10 Best Monolith Soft Video Games

Best Monolith Soft Video Games

The video gaming industry has seen the rise of several developers, and Monolith Soft is one of them. If you’re an ardent gamer, you’ve likely come across one of their many video games.

With their exciting releases, the developer has become one of the most competitive.

Here, I’ve explored the most important things you should know about this developer. You’ll also learn about their top 10 most popular releases yet.

About Monolith Soft

Monolith Software Incorporation is a Japanese video game development studio operating under Nintendo. Tetsuya Takahashi founded the company in 1999 with Masaya Nakamura’s, and it has since grown to accomplish a lot.

Their first project was the Xenosaga series, a spiritual successor to Square’s Xenogears franchise with other projects following behind.

Beyond the Xenosaga series, Monolith Soft worked on various projects, including Baten Kaitos and Namco Capcom’s Project X Zone series.

They also played a significant role in the projects of third-party developers and publishing companies.

Though it has released games for the PlayStation 2, most of its titles are for Nintendo consoles and handheld devices.

Monolith Soft has four studios, and their headquarters is in Meguro, Tokyo, which produces its unique video game properties.

The company also has auxiliary facilities in Tokyo, including Nakameguro GS and Osaki facilities and a studio in Kyoto.

Throughout the years, Monolith Soft’s design philosophy has evolved. Earlier games from this developer (titles like Xenosaga and Baten Kaitos) took a narrative approach.

However, their later games had better gameplay mechanics. Below are some of the most notable releases from Monolith Soft.

10 Best Monolith Soft Video Games

1. Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht

To date, none of Monolith Soft’s video games is as fantastic as their first. So it’s no surprise that their first game remains relevant even now.

Its far-reaching and deeply symbolic plot remains one of the game’s finest features demonstrating the possibility of more artistic expression in game development. 

The game comes with a Japanese-style sci-fi role-playing style that features many themes/scenes and gameplay components.

The battle mechanism is similar to Xenogears; however, there are no random encounters. 

Here, the enemies are in sight, allowing players to make calculative moves that favor them.

Each character has their tree of Ether spells that they can learn by spending Ether points acquired in battles. They also have to purchase several spells they will use in battle.

However, players can buy out the spells of other competitors by offering twice the spell’s worth. In addition, there is an Anti-Gnosis weapon system that players fit with several weapons and attachments.

Players can deploy these weapons if they have enough points to board their AGWS.

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2. Baten Kaitos Origin

Monolith developed Baten Kaitos with tri-Crescendo. The game has visually distinct graphics and an impressive cast.

It also features an unusual money-making mechanism that involves taking photographs during battle.

In Baten Kaitos: Origins, the events take place 20 years before the events of the first Baten Kaitos video game. It reveals countless facts about characters from the original game and explains how the wicked Geldoblame came to power.

In addition, players learn about the world’s origins and the reason for the return of the Lost Ocean.

Here, the hero is Sagi, whose task is to assassinate the Emperor, but he soon learns that someone else did it. However, the council still accuses him of the tragedy, so he runs with two companions, a robot and a young woman.

They visit several places with a ship that allows them to travel between locations in whichever order they want.

In Baten Kaitos Origins, there are over 600 Magnus cards, some of which have bizarre attributes that make them unique. Players can also sell, purchase, and acquire spoils from the battlefield. 

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3. Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

Unlike Origins, this is the new role-playing game for the Nintendo GameCube. Here, players accomplish everything using cards.

Cards are also significant in the story, as they act as holders for the “Magnus,” which is an abbreviation for “Magna Essence,” 

The Magnus is the true essence of everything in the game, and they make up the swords, magic spells, and even the apples in the town where your adventures begin.

Furthermore, you can use an object to create Magnus before placing it on a blank card for use. 

The battle system in Baten Kaitos is, without a question, the most significant change from the previous game. Instead of picking attacks from a menu, each character has a deck of “Magnus” cards, which serves as the arsenal.

These cards are usually in a jumble forcing a player to select one during battle randomly. The concept is intriguing, and the implementation elevates the system to the next level.

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4. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

This is the sequel to the Xenoblade Chronicles. The game features Rex and Pyra, the only beings standing between humans and the colossal beasts.

You have to command a bunch of Blades and guide them to a series of strategic victories before the world comes to an end.

The latest adventure, available on the Nintendo Switch console, takes place on the backs of massive, living Titans.

Each Titan has its own culture, wildlife, and landscapes to explore. You will also find several treasures, secret tunnels, and animals to battle in the open spaces and hallways.

When you embark on these excursions, you’ll come across several people, including Blades – military living creatures.

However, you must first figure out what happened in its mysterious history to save the world.

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5. Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a sequel to the Wii Xenoblade Chronicles. The game is an open-world role-playing video game with an emphasis on exploration, akin to the original.

Here, the player can travel by foot or by controlling giant humanoid robots known as “Skells” (or “Dolls” in Japan). The Skells can fly, swim, and transform into motorcycles or tanks.

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6. Soma’s Bringer

Soma Bringer was one of the first Monolith Soft video games with Nintendo. The game boasts an intriguing class system reminiscent of Western RPGs or the early Final Fantasy games. Plus, you get to discover the history of Alrest and the wonders of its never-ending ocean of clouds.

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7. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Smash Bros. Brawl is the third edition in the Super Smash Bros. video game series. Therefore, it is better than its predecessors and has good graphics.

In addition, the game features smash balls that trigger Final Smashes, powerful and often unstoppable assaults that give the character a makeover.

Monolith also introduces the Subspace Emissary’s adventure mode. However, it remains synonymous with Super Smash Bros and includes all of the fundamental mechanics from the series.

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8. Project X Zone 2

Several legendary characters from some of Japan’s well-known video game developers join forces in the sequel to create the largest mashup strategy game!

Project X Zone 2 allows players to take on the roles of their favorite characters from several genres. You can also assemble teams from historical and contemporary franchises and engage in strategic turn-based fights with adversaries.

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9. Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose

Monolith stuns players with the second episode of this game. Like most Monolith Soft Video games, it has a fantastic storyline and gameplay.

It takes us a thousand years in the future after humankind has left Earth and built a star empire in Lost Jerusalem.

However, one of the greatest threats to humanity is the appearance of a super-strong alien race, the Gnosis.

The action of the second episode begins immediately after the events of the first.

In the company of her friends, Shion Uzuki, the adolescent inventor who developed the KOS-MOS, travels to the planet Second Militia.

Their goal is to gather all information about the late genius scientist Joachim Mizrahi’s history. Simultaneously, they must discover the wicked machinations of Albedo and Margulis.

Shion’s brother Jin Uzuki is an essential controllable character in this episode. Jr.’s past and origins, and his relationship with Albedo, are also basic plots in the story.

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10. Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans

Starting with Goku’s victory against Piccolo at the World Tournament, the game continues as the original Dragon Ball Z story.

To win, players take on the role of Goku and journey around the universe, visiting several locations like the Snow Mountain.

In addition, there are various new elements in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans that will please fans. These elements include all-new gameplay, unique game modes, and exciting side missions.

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Now that you know more about the best Monolith Soft Video Games, you know what to expect. Each of these games is not only the best among their franchise, but they’re also the most popular. Besides, it is already a fact that Monolith Soft games will only get better with time.

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