32 Best Board Games for Camping

Best Board Games for Camping

The games listed below are excellent choices if you’re looking for the best board games for camping.

All of them have a camping or wildland theme. Some of the board games for camping have incredible illustrations of wildlife or national parks.

We have included only highly regarded board games and games for a range of age groups, from young children to adults.

Although there is never a shortage of things to do while camping, there are times when you might find yourself stranded in a downpour or want to relax at camp.

Bring out some board games and engage in a different type of family entertainment on days like these for a great way to pass the time.

You will not only enjoy yourself by getting competitive, but you will also support the intellectual development of your children.

There are many more advantages to board games than just being a way to kill time for kids. 

Board games help kids develop critical thinking, reasoning, and logic skills. Without much ado, here are some of the best board games for camping.

1. Eight-Minute Empire

Eight-Minute Empire, one of the few portable board games with a board, is similar to the Civilization board game if it didn’t require an afternoon to set up.

You’ll gather resources, compete for control of territories, and prepare your armies for battle, just like in other conquest games.

Eight-Minute Empire won’t result in an unsatisfying stalemate along the border Europe-Asia border, in contrast to other conquest games.

While Eight-Minute Empire is small and easy to play, strategy is crucial, and because the rounds are so brief, every choice counts.

Games become a frenzy of tense action that you’ll want to repeat repeatedly.

2. Dice Academy

Dice Academy is one of the best board games for camping which is a frantic party game with language at its core that has a straightforward premise.

Roll a special set of dice with images on each side first. Your categories are determined by the images that appear.

Roll the second set of dice, this time with a different set of letters arranged on each one.

Also, once you roll both sets, the game is over as everyone scrambles to come up with a word that starts with the rolled letters in one of the categories.

The sole caveat? One roll of the dice, either by you or your friends, is all there is. That combination is no longer usable by anyone.

So, if you’re quick with words, you can score points, but if you’re not, it’s very simple for someone to steal your dice—a fantastically tense afternoon results, keeping everyone on their toes.

3. Parks by Keymaster

The participants are hikers who travel on various trails found in national parks.

Hikers must complete tasks and gather memories symbolized by images of mountains, forests, and wildlife. At the end of a hike, memories allow you to visit a National Park. 

Every trail changes and gets gradually longer as it represents a different year’s season.

The trails, represented by tiles, are rearranged between each season in preparation for the following one.

Finding resources can be difficult, especially if someone is already there when you’re trying to get to them. 

Furthermore, with a campfire, you can spend time and space with other hikers. You can also use gear and canteens to increase the game’s resource accessibility for you. This game is one of the best board games for camping.

4. Photosynthesis

For fans of science and biology, one of the best board games referencing the tree life cycle is photosynthesis.

With an ever-changing forest, this popular board game has a great presence. An Action Points Allowance System mechanism underlies photosynthesis.

Earn light points as you guide your trees through each stage of their development, from seedling to full bloom to rebirth, and watch as their leaves absorb energy from the sun’s rays.

Pick your planting locations and growing seasons wisely because trees in the shadows are blocked from light and points. This game has gorgeous graphics and a realistic gameplay experience.

5. Wingspan

One of the best board games for camping with a wilderness theme includes 170 cards, colorful tokens, and eggs.

It has earned several accolades. You play a bird enthusiast who wants to populate his wildlife preserve with the best birds—searching for the best birds to bring to your network of wildlife reserves. Also, each bird creates a series of potent combinations in one of your habitats.

6. Tiny Epic Galaxies

The size of the universe is said to be difficult to comprehend, but Tiny Epic Galaxies does a good job of condensing it into a small space.

Galaxies primarily focus on dice rolls, unlike some Tiny Epic Games, which can sprawl despite their small packaging. This implies that you can play it even if your table is small.

Galaxies go above and beyond by giving the impression that you are actually in charge of a space fleet, making colonizing and growing an intergalactic empire seem fun on the surface.

This tiny planetary exploration simulator will make you a participant in the new space race, even though you’ll spend a huge chunk of your time mining planets and rolling dice. Very impressive for a game that fits comfortably in a back pocket.

7. Welcome to the Dungeon

Looking to play D&D outside but not feeling like carrying your laptop? Welcome to the Dungeon might satisfy that itch without using complicated technology or game maps.

