54 Most Popular Female Naruto Characters

Most Popular Female Naruto Characters

People often think that the most popular female Naruto characters are poorly written, which has given the series a bad name.

But after hundreds of episodes and many new characters, Naruto could still get some things right from time to time.

Fans have grown attached to Naruto’s female characters like Anko, Temari, and Tsunade. They appreciate how deep and complicated their personalities are.

1. Shizuka

Nadeshiko Village is led by Shizuka, a kunoichi and respected leader in the region. A marriage to the local law required her to battle Jiraiya’s pupil.

At first, she was a kind person. Still, following the death of her partner, she stopped loving others. She adopted a chilly demeanor to focus only on achieving her destiny.

As a result of her loss to Naruto, she understood that she needed love in her life to recover and become stronger. She is one of the most popular female Naruto characters.

2. Tsuchigumo Hotaru

Hotaru wants to carry on the tradition of her clan, which is why she chose to have the Kinjutsu implanted in her back. She also has some freedom, as shown by the fact that she first refuses Naruto and the others’ help.

In the same way, she is one of the most popular female Naruto characters because she is determined to get what she wants. This shows how hard she works to perfect the techniques she learned from Utakata.

3. Suiren

Kirigakure kunoichi Suiren sacrificed her life to protect Ganryu. Suiren was a kind and peace-loving individual. As one of the most popular female Naruto characters, She discussed how much of an impact an alliance between Kirigakure and Iwagakure would have on the shinobi world.

4. Shiho

One of the Shiho is a positive, upbeat young lady who seems to have a thing for Shikamaru Nara. She declined Shiho’s invitation to visit her boss’s home when Shikamaru informed her that, having learned nothing new, she would return to the cryptology office.

She opts to examine her reflection in preparation for a future meeting with Shikamaru. When Shikamaru accepted Shiho’s offer to take him back to Tsunade’s office, she flushed too.

5. Fūka

Although Fuka may not have seemed like a formidable foe, she was rather formidable. When she utilized her execution by Kiss of Death, she would often ask her adversaries whether they preferred a gentle or French kiss.

She, like Ino Yamanaka, took extreme umbrage at any harm done to her body, particularly her hair. At one point during their second battle, she seemed amused by Naruto’s Pain, hinting at a sadistic streak. She is one of the most popular female Naruto characters.

6. Natsuhi

Another addition to the list of most popular female Naruto characters female, Natsuhi was the wife of Hotarubi and the mother of Sumaru. She was a jnin-level kunoichi from the Hidden Star Village.

As a Genin, Natsuhi was required to train with the star, but she watched as her peers struggled through the ordeal. She observed like Neji saw, as the star’s chakra consumed her comrades’ chakra until they perished.

A mother of one, she wed her childhood sweetheart, Hotarubi, and raised a son she called Sumaru.

Natsuhi watched how the training with the star continued killing the inhabitants of her village, so she resolved to take it in cooperation with Hotarubi to minimize further harm.

7. Isaribi

The shinobi Isaribi was a part of an experiment to see whether they could maintain their air and oxygen supplies while submerged.

Isaribi wasn’t the final product; she was only a test subject. She had to go back to the Country of the Sea and keep an eye on any ships that left the harbor.

The villagers assaulted her and destroyed her products because her bandages were meant to permanently hide the portions of her body that the Kaima had changed.

Since she was the sole survivor of the so-called “Journey of the Spirits,” everyone there despised and dreaded her.

8. Matsuri

Matsuri, a kunoichi from Sunagakure, served as a member of the Fourth Division during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

She has always held Gaara, her instructor, in the highest regard. Initially timid, she eventually gained courage under Gaara’s tutelage in the anime.

As one of the most popular female Naruto characters, She had been terrified of guns since her parents’ deaths, but thanks to her instructor, she now knows that they can be used for self-defense and the protection of others.

It seems that she started having feelings for Gaara in the sequel. She’s also braver and more outgoing than ever before.

9. Same Old Fam

Young Sasame Fma is a member of the powerful Fma family. Sasame is a ninja who, despite being so young, is dedicated to her job.

She will tell a lie if it helps her achieve her aim. Despite the latter, she is kind, fighting to protect her family.

