23 Amazing and Entertaining Shows on BET Plus

Shows On BET Plus

Here’s a rundown of the best incredible Shows on BET Plus that are now available on the streaming service. BET Plus (an ad-free platform) collaborates between Tyler Perry Studios and BET Networks. Furthermore, Tyler Perry is the ideal BET Plus partner.  

Tyler brings to our joint venture a fantastic product for his extensive and passionate fan base, combining new, original shows with his massive library of popular movies, series, and stage plays.” Additionally, BET+ offers over 1,000 hours of ad-free television, including original programming, fan favorites, movies, and specials.”  

The cost of BET Plus is $9.99 per month. This works out to $119.88 for the year, barely under $120. Be one of the first to watch BET Plus on the internet!

Well, some of the extraordinary Shows on BET plus are;

1. Games People Play (2019)

Games People Play is an American drama television series based on Angela Burt-novel Murray’s Games Divas Play. It takes happen when people play games “within the high-stakes world of professional sports, where everyone is competing for a victory. 

Furthermore, the series follows Nia, Vanessa, and Laila with an ensemble cast of fascinating characters, including an ambitious reporter, a billionaire basketball player, a desperate housewife, a scandalous groupie, and a murderous stalker and the men in their life.  

These women’s passions and motivations are rarely altruistic in a ruthless battle for success.

However, their life choices and drive will determine what it takes to stay on top.” The top cast includes Lauren London, Sarunas J. Jackson, Parker McKenna Posey, Karen Obilom, and Jackie Long.  

2. Sistas (2019)

Sistas is one of the best Shows on BET Plus right now. Tyler Perry developed, wrote, and executive produced Sistas, an American comedy-drama television series.  

Additionally, Andi, Karen, Danni, and Sabrina, are best friends who traverse the ups and downs of their love lives, professions, and friendship.

The top cast includes Mignon Von, Ebony Obsidian, Novi Brown, DeVale Ellis, Chido Nwokocha, KJ Smith.  

3. Bruh (2019)


The show follows four middle-aged best friends from college, John, Tom, Mike, and Bill, as they navigate the worlds of dating, careers, and friendship in today’s culture.  

After being expelled out of college due to an incident, John, the owner of a sandwich shop (A’s & J’s), struggles to make ends meet.

Furthermore, he lives with his mother, Alice, who continually tolerates him and relies on his buddies for everything. She and her son are co-owners of the company.  

Furthermore, when a past incident with one of his coworkers puts his career in peril, Tom, a prominent doctor, strives to protect his name. Mike, a lawyer, wants to settle down but has trouble putting his womanizing ways behind him.  

In addition, Pamela, his on-again, off-again girlfriend, finds it difficult to believe. Bill, an architect, is contacted by his ex-girlfriend Regina, who is just engaged to his college classmates. His purpose is to reclaim her heart after their relationship ended due to infidelity.  

In addition, Bill strives hard to show her that he has matured. The four bruhs join together to escape their mundane existence. The top cast of Bruh are; Chandra Currelley, Barry Brewer, Mahdi Cocci, Phillip Mullings Jr, Monti Washington.  

4. Hit The Floor (2013-2018)

Hit the floor is also one of the best movies on BET plus.   Ahsha Hayes joins the Devil Girls, the cheerleaders for the Los Angeles Devils’ professional basketball club, and quickly becomes an enemy of Devil Girl captain Jelena Howard.  

Furthermore, knowing that her mother Sloane was a Devil Girl herself, Ahsha is taken aback when she learns that Pete Davenport, the Devils’ former player-turned-coach, is her biological father.  

Despite being linked with German Vega, Ahsha is lured by bad boy player Derek Roman. The top cast includes Logan Browning, Katherine Bailess, Valery Ortiz, Kimberly Elise, Charlotte Ross, Taylour Paige.  

5. The Oval (2019)

The series follows the life of a family who has been placed in the White House by influential people and the personal lives and daily routines of the White House personnel.  

The top cast of the oval is Javon Johnson, Ed Quinn, Kron Moore, Paige Hurd, Daniel Croix Henderson.  

6. Ruthless (2020)

Ruth Truesdale (Melissa L. Williams) kidnaps her daughter Callie to join her and the sex-crazed members of the Rakudushis cult in a backdoor pilot during the first three episodes of The Oval.  

