21 Movies Like Inception

Movies Like Inception

Are you searching for Movies Like Inception? Inception isn’t only one of Christopher Nolan’s best works, yet a sci-fi magnum opus for the ages.

To say that it was a period-characterizing film wouldn’t be an exaggeration. 

Inception’s astonishing cinematography, extraordinary exhibitions, and in particular, its perplexing account labyrinth make it one of the best movies of the 2010 decade. 

It showed an innovation of thought and execution that has become progressively uncommon since.

A few layers to the excursion inside the subliminal get further and more profound, and the line between dreams and reality starts to obscure flawlessly.

The best nature of Nolan’s brain-bowling work of art is that it remains completely engaging yet presents significant philosophical thoughts that seldom track down their place in Hollywood film. 

The film likewise makes us wonder about Nolan’s composing abilities. It’s challenging for a typical watcher to fit together every one of the bits of a riddle in one go. 

1. The Prestige (2006)

  • Director: Christopher Nolan
  • Cast: Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall, Piper Perabo, and David Bowie.
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

In 1890s London, Robert Angier and Alfred Borden filled in as plants for a performer under the mentorship of stage engineer John Shaper.

During a water tank stunt, Angier’s better half, Julia, can’t unbind her hands, neglects to get away, and suffocates. 

Angier, crushed, faults Borden for utilizing the erroneous bunch, causing her demise.

When Angier asks Borden which hitches he utilized, Borden claims to be unaware. The two become bitter foes and opponents. 

Angier and Borden send off their enchanted professions, with Angier working with Shaper and Borden with the strange Fallon. 

The two damage each other’s exhibitions, costing Borden two fingers in a bombed projectile catch, while Angier’s vanishing bird enclosure eliminates a pigeon and harms a worker.

 Borden debuts the Shipped Man, where he travels immediately between two closets on the far edges of the stage. 

Root then undermines a progression of exhibitions, looking for a higher expense, driving Angier and Shaper to resign from the stunt, by and large, believing Root to be excessively unstable to be depended upon. It is one of the movies like Inception.

2. Interstellar (2014)

  • Director: Christopher Nolan
  • Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Mackenzie Foy, Timothée Chalamet, Matt Damon, and Michael Caine.
  • IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

Interstellar is one of the movies like Inception. In 2067, worldwide starvation brought about by a curse significantly affected human culture, including the deserting of logical pursuits like space investigation. 

The world’s food issue has constrained Joseph Cooper, an ex-NASA pilot, to function as a rancher. At some point, Cooper encounters a gravitational “oddity” in his girl Murph’s room. 

He reasons it to be an example of GPS facilitates and, following it, shows up at a mysterious NASA office headed by Teacher Brand.

The Brand makes sense to Cooper that, while NASA was openly closed down, it kept working with the mysterious mission of finding an extra-earthbound planet equipped for supporting human existence, in the likely repercussions of eliminating natural life because of the scourge. 

Brand professes to be dealing with a gravity condition and enrolls Cooper’s assistance to guide an exploratory shuttle for the second piece of the mission. 

3. The Social Network (2010)

  • Director: David Fincher
  • Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Aaron Sorkin, Armie Hammer, Dakota Johnson, and Rooney Mara.
  • IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

On October 28, 2003, 19-year-old Harvard College sophomore Imprint Zuckerberg was unloaded by his better half, Erica Albright.

Back to his quarters, Zuckerberg composes an offending post about Albright on his LiveJournal blog. 

He makes a grounds site called Facemash by hacking into school data sets to take photographs of female understudies, then permitting site guests to rate their engaging quality.

After traffic to the site crashes portions of Harvard’s P.C. organization, Zuckerberg is given a half year of academic probation. 

Be that as it may, Facemash’s prevalence draws into consideration of twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and their colleague Divya Narendra, making it one of the movies like Inception.

The threesome welcomed Zuckerberg to deal with Harvard Association, an interpersonal organization selected for Harvard understudies and pointed toward dating. 

4. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

  • Director: Frank Darabont
  • Cast: Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins, Clancy Brown, Bob Gunton, William Sadler, Gil Bellows, and Mark Rolston.
  • IMDb Rating: 9.3/10

In 1947, Portland, Maine, broker Andy Dufresne was indicted for killing his significant other and her sweetheart and was condemned to two continuous life sentences at the Shawshank State Jail. 

He is gotten to know by Ellis “Red” Redding, a detainee and jail stash bootlegger carrying out a day-to-day existence punishment, who obtains a stone sled and a huge banner of Rita Hayworth for Andy. 

The Shawshank Redemption, one of the movies like Inception, continues from the part where Andy is appointed to work in the jail clothing; Andy is habitually physically attacked by “the Sisters” and their chief, Marshes Jewel. 

In 1949, Andy heard the commander of the gatekeepers, Byron Hadley, grumbling about being burdened on a legacy and offered to assist him with protecting the cash lawfully. 

After an attack by the Sisters almost kills Andy, Hadley beats and challenges Lowlands, who is moved to another jail; Andy isn’t gone after once more. 

5. The Dark Knight (2008)

  • Director: Christopher Nolan
  • Cast: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.
  • IMDb Rating: 9/10

A posse of covered hoodlums burglarizes a mafia-claimed bank in Gotham City, each double-crossing the others until the last one standing; the Joker uncovers himself as the brains and escapes with the cash. 

The vigilante Batman, head prosecutor Harvey Scratch, and police lieutenant Jim Gordon structure a union to dispense with Gotham’s coordinated wrongdoing. 

Batman’s adjusted self-image, the very rich person Bruce Wayne, freely upholds Imprint as Gotham’s genuine defender; accepting his prosperity will permit Batman to resign so Wayne can sincerely seek after his lifelong companion Rachel Dawes, despite her relationship with Mark. 

Gotham’s mafia managers accumulate to talk about shielding their associations from the Joker, the police, and Batman. 

With the assistance of Wayne Endeavors Chief Lucius Fox, Batman finds Lau in Hong Kong and returns him to the guardianship of Gotham police.

His declaration empowers Mark to capture the wrongdoing families. It is one of the movies like Inception.

6. Oblivion (2013)

  • Director: Joseph Kosinski
  • Cast: Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Riseborough, Morgan Freeman, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Zoë Bell, and Melissa Leo.
  • IMDb Rating: 7/10

Oblivion is one of the movies like Inception. Jack and Victoria are the people left on Earth in 2077.

In 2017, forager outsiders pulverized the Moon and attacked Earth; even though people won the conflict, Earth was left dreadful. 

With Victoria as his interchange official, Jack fixes battle drones that chase the excess foragers and guards in the aqueous stages that convert seawater into combination energy. 

Several reports to Sally, the mission leader on board the “Tet,” a space station circling Earth.

In about fourteen days, the gathering will withdraw for Saturn’s Moon, Titan, to join enduring pioneers. 

However, Jack and Victoria’s recollections have been cleaned, and Jack encounters intermittent memory blazes of a pre-war existence with an obscure lady.

7. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (2008)

  • Director: David Fincher
  • Cast: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Taraji P. Henson, Julia Ormond, Tilda Swinton, Jason Flemyng, and Mahershala Ali.
  • IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

In August 2005, Daisy Fuller was on her deathbed in Another Orleans clinic as Typhoon Katrina approached.

She tells her little girl Caroline about blind clockmaker Mr. Gateau, who was employed to make a clock for a train station in 1918. 

When it was divulged, general society was astounded to see it running in reverse.

She discovers that Mr. Gateau made it as a dedication to the people who lost their children in The Second Great War, including his child. 

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button as one movie like Inception continues where Daisy then, at that point, asks Caroline to peruse so anyone might hear from Benjamin Button’s journal. 

