12 Best Trivia Games for Android

Best Trivia Games for Android

Over the last few decades, quizzes and trivia games have controlled the media.

Shows such as jeopardy, who wants to be a millionaire, family feud, and are you smarter than a fifth grader have remained popular for years and are still popular today.

While it’s entertaining to stay home and watch others strive to win, there are many ways to engage in similar brain-teasing activities yourself.

The top Android quiz and trivia games are listed here. Check out a list of the best trivia games for android below;

1. 94%

Take its spot on our list of Best Trivia Games for Android. Ninety-four percent is a delightful little quiz game for android in which you must correctly predict 94 percent of the responses to each question.

It will, for example, present you with a situation. You must match 94 percent of the responses to the situation. You’ll have to predict 94 percent of what individuals do while they wake up every morning, for example.

It’s similar to Family Feud. It has hundreds of questions and stages, and the makers appear to be adding fresh content to the game on a regular basis.

It isn’t flawless, but it is entertaining. It’s one of the most enjoyable quizzes.

2. HQ Trivia

Among the most common quiz games for android for 2018 is HQ Trivia. It has a game show feel to it that is unlike anything on this list.

This features a live host who asks you questions at specific moments throughout the day—those who correctly answer advance, while those who erroneously answer are eliminated.

The people who remained at the end were given real, tangible prizes. You won’t be able to give up your position playing HQ Trivia, but earning a meal or two feels quite good.

Games are held daily at 9 p.m. EST and on weekdays at 3 p.m. EST, giving you a total of 12 chances to participate per week. There are no in-app purchases, so it’s absolutely free.

It is making our list of best trivia games for android.

3. Logo Game

One of the very few free puzzle games for android is Logo Game. This is a simple game of chance in which you are shown a logo and must guess the brand.

It features over 2285 globally famous companies, 73 levels, and increasing difficulty as you progress. Google Play Games services, such as achievements and leaderboards, are also included. For a fully free game, it’s pretty vast.

However, you must fight with advertisements, so the experience is somewhat averaged. There is a slew of videogames like these available on Google Play, and they’re far from difficult.

People, on the other hand, appear to adore them. This game has been listed as one of the best trivia games for android.

4. Millionaire Trivia and Jeopardy World

The official mobile names of their respective assets are Millionaire Trivia and Jeopardy World.

With lifelines, multiple-choice, and game graphics that appear like the program, these quiz game for android – Millionaire Trivia – allows you to play like the traditional game.

Jeopardy World is a lot easier than the television version. All questions are changed to multiple-choice, but the game generally stays true to the source content.

If you enjoy either TV game show, you will appreciate both of these games. In terms of the top ten, they’re closer to number ten than number one.

There are certain freemium mechanics that we don’t care for, and Millionaire especially has a cheating issue. The real trivia component of both games, on the other hand, is quite fantastic. This is one of the best trivia games for android.

5. Pop Corn Trivia

PopcornTrivia isn’t the most difficult quiz game for android. People, on the other hand, appear to like it a lot. It’s a movie trivia game targeting movie fans.

It has a slew of questions from cinephiles regarding a huge number of films from a variety of genres. Every week, the developers add new movies to the site.

You take a quiz concerning a film, give answers concerning it, and see whether you know as much as you believe you do about it.

The graphics are basic, but, like Quizoid, it doesn’t really matter since the remainder of the game is so enjoyable. Anyone who likes movies should give it a shot.

6. Quinoid

Being one of the Best Trivia Games for Android, Quizoid is an older quiz game for android that is still popular. It has almost 7,000 trivia questions divided into more than a dozen categories.

There are three game modes in the game (traditional, 20 multiple-choice, and rapid mode), as well as some hint mechanics and full offline support.

The game’s user interface and graphics are rudimentary and will not impress anyone. The game, on the other hand, is great. A $3.99 premium version is available.

You have an extra 3,000 problems, two new game modes, and new hint features for that amount. This is a decent, robust, and reliable quiz game with few compromises or issues.

We also appreciate the offline assistance.

7. QuizUp

Quizup is one of the most popular quiz games on the market. In the game, there is an option for online PvP. Players receive more points by answering questions faster than the other player.

The winner is the one who scores the most points. There are a lot of different groups, and the number keeps growing. There are additional special categories available.

They are frequently seen around significant events such as holidays, film premieres, and so on. It differs from those other trivia games because it is more social.

It could be a positive or a negative, based on what you’re searching for. This game has been added to the list of Best Trivia Games for Android.

8. Quizzland

QuizzLand is one of the best trivia games for android that has a great user interface. The quiz game app’s look alone is enough to entice you in.

It’s vibrant, inventive, and easy to use! QuizLand has questions from a variety of disciplines. You name it: geography, literature, science, and mathematics.

There are no questions that are repeated. Each level contains twenty questions and a unique combination of mini-games.

As if that weren’t enough, you can now earn more stars by completing missions. In the trivia app, there’s even a competition part where you can view your local or global rankings over a set period of time. 

9. Trivia 360

One of the most recent quiz games is Trivia 360. It has the appearance and feel of a classic trivia game. Tons of quizzes, correct or incorrect questions, puzzles, and more kinds are included.

There are also ranked matches to keep track of your progress. Aside from that, it’s a fairly straightforward trivia game. The user interface is vibrant but simple to grasp. The only drawback is that most of the historical questions are from the United States.

There are also a lot of commercials with no means to get clear of them. Aside from that, it’s not too horrible.

10. Trivia Crack 2

Among the most popular mobile trivia games for android in the last five years was Trivia Crack. The sequel to Trivia Crack is Trivia Crack 2.

It shares many of the same characteristics as the first. There is a tonne of queries, online PvP, and the ability to submit your own questions, much like in the original game.

This second iteration also includes several new social and gaming features. The advertising isn’t fun in the least, and we’re not lovers of the subscription fee to get rid of it.

Aside from the advertising, the game is a strong trivia game featuring good social components that should balance out over time.

11. Quiz Planet

If you’re searching for a quiz app that you can play with your pals, Quiz Planet is the app for you!

You can engage with your peers on Quiz Planet by accepting them as friends or giving them an invitation link.

Different levels of a game correlate to different categories, and each level comprises three questions. Throughout the game, the number of right responses you receive will pile up.

In addition, every player takes turns determining what the following round’s category will be. But hold on, there’s a snag! Unless both opponents have cleared the round, the game will not continue. 

12. General Knowledge Quiz

The General Knowledge Quiz, also known as the Endless Quiz, is one of the most difficult trivia game apps to master.

It will surely put your knowledge to the test and does not include any pop culture trivia. Historical background, Literary works, Scientific knowledge, Technology, Geography, Arts, Liberal arts, and Current Affairs are among the categories in the trivia app.

The nicest part about this trivia software is how easy it is to use! It’s a simple and enjoyable game to play. Its incredible features add this game to the list of Best Trivia Games for Android.

Trivia applications are those entertaining and engaging games that put your knowledge of various topics to the test.

The questions could be on everything from physics to contemporary society. All you’ll have to do is find the trivia apps that suit your tastes.

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