19 Best Escape Games for Android

Best Escape Games for Android

You can spend your leisure time playing various Android games, but nothing beats the best escape game for android.

An escape game entails solving puzzles, discovering hidden objects, and accomplishing various goals to locate the final way out.  

Additionally, to get out of the room, you must first make your brain workable, then solve all of the riddles and other obstacles. Hidden object games, on the other hand, have their own fan base.  

Furthermore, that is why, despite being a new genre, escape games have become extremely popular among people of all ages.

Below is the list of 19 best escape games for android.

1. Escape Room: Mystery Word

The Escape Room’s Mystery World series, according to most escape game fans, is one of the best escape games for Android users.

An escape room is a game with numerous series, most of which have achieved worldwide acclaim.  

However, in this game, you are imprisoned in a bizarre and unusual room. Furthermore, to get out of it, you must now observe, notice, ponder, and infer.

The only weapon you’ll have in the room is your ability to think. But there has to be a way to get your road out of the room, right? 

2. Spotlight

One of the best escape games for android is Spotlight. With this runaway game, there’s plenty of action. It also adds to the mystery of losing your memory and waking up in a strange room. 

 In addition, to figure out what happened, solve clues, locate artifacts, and escape the room, you’ll need to apply logic.

The game’s engrossing experience, which we found incredibly enjoyable. It is enhanced by its intuitive game controls and outstanding 3D graphics. 

3. Escape Titanic

Escape The Titanic is one of the best escape games for Android that transports you to the world’s most renowned ocean liner.  

Where you must answer all of the puzzles before the Titanic sinks and leaves. Furthermore, this application has a fascinating storyline, beautiful graphics, and a plethora of different tasks to complete.  

To survive in the game, you must use all of your creativity and logic. Because there are no ready-made solutions in it, you must rely solely on yourself. The Escape Titanic app is extremely popular among people of all ages.  

Many people were drawn to it because of the surprising plot and the freedom to express oneself. 

4. Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

Escape Adventure Murder Manor: Adventure Escape is a high-quality escape and puzzle-solving game. It is available to play for free with no requirement to register or purchase anything.

You’ll take on the role of Kate Gray and try to solve the manor’s murder mystery.  

Additionally, to search the house for details and hidden mysteries, you’ll need keen eyes. Are you not interested in overcoming the obstacles and escaping on time?

The following characteristics will undoubtedly increase your motivation. 

5. All That Remains: Part 1

All that remains is one of the best escape games for Android that is adventurous. It features logic puzzles, stunning graphics, and perplexing riddles.  

Furthermore, the plot opens with your hero waking up in a bunker, unsure of how he got there or how to get out.  

The hero hears a familiar voice on the radio: it’s his sister, telling him that you’ve been locked in a bunker for their own safety.

Fearing for the sister’s life, you begin to take all necessary precautions to get out of the bunker.  

Furthermore, At the same time, you’ll learn more about this location because the main guy has no recollection of how he arrived.

Otherwise, this is a standard adventure game with all of the genre’s hallmarks, such as puzzles. 

6. Cube Escape: Paradox

Cube Escape Paradox is a fun puzzle game with a complex plot and a lot of challenging problems. Feel like a true sleuth.  

Furthermore, you’ll take on the role of legendary investigator Dale Vanderman, who wakes up in a new room with no memory of what happened to him, who he is, or where he is.  

Then he finds he’s become a player in his major adversary’s game. Dale, like the rest of the game, uncovers mysteries and solves riddles.  

Additionally, the difficulty of the puzzles and challenges will increase over time, but you must not lose hope of escaping as quickly as possible. 

7. The Room Series

The Room, a popular escape game series created by Fireproof Games, is a fantastic example of the genre, involving mystery, suspense, and a sense of peril.  

The concept is simple to grasp, and the puzzles are true brain teasers that will keep you busy for hours.

Furthermore, the gameplay is smooth and seamless, and the graphics add to the realistic feel. You don’t have to take our word for it when we say that The Room series is fantastic. 

8. Escape Game: Home Town Adventure

Let’s take a look at another series from The Escape Game. It’s Home Town Adventure this time. You can expect a lot of fun and thrilling excitement here.  

Furthermore, it will be difficult to look back once you have installed and started playing this game. Because it is highly addictive, and you will quickly become engrossed in the world of mystery.  

Moreover, here, you must match many classic puzzles to escape the rooms. Also, This game can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to improve their intelligence.

Let’s take a closer look at the game’s specifics. 

9. World’s Hardest Escape Game

Find a way out of a variety of rooms and spaces in the world’s most difficult escape game. Find hidden objects and complete various logical tasks.

In these best escape games for Android, you will improve your logic and attentiveness.  

You must investigate a lot of locations, including the house’s backyard, garage, rooms, and shop, among others.

You must collect various items that will assist you in completing each level. Also, you must solve logic puzzles and riddles to open the doors.  

Furthermore, you will encounter many interesting missions as you progress through this fascinating game, as well as master various quests that will take you an impressive amount of time to complete.

All you have to do now is remember. 

