22 of the Best 2K Video Games

2K Video Games

This article focus on 2k video games, 2K Games, based in Novato, California, is an American video game publisher.

The company was created in January 2005 under the 2K Games and 2K Sports labels, following Take-Two Interactive’s acquisition of Visual Concepts the previous month.

In September 2007, a third label, 2K Play, was added. BioShock, Borderlands, NBA 2K, WWE 2K, and XCOM are among the notable franchises.

Read on as we discuss some of the 2k video games.

1. Ford Racing 3

Empire Interactive and 2K Games have released Ford Racing 3 as a racing video game. It is the third installment in the Ford Racing series, and it was published in Europe in October 2004 for the PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox.

There are 55 Ford vehicles in the home console and GBA versions, whereas there are 26 Ford vehicles in the DS version. The Ford Competition and Ford Challenge modes are included in the console version.

Also, Ford Competition is a single-player option that comprises 14 tournaments, including races using only specific vehicles.

The Ford Challenge is a series of races where participants must achieve certain obstacles to advance to the next event. 

Furthermore, each vehicle class has four challenges with an accessible, medium, and difficult difficulty setting.

The game also includes the Ford Collection mode, which allows the user to create personalized challenges by picking a track, weather conditions, and vehicles.

2. Close Combat: First To Fight

Close Combat: First to Fight is a Destineer Studios squad-based military first-person tactical shooter game for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and Xbox.

It came out in April of 2005. In a real fictional scenario, the player commands a fireteam of three US Marines in Lebanon when their Prime Minister becomes ill. Syria and Iran send forces to bolster specific factions.

Furthermore, every AI character in the game, including opponents, civilians, and team members, has a psychological model. Due to the diversity of the simulated human response to stress.

However, it was created with the help of active-duty and former Marines from the 3rd Battalion 1st Marines. Who recently fought in the Second Battle of Fallujah in Iraq during Operation Phantom Fury.

3. NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 is one of the 2k video games. It is the first game in the series to be released on neither the Xbox 360 nor the Playstation 3.

NBA 2K19 is also the first game in the series to provide a CBA Mandarin Chinese option for career mode commentary.

Even though it offered significant gameplay improvements over its predecessor, the game received much negative feedback from gamers, microtransaction tactics put a foul taste in the mouths of many who purchased the game and led to widespread censure by players, much as they did with its successor.

4. Ford Mustang: The Legend Lives

The game includes 40 Ford Mustang vehicles from 1964 to 2005, including production, concept, and racing models.

The game features 22 race tracks set in seven different cities across the United States. Including Chicago, Miami, Also, New York City, and San Francisco.

Career, Arcade, and Challenge are the three single-player modes of the game. In Career mode, the player customizes a Ford Mustang to compete against other players.

The player gains money for winning races, which You may spend to upgrade sections of the car. The arcade mode includes a variety of races, the majority of which are time trials.

In Challenge mode, the player competes against other drivers in various racing events, such as time trials and driving through gates without crashing as competing drivers try to sabotage the player’s goal. There are also various two-player modes in the game.

5. Stronghold 2

In this game, players can take on the role of a lord presiding over a medieval castle. Players employ their available resources to develop several sorts of food production.

Industry, civil or military constructions, and defenses, among other things. Player micromanagement is modest because available peasants choose jobs whenever a structure demands one; players often construct the various buildings efficiently while keeping their peasants safe.

Individual or group military units are directly managed, and sieges or battles involving hundreds of soldiers on both sides can be huge.

Estates are an extension to the original Stronghold that players can “purchase” with their accrued honor (gained by popularity, holding feasts, dances, jousting, etc.). This is one of the best 2k video games.

6. Motocross Mania 3

The game concentrates on vehicular combat, and players can assault opponents with various weapons. Such as baseball bats and ice picks.

Players can also assault without weapons, which involves attacking while in the air. Which the game refers to as “showing off while kicking ass at the same time.” There’s a “mania meter” that slows time down similarly to bullet-time so you can attack again.

Furthermore, the Championship is one of the game’s modes, in which players compete in a series of races across 20 courses, attempting to finish in the top four to progress.

