggle, much like Words With Friends did by adding more contemporary game mechanics like power-ups. 

You attempt to string together as many words as possible by connecting the adjacent letters on the four-by-four grid of jumbled letters. 

However, this smartphone software makes Boggle, among the most well-liked 2-player word games worldwide, even more accessible. Discover exciting new game modes, daily tasks, and even head-to-head competitions. 

9. Scrabble GO

Scrabble GO is just what its name suggests: a mobile app for the nearly one-hundred-year-old game. Like Words with Friends 2, Scrabble GO lets you choose whether to play with friends or random players. 

You will receive seven tiles from the set of 100 letter tiles in either case. Like Scrabble, words are formed vertically and horizontally, and each letter has a specific value. 

Additionally, the boosts and gems you earn while playing Scrabble GO set it apart from similar gaming apps. These increase your skill level and present fresh obstacles in the word game. 

10. Wordox

When playing Words With Friends or Scrabble, you frequently worry about typing the highest-scoring word. But what if the game’s goal was to control the board, and each letter was only worth one point? 

And you can “take” letters from your rival? Worx, a novel fusion of Reversi and Scrabble, is now available. 

When you play a word, you occupy those places on the 9 × 9 board. Like in Reversi, Go, or Othello, when your friend plays another word, they “take” the spaces with your letters. 

To win, you must score 25 points first. One must have distinctive thinking and energy of view to succeed in this enjoyable multiplayer word game. 

11. WordJong

WordJong is next on our list of best alternative games like words with friends. Mahjong Solitaire serves as the model for WordJong. However, users work through daily word problems instead of matching winning symbols. 

There is a new challenge every day, much like in word games like Wordle. You can go back to earlier days and play as many rounds as you’d like if you were quick to solve that day’s word. 

Additionally, there are seven different Zodiac characters, each with a unique style and degree of difficulty. In addition, you earn more gold coins and power-ups as you accomplish more challenges. 

12. BattleTech

Do you have a compulsion for speed? Do you think your thumbs are the quickest around? Perhaps the multiplayer online word game for you is BattleTech!  

You experience this when you enter a text message battleground that has been made competitive for the title of quickest texter. Longer words should be thought up, and you should type them more swiftly than your opponent. 

Different rules and limitations apply to other game rounds in multiplayer. For instance, the initial letter of your word must match the last letter of your opponent’s. 

Another round could remove certain letters from your keyboard, or you could be required to use some notes in your word. 

13. Ruzzle

Also, making our list of best alternative games like words with friends is Ruzzle. Ruzzle is the “world’s quickest word game” and offers enjoyable visuals, regular competitions, and even team play. 

In under two minutes, find as many words as possible by swiping across the randomly generated letters and accumulating more points by swiping over bonus tiles. 

Starting a new online game with Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Ruzzle pals, and former opponents is simple enough. A random opponent may also be assigned to you. 

14. Pictoword

In Pictoword, players are tasked with spelling a concealed word using just one, possibly two, hints. A player’s screen will display two graphics once per round.  

The word the two photos attempt to spell will be contained in 13 randomly arranged letters below them. It is up to you to determine this word without utilizing all available tiles. 

Additionally, the term will occasionally be evident, but you’ll need to put two and two together (literally) other times. 

15. Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega is a different variation on the crossword puzzle that has players rearrange letters instead of building words from clues. 

The app’s layout, which features crossing rows, is simple and relaxing. Every time a word is unscrambled, it locks in to make it easier for you to identify the other comments on your board. 

Additionally, you can click the clue at the top of the screen if you run into trouble. If this seems complicated, remember that each word’s first and last letters are already in their proper positions. 

16. Codeword

The Codeword is also one of the best alternative games like words with friends. What do you get when you combine sudoku with a crossword puzzle? 

One of the best word games you can play online for free without having to download is called Codeword. 

Additionally, the numbers in each crossword space correspond to a particular letter, and words are connected on a grid. 

For instance, every “2” in the puzzle might be the letter “E.” Each of the puzzle’s 26 letters is used at least once. A fun and exciting challenge! 

17. Wander Words

Discover the way to create the solution. You click and drag to join letters in Wander Words horizontally or vertically. 

Furthermore, this makes it comparable to Boggle, except that you must utilize every letter in a single chain. Additionally, a slight hint is given by the game, such as “complex words” or “vehicle.”

The answer can include many words, such as “music instructor.” Can you solve as many problems in only five minutes? 

18. Skribbl.io

Looking for the top visual word games available online? Skribbl.io can help you unleash your inner Picasso. 

Here, you can play a live online game of Pictionary with participants from across the globe. You are not required to set up an account or use any login information. 

Choose an animated avatar, enter your name, and join the game. Even better, you can invite your buddies to a private room! 

19. Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is next on our list of best games like words with friends. Are you a huge admirer of the popular television program “Wheel of Fortune”? 

The following word game app that you should download is the mobile version of this famous game show. Spin the renowned wheel from the comfort of your home and simulate entering the competition. 

20. Typeshift

Zach Gage also created Typeshift, which can be downloaded for your iPhone, Android, or tablet or played online. 

To spell out a word in the center row, you must slide columns up or down no matter how you choose to play this no-cost word game. 

Take Me Out To The Ball Game, Snowday, and Earth Day are a few examples of themed crossword puzzles that ask you to create words that fit the topic. 

21. Crossword Puzzle Redstone

Crossword Puzzle Redstone is racing off our list of best alternative games like words with friends. Although you may access these crosswords via an app, this game is still the same old word game that has amused generations. 

Thanks to Redstone, hundreds of crosswords are freely available; the program has even been dubbed “the crossword lover’s dream app.” 

There are millions of puzzles to solve, four difficulty levels to select from, and numerous tools at your disposal, including “Smart Look Up,” which will propose moves for you to take. 

This software also has the benefit of correcting mistakes rather than requiring you to scratch them out on a natural crossword. 

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