19 Best Books for 9 Years Olds

Best Books for 9 Years Olds

Choosing the age-appropriate best books for 9 years olds is as essential as choosing the right movies and toys for your child. If you have a nine-year-old reader at home, middle-grade books are an excellent fit for them. 

Additionally, middle-grade books may sound like they’re for middle schoolers, but they’re actually for children aged eight to twelve. 

Nine-year-Olds are capable of independent reading and are eager to devour anything from thrilling fantasy and adventure stories to worldwide instructive books. 

So, if you’re stumped as to which book—or books—to get the nine-year-old in your life, we’ve compiled a selection of the most exciting and engaging titles.  

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone

By J.J Rowling 

First on the list of best books for 9 years olds is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone checks all the boxes for a fantastic book for nine-year-Olds. Harry Potter, who is eleven years old, is a likable and honorable character who children may look up to. 

An orphan child living with his awful aunt and uncle discovers that he’s been admitted into a magical boarding school for witches and wizards in this tale of magical escapism at its best. 

This is the first of a series of perfect books for hungry readers. The books become darker and longer as they continue, with the final book clocking in at 759 pages. It’s a series that changes tone with your youngster. 

However, on the other hand, the first several books are ideal for younger readers, as the characters wrestle with issues such as good vs. evil, the value of friendship, and the power of love. 

2. Last Last Day Of Summer

By Lamar Giles 

In their crazy Virginia hamlet, Otto and Sheed are the local detectives, masters of unraveling mischief with their unrivaled powers of deduction. 

Additionally, as the summer draws to a close and the first day of school approaches, the boys yearn for a little more time to have fun, even as they argue over what type of fun they want to have. 

That is, until a mysterious figure approaches, armed with a time-stopping camera. 

Now, with the help of some unusual individuals and even crazier monsters, Otto and Sheed must put their differences aside to save their town—and each other—before time runs out. 

3. Percy Jackson And The Olympians

By Rick Riordan 

Percy Jackson, the primary character, is twelve years old in the first book. These books are especially beneficial for children with learning impairments. It is also one of the best books for 9 years olds.  

In addition, Percy Jackson has dyslexia and ADHD, and he finds it challenging to fit in at school. He doesn’t become aware of others like him until he discovers he’s a half-god, half-human. 

Despite its high price, the hardback box set is an excellent gift. Each book features Percy Jackson and his demigod allies and recounts a different story based on Greek mythology. 

Furthermore, family and friendship, belonging and loyalty, and heroic adventure are prevalent themes in the works. However, because these books are aimed at slightly older children, they may be challenging for less confident readers. 

4. Cilia Lee-Jenkins: Future Author Extraordinaire

By Susan Tan 

Priscilla “Cilla” Lee-Jenkins is pressed for time. Cilla needs to become a bestselling novelist before her baby sister is born, and she needs to do so before her family forgets about her. 

So she writes about what she is most familiar with: herself! On the other hand, Cilla has a lot to say: How did she cope with being bald till she was five years old? 

How did she overcome her reading difficulties? Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins’ family traditions differ from her Chinese grandparents, Nai Nai and Ye Ye? (less).  

5. Word Of Mouse

By James Patterson & Chris Grabenstein: 

Word of the mouse has been next on our list of best books for 9 years olds. Isaiah, the protagonist, is a mouse with blue fur and can interact with humans. 

Furthermore, if your nine-year-old has ever wished to communicate with animals, they’ll enjoy how Isaiah partners up with a young girl named Hailey. 

Themes of family and friendship, and acceptance of others who are different from you run through this book. 

However, the book implies that Hailey is bullied because of her albinism. This is a fantastic book for teaching kids to be kind to everyone. 

A narrative with a talking animal is always a hit, but some nine-year-olds could find it too childish. 

6. Crenshaw

By Katherine Applegate 

Jackson and his family are going through a rough patch. There isn’t enough money to pay the rent. Also, there isn’t much in the way of food. 

His parents, younger sister, and the dog may have to live in their minivan. Again. Furthermore, Crenshaw has the appearance of a cat. He’s big, he’s brash, and he’s fictitious. 

He’s returned to Jackson’s life to assist him. However, is an imagined companion enough to save this family from ruin? 

Katherine Applegate, a well-known author, illustrates that friends, real or imagined, matter in unexpected ways. This title is linked to the Common Core. 