Also, players can challenge another driver to a best-of-three series before each race in the mode, and if the player wins, they get the driver’s bike.

7. NHL 2K6

NHL 2K6 is an ice hockey simulation developed by 2K Sports and released for Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Xbox 360.

On the cover of this 2K video games sold in the United States is goaltender Marty Turco. And on the cover of games sold in Canada and Europe is forward Mats, Sundin.

However, the game includes all of the features from last year’s game, ESPN NHL 2K5, and new ones. It consists of a novel “crease control” system that allows the player to direct the goaltender for their team and make crucial saves. In addition, it makes the new NHL shootout system the default. This is one of the best 2k video games.

8. Top Spin

Players can choose from singles matches, doubles matches, exhibition tournaments, a career mode, or quick play matches in Top Spin.

Top Spin contains a variety of professional tennis players whose likenesses have been licensed to the game, a tradition that has continued in the sequels. It also featured fictional characters.

Furthermore, The player can progress from amateur to professional status by competing in events worldwide. Also, they can do so by using one of the licensed players or by designing their character. This is one of the best 2k video games.

9. Borderlands 3

Gearbox Software and 2K Games have released Borderlands 3, an action role-playing first-person shooter video game.

As one of four classes, players conduct quests and side missions in single-player or multiplayer mode. Enemies may drop weapons and gear that can be equipped when killed.

As the player accumulates experience, more skills become available. Also, the plot revolves around four new Vault Hunters who the Crimson Raiders of Pandora have hired to stop twins Troy and Tyreen Calypso.

And their crazy cult followers from seizing the power of the alien Vaults scattered throughout the galaxy.

In addition, Borderlands 3 garnered mostly positive reviews upon its debut. Including acclaim for its gameplay, though others questioned the lack of creativity, technical flaws, characters, and story. 

10. WWE 2K19

Game makers acknowledged that customers were dissatisfied with prior offerings and promised to deliver a terrific game, which they did. WWE 2K19 was the kind of wrestling game that fans had been waiting for for a long time.

Furthermore, it included a fantastic Showcase mode where players could track Daniel Bryan’s growth with 11 distinct unique models in 11 different matches, including a fictional match at WrestleMania 34 where he faced off against his prior self.

Other game modes and features benefited from the updates as well. They also included improved animations and more complex graphics in the game.

The inclusion of Big Head Mode in the series was a welcome one. A gold version of AJ Styles is also available.

11. Mafia: Definitive Addictive

Hangar 13 and 2K Games have released Mafia: Definitive Edition, a 2020 action-adventure game. It is however the fourth main installment in the Mafia series and a recreation of the 2002 video game Mafia.

Also, the remake, like the original, is set in the fictional city of Lost Heaven, Illinois. During the 1930s and follows Tommy Angelo, a Sicilian-American cab driver-turned-gangster, and his rise and fall within the Salieri crime family.

When not performing quests to advance the story, players can explore Lost Heaven at their leisure, thanks to the game’s open-world design.

Furthermore, this is primarily done in the Free Ride game mode. Players are not limited by mission linearity and can discover hidden side missions and collectibles peculiar to this format. This video game is one of the best 2k video games.

12. PGA Tour 2k21

PGA Tour 2K21 is a sports video game released by 2K Sports for Stadia, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The game is the successor of 2018’s The Golf Club 2019 featuring the PGA Tour. And it is the second game in the overall series to be licensed by the PGA Tour.

Furthermore, critics praised PGA Tour 2K21 for preserving the realism of its predecessors while introducing more difficulty levels and assistance to make it more accessible to a wider audience.

13. Bioshock: The Collection

BioShock: The Collection from the name is a collection of BioShock video games made by Blind Squirrel Games and distributed by 2K Games.

Upgraded versions of BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite are included in the collection. With new textures and compatibility for higher resolution displays and framerates.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of the collection were released in September 2016, with macOS and Nintendo Switch versions following in August 2017 and May 2020.

Before its formal announcement, a remaster of the BioShock series has been widely rumored for years. The game was updated after its first release to fix issues and crashes.