On the night of November 11, 1918, a kid is brought into the world with the appearance and diseases of an older man.

His mom, Caroline, bites the dust not long after labor and his dad, Thomas Button, leaves the baby in the yard of a nursing home. 

8. Catch Me If You Can (2002)

  • Director: Steven Spielberg
  • Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, Jennifer Garner, Martin Sheen, Ellen Pompeo, and Nathalie Baye.
  • IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

In 1963, Forthright William Abagnale Jr. lived in New Rochelle, New York, with his dad Forthright Abagnale Sr. what’s more, and his French mother, Paula.

During his childhood, he observes his dad’s numerous strategies for conning individuals. 

Due to Plain Sr. Charge issues with the Inside Income Administration, the family is compelled to move from their enormous home to a little loft.

At some point, Forthright finds that his mom is participating in an extramarital entanglement with his dad’s companion Jack Barnes at the Community Club of New Rochelle.

At the point when his folks separate, Forthright takes off. Requiring cash, he tries certain tricks to get by, and his cons become bolder.

He mimics a Container Am pilot and manufactures the carrier’s finance checks. Before long, his phonies were worth many dollars.

Carl tracks him down at a lodging, yet Straightforward fools Carl into accepting he is a Mystery Administration specialist named Barry Allen.

He escapes before Carl understands that he was tricked. It is one of the movies like Inception.

9. V For Vendetta (2005)

  • Director: James McTeigue
  • Cast: Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Stephen Fry, John Hurt, Stephen Rea, Rupert Graves, and Tim Pigott-Smith.
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Sooner rather than later, England is governed by the Norsefire ideological group, a fundamentalist and dictator system driven by High Chancellor Adam Sutler, which controls the general population through publicity, and detains or executes those considered unfortunate, including migrants, gay people, and individuals of elective religions.

Evey Hammond is the little girl of activists who passed on in jail, and her sibling was killed in the St Mary’s school psychological militant assault fourteen years sooner. 

One night a Person Fawkes-covered vigilante, “V,” saves her from attack by the mystery police and has her observe as his bombs obliterate the Old Bailey; it is considered one of the movies like Inception.

On November 5, V seized the state-run telecom company to address the country, asserting credit for the assault and empowering the general population to oppose Norsefire by going along with him outside the Places of Parliament on Person Fawkes Night in one year. 

Evey is thumped, oblivious, supporting V’s getaway, and he takes her with him to avoid her capture and possible execution. 

10. Watchmen (2009)

  • Director: Zack Snyder
  • Cast: Jackie Earle Haley, Malin Åkerman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Patrick Wilson, Carla Gugino, Matthew Goode, and Billy Crudup.
  • IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

In 1985, a man in a Manhattan condo watched the news about heightened Virus War strains and the reaction from five-term President Richard Nixon when a concealed attacker assaulted him and heaved him to the road beneath. 

A credits montage surveys the ascent of costumed wrongdoing contenders from 1939 to 1977, coming full circle in a public backfire and section of an enemy vigilante act. 

Rorschach, a vigilante criminal investigator who works unlawfully, finds that the dead man was Edward Blake, otherwise called the Entertainer, a costumed legend who worked for the public authority. 

Watchmen, as one of the movies like Inception, continues at Blake’s memorial service.

Osterman, Veidt, and Dreiberg each review Jokester’s cynicism about the Gatekeepers’ central goal in his later years. 

11. Spectre (2015)

  • Director: Sam Mendes
  • Cast: Daniel Craig, Léa Seydoux, Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, and Andrew Scott.
  • IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

Spectre is one of the movies like Inception. MI6 specialist James Bond completes an unapproved mission in Mexico City upon the Dead’s arrival, stopping a fear-based oppressor bombarding plot. 

Bond kills Marco Sciarra, the fear-based oppressor pioneer, and takes his ring, embellished with a stylized octopus, before taking a helicopter to get away.

