24 Best Games Like The Sims You Can Play Right Now

Best Games Like The Sims

You can play God in games like The Sims by endlessly creating, nurturing, growing, and prospering.

There are a lot of games out there today that offer something similar in various settings and worlds, but The Sims 4 boasts some of the most hilarious, entertaining, and fun virtual dramas that video games can offer.

Read on for the top The Sims-like games that let you live your best virtual life, including Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Stardew Valley, Two Point Hospital, and Cities: Skylines.

The Sims is an original life simulation game created by Electronic Arts (EA) in which users can build families and control their lives.

Sims can advance in their careers, and the game includes a powerful architecture tool so you can design the home of your Sim’s dreams.

Let’s delve into some of the best games like the sims without further ado.

Table of Contents

  1. My Sunny Report
  2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  3. Bitlife
  4. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
  5. My Time At Portia
  6. Stardew Valley
  7. Two Point Hospital
  8. Cities: Skylines
  9. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
  10. Dream House Days
  11. Fantasy Life
  12. Jurassic World Evolution
  13. Graveyard Keeper
  14. House Flipper
  15. Fallout Shelter
  16. Farming Simulator 20
  17. Lady Popular
  18. Second Life
  19. IMVU
  20. The Movies
  21. City Girl Life
  22. Kudos 2
  23. Desperate Housewives: The Game
  24. Life Quest 2

My Sunny Report

It is challenging to ignore My Sunny Resort, which offers The Sims franchise fans a free-to-play browser-based (online without download) alternative for house-building games similar to The Sims.

Also, the player is given complete control over the finances and resort activities. And—most importantly—the designs of the individual guest rooms, focusing their attention on the management and expansion of their island resort.

Also, every item placement and design is up to the player, much like the renowned Sims. From the fundamental choices of selecting appropriate bedding, tables, and accessories for your budget rooms to the extravagant and extravagant decorations used to attract high-value clients to your resort through superior rooms.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is the perfect game if there ever was one for these times of social isolation and self-quarantine.

You are in charge of constructing infrastructure and gathering villagers. And carrying out tasks in the newest episode of the venerable series.

Similar to The Sims, character customization and home customization are components. Even though there is a final objective, New Horizons allows you to complete everything at your own pace.

Which makes for a tranquil gaming experience. Also, you can even visit your friends’ islands and conduct trades with them if you sign up for the Switch Online service.


A text-based life simulation game called BitLife: Life Simulator was released in 2018 for iOS and Android. It allows you to make decisions throughout various life stages, keep track of your character’s statistics, and play minigames.

Your run outcome through’s determined by the decisions you make. And after your character passes away, you receive achievements for the life they led.

After that, you can decide whether to start afresh or play the same feeling once more. Or carry on as one of their offspring.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

If pairing different Sims characters together is your favorite part of the game. You might also enjoy a dating sim like Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

In this interactive visual novel, players can play minigames to unlock different endings while selecting which dads they want to date. You could even invent your father.

The game is accessible on Linux, Mac, and PC. Since then, it has also been available on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. This is one of the best games like the sims.

My Time At Portia

Why don’t you relocate to Portia instead of Oasis Springs or Willow Creek? Fans of the genre will enjoy Pathea’s adorable open-world life simulation.

Which has a wide variety of jobs to keep you occupied. As the newcomer to the neighborhood who receives a workshop as a gift from a relative.

You can make money by creating any number of gadgets or gizmos to fulfill orders. But it goes further than that. 

Furthermore, there are countless ways to make a living, including mining, fishing, farming, crafting, cooking, and so much more.

The vibrant neighborhood of Portia and the countless locals you can make friends and romantic connections with are where the city’s true heart truly beats.

Also, you can get married, have kids, decorate your home, and alter your character’s appearance just like the Sims.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, ah. This endearing farming simulation is like The Sims 3 if you were a farmer in the pixelated countryside, and it’s yet another time-waster with tons of heart.

You can develop your farm and embellish your home. And immerse yourself in Stardew Valley’s endlessly fascinating community while moving at your own pace.

You can make every character in every home in the Valley into a relationship. Games are like The Sims, and each resident has a different backstory and story.

There is much more to this delightful RPG than first meets the eye. You can pass your time by fishing, mining, cooking, farming, and tending to farm animals, to name just a few activities.

One day of gameplay won’t be enough because of the game’s relatable characters and its well-kept secrets.

Two Point Hospital

Being a doctor in the Sims 4 Careers expansion is arguably one of the most enjoyable careers to pursue because you can control your sim and treat patients.

Two Point Hospital will satisfy your itch if running a small sim hospital ticked all the right boxes for you. The mechanics of designing a hospital in this endlessly entertaining management game aren’t all that dissimilar from creating rooms in The Sims.

In addition, you’ll be responsible for overseeing your staff, enhancing the hospital’s reputation, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Also, it will keep you playing for as long as any hearty swimming session. Thanks to its distinct blend of humor and tongue-in-cheek depiction of managing a healthcare system. This is one of the best games like the sims.