She has a strong sense of right and wrong and would even turn on her spouse if she thinks they are doing anything wrong.

10. Ayame

Naruto often visits her father Teuchi’s restaurant, Ichiraku Ramen, where Ayame, one of the most popular female Naruto characters, works as a server.

Like her father, she seems one of the few locals in Konoha who doesn’t approach Naruto with hostility; he’s her favorite client.

She is helpful, kind, and tolerant of Naruto, unlike the rest of the village. Ayame appears to have feelings for Kakashi Hatake, who is held in high esteem by both her father and herself.

11. Ruka

Originally from Kirigakure, Ruka, one of the most popular female Naruto characters, now serves in the Shinobi Alliance as a kunoichi under Monga’s command in the Third Division.

As she informed Monga, Ruka is the kind of lady willing to give her life to save the lives of those she cares about.

On the other hand, by expressing her disgust at the exploitation of Pakura’s suffering as a bargaining chip, she reveals that she is opposed to using human lives in this way. She also addresses Maki as “Maki-Chan” and respects all of her peers.

12. Fū

In the anime, F seems to be a troublemaker, as seen by her reaction to Shibuki’s summons (she assumed she was going to be reprimanded for something she had done), her propensity to bore quickly, and her subsequent excitement at the prospect of doing something she has never done before. done previously

Unlike other Jinchuriki, F is shown to be friendly and eager to make friends, much like Naruto Uzumaki, with whom she shares a tendency to speak too much and behave recklessly.

Fu wanted to have fun and play with them, even during the Chunin Exams when everyone competed against one another.

The adventurous Ella F. wants to have fun, so she heads out into a sandstorm at night without any idea of what could be waiting for her.

13. Guren

It was clear that Guren was hiding something. Despite her undying devotion to Orochimaru, she seems to enjoy keeping her secret identity under wraps. Her introduction showed her to be a cold and cruel person.

Kabuto’s announcement that some inmates would be forced to fight to the death piqued her interest since she knew it would result in carnage.

She has demonstrated to be both egotistical and prideful; as she admired herself in her Jade Crystal Mirror, she said, “Beautiful, as usual.”

She was humiliated when Naruto volunteered to take her; he had miscalculated how much it would damage her dignity.

14. Hinako

Like the other ANBU, Hinako has a male attitude and is typically calm, quiet, and serious. However, she reveals that she can be quite childish when she loses her cool and threatens to murder the person who called her by her true name.

As one of the most popular female Naruto characters, She may be obsessed with things and dislike feminine things.

However, Hinoko still gets aroused in romantic circumstances, like she did when Shikamaru Nara romantically approaches Temari. The word “you know” appears after every sentence she writes.

15. Haku

Haku was a thoughtful, analytical, optimistic shinobi who thought a person grew in strength when they had a loved one they were responsible for defending.

Haku, most popular female Naruto characters, was a skilled fighter. Still, he hated using his life to take someone else’s.

Even if it meant placing his opponent in a dying condition to stop him from fighting any further, as he did with Sasuke, Haku would always try to avoid inflicting major harm when he was forced to confront an opponent.

Haku’s battle with Naruto and Sasuke demonstrated his analytical and logical approach to warfare. Both fighters quickly realized that Naruto’s power outmatched theirs.

Haku didn’t think he needed to live there until he met Zabuza, but he was overjoyed when he gave him a chance to serve.

16. Mabui

Mabui was a kunoichi from the Kumogakure and served as the Fourth Raikage’s close aide. Mabui gave the impression of being a cool, collected lady who got the right to work on whatever needed doing.

She was a very logical person who would not be afraid to challenge Kage on his ridiculous ideas. Similarly to Darui, it seems that she had difficulty becoming furious, at least with the Raikage, since she showed no fear when he broke through walls and windows instead of utilizing the doors.

17. Ringo Ameyuri

Ameduri has the same level-headed demeanor and playful attitude toward her enemies and her greatness as her colleagues in Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist anime.

It was stated that she never missed a kill, that she wiped out her enemies, and that she is now searching for their survivors. She tends to have a taste for “the foods” or people who can hold their own against her.

Ameduri said Omoi was “her type” since she opted to fight her while her friends fled. Omoi was almost as powerful as Ameyuri.

