What Are Macros in Gaming?

What Are Macros in Gaming

Diving into the world of gaming you realize there are countless of methods of playing games, during that time I’m pretty sure you’re come across the term macro gaming, so what exactly are macros in gaming?

Let’s take a deep dive!

What are macros exactly?

Macros are command chains that are programmed by a combination of keys or with the help of macro keys that are found in special keyboards or gaming mouse.

Hitting these keys execute a series of commands sequence which effectively saves a lot of time, to put that into perspective assuming you to jump and dodge in a game you need to hit CTRL + W, you can program the command into a key it saves you the time of hitting double keys or even triple keys.

Macros are not only used in gaming, they can find in all software applications like word processing, spreadsheet and even databases, macros makes extensive work easier.

So How Does Macros Apply in Gaming?

Since we are all grounded in what macros are, how well does it apply in gaming, since macros simplifies information input, Gamers can just push a button for an extensive amount of action, gamers call these keys macro keys, these special keys can be found in gaming keyboards and mouse.

Macro keys are different keystroke that you can press repeatedly to repeat the action that were programmed in it, they are essentially the easier way of doing regular tasks without having to press the same keys repeatedly, they come in handy for fighting games like Shadow Fight, Reel Steel Series, TEKKEN 7, Street Fighter V and the likes.

So Sweet, Any Downsides?

So, you might be thinking, since you can make very long commands shorter and execute them in a split second, you should dominate your games leaderboards, right?

Well not quite, there are times when using them is perfectly fine, and they are times when it’s not, when you use macro keys in online servers you might quite possibly get banned from the servers, is using macro keys cheating?

You might be wondering, well the idea behind it is if you are going to program a sequence of moves into a single key anytime you meet another player, you’re going to execute quite faster and slain your opponent this is regarded as automation and it pisses a lot of people off, and might get you banned from the game servers since it’s regarded as cheating.

Don’t get all disappointed there is still away to benefit from macro keys in an offline game, where it’s just you and a bunch of bots or materials to collect, so instead of using bunch of boring keys to simply cut down trees or something you can actively use a key and shorten the time and show your fingers a little love.

Online games still allow users to program a single action into a single macro key, there’s still no major advantage, for example league of legends allows you to program your summoners spell from QWER to other keys.

Now that’s All Established, How Do we Set Macro Keys?

There is no one specific way we can set up macro keys, most gaming keyboards and mice has their own in-built software for this kind of set up, it shouldn’t take too much time, of course they first of all have to support the use of macro keys, make sure you properly check the product description to see whether or not it is supported before you buy.


So, we know what macros are and how we can apply them into playing games, by programming series of command into an input device in games where reaction time has to quick, these methods help a lot in several kind of games. Thread carefully in online games though, you might get banned if you use it then, as it is considered cheating.

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