Cities: Skylines

Who doesn’t enjoy having a say in the Sims’ future? Having complete control over them makes it so much fun.

Whether you want to fulfill their dreams for them or bring about their untimely demise by trapping them in a pool or lighting a stove on fire.

If this is the reason you enjoy immersing yourself in the Sims universe, Paradox’s Cities: Skylines will only increase your desire to rule a virtual universe.

You now have control over an entire city, with the ability to either make it prosperous or chaotic. Also, you’ll be happy to know that you can design and construct your city however you please if building and designing are your strong suits.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Have you ever wondered what lies outside of a Sim’s town? Yonder’s world of Gemea might be for you if you yearn for something with more exploration.

The relaxing open-world RPG puts you in the role of a hero and allows you to take your time discovering all that Gemea has to offer.

It’s an excellent option for anyone looking for a more relaxed experience because it has some similarities to the Sims.

Such as various jobs and skills to try out, numerous character customization options, residents to meet, and friends to make.

Yonder’s adorable creatures will undoubtedly appeal to those who loved making friends and adopting pets in The Sims Pets.

Additionally, you can establish your own farms across various landscapes if you want to take a break from exploring. This is one of the best games like the sims.

Dream House Days

You design and manage your building as both an architect and a landlord in Dream House Days for iOS and Android. Decide what kind of businesses should occupy apartments and furnish them.

Then take charge of your tenants and assist them with their life decisions, including romantic and professional aspirations.

Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life is one of the best 3DS offerings in a similar vein. Despite being a little older than most of the games on our list. It’s basically like a fantasy version of The Sims Game, as the title would imply.

Where you can create and customize your character and adopt any one of the 12 lifestyles with various occupations. Also, it allows you to live a life of your design with options like being a tailor, chef, or paladin.

Much cutesy fantasy fun is available, including crafting, decorating your home, and keeping pets. Making friends with the neighbors and possibly getting married.

Jurassic World Evolution

Nobody ever prohibited the swapping of Sims for dinosaurs, right? In the dinosaur theme park management sim Jurassic World Evolution.

You can let your inner designer loose by building your park from scratch. Then you oversee the park’s upkeep and management, ensure the T-Rex you recently added doesn’t escape and start munching on your guests.

It’s not always easy to keep your dinos safe and your park guests happy. But nothing compares to the satisfaction of watching your theme park bring in the big bucks and run smoothly.

Also, this slightly different kind of sim will bring out the budding dino park manager in you with its many references to the Jurassic series and fantastic look and feel.

Graveyard Keeper

Death will always come after a life simulation. Graveyard Keeper will hit all the right notes if you’re looking for something with a slightly darker tone and significantly more morbid content.

As you take on the role of the new manager of a graveyard in a medieval town. Death plays a prominent role in your daily life, much like how death takes the form of the grim reaper in The Sims. 

Furthermore, to help you win over the locals and ease life in the medieval world, you can even design the graveyard’s layout and create items.

The darker side, however, is not just caused by the presence of death; many dubious decisions will present themselves along the way, making the decisions you make in The Sims seem easy.

House Flipper

The Sims 4 made the house-building system into its own game. Spending a lot of time building a massive mansion that appeared out of thin air is incredibly satisfying and enjoyable.

House Flipper is the perfect game for you if your main draws enhance communities and furnish homes. Using Empyrean’s realistic house renovation sim, you can purchase dilapidated market homes and renovate them to make a healthy profit. 

Furthermore, when you turn a dingy, you feel like a true DIY champion. Cockroach-infested kitchen into a sparkling, exquisitely designed cooking haven.

Also, you can let your vivid imagination run wild and give some abandoned houses a new lease on life however you want by using some entertaining building mechanics in the first person.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a fun post-apocalyptic video game you can play without being a fan of the Fallout series. You are given control of an underground fallout shelter in the game.

You take care of citizens’ basic needs while managing resources, creating specialized spaces, and keeping them happy.

The game enters RPG territory by allowing players to customize and individualize each citizen’s stats. Do you require more of a specific resource? Build particular spaces to help boost the skills of special characters.

Need more employees? Start reproducing by pairing people together. The mobile game Fallout Shelter is free on iOS, Android, PC, PS4, and Switch (with in-app purchases).

Farming Simulator 20

For the past ten years, the Farming Simulator franchise has been successful. Create and run your farm, engage with farm machinery, livestock, and crops, and discover an open world teeming with farming pursuits.

John Deere machinery, new crops, a North American farming setting, and rideable animals are all added in Farming Simulator 20. Purchase it on all popular gaming platforms, such as iPhone and Android. This is one of the best games like the sims.

Lady Popular is a desirable alternative for players who value the ability to dress up their character because it is all about fashion and avatar customization.