Upon his re-visitation to London, Bond is suspended from field obligation by Gareth Mallory, the ongoing M, who is taking part in an epic showdown with Max Denbigh (whom Bond names “C”), the Chief General of the new, secretly upheld Joint Knowledge Administration framed by the consolidation of MI5 and MI6. 

C lobbies for England to join the worldwide observation and insight drive “Nine Eyes” and utilizes his leverage to shut down the ’00’ field specialist area, which he accepts is obsolete.

In private, Security tells Eve Moneypenny that he went to Mexico to target Sciarra in the wake of getting a video message from the past M that was conveyed to him after her passing. Moneypenny consents to help Security despite M’s good faith.

12. Wanted (2008)

  • Director: Timur Bekmambetov
  • Cast: James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, Chris Pratt, Common, Kristen Hager, and Thomas Kretschmann.
  • IMDb Rating: 6.7/10

In Chicago, Wesley Gibson works at an impasse work area with a tyrannical chief, takes medicine for fits of anxiety, and has a live-in sweetheart who goes behind his back with his colleague and dearest companion, Barry. 

One night, Wesley is told by a lady named Fox that his late killed father was a professional killer, and the executioner, Cross, is presently hunting him. 

Wanted as one of the movies like Inception continues at the point when Cross and Fox take part in a shootout, Wesley overreacts and is sought after by Cross. 

Fox flips Wesley into her vehicle and afterward executes a getaway. Wesley stirs in a plant encompassed by Fox and different professional killers. 

The gathering’s chief, Mr. Sloan, powers Wesley at gunpoint to fire the wings off of a few flies, which he does, causing Wesley a deep sense of shock. 

Sloan makes sense that Wesley’s fits of anxiety are an uncommon capacity that permits him to deliver huge measures of adrenaline, easing back his impression of his environmental factors and conceding his godlike strength and speed. 

13. Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)

  • Director: Doug Liman
  • Cast: Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise, Bill Paxton, Brendan Gleeson, Charlotte Riley, Tony Way, and Franz Drameh.
  • IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

In 2015, outsiders called “Impersonates” showed up in Germany utilizing a space rock and quickly overcame the vast majority of mainland Europe. 

By 2020, the Unified Guard Power (UDF), a worldwide military coalition laid out to battle the outsider danger, accomplishes a triumph over the Mirrors at Verdun utilizing recently created mech-suits. 

In England, the UDF plans a significant intrusion of France, and General Brigham arranged, as of late, joined public undertakings official Major William “Bill” Enclosure to cover it, making Edge of Tomorrow considered one of the movies like Inception.

Cage, having no battle insight, protests and takes steps to fault Brigham, assuming that the intrusion falls flat.

Brigham has Enclosure captured and shipped off Heathrow Air terminal, presently an army installation. 

Cage stirs to find Brigham has downgraded him to a private and erroneously named him a coward.

He is appointed to Dominate Sergeant Farell and the rebel J-Crew, every one of whom disdains and puts him down.

14. The Irishman (2019)

  • Director: Martin Scorsese
  • Cast: Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, Anna Paquin, Stephen Graham, and Bobby Cannavale.
  • IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

In a nursing home, old Irish-American The Second Great War veteran Honest Sheeran relates his experience as a contract killer for the Italian-American Mafia. 

In 1950s Philadelphia, Sheeran fills in as an association conveyance transporter, where he begins offering a portion of the meat shipments to a nearby Philadelphia Italian-American criminal known as “Thin Razor,” an individual from the Philadelphia wrongdoing family headed by Angelo Bruno. 

The Irishman, as one of the movies like Inception, continues after the conveyance organization blames Sheeran for burglary. 

Association legal advisor Bill Bufalino gets the case tossed out when Sheeran will not name his clients to the adjudicator. 

Bill acquaints Sheeran with his cousin Russell Bufalino, top of the Northeastern Pennsylvania wrongdoing family. 

Sheeran starts to do tasks for Russell and individuals from the South Philadelphia hidden world, including “painting houses,” a code word for a contract killing. 