You and your friends will construct a dungeon full of challenges that one of you must navigate at the end of each round rather than role-playing and rolling attack dice.

Two successful trips through the dungeon indicate victory, but failure results in permanent exile. As a result, you must carefully consider where and when to enter. 

Playing the hero and seeking glory is entirely possible, but you can also set traps for everyone and eliminate them while relaxing in a tavern with an ale.

The side-table-sized game offers a blend of cooperative and betrayal-based gameplay. This is one of the best board games for camping.

8. The Appalachian Trail Game

If you enjoy being outside, you’ll adore this game based on the Appalachian Trail. Making it from Georgia to Maine is the game’s objective, and there will be many adventures along the way.

In this game, you’ll meet new people, put your abilities to the test, and do a lot of exploring. 

The Challenge, Chance, and Gear card types are the three types of cards that will guide you on your journey and around obstacles.

You will learn about the Appalachian Trail’s past, and the types of wildlife found there as you hike it.

There are ways to change the game to make it easier if you’re playing with younger players.

However, if you’re playing with older children or adults, we advise going out and playing this game in its hardest setting.

Furthermore, other options are available, but since you created this Backpacking Edition, especially for camping, we love how simple it is to use while on the go. This is one of the best board games for camping.

9. Bananagrams

Such as Scrabble? Then Bananagrams will be your favorite game. Scrabble is still the same concept; this version, however, is more portable and comes in a banana.

We appreciate that you can make this game as difficult as you like. 

Furthermore, when you play with other wordsmiths, things can quickly become competitive and serious.

Additionally, if you’re playing with children, you can choose simpler words that will allow them to participate.

Playing Bananagrams with your children is a fantastic way to expand your vocabulary and theirs.

We adore how this game is so small and portable. For a fun night or a date night board game of entertainment, you can easily pack it with your camping equipment, and it practically takes up no space. This game is one of the best board games for camping.

10. AmericanFlat National Park Adventure

This board game, which lovers of National Parks developed, lets you travel to all 62 of them.

You can share your love of the great outdoors and make new memories with a board game that gets the competitive juices flowing. 

Travel across the board while collecting 4 of the same category or 1 of each keeper card (aquatic, bird, animal, or landmark) before your opponents.

The first person to the center wins! However, depending on the age of the players, there are two playing styles.

11. Shadows in the Forest

Because it is played in the dark, the board game Shadows in the Dark is particularly suitable for camping.

One player moves the LED lantern around, searching for the shadowy creatures known as Shadowlands.

Realistic shadows are created on the game board by the lantern’s illumination of the trees and forest. 

In this cutting-edge board game for kids and families, the other players cooperate by strategically moving their Shadowlings to avoid the light. This game is one of the best board games for camping.

12. Splendor

Despite not being the world’s smallest game, Splendor earns points for being easily accessible.

This game is one of the best board games for camping. Also, you can create a mercantile empire from the ground up with just a few decks of cards and some tokens, snatching up gems and notoriety to become one of the most renowned merchants of the Renaissance.

Splendor’s simplicity of use is one of its best features. Learning the game only takes a few minutes, and a chance element equalizes the playing field between inexperienced and experienced players.

Although you’ll probably have a better chance of winning if you’ve played the game before, there is still enough chance for it never to feel unfair.

13. Gloom

You want to maintain your characters in most board games. Portable, gloomy Gloom, on the other hand, adopts a different strategy.

You are given control over a family of detestable individuals who make the Bloody Benders appear normal rather than being given control of a hero.

Your job? Before allowing them to pass away, to inflict as much suffering as possible.

You’ll also try to deny your opponent’s family any points by throwing a little luck their way.

Gloom has excellent mechanics, but its collaborative storytelling makes it shine. Also, the game encourages you to narrate how these miserable events affected each character on their downward arc rather than simply playing cards without comment. 

This means that every Gloom game is a story, a special encounter where the only thing that you can predict is how it will turn out. This game is one of the best board games for camping.

14. Similo

In the majority of board games, you want to keep your characters. Gloomy, transportable Gloom, on the other hand, chooses a different approach.

Instead of being given control of a hero, you are given control over a family of despicable people who make the Bloody Benders seem normal.

Furthermore, It’s your responsibility to cause them as much pain as possible before letting them die.

By wishing them luck, you’ll also try to keep your opponent’s family from scoring any points.

