16 Best 2013 Hallmark Christmas Movies

2013 Hallmark Christmas Movies

Have you been searching for the best 2013 Hallmark Christmas Movies? Well, search No more.

Here are some of the best 2013 Hallmark Christmas movies to watch this holiday.

The Countdown to Christmas debuts on Hallmark Channel increased by 16 movies in 2013.

They were added to the schedule and showed through the end of December as all of the previous year’s films.

Every year, they are added to the program, as is customary. Many of these have risen to the top of the fan favorites list.

Well, the 2013 hallmark Christmas movies are as follows;  

1. Angels Sing

Michael Walker dreamt that every day could be Christmas when he was a kid. That is until he was crushed by a horrible accident during the holidays.

Michael still can’t conjure any excitement for the holidays thirty years later despite encouragement from his humorous wife and well-intentioned parents.  

On the other hand, Michael must make amends with his past when his little kid suffers a catastrophe.

Furthermore, Michael is given a present by a mystery man named Nick, who gives him the courage to rediscover his lost joy. 

Harry Connick Jr, Connie Britton, Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, and Kris Kristofferson.  

2. A Very Merry Mix Up

A very merry mix-up is one of the best 2013 hallmark Christmas movies. Alicia had never seen a Hallmark Christmas movie before.

Alice (Witt), the owner of an antique business, travels to meet Will Mitchum’s family.  

When her suitcase is missing and her phone is destroyed, she meets Matt Mitchum, assumes he is Will’s brother and follows him.  

While she enjoyed her time with the Mitchums, she soon discovered that Will’s relatives were not. Alicia Witt, Lawrence Dane, Mark Wiebe, Susan Hogan, and Scott Gibson star in the movie. 

3. Christmas in Conway

Duncan Mayor is a grumpy guy in Conway, South Carolina, according to the locals. He’s a devoted pussycat to “my sweet sweetheart,” Suzy, his wife.  

Furthermore, Duncan tries to ignore Suzy, who has recently returned home from the hospital. And she is being cared about by nurse Natalie 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

Additionally, Duncan determines that the most excellent medicine for Suzy – and a Christmas present she’ll never forget – is a trip on an actual Ferris wheel set up in their backyard.  

What is the purpose of a Ferris wheel? Because it was while riding one that Duncan proposed to Suzy many eons ago.

What’s the best place to look for a 45-foot-high used Ferris wheel? Duncan discovers riches in an abandoned amusement park overseen by Henry, a lonely ex-carnival employee.   

However, the mechanical monstrosity’s assembly isn’t precisely a one-person task. Duncan receives critical assistance from Tommy, a former Suzy classmate.

Mandy Moore, Andy Garcia, Riley Smith, Cheri Oteri, Mary-Louise Parker.  

4. Finding Christmas

Finding Christmas is one of the 2013 Hallmark Christmas Movies. Sean, who owns an advertising business in New York City, and Owen, a small-town handyman and singer, trade places for the holidays.  

Sean’s employee Mia assists Owen in settling into his new apartment. While Ryan, who Owen sent to repair a broken heater, assists Sean in discovering the charms of living in a small town.  

Owen tries to flirt with Halo, a local wannabe model/actress/singer newcomer to the large city. Halo finds Owen approaching the elevator wearing clothing borrowed from Sean’s wardrobe one night after Mia had shown him around town.  

Moreover, Halo flirts back, thinking he’s wealthy and sets up a date. On the other hand, Mia advises him that just because he’s living in Sean’s apartment and wearing Sean’s things doesn’t mean he’s rich. J.T Hodges, Tricia Helfer, Christina Rosato, Mark Lutz, Christian Distefano. 

5. Let It Snow

When Falcon Resorts buys the family-owned Snow Valley Lodge from retiring owners, Stephanie,  a motivated professional, must spend the week before Christmas in Maine developing a proposal on the property’s upgrades to impress Falcon’s president, her distant father, Ted.   

Furthermore, Stephanie butts heads with her guide, Brady, the owners’ son, who has opted to leave the family’s business as they prepare to rebuild the lodge from the ground up.

Stephanie relishes every moment of the lodge’s seasonal customs, which offer her the Christmas she never experienced as a child.  

Meanwhile, her antagonistic feelings for Brady transform into loving affections to make matters even more complicated for her work obligations.  