The Collection received primarily excellent reviews, with praise concentrating on the collection’s value and appeal to newcomers to the franchise.

The lack of updates to later titles in the collection and technical performance were among the complaints. During its initial months of release, the game was a best-selling title in the United States and the United Kingdom.

14. WWE 2K22

With speculations circulating that WWE may be looking to EA Sports as their next exclusive gaming partner, WWE 2K22 could be the series’ final game under the 2K label, and if it is, it could be the series’ pinnacle.

2K22 feels like a step forward for the series, with an extra year of polish and development. While it still leans more toward simulation than the classic arcadey WWE games.

The pace has dramatically increased, and the controls are user-friendly. Fans are also pleased with the return of GM mode, Showcase, and MyRise modes.

The game is far from perfect, but it is a long cry from the debacle that was WWE 2K20. Without a doubt, this is one of the best 2k video games.

15. XCom: Chimera Squad

The player assumes command of Chimera Squad, a group of eleven human and extraterrestrial characters.

Also, unique talents have replaced character classes from earlier franchise iterations for each character. The game is separated into tactical combat and non-combat activity management.

These non-combat tasks occur in the game’s strategy layer. Which allows players to change or upgrade squad members’ equipment and assign squad members to investigations.

The strategy layer depicts the level of unrest in each district, and if that unrest is not addressed, the city will become violent.

After starting a combat mission, players select which of the playable characters will take part. There may be many battle portions in each mission.

Furthermore, Missions begin with a planning phase known as “breach mode,” allowing players to arrange their forces at specific points before entering the fighting zone.

Players can split their units among various entry sites, and different entry locations offer distinct perks and obstacles. This is one of the best 2k video games.

16. Borderland 2 VR

Borderlands 2 is one of the best 2k video games that is a first-person shooter video game released in 2012 by 2K Games. And developed by Gearbox Software.

The game is however set five years after the events of Borderlands (2009). And takes place on the planet of Pandora once more.

The plot follows a fresh troop of Vault Hunters who must join forces with the Crimson Raiders. A resistance group made up several of civilian survivors and guerrilla warriors.

To destroy Handsome Jack before he can unlock the power of a new Vault. Also, players can explore the in-game world and perform both primary missions and optional side tasks in offline split-screen, single-player, or online cooperative gameplay.

Furthermore, like its predecessor, the game has a randomly generated loot engine that can create a wide range of weapon and gear combinations.

17. NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 is one of the more recent additions to the NBA 2K series. With a range of new adjustable settings for the game types.

This is one of the best 2k video games. Furthermore, for example, in the game types MyLeague and MyGM, players can create six expansion teams.

These teams can also be moved at any time by the player. It’s also the first time the WNBA clubs have participated in the series.

However, NBA 2K20 received a lot of flak for its heavy reliance on microtransactions in the MyTeam game mode. 

18. Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games collaborated on Evolve, a first-person shooter video game.

The game was announced in January 2014 and released in February 2015 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Evolve employs an asymmetrical multiplayer structure in which five players—four as hunters and one as the monster—battle it out on Shear, an industrialized alien planet.

Also, The monsters are controlled from a third-person perspective, while the hunters play in a first-person shooter style.

The hunters’ goal is to kill the monster, while the monster’s purpose is to consume wildlife and evolve to become stronger before killing the hunters or successfully destroying the objective. This is one of the best 2K video games.

19. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, like its predecessor, positions the player as the head of an elite military group.

As commander, the player controls their soldiers in turn-based combat missions against alien opponents.

In between missions, the player oversees the organization’s finances and directs the organization’s research and engineering divisions in developing new technologies and enhancing XCOM’s base of operations.

The top-down 3D perspective is used in turn-based ground combat. The player commands a squad of one to six human soldiers or robotic units as they hunt out aliens on the map and strive to achieve other mission goals. Also, the map layouts aren’t produced at random, but enemy placement is.

The aliens and their activities are hidden in the fog of war until the player’s men are within range and have a line of sight on them, and foes rarely act until the squad is within line of sight.

Soldiers can carry equipment and use special skills controlled through a toolbar on the head-up display (HUD).

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