What Is Smurfing in Gaming?

What Is Smurfing in Gaming

” Let’s agree on that; you were all nubcakes in the games at some point in your life. However, have you all experienced the same things? “

Most of you must relate as an amateur. Once, you were all at the lowest ranks and still learning the ropes. Yet, there were still some fellow players doing way better than you.

You were like, Ain’t we all playing at the same level? How are they beating me? Are they riding on someone’s coattails?

Well, they were smurfing in gaming. “Wait, I’ve heard this term before.” We know you did, mate!

Smurfing is truly infuriating and gets on your nerves. Now that you’ll get the idea of what is smurfing in gaming and see what has been happening all around.

It’s your call to decide whether it’s justified or not? Enough of the story; let’s jump into the topic!

What is smurfing?

When a highly ranked player makes a new gaming account and plays against the newbies of the game, they’re smurfing in gaming.

The players are already top-notch and highly rated in the game.

Making these smurf accounts and beating the poor freshies is just like you’ve come back to high school life. Where back then, those big bullies used to attack and torture the easier prey.

Why do players smurf?

Now, many reasons can be predicted. In multiplayer games, the high-level players ain’t enough. It takes them time to match opponents with the same ranking and capabilities.

So the “outstanding players”  instead of searching for the same-level gamers prefer doing smurfing in gaming. They(smurfs) show themselves, beginners, at the start of the game.

After that, showing off their “out of the league skills” they easily defeat the freshly baked opponents. “Hey… isn’t it a wrong use of power”. Yes, it is!

One of the other possible judgments is that the exceptional players might want to play with their friends that are still new to the game. “Can’t they do this without smurfing in gaming?”

Well, they can’t!

In most multiplayer games such as Overwatch and Counter-Strike,  fair and square matchmaking is done and people of the same ranks are paired.

Where did the concept originate from?

Do you remember the game Warcraft II? The game was truly a claim to fame and a big hit of the time.

The term took birth: back in 1996 when two well-known players of the game unknowingly started smurfing in gaming.

They pretended to play badly and later won the decided battle against novice players. Regardless, it was child play for them. The names of their smurf accounts were PapaSmurf and Smurfette.

Can you be banned from Smurfing?

If you’re playing moderately and not instigating other beginners with your top-grade playing style. You surely won’t be kicked out of the game.

However, if there are constant bullying reports against you by other new-level users. You could be banned temporarily or indefinitely depending on the graveness of the situation.

Also, if a smurf is caught red-handed trading and selling an account, he can be prohibited to play the game forever.

Although, the gaming developers have taken some intense steps for forbidding smurfing in gaming.

A multiplayer game like Valorant and a single-player game like Pokemon might require you to attain a certain level of rank or powers. After that, you get to play the original mode of the game.

Final words

Having known the terminology of smurfing in gaming might make you feel overwhelmed. Anyhow, while moving forward in your game, you must have become able to recognize smurf accounts.

The best thing you need to do is flag these smurf accounts to make this unjust behavior get banned.

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