Stephanie begins to question Falcon’s remodeling due to her increased Christmas enthusiasm and unexpected relationship. Candace Cameron Bure, Jesse Hutch, Alan Thicke star in the Hallmark Channel original movie. 

6. Hats Off To Christmas

Hats off to Christmas is one of the best 2013 Hallmark Christmas movies to watch. Mia is a dedicated and hardworking manager of her tiny town’s Christmas hat shop.

She is taken aback when her ten-year boss asks her to train his son, Nick, for a vacant upper-management post-Mia had been eyeing.  

Furthermore, Mia finds Nick’s training frustrating, even though he is a handsome, successful New York City business consultant.  

That is until Nick takes an interest in Mia’s son Scotty and helps Scotty with a pumpkin carving contest. On the other hand, Mia’s faith in Nick is soon eroded when Nick fails to compete.  

Additionally, Mia tries to keep Nick out of her and Scotty’s fragile lives to protect her son from additional heartbreak.

At the same time, Nick must decide whether living in the tiny community of Wilsonville is worth preceding the big-city privileges he once had in New York.  

Antonio Cupo, Haylie Duff, Sean Michael Kyer, Jay Brazeau, Melanie Papalia. 

7. Fir Crazy

Elise, a busy career woman, has neither the time nor the desire to participate in the Christmas celebrations.

However, a series of events conspire to put her in the heart of her worst nightmare: unemployed, newly unmarried, and in charge of her family’s Christmas tree lot during the spooky holiday season.  

Additionally, she has to deal with a tense relationship with the lot’s new landlord, Gary Dixon, who believes the tree lot is damaging his business and wants them gone as soon as possible.

However, things are looking up for Elise because she is developing a connection with one of Darren’s customers.   

Her landlord devises a plan to close the lot just before Christmas, forcing her to rely on her newly discovered holiday spirit, business acumen, and the assistance of her new friends.

Sarah Lancaster, Erick Johnson, Inga Cadranel, John Bregar, Colin Mochrie star in the Hallmark Channel premiere. 

8. Catch A Christmas Star

Catch a Christmas star is one of the best 2013 Hallmark Christmas movies. Nikki Crandon is one of the most well-known pop stars in the world.  

Everyone knows who Nikki is, whether she’s singing the National Anthem or promoting her new album—none more so than Chris Mitchell, a New Jersey high school basketball coach and widower who was Nikki’s first love in high school.  

Sophie, Chris’ 10-year-old daughter, takes matters into her own hands when she learns that her father still has affection for the singer.

Additionally, Sophie is successful in reuniting her 8-year-old brother Jackson with her.  

Meanwhile, when a misunderstanding and the public spotlight threaten Chris and Nikki’s happiness, one can only wonder: will celebrity get in the way of a Merry Christmas? Steve Byers, Shannon Elizabeth, Julia Lalonde, Doug MacLeod, Kyle Harrison Breitkopf. 

9. The Christmas Ornament

Kathy, who has recently been widowed, has decided to forego decking the halls and trimming the tree this Christmas to prevent anything that may remind her of her late spouse.

Her only Christmas custom is baking cookies for her friends, which she has enjoyed since she was a child.  

Furthermore, Kathy’s undeniable rapport with gorgeous Christmas tree shop owner Tim, as well as an ornament Tim gifts her that symbolizes hope, helps Kathy rediscover the delights of the season.  

Kathy begins to accept the ornament’s uplifting message with the help of her closest friend Jenna and her growing friendship with Tim.  

Meanwhile, Kathy tries to strike a balance between honoring her husband’s memory and in the future with her future, despite her desire to take a risk on Tim.

Is the Christmas ornament a sign that she has a bright future ahead of her? Cameron Mathias, Kellie Martin, Jewel Staite, Brendan Meyer, Matthew Kevin Anderson. 

10. Santa Switch

Santa Switch

Santa Switch is one of the best 2013 Hallmark Christmas movies. Dan Ryebeck is unemployed and unable to afford the gifts he believes will impress his two children as the holiday’s approaches.  

Dan hasn’t had time for his family because he’s always chasing a new business concept. And these include his wife Linda, who is finally fed up and filing divorce papers. Dan understands that to reclaim his family, he must make this Christmas the finest yet.  

Furthermore, Dan is frustrated and broke after auditioning for a mall Santa job and rapidly loses his temper, blaming his problems on Christmas.

When the genuine Kris Kringle pays him a visit from the North Pole, he has no idea that his luck is about to change.  

