15 Thanksgiving Movies For Kids

Thanksgiving Movies For Kids

Thanksgiving, just like Black Friday, speaks volumes about American history.

This holiday comes in the fourth week of November where Americans show gratitude for their blessings. Thanksgiving is about fun, food, and family.

For those who care about entertainment, holidays are incomplete without a good movie for the kids and the entire family.

The following are the top15 best Thanksgiving movies for kids:

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1. Winnie the pooh: seasons giving

YouTube video

Winnie the Pooh is a favorite of many kids, and I assume yours too. In this movie, Winnie and the gang are busy sourcing ingredients to make a memorable Thanksgiving dinner. Kids will enjoy watching this holiday movie as they help with their family’s dinner recipes too. 

2. A Charlie Brown thanksgiving

YouTube video

In this animated film, Charlie and the gang get a last-minute invite from Peppermint Patty. They all have to plan and have something special for the holidays.

The happy mood that surrounds a healthy meet-up with family and friends is what this movie is all about. Treat your kids to this fun-filled movie experience and feel free to join in. 

3. Miracle on 34th street

YouTube video

 Thanksgiving is about goodness. Being grateful for what you have and sharing the same goodness with others, both strangers and family.

This holiday classic will teach your kids how to serve others in the spirit of gratitude.

It begins in a Thanksgiving parade and stars Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey. Even though his ambitions are big, he has a bigger heart. Bailey sacrifices some of his ambitions to help others.

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4. Alvin’s Thanksgiving celebration

Here’s another one from your kids’ favorite trio Alvin and the Chipmunks. The three are singing at Dave’s wedding, which happens to be during Alvin’s Thanksgiving celebration.

It’s a perfect mix of fun and chaos, but the latter always takes the day. Anyway, it’s a great way for your children to put all the dinner delicacies to rest for digestion.

5. Addams family values

YouTube video

Teenagers love mischief and fun. This funny movie will keep your over-13 kids busy and happy, at least until the turkey feast kicks off.

In this dark comedy, Wednesday Addams arrives at a summer camp where a Thanksgiving play is being hosted.

She turns things upside down with her Addams touch, and her holiday is made because she thrives on controversy. Well, not encouraging your teenager to love trouble, but Thanksgiving should be fun!

6. Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow

YouTube video

This is a family travel film featuring the Emmerson’s as they travel to Aunt Cly’s for the festivities. As kids would have it, some changes don’t excite them.

Annie and Tim don’t like their Auntie’s small town. However, a howling hoodoo brings the magic and their adventure with mythical creatures starts. Children love a bit of thrill and this film got it.

7. Garfield’s thanksgiving

YouTube video

Who thinks about healthy eating on Thanksgiving? Not you, right? I won’t even ask about your kids because that’s the most unlikely thing to do.

Anyway, Garfield’s Thanksgiving gives children a chance to sympathize with their favorite cat, who’s put on a diet when the turkey is grilling. 

8. Freebirds

YouTube video

Keep your kids entertained with this turkey family film that features Owen Wilson as Reggie, the smartest of them all.

Unlike the other birds in the pack, Reggie knows Thanksgiving is around the corner and their days are numbered.

Luckily, they meet Jake(Woody Harrelson) with his magic doorknob and things take a different turn. 

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9. Dora’s Thanksgiving Day parade

YouTube video

It’s Turkey Day, and as usual, Dora and the gang are all hyped up to have the Thanksgiving parade of their lives!

However, trouble has a way of locating where the fun is.

This day, the pirate piggies float away and Dora needs to put on her hero’s shoes. Will she save the day or will all their expectations go down the drain?

Let your kids follow this adventurous movie to spice up their Thanksgiving.

10. What is cooking?

This comedy movie will make your kids appreciate the fact that your family isn’t the oddest. The film tells several stories of different families with all their weird moments at Thanksgiving.

It’s full of drama as family members struggle to keep the holiday theme alive against all odds. This film is full of laughter for the season and many lessons for the kids to pick up regarding family relationships. 

11. Waffles + Mochi

YouTube video

Who doesn’t love Michelle Obama? Well, not many people, at least not your kids, I assume. Waffles and Mochi is a cooking show where this puppet pair of friends travel to different places learning recipes.

They tag along with their buddy Michelle Obama to enjoy foods that won’t be missed at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Apart from learning new recipes for their holiday menu, your kids will once again meet their all-time favorite former first lady of the USA. 

12. The thanksgiving treasure

This classic movie stars Lisa Lucas and Mildred Natwick. It’s a depiction of human gratitude across different time zones.

Gratitude is the theme that carries the Thanksgiving holiday, so this film remains at the center.

Let your kids understand the day besides all the turkeys and other delicacies. Appreciation for all they have will help them have more fun.

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13. Mouse the Mayflower


Do your kids know how Thanksgiving came about? This classic holiday movie will help you teach your kids the story behind this great holiday.

A rat witnesses the whole story and the film is a rollercoaster of emotions, the right ones to set your kids in Thanksgiving mode.

Whether you’re a native American family member or not, this movie is for you and especially your children. 

14. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

YouTube video

Hilarious is the best description for this Thanksgiving film. Neal Page is in a rush to get home on time for Thanksgiving dinner.

His journey is quite eventful and the fact that he’s rushing against time doesn’t help the situation. This story will crack up your kids and give them more reasons to be grateful because laughter is medicine for the soul. 

15. National Lampoon’s Holiday Reunion

This is a tale of one family visiting another for a holiday reunion. Most kids love reunions because they get to play with their cousins.

In this film, Mr. Mitch Snider’s family visits his hippie cousin in Idaho, and all is not well.

Drama and chaos ensue And it’s hilarious how the whole extended family has to keep things together. They need to salvage what’s left of the holiday and all they need is to accept each other.

Families are not perfect, so your kids will laugh and learn as they watch this movie.


The list of movies given here is definitely not exhaustive. There are lots of kid-friendly Thanksgiving movies out there to choose from, but these are my top picks. You can find more holiday special movies online to serve your family’s tastes and preferences. You have no excuse for your kids to miss the film fun since there’s something for everyone. Have a heartwarming holiday and let the turkeys and movies do the magic!

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