13 Chinese Video Game Characters

Chinese Video Game Characters

China is the world’s most populous nation and also happens to be the fourth largest country in terms of land mass.

 The government is an economic superpower and has been the driving force behind most of the world’s significant industrial and technological accomplishments throughout history.

 It is also one of the first civilizations on the planet. China has emerged as the most lucrative market for video games in recent years, surpassing even the United States.

If you thought the video game industry was only about Japanese and American characters, think again. In this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most popular Chinese video game characters!

1. Kai-Leng

Kai-Leng is one of the most iconic Chinese video game characters. He is a mercenary pilot for the IMC, a military organization that fights against the Frontier Militia. 

He’s not Chinese, but he can speak Mandarin—and his dialogue in this game sounds like it was written by someone who doesn’t talk Chinese and looks up things on Google Translate.

You can also find Kai-Leng in “Titanfall 2: Angel City”, where he has more dialogue with other pilots. There are two different versions of him: one with an American accent and one with an English accent!

2. Zhao Yun

Zhao Yun is a general from the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China. He was a courageous warrior who fought for Liu Bei, one of the kingdom’s leaders of Shu Han during this time.

Zhao Yun became famous for his skill in using spears and other weapons and his bravery on the battlefield. 

He was known to be loyal to those closest to him and would do anything to help them out when they were in trouble. He is also one of the most prominent Chinese video game characters known for his exceptional skills in battle.

3. QQ Selezneva

QQ Selezneva is a Russian cosmonaut and one of the Chinese video game characters who has also become a playable character in the game.

Her name is a play on Q.Q., a popular Chinese instant messaging app. She was initially known as “Svetlana,” but this was changed because it sounded too much like “Zhanna” (her real first name).

In China, she’s mainly known for her military background, but in Russia, she’s more of an undercover agent and spy. She doesn’t have any powers that make her stand out from other characters except for one thing: she can turn invisible!

4. Guo Jia

Guo Jia was a military strategist and politician of the state of Shu Han in the Three Kingdoms period. He was the leading strategist of Shu Han and one of the famous Chinese video game characters who played an essential role in many battles they fought against other kingdoms during this time.

Guo Jia was known for his wisdom and foresight, which led him to be one of Shu Han’s most trusted strategists during its war with Wei (another kingdom).

At one point, he predicted that if a particular general were to be sent out on an expeditionary campaign, then there would be no way for them to win their battle. 

However, Emperor Liu Bei ignored his advice because he thought it would cause too much trouble for him politically if people found out about this situation. This prediction came true: when Guo Jia’s general did go on his expeditionary campaign… guess what? He lost!

5. Shen Long

Shen Long is a Chinese dragon known as the Empress or Emperor of Heaven. He’s also known as the “Empress Dragon” and one of the four dragon gods of the Chinese constellations.

Shen Long was worshipped in ancient China and was associated with power, strength, good fortune, and justice.

In popular culture today, Shen Long is depicted as a snake-like creature with four legs who breathes fire from his mouth.

The color of his scales varies from red to gold depending on what century you’re talking about; however, in modern times, he’s most often depicted as being red or orange with yellow eyes.

6. Xianghua

Chai Xianghua is a cheery young woman who throws opponents off the edge with graceful combat maneuvers and quick footwork. The Ming Emperor sent her to acquire a cursed sword that could absorb souls and imprison minds.

 Although a teenage girl might seem an unexpected candidate for such a crucial job, Xianghua had been trained in swordplay since an early age and was more skilled than many of the temple’s monks.

 She even surprises her Emperor by destroying the sword she was ordered to acquire, demonstrating how heavily her strategy relies on feints and evasive techniques. She is one of the most skillful Chinese video game characters.

7. Liu Kang

Bruce Lee is an inspiration for about half of the Chinese video game characters. Therefore it’s not unexpected to see Liu Kang on this list. (He sounds like Bruce Lee, too, and he resembles  Bruce Lee in his clothing.)

 Liu Kang joined the Mortal Kombat competition under the direction of the thunder deity Raiden to protect the Earthrealm from wicked overlords.