15. A Beautiful Mind (2001)

  • Director: Ron Howard
  • Cast: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany, Ed Harris, Josh Lucas, Adam Goldberg, and Vivien Cardone.
  • IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

In 1947, John Nash showed up at Princeton College as a co-beneficiary with Martin Hansen of the Carnegie Grant for arithmetic. 

He meets individual math and science graduate understudies Sol, Ainsley, Drinking spree, and his flatmate Charles Herman, a writing understudy.

Still up in the air to distribute his unique thought, Nash is propelled when he and his colleagues examine how to move toward a gathering of ladies at a bar. 

Hansen quotes Adam Smith upholding “everyone should save themselves”; however, Nash contends that a helpful methodology would prompt better odds of coming out on top, fostering another idea of overseeing elements. 

Distributing an article on his hypothesis, he acquires an arrangement at MIT where he picks Sol and Drinking spree over Hansen to go along with him.

In 1953, Nash was welcomed to the Pentagon to concentrate on encoded adversary media communications, which he unraveled intellectually. It is one of the movies like Inception.

16. Minority Report (2002)

  • Director: Steven Spielberg
  • Cast: Samantha Morton, Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Kathryn Morris, Max Von Sydow, Neal McDonough, and Peter Stormare.
  • IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

In 2054, the central government plans to execute Washington, D.C. broadly. model “Precrime” police program.

As three visionary people (“precogs”) picture a looming murder, officials dissect their dreams to decide the wrongdoing’s area and catch the culprit before the wrongdoing happens. 

The precogs — Agatha Exuberant and twins Arthur and Dashiell “Run” Arkadin — lie in a shallow pool, under rest prompting drugs that deny them outside improvements. 

Their contemplations are projected on the screen and put away in a data set. Would-be executioners are detained in a kindhearted computer-generated experience state. 

Even though Precrime has wiped out essentially undeniably planned murders during its six-year presence, unconstrained violations of enthusiasm or “red ball” killings give police just an hour or less to stop the homicide.

While the Division of Equity specialist Danny Witwer reviews the Precrime activity, the precogs foresee that in a day and a half, Anderton will kill Leo Crow, a man whom Anderton has never met. 

Anderton escapes, provoking a search driven by Witwer. It is one of the movies like Inception.

17. The Game (1997)

  • Director: David Fincher
  • Cast: Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger, Harris Savides, James Rebhorn, Scott Hunter McGuire, and Charles Martinet.
  • IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

The Game is one of the movies like Inception. Nicholas Van Orton, a well-off, egotistical speculation financier in San Francisco, eats with his alienated, more youthful sibling Conrad, who presents him a surprising present for his 48th birthday celebration — a voucher for a game presented by an organization called Purchaser Diversion Administrations (CRS). 

However doubtful, he goes to the CRS office to apply. Yet, the tedious mental and actual assessments required aggravate him, and he is subsequently informed that his application has been dismissed. 

Nicholas returns one night to track down a wooden jokester outside and finds a secret camera inside. 

A CRS representative likewise reaches him through his twisted T.V. screen and tells him not to attempt to sort out the object of the Game. 

18. Eagle Eye (2008)

  • Director: D. J. Caruso
  • Cast: Shia Labeouf, Michelle Monaghan, Rosario Dawson, Billy Bob Thornton, Anthony Mackie, Michael Chiklis, and Cameron Boyce.
  • IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

In January 2009, Stanford College dropout Jerry Shaw discovered that his indistinguishable twin sibling Ethan, an official in the U.S. Aviation-based armed forces, had been killed. 

Following the memorial service, Jerry is astounded to find $750,000 in his ledger and his condo loaded with illegal guns and bomb-making material. 

He gets a call from a lady that the FBI will capture him, and he wants to run. Jerry is gotten by the FBI and questioned by Regulating Specialist Tom Morgan. 