7. Wonder

By R.J Palacio 

Next on our list of books for 9 years olds is Wonder. Wonder is about a child born with such a severe facial difference that he has been unable to attend school due to the numerous reconstructive surgery he has undergone. 

While the main character is unique, the novel also emphasizes his similarity to inside. 

Wonder has a complex subject of learning not to mistreat others based on their appearance, yet it’s handled lighthearted rather than preachy. 

Even though he is far from ordinary, the main character is highly relatable in all of his interests. 

8. Stella Has Something To Say

By Angela Dominguez 

Stella Daz adores sea creatures, mainly her betta fish, Pancho. Stella Daz, on the other hand, is not a betta fish. 

Furthermore, Stella enjoys spending time with her mother, brother, and closest friend Jenny, whereas Betta fish alone. The problem is that Jenny is in a different class this year, and Stella is lonely. 

When a new boy joins Stella’s class, she is eager to be his buddy, but Stella frequently speaks Spanish instead of English and mispronounces words, causing her to become Roja. 

Plus, she has a big presentation at school where she has to speak in front of her entire class! But she must overcome her concerns quickly, for Stella Daz has something to say! 

9. Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer

By Megan McDonald 

Just when she thinks her summer will be a bore, eureka! Judy devises the most thrilling strategy imaginable. 

Furthermore, prepare for a race that includes tightrope walking, riding Scream Monsters, and much more! 

What do you get when you combine a treasure hunt for Judy’s teacher, a nighttime stakeout, a runaway ice cream truck, and a dash of Bigfoot? Judy’s craziest summer ever! Judy Moody Is also one of the best books for 9 years olds.  

10. Where The Mountain Meets The Moon

By Grace Lin 

Minli, the primary character, is a young Chinese girl who lives in the village at the foot of Fruitless Mountain with her impoverished parents. 

Minli’s father tells stories about the Old Man in the Moon and the Jade Dragon when they have nothing else to do in the evenings. 

Minli’s parents are hoping against hope that she will change their family’s fortune. 

Furthermore, mini resolves to go, inspired by her father’s stories and dedicated to her family, to seek a better future for them all. Her mission is to track down the Old Man of the Moon, who has the power to transform people’s fortunes. 

11. The Last Kids On Earth Series

By Max Brailer  

The Last Kids on Earth series has a terrifying premise: after the earth has been taken over by horrible aliens who convert everyone into zombies, a group of kids is the only one left. 

Additionally, on the other hand, the novels are pleasantly full of comedy, lightheartedness, and comic-style drawings, making them enjoyable to read. 

This is the first of seven books in the series, so there’ll be plenty of monster-killing fun to be had. Kids will enjoy the creatures, but they will also enjoy the survival components. 

Meanwhile, friendship, heroism, and loyalty are all positive elements in the book. Because the main character, Jack Sullivan, is thirteen, children as young as nine will enjoy reading about a role model. 

12. One Crazy Summer

By Rita Williams-Garcia 

Rita Williams-One Garcia’s Crazy Summer has garnered numerous honors and a good cause and has been one of the best books for 9 years olds. 

Additionally, the narrative is perfect for discussing the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s with your kids. Rita Williams-Garcia handles the challenging issues of prejudice and discrimination in a way that even nine-year-olds can comprehend. 

The story is about sisterly love, family, and the value of cultural variety at its core. The story follows three sisters traveling to Oakland, California, to spend the summer with their mother. 

However, they want to go to Disney Land, but their mother sends them to a Black Panther-run day camp instead. 

Because of the subject matter, children will need to be familiar with the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s to comprehend this. 

13. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

By Roald Dahl 

Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a classic for its humor and charm. The quirkiness of Quentin Blake’s artwork only adds to the appeal. 

Furthermore, a gang of children wins golden tickets to Willy Wonka’s magical chocolate factory in this story. The factory, as well as Willy Wonka, are anything but ordinary. 

This book offers a clear message: good individuals who are honest, kind and love their families ought to be rewarded in every way. 

Nevertheless, the narrative’s protagonist is Charlie Bucket, a ten-year-old youngster who is utterly unlike the fatally defective children accompanying him to the factory. 

Children will enjoy reading about the progressively bizarre events at the magical chocolate factory. 

