20 Best NFT Games for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Best NFT Games for iOS

Once, Cryptocurrency was one of the big shots in the blockchain digital industry. Now NFTs are also here to take over the financial market.

No matter wherever you go, the non-fungible tokens have become the talk of the town. There’s no joke that the NFTs have their charm being digitally unique and customizable collectibles.

The fantastic characteristic that amazes the riches is that NFTs also represent personalities with disparate avatars, consumables, figures, and other tradeable items.

You must be wondering. Where? Well. NFT games are ruling over the web. Finally, the financial and gaming merchandise joined hands.

What are you thinking? It’s time to multiply your investments. The ultimate opportunity to make some bucks for all businesses and gaming geeks is here. 

Where to play? Many best NFT games for iOS let the players receive various rewards, coins, assets, and tokens.

Later, you can even trade and exchange these NFT items with other non-fungible articles. Don’t worry.

You can always transfer your NFT keepsakes to your secure wallet. However, before any further do, here are some best NFT games for iOS you need to get.

We have browsed the most popular NFT Games for iOS. Now, all Apple users can create their NFT games and earn digital economy by fighting off all the battles.

Here are some secure games from reliable gaming platforms like Axie Infinity, Womplay, and Mobox for you.

1. Axie Infinity

Are you a fan of keeping cute pets and forming a team? Then, Axie Infinity is a great choice to make money by fulfilling your wish. If you want to play the game, you may need two wallets. 

When you form a strong team of Axies against other pets in the forest, the game gives you a mission to collect all SLPs with the help of teamwork.

All these adorable creatures in the game are tradable on NFT marketplaces. You can always buy, sell and trade these virtual fiction critters.

Although the cost of the characters depends on the rareness, the figures are secure over Ethereum Blockchain. So, there’s no need to worry.

However, beware of all the fraudulent and fake wallets in the game.

2. Sorare

Are you a football lover? Could no game appeal to you for so long? Then, Sorare is here to satisfy you. Sorare makes your dream of having a Hassle-Free football Squad into reality. 

The game developers have introduced a platform where you can earn money while owning the game and enjoying incredible football gameplay.

The NFT video game helps you receive benefits, training leagues, weekly challenges, and collaboration with high-level and experienced players.

Be ready to collect rare, limited, and unique collectibles. Still, make sure you have an account at Ethereum, as the game only accepts Ethereum as the source of money.

3. Gods Unchained

MTG Arena director has come up with the most successful NFT gaming plan. Like other NFT gameplays, Gods Unchained offers you to play off several challenging battles and levels to gain plenty of cards.

You can always play, gather, and trade in-game items with other NFT collectors with the help of the best NFT games for iOS.

4. Womplay

Womplay assists all the gamers to earn Wombucks. The game also gives access to be played on mobile and desktop. It showers you with countless blessings.

You get to make digital assets while playing. You get access to daily chests and prizes. 

Are you a fan of one-stop gaming categories? Then Womplay is there to take you to play tanks, Farmerama, Dinasour Park, puzzles, and more strategic games.

5. Crypto Monkey Empire

How about living the life of thugs and earning at the same time? Wait, you’re not doing anything illegal.

It’s just that  Crypto Monkey Empire’s crazy MMO-RTS theme makes you fight and win resources against fellow monkies.

Crypto Monkey Empire works just like the Clash of the Clan. You have to loot others for money and cryptocurrencies.

This way, you can build your army, empires, and buildings in the game.

6. Binemon

Are you that person who gets associated in a great way with RPG games? Then, Binemon is here for you with all of its appeasing monsters and intriguing gameplay.

The developers have worked their level best on the graphics and architecture of the game.

The virtual pet NFT game originated with the combined benefits of trading, accumulating eggs, characters, ambrosia (fusion), items, and precious lands.

7. Crypto Spells

All classic card game lovers can play crypto Spells and relate with others. Most of you must have grown up watching cards played and related games.

How about reminiscing the memories this summer while still being in the business? The in-game card holds corresponding values.

Additionally,  the mechanics of the game are all about winning the game.

You can always transact the commodities and other virtual prizes with other players on the Ethereum blockchain. 

To get this game, download Go Wallet on your iOS device to get secure and protected transactions!

8. My Crypto Saga

The poker-like mind card game has much more in store for you to explore. Crypto Saga also utilizes blockchain technology and caters to you to compete with real-time NFT holders.

Now, you can also make a team of 2-4 members and get into the mysterious world of the Crypto Saga.

