Is Baki on Funimation?

Is Baki on Funimation

Baki the Grappler is an action-packed anime series that has captivated fans since it was first created in 2001 by the anime studio Group TAC.

With an engaging story and exciting fight scenes, it’s not surprising that fans are constantly looking for ways to watch the show.

One popular platform for anime lovers is Funimation, which has a vast library of series for subscribers to enjoy.

The question on many fans’ minds is whether Baki can be found in Funimation’s extensive lineup.

As of now, the Baki anime series is not available on Funimation.

Considering that both Crunchyroll and Funimation don’t offer Baki to their subscribers, it comes as a slight surprise for fans who expect these platforms to have a wide range of anime titles.

However, the most recent anime adaptation, titled Baki, is available to stream on Funimation.

This series serves as a sequel to the original anime and adapts the “New Grappler Baki” arc of the manga.

With uncensored releases and both dubbed and subbed versions, Baki fans can still satisfy their cravings on Funimation.

Is Baki on Funimation

The popular martial arts anime series, Baki, has gained a significant following since its inception as a manga series created by Keisuke Itagaki.

With its intense, brutal, and sometimes violent storylines, fans eagerly search for platforms to watch this animated series.

While there have been conflicting reports regarding Baki being available on Funimation, it seems that the series is indeed accessible on the platform in 2023, as noted by Sportskeeda.

The Baki franchise consists of several anime adaptations, such as Baki the Grappler and its sequel, Grappler Baki: Maximum Tournament.

Fans of the martial artist Baki Hanma can enjoy these series on Funimation.

The most recent adaptation, however, titled simply as Baki, can also be streamed on Funimation, with both dubbed and subbed versions available, as mentioned by

Funimation is not the only platform to showcase Baki; in fact, it is also available on other popular streaming services.

These include Netflix, which provides both Baki the Grappler and Baki, and Prime Video.

However, it is important to note that Crunchyroll does not offer the Baki series in their anime collection.

As an engaging and thrilling martial arts anime filled with earth-shattering action sequences, Baki offers viewers a captivating journey into the life of a martial artist striving to become the strongest fighter in the world.

With its availability on platforms such as Funimation, Netflix, and Prime Video, fans of the franchise have a multitude of options to enjoy this animated masterpiece.

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