After the fight, she accepted her loss with grace and dignity, showing no signs of rage or resentment. most popular female Naruto characters, Ameyuri, also shows her generosity by giving Omoi her sword and telling him she looks forward to seeing him again in the hereafter.

18. A. Mebuki Haruno

Kunoichi Mebuki Haruno hails from the city of Konohagakure. Sakura’s mom and Kizashi’s wife. Additionally, she serves with the Mother Force of the Allies.

In the way that she constantly worries for her daughter’s emotional well-being, Mebuki demonstrates that she is a kind and understanding person.

Menuki is considerably more serious than her husband, who is more upbeat, leading to constant teasing. As one of the most popular female Naruto characters, Mebuki sometimes suspects that her spouse takes things too lightly.

19. Kin Tsuchi

One of the three Otogakure shinobi who competed in the Chunin exam was named Kin Tsuchi, one of the most popular female Naruto characters.

She utilizes sharp needles and ringing bells as weapons. She utilizes chakra threads to shake bells that cause brain and ear damage if she doesn’t contact her opponent with the needles.

Even though Kin is a skilled kunoichi who understands how to make the most of her powers, she may get overconfident and lose sight of the bigger picture, as shown most clearly in her battle with Shikamaru.

20. Kurotsuchi

One of the most popular female Naruto characters, Kurotsuchi, has a deep loyalty to her town and actively seeks to undermine neighboring settlements to bolster her own.

Because of this, she tells Oonoki that he should kill the other two Jinchuuriki to hurt Konohagakure and Kumogakure.

However, she seems to have little regard for the Tsuchikage, as she often remarks on his old age and suggests that he step down as Kage. The Tsuchikage is also her grandpa, which may explain her conduct.

She only sometimes appears to do what she’s supposed to; at the Kage meeting, for example, she chooses to watch Sasuke Uchiha battle the Raikage rather than keep watch on Oonoki.

She seems capable and capable of taking on any assignment or conflict head-on. Still, she also seems a touch cocky about it. She still retains a touch of childlike wonder, so she’s overjoyed to be given another chance to soar.

21. Naori Uchiha

Naori Uchiha, most popular female Naruto characters, was a member of the Uchiha clan and a kunoichi from Konohagakure. The calm and patient Naori.

She did not seem eager to employ force in combat, as shown by putting down her weapons against Naka Uchiha to teach him a lesson about the repercussions of Izanagi usage.

22. Samui

In contrast to her two friends, Samui is composed under pressure and speaks only when required. However, when she becomes furious, she may get aggressive, telling Karui and Omoi to shut up.

The fact that the Raikage chose her specifically suggests she can be trusted with sensitive information. She’s a cool, calculated operator who’d rather make a strategy than let her emotions guide her.

One of the most popular female Naruto characters, She fights fiercely against the Gold and Silver Brothers.

Still, she loves her team deeply, going to great lengths to ensure they can rescue Killer B. Her favorite word throughout the battle is “cool,” revealed after the fight. Despite this, she kept it a secret, demonstrating remarkable self-discipline.

23. M. I. T. Uzumaki

Kunoichi Mito Uzumaki hailed from the Land of the Whirlpool. She was the pioneering Jinchriki of Kurama. In addition, she was Hashirama Senju’s wife and Nawaki and Tsunade’s grandmother.

Mito, one of the most popular female Naruto characters, has been characterized as soft-spoken, kind, and loving.

Even as Kushina Uzumaki was preparing to become the second Jinchriki of the Nine-Tails, she was able to show that she had a fiery will to overcome her loneliness by convincing her that love was the only thing that could ever satisfy her heart’s deepest longings.

24. Uchiha Mikoto

Sasuke and Itachi’s mother, Mikoto Uchiha, is one of the most popular female Naruto characters. When Sasuke’s father wasn’t very thankful, she comforted him by touching him.

Unfortunately, only a little is known about her beyond the fact that she was a member of the Uchiha family and, as such, presumably performed the role of a housewife but also had a voice in every major family decision.

She recently married into the Uchiha clan; hence she lacks the Sharingan, the Uchiha’s Kekkei Genkai.