14. A Wrinkle In Time

By Madeleine L’Engle 

Next on the list of best books for 9 years olds is a winkle in time. The plot revolves around a girl and her brother who go through space and time searching for their father, who has gone missing. 

Space, time travel, and aliens are all sci-fi aspects that your nine-year-old will like. In addition, a Wrinkle in Time has many positive elements, so it’s simple to see why it’s become a classic. 

Additionally, faith, family, and love are central themes in this narrative, and the protagonist is likable. 

Although A Wrinkle in Time is the most well-known of the five books, it is the first. So, if your sci-fi bookworm likes it, they can continue reading. 

Some of the terminology in this book is a little complex, and the plot proceeds slowly at points so that it can be difficult for reluctant readers. 

15. Up The Creek

By Kelvin Miller  

When four friends start on a canoe trip down Milligan Creek during the spring runoff season, they have no idea that their journey through small-town Saskatchewan will turn into one of the wildest events of their lives. 

If they survive! Faced with furious rapids, icy “icebergs,” spinning whirlpools, rumbling culverts, and their irresponsibility, the lads, soon find themselves in new seas with no idea how they’ll get home. 

With night approaching and no one to rely on but each other, the lads must figure out how to work together or risk succumbing to nature’s vengeance—and their parents’ wrath! 

16. I Survived

By Lauren Tarshis 

Historical events will naturally pique children’s interest if they are portrayed in a relatable manner, which the I Survived series excels at. 

Additionally, it’s a fictitious description of a true story told through the perspective of an eleven-year-old protagonist. 

The volumes cover many topics, including WWII battles, volcanic eruptions, animal assaults, and significant calamities. 

The first-person perspective, simple words, and rapid pacing appeal to children. The books are short (about 150 pages) and feature eye-catching cover artwork. However, most of these books feature a boy as the protagonist, which may turn off some female readers. 

17. The Chronicles Of Narnia

By C.S Lewis 

Although you may recall The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the mythical land of Narnia is divided into seven books. 

This box set includes all seven, each full of magic and talking animals for your child to enjoy. 

Although C.S. Lewis intended The Magician’s Nephew to be the first novel, we recommend starting with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe if you have a reluctant reader. 

Furthermore, the four brothers, each with their natural strengths and foibles, the historical background, and the wonderful world they retreat into, are precisely the type of book in which children enjoy losing themselves. 

Although these books aren’t fully illustrated, they include Pauline Baynes’ original chapter illustrations. 

Additionally, Children who enjoy reading about fantasy, adventure, magic, and talking animals will enjoy The Chronicles of Narnia. 

Faith, love, honesty, trust, and family are all positive themes in this book. This is, of course, a tale of good versus evil. It has some brutal conflicts and unfortunate, awful death, so you might want to read it and discuss it with your nine-year-old. 

18. Holes

By Louis Sachar  

Next on our list of best books for 9 years olds is Holes. Stanley Yelnats is afflicted. A curse that dates back to his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather and has been passed down through the Yelnatses for generations. 

Additionally, Stanley has now been wrongfully sent to Camp Green Lake, a boys’ detention institution where the lads grow character by digging holes that are exactly five feet wide and five feet deep all day, every day. At Camp Green Lake, there is no lake. However, there are numerous flaws. 

Stanley quickly realizes that there’s more going on at Camp Green Lake than just character development. Because the warden is looking for something, the guys start digging holes. 

On the other hand, what could be buried beneath a dried-up lake? Stanley seeks to uncover the truth in this creative and darkly funny novel in this clever and darkly comic novel. 

19. Brown Girl Dreaming

By Jacqueline Woodson 

Jacqueline Woodson’s collection Black Girl Dreaming contains poems on her experiences growing up as an African-American woman in the 1960s and 1970s. 

The poems are simple to read but powerful, and they make you think, regardless of your cultural background.

However, for making such a significant contribution to children’s literature, this book of poems received the National Book Award, the Coretta Scott King Award, and the Newberry Honor. 

The poetic verses will appeal to nine-year-olds who are interested in poetry. 

Black Girl Dreaming is also an excellent book to read and discuss the history of the Civil Rights Movement. 

Meanwhile, the poetry is simple to comprehend, but the book is slow-paced, so it may not be appropriate for reluctant readers. 

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