 His strict Shaolin monastic training had made him the most OK hope for freedom in the kingdom. After becoming successful in this endeavor, Liu Kang went on to win the next three competitions, and he would have won even more matches if he hadn’t been a zombie.

8. Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong, a monkey born from a stone, is one of the best-known and most recognizable Chinese video game characters. He’s been portrayed in many ways—a wise and influential leader, an adorable trickster, a naughty child, and more.

In Chinese mythology, Sun Wukong was said to have been born from a large rock in Henan province (modern-day China) around 566 B.C., after which he became an immortal through meditation at Shaolin Temple under the monk’s guidance Tang Sanzang (also known as Tripitaka).

 This monk was on a pilgrimage to India with his disciples when they encountered Sun Wukong, who joined them as their protector on their journey. Wukong is one of the most powerful Chinese video game characters with magical powers.

Sun Wukong has many powers, including changing his size at will; he can also fly with his cloud cape and grow extra arms when fighting against demons or other creatures.

 In addition, he wields two magic staffs called Ruyi Jingu Bang that can destroy anything in its path when thrown but are useless until infused with magic power by reciting mantras over them for nine days straight without sleep or food. When this happens, anyone who touches these staves will be hit by lightning bolts!

9.Zuko and Azula

Zuko and Azula are both firebenders, but they have different styles. Zuko uses a single broadsword style, while Azula uses dual blades. 

Both of them being Chinese video game characters are skilled fire-bending generals, with Zuko serving as commander of his father’s armies as well as the leader of his team.

Zuko is a powerful bender who prefers to use brute force when fighting; he is often shown using this method in battle. 

He has also displayed great agility and skill by dodging attacks from enemies while simultaneously launching attacks at them.

 In some instances, he has been seen to be able to throw an opponent over his shoulder or kick them into the air even when they are holding onto him tightly and seem to have the advantage over him.

10. Mei

In popular culture, Chinese individuals typically fit into one of two categories: either proficient in arithmetic or martial arts.

The latter stereotype is frequently emphasized in video games, but Mei-Ling Zhou stands up for nerds with pride and is one of the unique Chinese video game characters. 

The innovative climatologist was involved in a project to investigate unusual weather patterns and how they affect various ecosystems. 

It makes sense that Mei is a specialist in climate manipulation, given that many people assume that Chinese scientists invented the global warming scam.

Mei was stuck on the ice during a devastating storm that wrecked the research facility while she was stationed in Antarctica.

11. Pai Chan

Pai Chan is the daughter of a well-known martial arts teacher and a famous action movie actress from Hong Kong. Her fighting style, inspired by Shaolin combat techniques, is known for its deceptive hand movement, sophisticated footwork, and superb suppleness. 

In order to test her abilities and compete against her estranged father, Pai, a fierce fighter, enters competitions. 

You have to respect her tenacity; even though she doesn’t always succeed in her objectives and struggles to control her emotions, she still earns a spot among the best Chinese video game characters.

12. Chin Gentsai

Intoxicated Fist, a traditional form of Wushu that mimics a drunken man’s actions, is a mainstay of Kung Fu movies.

Chin Gentsai claims to practice a martial art, although he doesn’t need to imitate anyone as he is frequently plastered. He truly has fire breath, and he wields sake bottles as weapons.

Chin would rather live alone in the mountains, but when he agrees to guide a group of youngsters in battling an impending evil, he assumes considerable responsibility. He is also one of the best Chinese video game characters who are good with a drunken fist.

13. Ling Xiaoyu

Ling Xiaoyu is a walking stereotype of China while having the appearance and behavior of a typical Japanese Genki girl. She is skilled in martial arts, dons a qipao, and has a panda for a best friend.

 Ling, who is vivacious and passionate, splits her time between fighting competitions and theme parks. She fights mostly for financial gain to create her own park. 

It would be difficult to detest someone like Ling, and she stands out from the devoid of joy martial artists she runs with her youthful zeal, so it is no surprise that we have included her in the list of Chinese video game characters.

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