25. Pakura

Pakura, one of the most popular female Naruto characters, hails from Sunagakure, where she works as a kunoichi and owns the Kekkei Genkai Shakuton. No one knew what caused her death until today.

After being killed by Kabuto Yakushi, she is brought back to life using Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei during the Fourth Shinobi World War, where she joins forces with Zabuza Momochi, Haku, and Gari.

The assault unit strikes their squad, and Kakashi Hatake’s division works against them in battle. Some of the shinobi instantly recognized her; thus, she must have had some fame.

26. Ygao Uzuki

Kunoichi Ygao Uzuki comes from the village of Konohagakure and works in the elite ANBU division. She dated Hayate Gekkou.

One of the most popular female Naruto characters, Ygao is a kind, devoted, and enthusiastic young lady who spends her free time staring at the moon. Ygao is always ready to give her all to achieve her objectives.

When her best friend, Hayate Gekkou, is slain, she pledges vengeful retribution at the memorial stone, even though she has no idea who is responsible for Hayate’s death.

What Ygao would do if she found out the truth in the future is unknown, given that Hayate’s murderer, Baki, was employed by Orochimaru and Sunagakure made an alliance with Konohagakure following the assault.

27. Karui

Karui is a fiery and combative lady. However, this may be because her teammate Omoi is opposed to her. She uses her fiery disposition to her advantage when defending someone she admires or cares about.

Therefore, she never holds back from sharing her thoughts, regardless of whether or not her partner approves. She is polite and respectful while interacting with higher-ups.

However, her fiery personality still shines through. However, she also displays signs of having a soft heart and strong emotions.

28. A. Izumi Uchiha

The Konohagakure Kunoichi Izumi Uchiha developed an affection for her childhood buddy Itachi Uchiha.

The Uchiha clan was annihilated, and she and her mother were among the first to be slaughtered. She passed away in Itachi’s arms.

Just before she passed away, she saw herself in the Tsukuyomi she and Itachi would create, where she would be Itachi’s partner and the mother of her children.

29. Tayuya

In the group known as the Sound Five, Tayuya, one of the most popular female Naruto characters, is the lone female member.

She wields a flute in combat, directing three enormous demons and triggering Genjutsu on the second level of the Cursed Mark.

Tayuya has a very hateful speech, prompting Jirobo to chastise her constantly, and she often mocks her colleagues. She is a highly skilled kunoichi whose intelligence makes her a formidable opponent.

Since the only thing she needs to control her Doki demons and conjure genjutsu is a flute, she is understandably overconfident in her abilities. This is most evident in her argument with Shikamaru Nara, a man she does not see as an equal.

30. The Name Is Yugito Nii

You may call Yugito Nii a Jinchuuriki and the second-strongest Kunoichi in Kumogakure. Also one of the most popular female Naruto characters, She became a Jinchuuriki at age two, and her bijuu was Nibi until Akatsuki rescued her.

As soon as she was old enough, she was put through cruel training to help her master her bijuu. After all that effort, she was able to change into a cat with pure determination.

When her matatabi was taken off, Yugito tragically passed away. Hidan and Kakuzu, two members of the Akatsuki, were the last people she battled before she died. She threw all of Matatabi’s might at her foes, but it wasn’t enough.

31. Tenten

A Kunoichi of the Konohagakure, Tenten is a Chunin. She is a member of Team 9 under Maito Gai with Rock Lee and Neji Hyuuga (as the sole kunoichi).

As one of the most popular female Naruto characters, She’s a pro at using weapons at a distance, and she can conjure a wide variety of them against her foes.

32. Kurenai Yhi

Born in the village of Yhi, Kurenai Sarutobi, one of the most popular female Naruto characters, is the Sensei of Team 8 and a Kunoichi of the Konohagakure.

In addition to Hinata Hyuga and Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka is one of her pupils. She depends heavily on the Genjutsu she has mastered for use in battle.

She’s expecting a child with her boyfriend, the late Asuma Sarutobi. She will have to raise the kid alone once he passes away. Because of her pregnancy, she has a minor role in the sequel.

33. Mei Terumi

Former Godaime Mizukage of Kirigakure, Mei Terumo. She is the only individual with two Kekkei Genkai that science has documented. Mei has a commanding presence and is very courteous.