Also, lady Popular is available on mobile devices and within your browser. It is the ideal game for gamers looking for something akin to Sims Mobile or Sims FreePlay because it also includes a city to explore with quests and your place to store your fashion purchases.

Furthermore, Lady Popular goes beyond most fashion-based games with an impressive range of clothing items and accessories to help you create your ideal avatar.

The hundreds of clothes gradually unlocked through gameplay provide the game’s foundation. Also, the color palette, which gives each item several variations and adds a layer of customization from the thousands of other players, is a fascinating feature.

Second Life

Few multiplayer games can compete with Second Life. Which offers a complete virtual world experience for simulating a realistic, authentic world lifestyle.

Second Life provides the framework for a player-driven economy connected to real money by mimicking the natural world and promoting user-generated content.

For many Second Life residents, Second Life has proven to be a fun and lucrative hobby thanks to this innovative setup.

Aside from the cost, being one of the few multiplayer games like The Sims. Second Life is perfect for The Sims fans who want to recreate themselves in a virtual setting and pursue goals or interact with other players.

Also, due to its primary feature of user-generated virtual content. Second Life offers content beyond any single-player game, surpassing The Sims’ extensive catalog of items and clothing.


IMVU, modeled after Second Life, provides a wealth of customization options for your virtual avatar and enables you to start creating such items through the VIP system if you’re a creative Sims fan.

Also, IMVU is a viable option if your experience with your perfect life simulation game ends after customizing your avatar and home because the game focuses on helping you create your ideal character and unique space.

Furthermore, to create your avatar, you can choose from thousands of tops, bottoms, and accessories in the IMVU Shop. You can also choose a sizable selection of furniture pieces to showcase your style.

The possibility of shared rooms where you and an IMVU friend (or game marriage partner) can jointly decorate your home’s interior is particularly appealing.

The Movies

The Movies is another excellent game to play if you like the Sims. Despite having a different game setting that centers around the production of movies with some light touches of business and tycoon management.

Players are invited to write their scripts and construct movie sets. And take care of the requirements of their up-and-coming stars in this game based on the concept of starting their movie studio.

Moreover, the Players can customize their studio while managing stats such as stress and boredom. Also, the interface and overall gameplay are reminiscent of the earlier Sims games.

With careful genre, script, and costume selection. Both of these mechanics can significantly raise the production value of their film and, with luck, help it win a movie award.

City Girl Life

Since modern web browsers no longer support Adobe Flash. Fewer games like The Sims online (free, no download) give fans few options to engage in a life simulation experience for free online.

Unfortunately, City Girl Life also suffers from Flash’s retirement. However, it still exists thanks to Facebook Gameroom. You can play City Girl Life and other Facebook games for a small download fee.

Even though City Girl Life is a Facebook game. It replicates some of the core elements of The Sims series, including avatar customization, apartment decorating, and need management.

Players will have access to hundreds of items for personalization to develop their sense of style and transform a plain apartment into a luxurious one by excelling in their artistic career path (7 total options).

Kudos 2

As players lead their customized character through 10 years of their virtual life in Kudos 2. The game offers this gameplay loop for fans of life simulation games who prefer to crunch numbers and optimize their character stats (age 20 to 30).

Kudos 2 gives you a set amount of time each day to finish tasks, work, eat, and shop to raise the nearly two dozen character statistics eventually.

Furthermore, players will need to think about their specific goals for each playthrough and optimize the correct stats for those goals because of the emphasis on limited time.

Kudos 2’s sandbox environment enables players to pursue any goal they have, whether it be finding their ideal career, partner, or simply living their best life. This is one of the best games like the sims.

Desperate Housewives: The Game

For Sims 4-like games with more structure and a narrative With strong connections to the first few seasons of the famous television show of the same name.

Desperate Housewives: The Game offers a life simulation adventure with a story focus. Whether you enjoy the comedy-drama Again, desperate Housewives or not.

The game is ideal for fans of the genre who are out of ideas in the sandbox-heavy environments of similar games because it has a user interface and gameplay style identical to the popular Sims franchise but with a more defined path of progression and four possible endings.

Other key gameplay components of Desperate Housewives: The Game includes managing character needs (appearance, social, composure, and happiness), relationships with other non-player characters, and home design and interior decoration.

Life Quest 2

Concentrating on advancing socially and achieving your goals. Similar to Kudos 2 (also on this list), Life Quest 2 offers a gameplay experience where specific goals are attained through stat-based milestones.

With 100 days to complete the 12 life quests. Replay value is heavily encouraged as players test various approaches and routes to accomplish this primary goal.

Compared to other Sim alternatives, Life Quest 2 has a much shorter gameplay loop thanks to this design. Making it an excellent choice for people interested in a new Sims playthrough that quickly wanes after a few hours.

Popularity, leisure, finance, medicine, fitness, athletics, academics, relationships, practicality, startups, toys, and law are just a few of the broad categories in which you can find these goals, each with a three-step questline that you must complete accomplishing that life goal fully.

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