16 Best Augmented Reality Games for Android

Best Augmented Reality Games For Android

This article focus on some of the best Augmented reality games for Android. Augmented reality is a computerized representation of reality. It’s accomplished by employing digital elements that engage all five senses.

Augmented Reality, to put it simply, is a technology that places virtual items in the actual world to bring the digital environment to life.

The gaming industry has used this highly engaging technology to make it available to the general public. The games are among the greatest in the field of augmented reality. They not only captivate consumers with stunning graphics but also reinvent augmented reality.

Furthermore, gaming in augmented reality is still a relatively new concept. Ingress and Pokemon Go were the first significant AR games on mobile.

It was primarily proof of concept games and the like before that. It hasn’t altered significantly. However, the majority of augmented reality games are still proof-of-concept or time-killers.

On the other hand, Google’s ARCore appears to be propelling things forward. Without further ado, let’s go straight to some of the best Augmented reality games for Android that you should try. Please read on.

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1. DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition

DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition is an excellent illustration of what augmented reality games can achieve. It’s a relatively short game with ten objectives, ten mini-games, and some extra material.

The missions project the game map onto the real world using your camera. AR is also used in the mini-games. Eight face filters and ten sticker packs are included in the extras, allowing you to shoot selfies and embellish them as desired.

Also, it’s an entirely free game with no in-app purchases or advertisements. As a result, checking out AR content is a good budget option.

2. Egg, Inc.

Clicker farming game Egg, Inc. You construct a farm, gather resources, and upgrade your equipment. The game is played in a very relaxed manner.

There isn’t much thought involved. The majority of the game occurs on your smartphone. The game does, however, have a few AR aspects. Google’s ARCore is used.

For the augmented reality stuff, your device must also support ARCore. Even without the AR features, it’s a pleasant little diversion. This is one of the best Augmented reality games for Android.

3. Knightfall AR

Knightfall AR is a battle strategy game set in the universe of the Templar Knights. Knights and Warriors must defend Acre from an invading army while defending the Holy Grail, Christianity’s most valued relic.

You can enter the world of Knights and Warriors with this augmented reality game. However, your perspective will serve as a targeting mechanism, allowing you to shoot at the adversary.

You can kill foes, earn gold, and improve your defenses by killing them. You will win battles and succeed as you unlock new features and challenges.

Furthermore, these augmented reality games offer a real-time, action-packed experience. In addition, Photomode allows you to select a character in the game.

4. Temple Treasure Hunt

The augmented reality element in Temple Treasure Hunt is supported by geolocation. It’s a great example of an augmented reality gaming app with many legends, mysteries, and adventures to explore.

While the game’s scope is limited, you can play as a treasure guardian. You can play as both a treasure seeker and a treasure protector in the game, but you must stick to the map.

Furthermore, as a treasure guardian, you must set up treasure trials to make it difficult for treasure hunters to locate the riches. When playing as a hunter, you must also find the treasure.

5. Jurassic World Alive

Are you fascinated by the prehistoric giant beast that wandered the Earth?. So jump right in!

The Jurassic World transports you to a world where wild prehistoric creatures roam freely in modern societies.

You will have complete flexibility to explore many facets of the Jurassic world in this game. You’ll encounter dinosaurs, mammoths, and Pteranodons and take DNA samples from them. However, the best part of the game is that you can design your raptor.

You’ll also be able to share your invention with others and compete with them in real-time.

This fantastic augmented reality game is designed to excite us with its well-crafted aesthetics.

6. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Niantic’s latest augmented reality game is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It’s similar to Pokemon Go and other similar games.

Players explore the actual environment, collecting various items and fighting numerous opponents. The players must work together to deal with a disaster that has afflicted wizards worldwide.

You and everyone else must work together to solve the problem. Popular characters from the series will make appearances and a range of new ones. Overall, it’s a good game, especially for Harry Potter enthusiasts.

7. Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime was one of the first genuinely excellent augmented reality games available on Android. Niantic created the game. When it originally came out, it created quite a stir.