Her predecessor’s ruthless rule earned the town the moniker “Village Behind the Bloody Mist.” As Mizukage, she feels a great responsibility to restore the village’s reputation.

Only she, of all the Kage, listens to Gaara speak at their meetings, showing that she values the perspectives of those of all ages.

She values the villagers much and treats Chjr as if he were her kid, making her one of the most popular Naruto female characters.

34. Shizune

One of the most popular female Naruto characters, Shizune, originally from the village of Konohagakure, is a Jonin-level kunoichi.

Having been taught medical Jutsu by Tsunade, she is Tsunade’s constant companion. Her uncle, Dan Katou, has a niece named Dan Katou.

Tsunade often looks to her as the voice of reason, and she does her best to keep her from doing silly things, but she often gives in to Tsunade’s persuasion and does what she wants. Tsunade’s pig, Ton-Ton, is mostly under her care as well.

With Tsunade’s encouragement, she fled Konohagakure following her uncle Dan’s death. Shizune is well-liked by most due to his pleasant demeanor and courteous manners.

She frets excessively about things like Tsunade’s financial situation and Naruto’s well-being. Shizune is easily frightened and reticent when Tsunade is in a foul mood.

She knows, however, how to get them to work hard and stand up for themselves. Finally, Shizune has a knack for making snap judgments that are, above all else, very clear.

35. Temari

Temari, now known as Temari Nara, is the eldest daughter of the Fourth Kazekage; her siblings Gaara and Kankuru are also his offspring.

One of the most popular female Naruto characters, She’s one of Baki’s teammates, much like her brothers. She’s adept at controlling the wind with her enormous fan.

Also, she may use the fan to gauge her distance from her rival. Like Shikamaru, she is a strategist and fought in the Fourth Division of the Shinobi World War. They have a son named Shikadai; she is Shikamaru Nara’s wife. They now call Konoha her home.

36. Delta

Delta seems to have a short fuse, which manifests itself in destructive behavior, as seen by his destruction of the table where Jigen ate and a tree trunk in an attempt to release his anger.

She also showed great recklessness when she broke the Konoha barrier without thinking about the consequences.

She is the kind of person that gets frustrated if a project is not finished on time and is highly goal-focused.

Delta has a healthy appreciation for her physical attributes, as seen by her preoccupation with her weight, as stated by Jigen.

Like Kashin Koji, Delta seems to have a healthy dose of skepticism about everyone, even her fellow students. Also, she has been overheard voicing her hate towards Boro and Code and praying for Victor’s murder.

37. Ada

Ada is sad and uncaring, seldom breaking her face of indifference. Like Isshiki, she lacks empathy, treating human beings like inanimate things and even finding pleasure in the latter’s demise.

Even so, as one of the most popular female Naruto characters she has demonstrated her empathy by pleading with Code to spare Naruto’s life after witnessing Kawaki’s helplessness to protect him.

She is highly meticulous and cares about her appearance, choosing to groom herself and making sure she doesn’t have foul breath above replying to Code’s welcome and conversing with him.

She felt the same way, even though he wouldn’t be able to make the most of her talents if he knew her age. She finds fighting repulsive and describes it as savage.

38. Chiyo

Chiyo’s hardness and resentment have only grown with age. She now believes that everything she has ever done is bad and that she and her generation are too responsible for the current situation of the ninja world.

She is one of the most popular female Naruto characters. She feels responsible for the end of Sasori’s career and for Shukaku’s decision to imprison Gaara permanently.

Because of her advanced age, she has given up hope of rectifying her past errors. To overcome her passivity, vanquish her grandson, and restore Gaara to life, she needs the help of Naruto and Sakura.

The woman is so angry that she mistakes Kakashi for his father and tries to murder him. Because of what he did to her kid, she vowed a lifelong vendetta against him.

39. Sarutobi Mirai

As early as the age of two, Mirai, one of the most popular female Naruto characters, had a kind and welcoming personality, making fast friends with the kids of her parents’ school.

She often confused them since she used pet names for them and occasionally mixed up her names for them.

She was quite lively and carefree, typical of a child her age, and once, she even pulled Akamaru’s ears. Mirai matured into an upbeat and energetic young woman.

