15 Movies Like Alien

Movies Like Alien

Alien was one of the first movies to depict a life form from another planet in graphic detail, and it did it terrifyingly.

There are loads of movies like Alien worth watching. This article presents a list of some of the alternatives to Alien.

In the movie, Alien, a team ventures into space, only to be overtaken by aliens and exploited to spawn more of their kind.

This collection of movies similar to Alien will surely be a hit with anybody who likes sci-fi tales about alien invasions and cutting-edge visuals.

1. Predators (2010)

Predators are one of the top movies like Alien one could ever have the pleasure of seeing.

A gang of assassins and a mercenary are mysteriously dropped down on a mysterious planet. They are being pursued by a power that cannot be seen. 

In the end, they will need to cooperate to avoid becoming the latest trophy kills for the Predators.

Laurence Fishburne, Adrien Brody, and Topher Grace are among the actors featured.

2. Prometheus (2010)

A pair of intrepid explorers make a discovery that may provide light on how humans first appeared on Earth. 

They come to the conclusion that the hints should be followed, and they decide to go on an adventure to an unfamiliar world. 

They find a life form with nefarious objectives and are led there by a robot with independent thinking.

3. Mimic (1997)

Mimic is another excellent addition to the list of movies like Alien.

The movie’s plot is about a cockroach in New York City responsible for the spread of the epidemic among the city’s youth. 

A cockroach infestation may be eradicated by a biologist using “Judas” bugs, which are cockroach look-alikes.

However, the insects continue to develop new behaviors and have discovered their next target: people.

4. Sector 7 (2011)

Sector 7, one of the movies like Alien, is about a tiny crew of people whose job is to seek oil in an oil rig. However, there are only a few to be discovered anywhere. 

One of the workers makes their way back to the group for one more attempt to locate a source of energy. 

On the other hand, he intends to create a new species of lifeform capable of providing fuel for a significant amount of time.

The specimen manages to get free and immediately wipes out the whole squad.

5. Mars Attacks (1996)

Timo Burton was the director of this timeless film. Aliens have encircled the main cities of the United States. 

A scientific professor manages to persuade the President that the extraterrestrials want to live peacefully.

However, a full-scale war will begin when they have killed every member of Congress. 

6: 2001: A Space Oddity (1968)

Stanley Kubrick is the director of this film. A motion picture that was years ahead of its time in terms of its visuals and incredible imagery. 

After launching into space, a crew of astronauts sees that their onboard computer system, HAL, is behaving increasingly peculiarly. The movie is also one of the movies like Alien. 

7. Pitch Black (2000)

A spacecraft makes an emergency landing on a planet that has three suns. Riddick, the criminal, and the officer escorting him are both members of the diverse community of survivors. 

They soon discover that the planet is populated by creatures who feed on flesh, but only Riddick can see them.

8. The Thing (1982)

One of the movies like Alien, and The Thing, is about a team of American researchers working in Antarctica who watches a helicopter firing shots at a dog sled while the animal is in the area. 

After they took the dog in, it immediately started attacking them and taking the shape of whatever it had been killing. John Carpenter was the director of this film.

9. Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Tom Cruise plays the lead role of William Cage in this science-fiction movie, one of the movies like Alien.

He is an officer who has never been involved in a fight, yet he has been put in charge of the front line. 

The objective of this mission is to wage battle against indestructible aliens.

He passes out almost immediately, and when he comes to, he finds that he is experiencing the same day over and over again. 

After being slain each time, he starts the day again and tries once more to alter the course of events.

10. The Host (2006)

Chemicals are released into the Han River in South Korea by United States military members.

A few years later, a monster hiding in the sea suddenly surfaced and began devouring the locals. 

One local family decides to fight back when the monster kidnaps their daughter and holds her hostage.

11. War of the Worlds (2005)

The list of movies like Alien would only be complete with War of the Worlds.

The story of this movie centers on a family composed of a father (played by Tom Cruise) and his two children. 

After experiencing several electromagnetic lightning flashes, he concludes that something far more ominous is taking place and that he must battle to defend his family. 

12. Sunshine (2007)

In the year 2057, astronauts go on a trip to rekindle Earth’s fading sun. Along the way, they come upon the first ship sent to undertake the expedition.

It has been lost track of for the last seven years and is considered abandoned. 

After entering the ship and seeing that the crew had been killed, the explorers make an attempt to return to their vessel and finish their mission. 

Sunshine is also one of the best movies like Alien. If you are a fan of Alien, the movie, you should add it to your collection. 

13. The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

The planet as a whole is going through an energy crisis. A group of people is sent into space to test a particle accelerator that promises limitless energy. 

Following a two-year stay in space, the beam undergoes testing, which results in the “Cloverfield Paradox.”

This unlocks doors to other worlds and dimensions. Cloverfield Paradox is another excellent addition to the list of movies like Alien. 

14. Event Horizon (1997)

Following the disappearance of a spaceship, a team of astronauts is sent on a search and rescue mission. It emerges out of nowhere close to Neptune. 

Once they were on board, they realized that a gap had been made in space, allowing a terrible entity to go back with the spacecraft.

15. Pandorum (2009)

To colonize Tanis, a planet similar to Earth, a spacecraft is sent into space. A deep slumber is induced among the passengers of the ship. 

When the crew finally comes, they have no recollection of who they are or why they are in that location. Pandorum is an excellent addition to the list of movies like Alien. 

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