It works by sending you out into the actual world. The game indicates some portals. You hack the outlets for your team and then rebuild them so that the other team cannot access them.

The challenge stems from the fact that you’ll have two teams to choose from. In late 2018, the game was renamed Ingress Prime after a major overhaul.

The essential mechanics haven’t changed. However, the app has been completely revamped. This is one of the best Augmented reality games.

8. Kings Of Pool

Billiards game Kings of Pool has a novel idea. The application overlays a pool table on any flat surface in your home. Then you can play pool there.

It has online multiplayer, and the main game type is 8-ball. There’s also a global chat, a player profile with all of your stats, and other features.

There are a few problems, and the developers are actively trying to fix them. In our tests, it performed admirably.

9. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the most popular mobile game of all time. It also turns out to be one of the most expansive augmented reality games ever.

The core notion, like Ingress, is that you must venture into the real world. You’ll catch Pokemon, visit Pokestops, and fight Gyms in this game.

However, the game is still in its early stages of development. That suggests its characteristics are changing. When it originally came out, it generated a lot of buzzes.

The hype isn’t as strong as it once was. However, the game still has a devoted fan base. You included trainer battles, Pokemon trade, and other highly desired features in recent upgrades in 2018.

Pokémon Go is a barometer for other augmented reality games. It is definitely one of the best Augmented reality games for Android.

10. Shark In The Park

One of the most entertaining Augmented reality games for Android is Shark in the Park. The game will take you on a journey to the ocean’s depths, where you will see magnificent species and interact with them in real-time.

The game uses your phone’s GPS to allow you to stroll while exploring the aquatic world and massive monsters.

In addition, this AR game detects your real-world movements using smartphone sensors. This means that if you move swiftly in the physical world, you will move quickly in the digital world.

11. Beer Pong AR

Beer Pong AR is the board game of the future. The digital game illustrates the progress of augmented reality in terms of entertainment and enjoyment.

This augmented reality game allows you to select the location where You will install the beer. However, you can choose the ideal angle for throwing ping pong balls after the installation.

On the other hand, the AR game gives a real-time experience and leaves no clutter behind. This is one of the best augmented reality games for Android.

12. Dark: Subject One

Dark: Subject One is one of the most user-friendly augmented reality games, full of mystery and adventure. This AR game is a horror game in which you play as the protagonist looking into the disappearance of a buddy.

Furthermore, the game will transport you beyond the portal into a parallel realm where you search for clues and attempt to solve the case. The game’s entire experience is incredible, and the app’s augmented reality is impressive.

13. Army Of Robots

The Army of Robots delivers a fantastic first-person shooting experience with its breath-taking AR integration.

The game also includes an immersive UI that provides excellent performance. It assures that you have a good time killing armies of robotic foes. Also, the game incorporates the real-life experience by sensing how you move in the real world.

14. GeoCaching

You can choose the type of game you wish to play using GEO-caching. It could be a horror, treasure-hunting, or shooting game. Also, you can select the game that best suits your needs, relax, and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Geo-caching stands out for its treasure hunting persona in the AG sector, which is a piece of art. Also, You can walk around the area and look for Geocaches.

This augmented reality game allows you to find geocaches and then hide them to find them.

15. Zombies, Run

Run, Zombies is a workout game. It describes itself as an audio adventure game. It works like this: you go for a stroll or run. You’ll unlock various elements of the plot as you progress.

The drama engages you in a creative way that encourages you to continue. The game will also work on treadmills if you don’t want to go outside. It’s a popular sport that will keep you in shape.

The first four tasks are free to play, and additional missions are unlocked each week. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the service and gain access to everything. This is one of the best Augmented reality games for Android.

16. Jenga AR

We’ve all played Jenga in real life, and now we can play the AR version with social distancing.

The game and the obstacles that arise when the tower topples are both comparable to the original. You will also lose if you activate the tower.

Jenga AR has everything from breathtaking graphics to access controls and a multiplayer mode.

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