Although Gloom has great gameplay mechanics, its collaborative storytelling makes it stand out.

Instead of just playing cards without any commentary, the game encourages you to describe how these terrible incidents affected each character as they progressed downward. 

However, as a result, every Gloom game is a narrative, a unique experience where the only thing that you can predict is how it will turn out. This is one of the best board games for camping.

15. Hive

The game’s goal is to surround your opponent’s queen bee and prevent your opponents from doing the same.

There are 11 tiles, each of which stands for a different insect. Every insect moves differently, but they all resemble the movement of the insect shown on the tile. 

Furthermore, Games only last about 10 minutes, and since there is no board (only tiles), they are very portable. This game is one of the best board games for camping.

16. Yahtzee

People of all ages enjoy playing the timeless game of Yahtzee, which has been around for a long time.

With its national park theme, this variation elevates everyone’s favorite dice game to a new level.

These dice feature images such as a deer, tent, hiker, pine trees, canoe, and binoculars rather than numbers.

You may travel to America’s favorite national parks, including Yellowstone, the first national park.

You can buy this game confidently because the National Parks Edition’s proceeds support the National Park Foundation, an initiative we can all support.

Younger children might need assistance learning this game, but they will quickly pick it up, especially the dice-rolling portion. This is one of the best board games for camping.

17. Mancala

One of the oldest strategy games in existence, mancala is still played and enjoyed by players of all ages worldwide.

This marble game tests your strategic thinking while also making you practice your math abilities.

Play a Mancala game to test your reasoning skills while attempting to win all of your opponent’s marbles.

Furthermore, Mancala is a fantastic game to bring camping since all you need is a board and some marbles, and it’s simple to pack with your other camping supplies.

You can replace the marbles with any other small object you find in nature, such as seeds or stones if you decide to leave the marbles at home out of concern that you’ll lose them. This is one of the best board games for camping.

18. Love Letter

Love Letter is about as portable as it gets. This traditional game of bluffing and theoretical love only requires sixteen cards and a few tokens, and you can conveniently store it in your back pocket thanks to its small, red bag.

It’s easy to learn and offers a good balance of chance and strategy. To obtain the princess of the realm’s hand, you also get to betray your friends.

What is there to dislike? The only drawback of the original Love Letter was that it could only accommodate two to four players; however, the second edition fixed this problem by including five new cards.

Additionally, it fixed several balance issues from the original, making competitive wooing even more approachable for everyone playing by the campfire. This is one of the best board games for camping.

19. Mountains

The time for hiking has arrived! Do you have the appropriate gear for the hike you chose? If not, the swap talks start!

You’ll need a sharp memory, a little luck, and a few favors from your fellow hikers to win the game by filling your Summits Book with the most stamps. 

The game lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes. But, it is one of the best board games for camping.

20. Beat the Parents

The name alone will convince your kids to buy the game, but once they start playing, they’ll fall even more in love.

Kids and adults are divided into teams for this game, and the winner is decided by answering trivia questions.

Children ask parents questions that they are likely to know the answers to but that the adults may not.

In addition, inquiries are made of the children that may not have even occurred to them before.

The group that controls the house is whoever correctly answers the most questions.

21. Guess Who?

His game was extremely popular when it was released in the 1980s and has continued to be a mainstay in many homes ever since.

This is a fantastic game for kids because it tests their ability to use the process of elimination in their reasoning.

You try to ascertain the identity of the opponent’s mystery character by posing one question at a time.

Bring this game along when you go camping for some quick and simple, family-friendly fun.

Both adults and children will enjoy it just as much. This game is one of the best board games for camping.

22. Jenga

The entire family will enjoy playing this timeless game of skill. You try to stop the tower from falling to the ground by removing one block at a time. This game requires strategy, as well as some luck, in addition to skill.

The winner is the last player to remove a block without bringing the Jenga tower toppling over.

As it can be set up almost anywhere and only needs the wood blocks to play, Jenga is a great game to bring camping.

Furthermore, take a turn to find out how much skill is required to play this game; it is more complex than it seems. Jenga is one of the best board games for camping.

23. Battleship

Battleship is a classic two-player game that kids will adore. Who doesn’t enjoy the thought of bringing down their adversary’s battleships?

Children can play this game casually, and adults can enjoy using strategy to defeat opponents.

Battleship is excellent for camping because it is made entirely of plastic and is portable. Also, keep all the tiny pegs together because they can easily be lost.