Kris sends his hard-working elf aide Eddie to guide Dan while taking a holiday and leaving Dan in charge. Ethan Erickson, Anne Dudek, Sean Astin, and Donovan Scott star in the Hallmark Channel original movie

11. Christmas With Tucker

After his father passes away, little George (Munroe) moves in with his grandparents while his mother (Bissett) stays in Minnesota.

He assists them on their farm and becomes attached to Tucker, a dog whose disturbed owner is imprisoned.  

With James Brolin, Josie Bissett, and Gage Munroe, this is the first Christmas-themed film to air on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. 

12. Pete’s Christmas

Pete’s Christmas is one of the 2013 Hallmark Christmas Movies. When he realizes his family’s tragic Christmas day keeps repeating, an unnoticed middle child finds himself in the unexpected spotlight.  

Furthermore, he chooses to use his unusual skill to give the holidays a makeover and his family a Christmas they will never forget because he is the only one experiencing the day repeatedly.

Molly Parker, Zachary Gordon, Wesley Morgan, Rick Roberts, and Peter DaCunha star. 

13. The Christmas Spirit

Over the holidays, Charlotte, a renowned journalist, spends time with her family when a real estate developer approaches their little village with an intriguing offer.

In addition, she drives to see the developer question him, skeptical and looking for the actual story.

She is in a catastrophic car accident and awakens in the hospital to discover that her body is in a coma, but her spirit is fully awake. She crosses paths with another soul, who happens to be a ruthless developer.  

However, he was on the other side of the crash and is now in a coma as well. With only a few days until the town votes on the development, Charlotte must try to persuade the developer and the community to change their minds. Furthermore, 

Nicollette Sheridan, Bart Johnson, and Olympia Dukakis are the star in the Hallmark Channel premiere. 

14. Window Wonderland

Window Wonderland is one of the best 2013 Hallmark Christmas movies. There are no rules when two Manhattan department store employees compete for the same job during the busy Christmas season.  

Additionally, Sloan is an ambitious young woman who wants to work at McGuire’s department store as a window dresser. She’s the polar opposite of Jake, who is also interested in the position.  

They’ve been tasked to create a series of holiday storefront windows twice a week till Christmas. The job will go to the inventor of the window display that attracts the most incredible attention from passers-by. 

Meanwhile, the contest and the presence of Kenneth, Sloan’s boyfriend, who doesn’t comprehend the emphasis on her job, impede the development of a mutual attraction between the two.  

Furthermore, McGuire’s seasoned window washer Mac and brassy bathroom attendant Rita, who like each other but aren’t friends, support the window dressers’ efforts.

Chyler Leigh, Paul Campbell, Cameron Mathison, and Naomi Judd star in the Hallmark Channel premiere. 

15. Snow Bride

Greta is always on the lookout for exciting rumors. Furthermore, her job as a tabloid reporter exposes the rich and famous for the magazine’s readers’ amusement.  

Her editor challenges Greta to uncover the scoop when word gets out that one of Senator Tannehill’s two sons may be proposing marriage at the family’s compound around the holidays.  

Greta rushes to the resort after her car becomes trapped in the snow, leaving her with nothing but her sister’s wedding gown to keep her warm.

Meanwhile, she finds herself in the thick of what could be her best story yet when she accidentally becomes a family guest.  

However, she quickly discovers that the family, especially matriarch Maggie Tannehill and caretaker Peters, are more grounded than she ever imagined.

Katrina Law, Jordan Belfi, Bobby Campo, and Patricia Richardson star in the Hallmark Channel original movie. 

16. The Thanksgiving House

Last on our list of 2013 hallmark Christmas movies is the thanksgiving house. When lawyer Mary Ross inherits a home from her late aunt, she has no idea inheriting a historical gem.

Additionally, Mary’s slick boyfriend, Rick, initially supports her desire to sell the house. Still, she is surprised to learn that local historian Everett has evidence that her house is located on the first Thanksgiving!

Everett seeks to prove his idea, while Mary tries to prove anything that will keep the home in her hands as the house becomes an unexpected tourist attraction.  

Suddenly, Mary clings to the house as if it were an artifact of her history before her father’s abandonment tainted her idyllic childhood memories.  

She must choose between preserving the house’s historical significance and making it the site of many happy Thanksgivings. Emily Rose, Justin Bruening, Adam Kaufman)and Bruce Boxleitner star in the Hallmark Channel premiere. 

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