What Does BM Mean in Gaming?

What Does BM Mean In Gaming

So, you are playing a game and you make a sick play that gets your opponent dead very quickly.

So you put a crazy one-liner to boast your efforts to your opponent, and the you get hit with the “BM” in chat. Whoa, what does that mean? Well let’s find out.

The term BM simply means “Bad manners”. If someone sends BM in game chat or game-related messaging platforms like discord, they simply mean you were behaving in a way that doesn’t check out.

This might mean you’re behaving in a disrespectful way or just straight up being a toxic player.

Are there different Types of Bad Manners In Game?

Well, yeah. Bad manners come in different types and forms, some of which are very exclusive to the gaming community.

Sometimes players even go beyond having just bad manners; yeah the gaming community can be like that. 

When a player is purposefully throwing the game, by deliberately playing badly, this can be greatly considered as bad manners.

When a player is being toxic, I.e sending derogatory messages in chat and making other players feel extremely incompetent.

This is considered bad manners, and it’s a punishable offense by most game developers. Also deliberately leaving your game or going AFK.

This is just to name a few; there are quite a lot of things that can be greatly considered bad manners.

So Which Games Can You Find The Most Bad Mannered People?

Oh, there are games that are known for their toxic community, and it’s really hard to survive out there without growing a thick skin.

Games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, Fortnite, and CS:GO are really filled with bad mannered gamers.

This can range from toxic in game behaviors like, going AFK regularly, sending toxic messages in the game chat, and reporting players for absolutely no reasons.

However, the game developers are really trying to curb this act by allowing victims of these bad manners to report any situation going on, and sometimes bad mannered players get their account banned or suspended.

Uses Of Bad Manners In Game

This might seem like a really weird thing to talk about, what could ever be using BM in a game?

Well, players can use bad manners in a sometimes friendly way to just rub it in your face after you make a bad play.

Most of the time players can try to tilt you or throw you out of your game by using derogatory statements to make you angry and ultimately make you simply play badly.

Be it through game chat, or just spamming pings where you are, or simply just questioning your every move, this can be considered bad manners too.

What Can You Do Against Bad Mannered Players?

Game developers have been trying to curb bad mannered players in their games for a really long time.

But at the end of it all you too can take little actions to reduce the number of bad mannered players you get.

Game developers implemented the use of muting to allow players to mute bad mannered player away from their game.

You can also report bad mannered players, you might want to fire back at annoying players, but most of the time you might just be the one to get reported, so muting is always the better option.

Another not really nice solution is to play we friends, most of the time; playing with friends can quite literally double the fun and you get to play however you like without being judged by strangers.

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