7 Best Audiobook Apps for Kids

Best Audiobook Apps for Kids

The aim of this article is to explore some of the best audiobook apps for kids. 

In recent times, the popularity of audiobooks among adults has risen significantly, and today, audiobook apps are being utilized by kids too.

Audiobooks, as the name infers, are digital audio adaptations of a typical book.

This means that readers can listen to a recording of the text as performed by a full cast of voice actors or a narrator.

Audiobooks are great for kids, especially those struggling to sit still. Overall, though, there are awesome ways for kids to relax after a busy school day or play. 

The benefits of audiobooks for kids are myriad, ranging from being used to learn new words and phrases to helping them build their reading comprehension and gain exposure to more words.

It also improves their auditory skills and critical thinking, encouraging them to explore their imagination and broaden their horizons. 

Kids can hardly get bored with audiobooks. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t be used to replace entire reading.

Instead, they should be used to supplement other printed books or e-books so kids can be instilled with a love of books and literature. 

Best Audiobook Apps for Kids

Here are some of the best audiobook apps for kids.

1. Spotify

One of the popular music streaming apps across many platforms today is Spotify. It has an audiobook category too.

You can get audiobooks for kids from Spotify Kids apps. The app is designed for children aged 3 and above.

Spotify Kids app comes with a range of jokes, riddles, and songs to entertain your kid. Audiobooks are also one of the kid-friendly content found here. 

The user will require a free (or paid) account to access the audiobooks. But, if you don’t mind hearing a few ads now and then, you can stream (but not download) audiobooks for free.

2. Audiobook.com

Audiobook.com is also among the best audiobook apps for kids. This app is compatible with iPhone, Android, and iPad devices. The app is suitable for kids aged 4 and upwards. 

Audiobook.com is quite easy to use and comes with over 100,000 audiobooks in the library and 7,000 available for free download.

Here, one can also download or play audiobooks in an immediate manner without visiting the websites. 

The downloaded files can be played in any mp3-compatible software on any computer or device, and its sync features will allow kids to carry on listening at the same spot when moving between devices.

Another catch to this app is that the audiobook player has superior sound quality with the narration speed adjustment feature.

Kids can also add bookmarks and take notes with memos when using the apps. 

Although they have some free books, Audiobooks.com monthly plans cost $14.95 currently. 

3. Voot Kids

Also among the best audiobook apps for kids is the Voot Kids app. This app is considered an exclusive kid’s edutainment OTT platform.

The audio section of the app is loaded with over 150 hand-picked audio stories to trigger your kid’s imagination.

The audiobooks here are loaded with audio originals from popular Indian Characters like Motu Patlu and Shiva.

The stories here, which consist mostly of Indian folktales & timeless classics, are brought to life with music, sound effects, and narration.

Utilizing this app is a great way for kids to experience stories and learn about the world around them.

4. LibriVox

LibriVox is an educational and entertaining app. The app has an extensive catalog of public-domain audiobooks that are completely free. It is also among the best audiobook apps for kids.

Most of the books here are considered classic literature books, and they come in more than 30 languages and various genres.

The catalog includes a large collection of children’s books in various genres.

The app features an easy-to-use filter search engine. Hence, one can quickly browse age groups and author categories, making finding the right book for a kid easy.

Librivox maintains its cost-free status by having thousands of volunteer readers and partnering with Project Gutenberg.

The Librivox audiobook app can be downloaded free from Google Play Store and App Store hosting LibriVox libraries like the Audiobooks free app. 

Audiobooks can also be streamed over the internet or downloaded for later use and can be freely shared.

The Librivox app is a great place for kids to listen to stories anytime and anywhere.  

5. Audible

Considered a popular audiobook app for kids, Audible provides a wide range of audiobooks ranging from fiction to non-fiction. Audible is an Amazon subscription audiobook app.

The app has a library of over 180,000 audiobooks with educational programs, timeless classics, and some popular stories for kids to access.

A captivating feature of this app is its parental control options which enable one to keep kids safe while they explore the world of audiobooks.

One can easily buy and download thousands of audiobooks on Android and iOS devices, kindle, and other Amazon products.

The audiobooks here can be filtered by age, from baby books to young adults

It also has a feature called Whispersync which allows kids to easily switch between listening on their device and following along on Kindle devices.

Audible plan starts at $7.95 monthly for Audible Plus, while its premium plan starts at $14.95 monthly.

6. Storynory

Storynory is an ideal audiobook app for kids in elementary and middle school.

The app offers free downloadable and streaming stories for kids comprising classics from English authors like Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, and Oscar Wilde, with categories ranging from myths, poems, fairy tales, and original stories.

The stories on this app are entertaining for kids and make a nice read for use in schools, family journeys, or even bedtime stories. The app is compatible with iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone.

7. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is also among the best audiobook apps for kids. It can help kids learn, play and explore the world of books anytime.

The app has various books for all ages with various titles and easy-to-use features.

Here, kids can access audio textbooks for their education and audio storybooks for their cognitive development.

This app features great audio quality, providing clear and crisp sound without distortion, keeping the kids more engaged in learning and bringing stories to life that kids will love.

Besides, it features a playback speed and control volume levels that kids can easily adjust.

The app also features a parental control section which helps parents and guardians to keep their kids safe as they explore the app. 

The Google Play Books can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. Membership on this app is free, and no special subscription is needed.

However, you can preview and purchase the titles you want, and each purchase gives you Google Play Points that you can redeem for Google Play credits.

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