While Morgan meets with Flying corps OSI Specialist Zoe Pérez, the lady on the telephone sorts out Jerry’s departure and guides him to Rachel Holloman, a single parent. It is considered one of the movies like Inception. 

The lady on the telephone is constraining Rachel by undermining her child Sam, who is on board the Legislative hall Restricted on the way to Kennedy Place in Washington, D.C., with his school band. 

The lady on the telephone assists the two with staying away from policing and controlling organized gadgets, including traffic signals, cell phones, robotized cranes, and even electrical cables.

19. Skyfall (2012)

  • Director: Sam Mendes
  • Cast: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, Bérénice Marlohe, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, and Ralph Fiennes.
  • IMDb Rating: 7/10

Skyfall is one of the movies like Inception. In Istanbul, MI6 specialists James Security and Eve Moneypenny seek after hired soldier Patrice, who has taken a hard drive containing subtleties of spies. 

As Security and Patrice battle on a moving train, M orders Moneypenny to shoot Patrice, despite not having an unmistakable shot; Moneypenny unintentionally hits Security, who falls into a waterway. Bond is assumed dead, and Patrice escapes with the hard drive.

After 90 days, because of a public investigation into M’s treatment of the taken hard drive, she is forced to resign by Gareth Mallory, the executive of the Knowledge and Security Board of Parliament and a previous SAS official. 

Even though she guarantees she is as yet valuable, MI6’s servers are hacked, and M gets a provoking P.C. message minutes before the MI6 building detonates. 

Bond, who utilized his assumed demise to resign, learns of the assault and gets back to support in London.

20. Django Unchained (2012)

  • Director: Quentin Tarantino
  • Cast: Quentin Tarantino, Christoph Waltz, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, and Don Johnson.
  • IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

In 1858 Texas, siblings Expert and Dicky Bit drove a gathering of shackled, dark, enslaved people by walking. 

Among them is Django, auctioned off and isolated from his significant other, Broomhilda von Shaft, a house-enslaved person who communicates in German and English. 

They are come by Dr. Ruler Schultz, a German dental specialist turned-abundance tracker looking to purchase Django for his insight into the three fugitive Weak siblings, managers at the estate of Django’s past proprietor and for whom Schultz has a warrant. 

Django and Schultz kill the Weak siblings at Spencer “Huge Daddy” Bennett’s Tennessee estate. 

Bennett allows Django and Schultz to leave because of the warrant; however, he later takes a stab at going after them with a gang. Schultz ambushes the force with explosives, and Django kills Bennett. 

Feeling answerable to Django, Schultz consents to help him find and salvage Broomhilda. It is one of the movies like Inception.

21. The Bourne Legacy (2012)

  • Director: Tony Gilroy
  • Cast: Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Matt Damon, Stacy Keach, Oscar Isaac, and Joan Allen.
  • IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

A month and a half after Jason Bourne’s departure from Russia after his interest in Kirill, Activity Result specialist Aaron Cross is relegated to a preparation practice in the Alaskan wild as discipline for going Missing. 

He should cross the rough territory to track down a remote lodge while being followed by wolves.

The lodge is operated by Number Three, one more Result specialist there as a discipline, and it is considered one of the movies like Inception.

Cross lies and tells Number Three that he has lost his program prescription canine labels containing “chems” that Result specialists should take to keep up with their psychological and actual improvements. 

Colonel Eric Byer is entrusted with the aftermath of Pam Landy’s openness of Tasks Treadstone and Blackbriar. 


It’s nearly been a long time since Inception knocked our socks off with its unexpected developments, incredible troupe cast, and brilliant cinematography. 

The film follows middle-class hoodlum Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), who has planned a method for taking data from individuals’ psyches.

Nonetheless, the regular skirmish of parting time in reality and fantasy land is sufficient to distraught anybody.

If you’ve seen Inception for the umpteenth time and you’re searching for similar movies like it, listed above are more movies like Inception that you should check out.

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