10. The Office Quest

The Office Quest is a fun and entertaining escape game. You’ll find a variety of puzzles, riddles, and other activities.  

Besides This is your chance to leave the office if you can’t stand it any longer and don’t want to do the monotonous office duties.

Take a break, go to the bathroom, and begin solving these amusing riddles. 

11. Murder Mall Escape

You will assist Johnny Passadino, an experienced investigator who will deal with the most basic concerns.

It will be a perilous investigation, with the possibility of receiving a bullet in the head.  

However, you must examine the crime scene, speak with witnesses, and gather all available evidence.

You can only move forward in the best-case scenario; nevertheless, if something goes wrong, you will be unable to escape complications.  

Because danger lurks around every corner in a shopping center, your main character must take the most perilous path.

Try to solve all of the most difficult puzzles, gather many clues, and track down the perpetrators of this heinous crime. 

12. Escape the Ghost Town

Escape the Ghost Town is one of the best escape games for android. Getting Out of Ghost Town? Let’s have a peek at a horror game that’s twisted with a riddle to solve.  

I’m referring to the game Escape the Ghost Town. It is, however, the best Android escape game for many of its customers.  

Meanwhile, The ghost effect is the nicest feature, and it’s what makes the game stand out. You must, however, get out of areas that are filled with ghosts and horrifying animals.  

As a result, you must be cautious and deliberate before acting. Furthermore, you must solve problems while attempting to return to your reality. 

13. 100 Door Games: Escape School

Games with 100 Doors This round, instead of a room, you must flee the school. It’s the Games of the 100 Doors.

Try this game if you’re up for a fresh challenge of finding hidden objects and solving strange puzzles.  

However, you must keep in mind that this is not a puzzle for children. Furthermore, to solve problems and become the master, you must be extremely intelligent.  

Furthermore, there will be one hundred doors to open, and you must solve puzzles and uncover concealed objects to do so. Let’s see what else this game has in store for you. 

14. Escape Titanic

The goal of this best escape game for android is to get off the enormous ocean liner before it meets its doom, and it’s a thrilling ride.  

To escape the Titanic, you’ll need all of your brains and the ability to think swiftly, and deftly, with 50 room puzzles that will put you to the test.

However, if you require assistance, the game includes an integrated hint system. 

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that, while you can download the app for free, you can only play the first chapter for free. You’ll need to upgrade with in-app purchases after that. 

15. Escape Through History

Escape Through History is a completely free escape game application.

It comes with a fascinating gaming scenario in which you’ll travel through time, encountering various historical events while studying and analyzing them.

The game is easy to pick up, and you’ll need to search for artifacts and solve riddles to figure out what’s behind the door.

However, it also includes a variety of challenging brain teasers, time travel, quests, adventures, auto-save game features, and much more. 

16. Escape Candy Room

Candy Rooms are a fun way to pass the time. Escape Candy Rooms is a fun escape game brought to you by FunkyLand.

Prepare to be transported to another world in this enchanting setting.  

You must escape candy rooms in this delightful game. And you can only get out of the chambers once you’ve figured out the puzzles. Each category has three rooms.

Casual rooms include Carrot, May, and Scarlet. Rose, Ice Blue, and Violet make up the lovely chamber.  

The next chamber is called Pop, and it contains the colors Carmine, Azure, and Dark. Natural, modern, and girlie rooms, each with three alternatives, round out the list.

However, this game is updated regularly to ensure that you get the best possible experience. All you have to do now is double-check your network connections.  

17. Adventure Escape: Space Crisis

This game is an excellent choice for you if you enjoy space stuff and its mystery. In this game, you must take on the role of Commander Morgan and save the space station’s crew.  

Meanwhile, Something isn’t quite right on the space station, and you need to figure out what it is. You can explore the space station in this game.  

You must figure out where the missing members are. Furthermore, the survivors are expecting you to come to their aid.  

You must overcome problems to return to your home planet with the crew. This game will provide you with an accurate representation of the actual space.

Additionally, that is why most of its users consider it to be one of the best escape games for android. 

18. Jail Prison Escape

While most escape games involve solving puzzles and riddles, Jail Prison Escapes include actual gameplay. However, the game has a lot of different things going on in one bundle.  

In addition, to put it another way, it’s a jam-packed action game, a fantastic first-person shooter, and a great jail simulation game.

Additionally, you’re a gangster imprisoned in a high-security jail surrounded by guards. To get out of jail, use any resources you can. 

19. Rime-room Escape Game

Rime is a game that you should try if you enjoy solving riddles and puzzles. It is one of the best escape games for android that features realistic graphics.

To unravel its mysteries, you’ll need sharp eyes and acute observation skills.  

This puzzle game features an intriguing plot about a book, as well as an environment filled with traps, and puzzles. To get out of the book’s world, you’ll have to overcome its puzzles and mysteries. 

Conclusively All of these best escape games for Android are hard and addictive. 

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  1. tthis is a great list and me being an escape games big fan have played most of these ones, but you missed the best of them and the most exciting one to play, im talking about the legenday FOREVER LOST series

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