Additionally, Ruth is a devout follower of the Rakadushi religion. She becomes an “Elder,” a high-ranking member of the cult, after helping to punish her rebellious best friend Tally harshly.  

However, to be inducted into the position of Elder, she had to be gang-raped in front of The Highest by seven high-ranking cult members, including Andrew and Dukhan.  

Ruth no longer wanted to be a cult member after being gang-raped, so she and her best friend, Tally, began preparing an escape. The top cast includes Melissa L. Williams, Matt Cedeo, Lenny Thomas, Yvonne Senat Jones, and David Alan Madrick.  

7. All The Queen’s Men (2021)

The story revolves around Marilyn ‘Madam’ DeVille. Madam is a fearless entrepreneur at the top of her game in the nightclub sector, supported by a team of loyal staff dedicated to her success.  

However, Madam, a self-proclaimed boss, quickly learns that having more money and authority means having more issues.  

Additionally, will Madam maintain control as she navigates this complex and seductive society? Will Madam’s queen house and possibly her life be lost to the sensual world of exotic dancing?  

The top cast includes Michael ‘Bolo’ Bolwaire, Keith ‘Fatal Attraction’ Swift, Dion Rome, Jeremy ‘Masterpiece’ Williams, Eva Marcille, Sky Black, Candace Maxwell, Racquel Palmer.  

8. The Haves And The Haves Not (2013-2021)

Tyler Perry’s primetime cable drama The Haves and the Have Nots follows the lives of the wealthy Cryer and Harrington families and the disadvantaged Young family as they interact.

Furthermore, Hanna Young, a struggling maid for the Cryers, wasn’t always the best person, but she’s changed her ways now.  

However,  her faith and resolve are put to the test when she learns that her promiscuous daughter Candace Young, whom she has tried trying to avoid, has infiltrated the lives of Hanna’s boss, Jim Cryer, and his family.

The top cast includes Aaron O’Connell, Tika Sumpter, Crystal Fox, Reneé Lawless, Tyler Lepley, Jaclyn Betham.  

9. The Game (2006-2015)

The game is also one of the most-watched shows on BET plus. Against her parents’ wishes, Melina travels with her professional football player boyfriend, Derwin.  

Furthermore, to keep Derwin from falling prey to a gold digger, she must act as a responsible partner. The top cast includes Hosea Chanchez, Pooch Hall, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Tia Mowry.  

10. Being Mary Jane (2013-2019)

Mary Jane Paul, a successful TV news anchor who lived in Atlanta, Georgia, and New York City, was the subject of the series, chronicling her career and personal life.  

The top cast includes Gabrielle Union, Lisa Vidal, Michael Ealy, Margaret Avery, Omari Hardwick, and Richard Brooks. 

11. The Family Business (2018)

By day, the Duncans are a respectable family that owns and operate a successful exotic automobile business in New York. Additionally, by night, they lead a dangerous double life.  

The Duncans will have to stick together or perish separately if they are besieged. The top cast includes Ernie Hudson, Valarie Pettiford, Armand Assante, KJ Smith, and Darrin Henson.  

12. The Rich And The Ruthless (2019)


The rich and the ruthless is also one of the most extraordinary shows on BET plus. Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva and The Young and the Ruthless are partially based on Rowell’s novels.  

Additionally, as greedy network execs attempt another shady deal, Max and Veronica create their waves. Max wants out, and Veronica is thinking about jumping the broom.  

Furthermore, the top cast includes Victoria Rowell, Richard Brooks, Valenzia Algarin, Elaine Wallace, Hunter Bodine, Elizabeth J. Carlisle.  

13. Dark Money (2019)

Issac Mensah achieves his dream of appearing on the big screen, but things do not appear to be looking up for the young actor.

Jotham Starr, a film producer, had sexually molested him behind the scenes. Additionally, Attorneys bribe Issac and his family to keep them silent.  

Furthermore, Manny, Issac’s father, isn’t taking the silence personally as he works to uncover the truth about his son’s death. The top cast includes Max Fincham, Babou Ceesay, Jill Halfpenny, Rudi Dharmalingam.  