She has an excellent attitude and is very focused while on a task. Naruto and Kakashi both saw how seriously she took her responsibilities. Because of this, Naruto asked Kakashi to accompany him on his trip so that he could take it easy.

After discussing it with Kakashi, Mirai could grasp her motivations and enjoy herself on the excursion. She gets pumped up for challenges and difficult missions, so when she found out that her assignment to accompany Kakashi and Guy wasn’t S-rank and didn’t include continual enemy assaults, she was dissatisfied.

This also demonstrated her concern for the approval of her superiors since she had first worried that the Seventh Hokage, who had given her this assignment, would have doubts about her capacity to do it successfully.

40. Chch Akimichi

Chch Akimichi is a member of the Akimichi family as the daughter of Karui and Chi. In the final chapter, she can be seen in the same class as Boruto Uzumaki, Shikadai Nara, Inojin Yamanaka, and Sarada Uchiha. Chrys is already a kunoichi as of the events of Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

Like her dad, Chch appears to have an insatiable appetite for sugary treats. Therefore, she accepts every offer, even if it means missing training. Initially, she didn’t mind being labeled obese, but after a few years, she began to take it personally.

She wants to slim down before her Ninja Academy graduation, but her dad has other plans. In contrast to her father, who was hurt by the label “fat” when she was little, she never seemed to mind her size.

41. Moegi Kazamatsuri.

Konohagakure is home to a young kunoichi named Moegi Kazamatsuri, one of the most popular female Naruto characters.

Her sensei is Ebisu, and her team mates are Konohamaru Sarutobi and Udon Ise. Naruto Uzumaki is known as “Boss” by her, Udon, and Konohamaru.

When referring to Sakura Haruno, she uses the term “big sister” throughout Shippuden. Moegi is a kunoichi who is joyful, energetic, and cheerful but also very shy, infantile, and terrified of thunderstorms.

In addition, she has become a second Sakura in Shippuuden, acting aggressively whenever Konohamaru performs the Oiroke no Jutsu, just as Sakura did in Naruto.

She shows incredible determination and bravery by rescuing a youngster during Pain’s raid on Konohagakure while being attacked by the centipede.

42. Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka, a native of Konohagakure, is a Chunin-level Kunoichi and one of the most popular female Naruto characters.

She was born into the Yamanaka family and is the daughter of the clan’s patriarch, Inoichi Yamanaka. She is a member of Asuma Sarutobi’s Team 10 with Shikamaru Nara and Chouji Akimichi.

Many of her friends and classmates see her as vain and self-absorbed because of her constant competition with Sakura Haruno.

Her forte is Yamanaka Hiden-style mind-control Jutsu. She also taught Ino in the art of medicine as Tsunade’s third pupil after Shizune and Sakura.

43. Konan

As a native of Amegakure, Konan, one of the most popular female Naruto characters, has Kunoichi blood running through his veins.

The sole woman in Akatsuki’s ranks. To scout the region, she may also unfold into many butterfly-shaped paper sheets.

Once wet, however, she loses this power forever. Konan is seen as a guardian angel by the people of Amegakure, who worship Pain as their deity.

Konan is a reserved and serious lady in whom few have put their faith up to this point. No one has ever heard Konan contribute to the discussions during Akatsuki gatherings.

Despite her circumstances, she is a devoted and kind person who would risk her life to protect others, as she did when Hanzou Nagato threatened Yahiko.

In reality, Konan planned to die to rescue Yahiko. Even as a little child, Konan exhibited a steady demeanor and sound judgment. Her parents’ deaths and her exposure to the horrors of war left her more serious and distrustful of others.

44. Kakei Sumire

Shigaraki’s Sumire Kakei is one of the kunoichis of Konohagakure and also one of the most popular female Naruto characters.

Sumire is a young woman with long purple hair that she wears in two pigtails, two strands of which reach her chin, and fringed bangs parted down the middle.

She also has purple eyes. Her clothes are a sailor-inspired light purple dress with a white collar, a purple bow, and a wide dark purple band at the waist.

She is wearing a long-sleeved black shirt under the outfit. She’s also sporting black boots and a shuriken bag strapped to her right leg.

