20 Books Like Blood and Ash You Must Read

Books Like Blood and Ash

You’re searching for books like Blood and Ash because you fell in love with Jennifer L. Armentrout’s perfect supernatural world of romance and exciting fantasy world.

The kind that holds your breath while you flip through the pages of a Maiden’s love story with her guard as they fight to reclaim all they’ve lost in the past.

This explains why readers can’t get enough and keep looking out for similar books as this one.

20 Books Like Blood and Ash

From 2020 till date, the author has released four series of blood and ash; 

  • From Blood and Ash
  • A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire
  • The Crown of Gilded Bones
  • The War of Two Queens

There are two more still coming your way soon. But if you can’t wait, here are other books like Blood and Ash to keep the intriguing piece fresh.

1. A Court of Thorns and Roses

  • By Sarah J Mass

Young Feyre develops an intense passion for her captor, who might have better intentions for her than her initial thoughts. All she did was use her survival skills to hunt down a predator in the cold forest she stayed. 

You can trace similar fiction from the main characters of blood and ash. Now, her new faerie kingdom seems to be under attack, and she has to fight to break that curse.

2. Crave

  • By Tracey Wolff

One of the best books like Blood and Ash is Crave. This novel follows the same paranormal romance route Armentrout took in her series.

Grace only feels so much hatred about her new environment, the boarding school. Worse still, she doesn’t seem to figure out her being. 

But things start to change when she begins to feel attracted to Jaxon. As her dangerous yet irresistible feelings grow, she’s convinced there’s a reason behind her coming to the academy. This reason spells danger for both of them.

3. A Touch of Darkness

  • By Scarlett St. Clair

The dark and steamy romance of a touch of darkness is between Hades and Persephone from Greek myth. Persephone opens up her goddess nature after encountering the God of the Dead.

She had tried to keep this nature a secret. At the same time, she sees herself falling into forbidden love with Hades.

4. The Bridge Kingdom

  • By Danielle L. Jensen

Lara is forced to choose her passionate feelings for Aren over the intention of her family. Aren is expected to wage war against his kingdom. Now she has to decide which family to stand with.

If you’re looking for books like Blood and Ash that follows the same storyline, then The Bridge Kingdom is the next best thing.

5. Crescent City

  • By Sarah J. Mass

Bryce is forced into a lonely and miserable life all of a sudden. A demon attacks her close friends at a nightclub and gets them killed.

She’s out with Hunt to find the dark power threatening the lives of the people in Crescent City. There, a love story begins—one that could set them free if they give themselves that chance.

6. These Hallow Vows

  • By Lexi Ryan

Brie has to take the dangerous step of stealing the magical treasures from Seelie’s court. That’s the only option left to save her sister.

Now she’s torn to choose between the two men her heart is falling for. Who deserves her loyalty, Prince Ronan or the misfit leader Finn?

7. The Shadow Between Us

  • By Tricia Levenseller

Alessandra had one plan, to marry the king, assassinate him and take over his kingdom. In the journey to accomplish her quest, she finds herself falling for him instead.

Now she cares about channeling all of her power to his defense from other assassins till he makes her queen.

8. The Nevernight Chronicles

  • By Jay Kristoff

Mia, in a quest to seek revenge for the destruction of her family, finds herself as the apprentice to the Red Church assassins.

They happen to be the deadliest and most treacherous in the city. Now she must resist giving up on the torture of her initiation to get closer to accomplishing her mission.

9. Onyx and Ivory

  • By Mindee Arnett

Kate finds herself reconnecting with Corwin, the same person who had ordered the death of her father. She had equally inherited the name ‘traitor’ and was forced to live in danger every night.

Now they have to deal with this danger together as Corwin’s life, the son of the king, is also at risk.

10. Flames of Chaos

  • By Amelia Hutchins

Aria swears to fight Knox, the prideful man who made himself King of the Human Realm of Heavens Falls and took her sister.

In a state of war, they get entangled in a kiss and ignite deep passion between themselves. They find themselves in a position to choose between love, family, and revenge.

This is one of the books like Blood and Ash that’ll give you the same fantasy and excitement woven into its storyline.

11. Rise of the Mage

  • By Keary Taylor

The paranormal romance series unites Maya and Nathaniel in their university environment. There they start to uncover some of their family secrets in the school library.

Maybe they can eventually trace the disappearance of their entire race with the new abilities they possess as well.

12. These Violent Delights

  • By Chloe Gong

Roma and Juliet, still bearing grudges against each other for the betrayals of the past, decide to come together this once.

Their best intention is to save the city and their subjects from the bloodshed and disease that’s destroying their lives. Just like blood and ash, you’ll need to read through and discover how they managed to navigate through this series to victory.

13. A Deal With the Elf King

  • By Elsie Kova

The cold Elf king comes for Luella to be his bride. She can’t tell how long the king will keep her alive. Little by little, Luella starts to uncover the dangers of a little magical land only she can save. Yet, her passion for the king grows.

14. Ash Princess

  • By Laura Sebastian

Kasia brutalizes Theodosia’s royal family, puts her in chains, and takes over the kingdom. At first, she thinks lying low will save her from their torture someday.

Now, they’ve subjected her to soil her hands with blood. She’s convinced her mind must be put to play if she wants to save herself. 

15. Releasing the Gods

  • By Leia Stone

You might refer to Maisey as Instagram obsessed with some of her weird hashtags too. But it’s a way she stays out of loneliness.

On this occasion, she can’t tell the real danger comes, and she makes a public post about Cronus, hoping to get more likes.

Cronus, the Titan with whom she took a selfie, is out to destroy the leader of the Greek Pantheon. Now, he’s bound to save her in the process too.

Releasing the Gods has all the magic and forbidden romance to be one of the best books like Blood and Ash.

16. An Ember in the Ashes

  • By Sabaar Tahir

Laia & Elias find their bond growing when Laia comes close to becoming a spy. This is the only option if she must save her older brother from the destructive king.

She crosses paths with Elias, a soldier with the intention of staying far away from his dirty duties to the king.

17. Serpent and Dove

  • By Shelby Mahurin

Louis and Diggory, a witch and a chasseur, are bound by holy matrimony. This is an almost impossible union as Lou can’t change her true nature. Besides, she is the reason they’re in this situation. Now, she must make a choice; her feelings or her coven. 

18. Heartbreak Prince

  • By C.R Jane

Everly finds herself in the company of the twin boys, Caiden and Jackson, with totally opposite natures. They both love her. She chooses Caiden since he is the sweet boy amongst the two and loses Jackson.

Years later, she’s convinced she has chosen wrong and has to go after the one she once left—-the one who hates her. But this time, she’s willing to take that risk.

19. This Woven Kingdom

  • By Tahereh Mafi

The crown prince Kamran in his disbelief sees the only hope of erasing the prophecy regarding his father’s death in a strange girl named Alizeh.

Alizeh even happens to be the heir to the jinn realm but now working as a servant. Her next step to the King’s redemption is definitely going to transform their world.

20. Sorcery of Thorns

  • By Margaret Rogerson

Elisabeth, an orphan, gets wrapped up in a conspiracy that threatens to take everything away from her. She’s determined to put an end to this evil plot.

Nathaniel, a demon and great sorcerer, seems to be her only ally who can save her. Their journey together starts to change her mind from the belief that all sorcerers are evil. 


It’s difficult to pick the next best read after From Blood and Ash. This list of books like Blood and Ash has no spoilers, and every pick is certainly bringing in lots of thrills and suspense-filled moments. Happy reading.

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