14. In Contempt (2018)

Gwen Sullivan (Erica Ash), an opinionated attorney whose love for her job and clients makes her perhaps the most brilliant public defender in her district, stars in the procedurals set in the fast-paced world of a legal aid office in New York City.  

The top cast includes Megan Hutchings, Erica Ash, Christian Keyes, Richard Lawson, and Mouna Traoré.  

15. Finding Justice (2019)

Next on our list of must-watch shows on BET plus is finding justice.   What is being done on the front lines to tackle the divisiveness and inequity in black communities across the United States generates many headlines.  

Furthermore, “Finding Justice” mixes the grit of investigative journalism with the heart of a moving documentary to uncover the plethora of issues plaguing black communities across the United States.  

Additionally, Heroes, leaders, advocates, and change agents in various communities are celebrated in these stories for uncovering injustices and fighting for healing and prosperity. Among the executive producers is Dwayne Johnson. 

16. Giants (2017-2018)

Giants follows the journey of three friends who are united by a strong desire to live life on their terms.

Furthermore, when they cannot escape identity, sexuality, and mental health issues, each character is forced to choose between giving up or fighting for their life.  

The top cast includes James Bland, Terrence Terrell, Vanessa Baden, Carlton Falson.  

17. Basketball Wives (2010)

Basketball wives are also one of the must-watch shows on BET plus. The best friends featured in this series share more than just friendship: they are the wives, ex-wives, or girlfriends of NBA superstars.

Life is not always glamorous, even for those who drive fancy cars, live in mansions, and wear fine clothes and jewelry.  

However, it takes a lot of effort to protect what they have, such as fending off groupies, dealing with jealous people, and trying to find firm ground in their often-chaotic world.  

Additionally, Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal is the show’s featured star and executive producer. The top cast includes Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada, Malaysia Pargo, Jackie Christie, Tami Roman.  

18. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (2012)

The show follows the lives of some of Atlanta’s most influential ladies and men in the entertainment industry.  

Furthermore, it delves into their relationships with their friends, children, families, and coworkers. The top cast includes Joseline Hernandez, Erica Dixon, Rasheeda, K. Michelle, Karlie Redd.  

19. Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living (2020)

Tyler Perry assisted living is also one of the must-watch shows on BET plus. Following the loss of his work, Jeremy and his family return to Georgia to help his grandfather.

The latter ends up purchasing a rundown house for the elderly and quickly finds himself in over his head.  

Additionally, Mr. Brown and Cora appear at the appropriate time to invest in the retirement home and run it with Vinny. The top cast includes Alex Henderson, Courtney Nicole, J.Anthony Brown, David Mann.  

20. America Soul (2019)

In a cutthroat Hollywood in the 1970s, American Soul tells the story of Don Cornelius, “his Soul Train dancers, crew, and musicians,” and how they worked, played, rose, and fell against the backdrop of the show that was most responsible for the way the world perceived African-American cultured at the time.  

Furthermore, the top cast includes Jelani Winston, Sinqua Walls, Jason Dirden, Iantha Richardson, Christopher Jefferson, Katlyn Nichol.  

21. Klutch Academy (2021)

Six collegiate basketball prospects prepare for professional careers in the lead-up to the NBA Draft, demonstrating how Rich Paul’s Klutch Sports Group is more than just an agency. The top cast includes Moses Moody, Kai Jones, Brandon Boston Jr. Jalen Johnson.  

22. Murder In The Thirst (2019)

Murder in the thirst is also one of the top shows on BET plus. It is a true-crime documentary that looks into scandalous and horrific true-crime cases.  

Furthermore, the show analyzes what drives someone to murder through stylized recreations of the incidents and interviews with the real-life players involved.

The top cast includes Lisa Raye McCoy, Faith Jenkins, Danine Manette, Lonnie Henderson.  

23. Madiba (2017)

Madiba is a three-part American biographical drama television miniseries that chronicles Xhosa human rights activist, lawyer, political prisoner, and eventual president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela’s true lifelong struggle to overthrow apartheid’s oppressive regime of institutionalized racism and segregation.  

The cast members are Laurence Fishburne, Orlando Jones, David Harewood, Michael Nyqvist, Terry Pheto, Jason Kennett, and Kate Liquorish. 

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