The game’s carrying case makes this simple. All that’s left to do is close it when you’re finished.

24. Pictionary

Your children only need to be old enough to read to participate in this game. They are prepared to rock and roll with some Pictionary if they are strong readers.

This game will make the room more lively and get everyone jumping around to make guesses.

This game is a great way to have fun with your friends, whether you have a small group of four or a large group of twenty.

Make a drawing of the word you want your teammate(s) to guess—the end of that.

You only really need the board, the cards, and a surface to draw your clues to play a Pictionary game. And a ton of originality. This is one of the best board games for camping.

25. Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase is a hilarious game that the whole family will enjoy playing around the campfire.

This game is simple to play and is perfect for camping because all you need are batteries.

In this game, players attempt to guess the word that appears on the screen without actually saying it to their teammates.

It resembles charades. The difference with this one is that teams alternate passing the object around the circle because of the timer, and whoever has it in their possession when the buzzer sounds loses points.

26. Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! is appealing to many people, even if sushi isn’t. It doesn’t matter that the game’s setting is a sushi restaurant where you’re trying to assemble the ideal fish-based feast by gathering cards.

You’ll be so enamored with the game’s visual aesthetic that you’ll want to snag as many of the cutesy Sashimi and adorable wasabi blobs as possible.

Sushi Go! It isn’t the most difficult card game ever, but that’s also one of its appeals.

It’s the perfect family game because kids can beat you just as easily as their older counterparts.

27. Cribbage

Cribbage is a fun game that both kids and older can play. It’s less exciting than the other games, but it’s still exciting to play.

If a game has survived since the 1600s and is still being played, it must be good.

The board with the pegs and a deck of cards are all you need to play a game of cribbage. 

This game challenges your mathematical abilities, making it a great way and method for kids to practice counting in a fun way (and helps us adults brush up on ours).

The game is the perfect item to bring on your next camping trip because it is compact and simple to transport to the campsite and back home. This game is one of the best board games for camping.

28. Uno Wilderness Edition

The classic card game UNO is perfect for kids because it doesn’t require a lot of skill to play.

This game is perfect for bringing camping because all you need is a deck of cards to play.

Furthermore, each player places a card from their hand on the pile with the same color or number as the last card played.

It’s enjoyable for kids, too, because of this straightforward idea. Just remember to shout “UNO” when only one card is left!

The game’s rules are the same in the Wilderness Edition; the only difference is that you get to take in some cool outdoor scenery instead of the usual colors and numbers. This game is one of the best board games for camping.

29. Camp

We will assume that you will enjoy the board game Camp because it is safe to assume that you enjoy camping and the outdoors. Also, you may not have heard of it, but you’ll wish you had after trying it.

Camp is a fantastic game for children and adults because it begins with simpler questions, like identifying animals, and gets harder as you correctly answer more of them.

You and your kids will enjoy learning more about where you enjoy spending your free time because this game tests your knowledge of everything related to the outdoors.

This game requires a few more pieces than others on the list, so pack all the pieces when camping. However, it still has to be one of the best board games for camping.

30. Let’s go Fishing

This is a fantastic game for your family’s younger members to play (and you, too!).

In the game Let’s Go Fishin’, players try to catch as many fish as possible using the tiny plastic fishing poles attached to a rotating board with fish on it.

This one has many moving parts, so we advise keeping them in a Ziploc bag for transportation. This is one of the best board games for camping.

31. Trouble

Let them cause trouble when playing this game because all kids like to cause it. And getting into trouble and getting to pop someone’s bubble is even more fun (literally).

The game starts when a player pushes the Pop-O-Matic bubble in the center of the board to roll the die.

The objective is to move all your game pieces across the board without being hit by an adversary or sent back to the start.

Even though this game contains peg pieces that you could easily misplace, you can still bring them camping if you keep them in a Ziploc bag for added security. This is one of the best board games for camping.

32. Wildcraft

Adults will enjoy playing this game with their young children. In a fun and engaging way, it teaches children about medicinal plants.

Players embark on quests that take them through various ecosystems and present them with challenges like deer trails, logs to cross, and waterfalls to slide down. 

However, by selecting the appropriate plants to treat their “trouble,” they gain knowledge of medicinal plants.

Because it’s a cooperative game, players gain by supporting one another.

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