She layers a black sleeveless shirt (after graduation) with a light purple top (also sleeveless) that has a big white collar. She is decked out in all black, from her shorts to her shinobi shoes.

She is now sporting a heavy braid in her hair. Final touches include a purple headband with the Konoha symbol imprinted on it.

45. Karin

Otogakure native and kunoichi Karin oversaw Orochimaru’s prison-like southern hideaway until his death. At that point, she joined Sasuke’s crew, Hebi, in their mission to eliminate Itachi Uchiha.

She has left Orochimaru’s hideout because she loves Sasuke and would do anything for him. Because of her ability to conceal her chakra and use of the Hiden Kagura Shingan, she is particularly well-suited to detecting and following the movements of her adversaries, making her one of the most popular Naruto female characters.

She abandons Team Taka and is imprisoned in Konohagakure when Sasuke attempts to murder her during their battle with Danzou Shimura. Karin was born into the Uzumaki family.

Karin’s character is driven by two opposing currents: her analytical, critical approach to categorizing opponents or new situations, on the one hand, and her extremely childish, thoughtless behavior toward Sasuke, on the other.

46. Himawari Uzumaki

Himawari Uzumaki is from Konohagakure; she is the sister of Boruto Uzumaki and the daughter of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuuga.

A dual member of the Uzumaki and Hyuuga families, like her elder brother, she has no blood ties between the two.

According to the final chapter, she did not enroll in Ninja Academy. Besides being one of the most popular female Naruto characters, Himawari is a smart and kind young woman.

She shows tenderness and inquisitiveness by inquiring about Neji’s opinion on the sunflowers. She has a soft spot for her elder brother Boruto by insisting that he accompany her and their mother on their grave visit.

For her age, she demonstrates maturity and responsibility by helping her mother around the home and, unlike her brother, being patient and understanding despite her father’s frequent absences.

47. Mitarashi Anko

Kunoichi Anko Mitarashi is a Special Jonin from Konohagakure. As one of the most popular female Naruto characters, She had been Orochimaru’s student for quite some time.

She also helmed the Chunin examination’s continuation section as its leader. In general, she comes across as easygoing and happy. Yet, often, she’ll flash a cryptic grin that seems a little sinister.

In reality, Anko is a childlike, laid-back, yet feisty individual. Therefore, as was evident in her performance in the Chunin examination, she enjoys putting on shows. On the other hand, she has the potential to look obstinate and threatening.

What happened in the past with Orochimaru greatly influenced who she is now. She abandons any sense of prudence in her desire to murder Orochimaru, even if it means her death.

She’ll stick behind on missions by herself if it means the rest of the squad can get away safely. Yes, even if it means they have to risk their lives.

48. Uzumaki Kushina

Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto’s mom, is a kunoichi from the Whirlpool Kingdom. Several people were familiar with her charisma and ninja prowess. Kushina is the second Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi because of her exceptional chakra.

Kushina had a quick temper even as a young girl, and she would become physically violent with her peers if they made fun of her red hair.

Neither her age nor her personality changed in this regard. Not only was she outspoken, but she could be rather cheeky at times.

She was responsible for instilling these characteristics in Naruto. Despite this, she was a bubbly and chatty person who deeply loved her husband and, eventually, her ply.

She would give her life for them without hesitation. For some reason, Kushina liked to tack on “datteba” at the end of many sentences.

49. Nohara Rin

Konohagakure’s Rin Nohara, a Kunoichi, joined forces with Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha to take on the Jondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze.

One of the most popular female Naruto Characters. Rin was a gifted iryounin despite her tender years; she rose through the ranks to become the Sanbi’s Jinchuuriki.

Rin was a warm and welcoming teammate and village member who put everyone’s needs before hers. She proved this when she gave her life to stop the Sanbi she’d been holding back from unleashing and destroying Konoha.

Because Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha often butted heads, she took on the role of peacemaker on the squad. Despite her youth, Rin displayed remarkable intelligence by demonstrating expert proficiency in medical ninjutsu.

In addition, she had an iron resolve that not even the most powerful Genjutsu could shatter. Obito felt deeply for Rin, but she couldn’t return his sentiments since she had fallen in love with Kakashi and only told him after Obito was presumed dead.