It’s time for you to get used to the new-generation gameplay and trade the cards with your fellow traders with no restrictions.

9. Synergy of Serra

The Synergy of Serra has shaped a new genre for all the players. The game serves you with the ultimate combo of classic card strategy games and unlimited gaming experience possibilities.

So, download the game and see what you can do. Go, save the planet of Serra from the alien’s invasion. Beginners can always play the game and start with the 90 free cards. 

However, you can still get some seasonal awards on your hand by making progress.

10. Division Network

Division Network can make you an enormous sum of money amongst the list of other best NFT games for iOS.

The virtual game provides all the graphics that seem as close to reality as you can imagine.

You get to enter in game’s world and always negotiate about NFTs charges.

Players can buy the NFT from the developers. There’s a VR for the game that is almost open to everyone.

 You can always meet and talk through other NFT keepers to make some deals.

11. Mobox

On the bucket list of the best NFT games for iOS, if you were looking for more serious and professional trading: this is the one.

The Defi-based NFT game supports the idea of free-to-play and play-to-earn. The game helps you face different combats and reap reward items as you play.

So, you can expect to get your hands on this game if you’re already familiar with farming NFTs and yielding farms.

12. Crypto Crusades

The game showcases the same gaming pattern as the Crypto Monkey Empire.

The developers have displayed an upcoming strategy that helps you battle other civilizations, rule in your world, trade other resources, and construct buildings.

The game sets an environment of a saga where the players get to become several characters like warriors, farmers, artisans, and much more.

13. EpicHero

Do you want to trade your in-game characters and heroes from different locations? Then, EpicHero, in the piles of the best NFT games for iOS, can be the one for you. 

The game gives you the best experience in the NFT trading world with the options of hero offspring, dual currency, dual currency, hero merging, and NFT stake, staking, and marketplace.

14. Chainmonsters

Would you like to reminisce about the RPG gameplay activities and trading NFTs on the side?

Then, you should give a chance to Chainmonsters. The game has revolutionary features to unleash.

The game has an updated game background to offer. You can join your friends and roam around Ancore together in cross-platform multiplayer. 

You can say that you can compete with real-time monsters and gain precious gemstones, flowers, and Chip Dollars.

15. Coin Hunt World

Would you have ever thought that you would be able to make some points for earning NFTs by just inviting your friends? Nay! Right? Well, now, you can.

This game can be your favorite among other best NFT games for iOS.

The gameplay revolves around making the player find the keys to the treasures. If the players get successful in doing the task, the chest opens.

In return, gamers earn points for achieving NFTs in the form of Bitcoin or Ethereum later. In another way, you can gain NFTs by answering the trivia quizzes in-game. 

16. League Of Kingdoms

Do you enjoy the feels and vibes of all glam royalty? Then, how about getting your hands on League Of Kingdoms?

The game makes you become the leader and take all the decisions in hand. The gamers need to use their heads and invent new and innovative strategies to protect the kingdom. 

While owning the land in the virtual estate can make you Ethereum, you still need to acquire the beautiful skins to glorify the city. 

17. Spells Of Genesis

The unique combat mechanism has displayed the deadly duo of team building and card collection functionality.

The exciting and thrilling gaming experience caters to traders with auto-matched players (by PvP features).

There’s even an option for in-game purchases of gems and gold. The game contains countless gaming figures such as animals, battles, confront, monsters, protagonists, and villains.

18. Crazy Kings

It’s time for you to become the crazy king and employ outlandish and creative ideas to fight against the enemy troops. Leveling up the game makes the players stirred.

Joining tournaments in the game make you earn majestic gaming prizes and items.

19. Thetan Arena

The e-sport gaming genre of Thetan Arena revolves around the player’s exceptional skills and teamwork strategies.

The game has many exclusive NFT modes and monthly updates to offer. You can rank up in Thetan Arena and unlock several rarities.

20. Clash of Streamers

The Clash of Streamers is a new flower in the garden of blockchain NFT gaming platforms.

The game makes you the hero while taking your picture in the battle by exporting blockchain. 

The game has outstanding rewards, a swap of Gubi, unique gaming features, and extreme customization of the hero available. 


We’ve done extensive homework to find you some reliable and secure sources for the best NFT games for iOS on your behalf.

We anticipate that you’ll find a good value for your money and be able to reproduce your assets.

There’s no need to wait! Get these games. Do let us know about your trading journey.

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