15 Must See Spanish Movies on Hulu

Spanish Movies On Hulu

We can learn Spanish from the comfort of our couches thanks to good Spanish movies on Hulu. Immersion in Spanish is a tried-and-true method of teaching the language. 

With this comprehensive selection of Spanish shows on Hulu, you can create a full Spanish experience in the comfort of your own home. 

However, the more you practice and hear Spanish, the more fluent you will become. Some of the best Spanish Movies On Hulu right now are;

1. Ma Ma

Ma Ma, directed by Julio Medem and starring Oscar winner Penelope Cruz, tells the story of a lady diagnosed with breast cancer.

She builds a bond with a man who is suffering with his losses while she tackles her personal concerns. 

Additionally, the  gripping story that the film weaves also sends a social message to the audience. Starring Penelope Cruz, Asier Etxeandia, Luis Tosar, Alex Brendemuhi.

2. Fearless Heart

Are you a fan of action, drama, and adventure films? All of this and more can be found in Corazon Valiente! Two childhood pals reunite and try to find love in their tumultuous lives in this PG-13 sitcom. 

Furthermore, will Angela and Samantha be able to strike a balance between their risky employment as bodyguards and their desire to have their own families? 

To find out, watch the trailer for this telenovela. Starring Ximena Duque, Adriana Fonseca, Jose Luis Resendez, Aylin Mujica. 

It is one of the best Spanish movies on Hulu right now.

3. Sidewalls

Two perfect strangers who live across the street in their shoebox apartments. The agoraphobic web designer Martin and the jaded architect Mariana. 

They find themselves imprisoned in a sea of roughly three million inhabitants against the backdrop of modern urban alienation in lively Buenos Aires. 

However, to make matters worse, those two sensitive long-term loners had never met despite living on the same street, swimming in the same pool, and walking side by side. 

However, the high and impenetrable barrier that separates them could be the one thing that brings them together. 

Will Mariana and Martin ever discover that they are, in fact, soul mates? Starring Javier Drolas, Miguel Dedovich, Pilar Lopez.

4. Ozzy

While Ozzy has yet another negative Tomatometer score. It is worth mentioning because it is the first animated Spanish film on Hulu that was created by Spanish producers and is voiced in Spanish. 

And also one of the best Spanish movies on Hulu. Furthermore, Ozzy, a lovable beagle, must rely on new pals to help him escape out of canine prison and safely return home to his folks.

5. Asmodexia

A pair of traveling exercises, the grizzled preacher Eloy de Palma and his brilliant young granddaughter Alba. 

They travel through Spain’s mountainous countryside, attempting to release the everlasting souls of those who have been grievously tormented by the demonic Evil One’s mark. 

In these conditions, and with only a few days until the enigmatic “Resurrection,” Eloy and Alba find themselves on a desperate and frantic exorcism rampage, as more and more individuals are owned by the demonic entity.

But will they be able to make it in time? Starring Albert Baro, Marta Belmonte, Pepo Blasco, Roser Bundo.

6. Penumbra

Penumbra is one of the best Spanish movies on Hulu. Suspense that is tense and uncomfortable. 

Unaware of a diabolical conspiracy involving an impending eclipse, a woman desperate to find a tenant for her run-down apartment appears to have located the ideal applicant.

Starring Arnaldo Andre, Mirella Pascual, Christina Brondo, Sebastian De Caro.

7. East Los High

“East Los High,” is a Hulu original adolescent drama, following a group of Latino teenagers as they navigate the ups and downs of life in East Los Angeles. 

Furthermore, characters encounter real-life difficulties such as peer pressure, being a single parent, violence, dark secrets, and sex, drugs, pregnancy, and adultery decisions. 

Moreover, the high school’s dance team, the Bomb Squad, is a hotbed of high-stakes drama, new movies, sensual team dances, and forbidden romance.

Starring Gabriel Chavarria, Danielle Vega, Vannessa Vasquez, Alex Rodriguez.

8. Veneno

The true story of Cristina Ortiz Rodriguez, best known as “La Veneno,” a Spanish transgender musician and TV personality. Starring Daniela Santiago, Lola Rodriguez, Ester Exposito, JEDET.

9. Marrowbone

Three brothers and a sister have recently experienced the death of their mother. Additionally, they are afraid of being separated after her death, so they decide to retreat to an abandoned farm. 

Besides, a place that is not what it seems, for it harbors a deadly story behind its walls. Starring George MacKay, Anya Taylor-joy, Charlie Heaton, Mia Goth.

10. I Love Jenni

I Love Jenni is a documentary that explores the personal and professional lives of Jenni Rivera, a Mexican-American singer.

Before tragically dying in a plane crash, Rivera sold over 25 million records. 

Her talent and devotion, however, continue via her devoted offspring. Furthermore, watch the trailer for this PG-13 film that offers valuable lessons about family, love, and celebrity.

Starring Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Campos, Jenicka Lopez.

11. Veronica

During a solar eclipse, a teen girl and her pals wish to use an Ouija board to summon the spirit of the girl’s father. 

During the session, however, she loses consciousness, and it quickly becomes apparent that horrible demons have arrived. It is one of the best Spanish movies on Hulu right now.

12. La Patrona

La Patrona is a Telemundo and Argos Comunicacion Spanish-language telenovela. However, it is a remake of the Venezuelan telenovela La Duea, which aired in 1984. Starring Aracely Arambula, Jorge Luis Pila, Christian Bach, and Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco.

13. This Is Not Berlin

This is not Berlin is one of the best Spanish movies on Hulu. In 1986, Mexico City, a 17-year-old teenager, feels out of place in both his family and the friends he has picked at school. 

Everything changes, though, when he is invited to a legendary nightclub and finds the underground nightlife culture. Starring Xabiani Ponce De Leon, Ximena Romo, Hari Sama, Mauro Sanchez.

14. Monos

Monos is one of the best Spanish movies on Hulu. A hostage and a conscripted milk cow are guarded by eight teenager guerillas with rifles on a distant mountaintop. 

Furthermore, the children run riot in the jungle, playing games and conducting cult-like rituals, and disaster hits when the hostage tries to flee.

Starring Moises Arias, Julianne Nicholson, Sofia Buenaventura, Karen Quintero.

15. The Mole Agent

In Chile, a private investigator hires a mole to work at a retirement home where one of his clients suspects the caregivers of elder abuse.

Starring Sergio Chamy, Romulo Aitken, Marta Olivares, Berta Ureta.

You can watch it in its original language rather than the dubbed version to appreciate the beauty and charm of the Spanish language. 

Actors bring their exulting charm into the room, and the audience can’t help but be enthralled. 

And the plot is similarly captivating; depending on the genre, it delivers a mix of classic romance, comedy adventure, and exciting terror. 

So, have a look at this collection of Spanish-language movies available on Hulu. Greetings, friends!

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