But she was always there for Obito, whether to treat his wounds or encourage him on his path to Hokage.

50. Hanabi Hyuga

Hanabi Hyūga is the second daughter of Hiashi Hyūga and Hinata’s sister, who is five years younger than Hinata, having exceeded her in talent by the age of seven.

Hanabi is more confident and embraces the Hyuuga heritage more than Hinata. That’s probably why her dad likes her so much.

She is individually groomed by him every day so that she might someday take over the heritage of the Hyūga clan as heir.

The girl named Hanabi is quiet and kind. She follows her father’s directions without question, giving the impression that she is very obedient to him. Additionally, she serves as the counterpoint to her sister Hanabi.

Although younger, the latter has much more self-assurance and faith in her abilities. She also appears quite curious, as seen by the fact that she asks her father outright what’s on her mind.

51. Tsutsui, Kaguya

The princess of the Tsutsui clan, Kaguya tsutsuki, hailed from a parallel universe, is one of the most popular female Naruto characters.

Because she fell in love with an Earthman after arriving there, he was looked down upon by the rest of her race.

Together, they had Hamura and Hagoromo. Kaguya opted to consume the fruit of the Divine Tree after witnessing the brutal death of her husband, allowing her to take control of its associated chakra.

As a result, she could control the whole planet to her will. Since he anticipated that her offspring would seek her out to exact retribution, he fashioned a living army of creatures called the Zestu to serve as a buffer between her and her offspring.

Her two sons are posing as threats; they plan to use the Chibaku Tensei of the Six Paths of Transmigration to permanently seal her so she can no longer seek power or vengeance.

After she was sealed, two brothers split her divine chakrait nine ways among the Cercoters. Yet, after the Fourth Ninja World War, the Black Zetsu resurrected her in the body of Madara Uchiha after centuries.

52. Sarada Uchiha

Sarada Uchiha, one of the most popular Naruto female characters, is a member of the Uchiha family as the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno.

While her mother accompanied her father on his journey, she gave birth to her daughter in one of Orochimaru’s hiding places with the assistance of Karin.

As a result, there is no Sarada birth certificate to settle the matter once and for all. In the last scene, she enrolls in a ninja training school.

The events of Boruto: Naruto the Movie occur after she has already become a kunoichi. Her comrade Boruto looks up to her, but she has her sights set on becoming Hokage like Naruto.

Important characteristics of her parents’ character have been passed down to Sarada, including her critical nature and disapproval of Boruto Uzumaki’s actions, as well as her discretion and introversion.

53. Tsunade

Like Jiraiya and Orochimaru, Tsunade is one of the three legendary sannin and one of the most popular female Naruto characters. Despite her status as Hokage, she is not an admirable leader.

She often loses money gambling, but she can’t help herself. For this reason, she is regarded as an all-time failure in history.

She is the granddaughter of the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju, and is known for her fiery temper. And that’s why she still sports his cursed necklace.

Tsunade has a powerful character and is not afraid to stand up for herself. Because of her fury and rudeness, she earns respect (and sometimes terror) for everyone around her.

On the other hand, Tsunade has a sensitive side that she seldom reveals unless something tragic happens to the people she cares about.

A lot of bad things have happened to Tsunade in the past. She developed a severe aversion to the sight of blood when her younger brother Nawaki and her ex-boyfriend Dan were killed in the conflict.

54. Hyuga Hinata (Uzumaki)

One of the most popular female Naruto characters, and a member of the powerful Hyga family, Hinata Uzumaki (née Hyga) was born the heir apparent.

She comes from the Hyuga clan’s main family, like Neji Hyuga, but she and Neji are cousins. Her younger sister’s name is Hanabi Hyga.

In the Byakugan, the Kekkei Genkai of the Hyuga clan, Hinata has mastered the techniques but is no match for Neji.

She is reserved since she resents her family’s admiration and fails to meet her father’s lofty standards. This is Hinata, a ninja from the Leaf Village. Team 8’s leader, Kurenai Yuhi, has paired her with Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame.

As a result of her father’s coldness and scorn, as well as Neji’s hatred towards her, she has developed a strong skepticism of herself. She has placed her faith in Naruto Uzumaki, with whom she is in love.

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