12 Best Xbox Games for VR

Xbox Games for VR

VR is still a young technology, but there are already some great games for it. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Xbox games for VR.

1. Halo Recruit

Halo Recruit is a free downloadable game for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. It’s a cooperative wave-based shooter, meaning that you’ll have to take out waves of enemies with up to three other players.

Each round ends when you finish off an enemy boss in the final room or if all players are eliminated by enemies or overwhelmed by them (in which case you’ll fail).

2. The Climb

The Climb is a virtual reality game where the player must scale mountains. There are three different modes of gameplay: free Climb, speed climb, and expedition.

Free Climb has you climbing at your own pace on an infinite mountain in different environments such as mountains, cliffs, and volcanoes.

Speed climb has you competing against other climbers to see who can get to the top first while collecting stars along the way.

Expedition mode allows players to work with up to six friends to collect crystals from various parts of their world before completing a final mission at the end known as “The Summit.” This is one of the best Xbox games for VR.

The game was developed by Crytek Hungary Studio for Oculus Rift headsets but also supported Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality headsets when playing online with others using these devices; however, it does not support PlayStation VR or HTC Vive platforms yet, although they are expected soon after release due to demand from fans based on social media posts made by one member who works there named “Brian.”

3. Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within is a game that requires you to work with a team of other players to solve a mystery. It’s a take on the classic party game Werewolf, where one player is secretly tasked with hunting the rest.

The rest of the players must use their powers of deduction and teamwork to determine who is a werewolf, then get out alive by pretending to be one themselves.

The best part about Werewolves Within? There’s no limit on how many people can play it! You could have an entire room full of people interacting in VR—that sounds amazing!

4. Dance Central 2

Dance Central 2 is a dance video game developed by Harmonix and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360. It is the sequel to Dance Central and was released on October 16, 2012, in North America and on October 18, 2012, in Europe.

It features more than 40 songs from various genres, including pop music, electronic music, and country music. Players are scored on their ability to match moves with those of background dancers shown on screen.

5. Kinect Sports: Season 2

The game features a number of different sports, including skiing, boxing, baseball, and football.

The game was first announced at E3 2010 as an Xbox 360 exclusive title for Kinect. It is being developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360.

Kinect Sports: Season 2 has had a total of three demos released on the Xbox Live Marketplace: one demo in June 2010, another demo in December 2010/January 2011 (Xbox 360), and one more demo released in July 2011 (Xbox One).

6. Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission

Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission is a free update for the game. You can play it on the PlayStation VR, Xbox, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift, and you can play it with a controller or a flight stick. In co-op mode, you can select a friend as your wingman to help you during your missions.

7. Minecraft VR

Minecraft VR is an immersive, virtual reality version of Minecraft, and it’s available on the HTC Vive, Xbox, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Minecraft VR is more than just a port from its 2D counterpart; it’s actually been re-imagined for VR with unique gameplay that takes advantage of your headset’s capabilities.

You can play with friends online in multiplayer mode or go solo in survival mode as you mine for resources, build structures and explore the world around you. This is one of the best Xbox games for VR.

8. Kinectimals

Kinectimals is an Xbox Games for VR. It’s a lot like Tamagotchi, but with more freedom when it comes to playing with your pet. You can dress and nourish your animal, interact with it, play games and teach it tricks.

There are other animals in the game besides cats and dogs, so you can have wolves or even tigers if you want (though they won’t be as cute).

And if that’s not enough for you, Kinectimals supports up to three players at once! So grab some friends who love animals as much as you do and play together!

9. EVE: Valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie is a space dogfighting shooter with virtual reality support. In it, you play as a fighter pilot in the EVE universe, fighting against other players in one of three different game modes. This is another good Xbox Games for VR.

The game is multiplayer-only and takes place from a first-person perspective. It supports both Xbox and HTC Vive headsets.

10. Kinect Star Wars

The Kinect Star Wars game is the most iconic fitness game of all time. You can use your body as a controller and use your arms to simulate lightsaber swings.

You can also use the Force and fight Darth Vader or even do an exercise where you run around in an open field while being chased by Tusken Raiders. This is one of the best Xbox games for VR because it’s so immersive and fun!

11. Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes is a cooperative game where one player is trapped in a room with a ticking time bomb.

The other players are experts who have to give instructions to the trapped player on how to disarm it. The game is about communication, not just between the two teams but also within each team—the person who’s trapped often has to leave their comfort zone as they try to interpret what the expert is telling them. This is one of the best Xbox games for VR.

12. UFC Personal Trainer

UFC Personal Trainer is a fitness Xbox Games for VR that uses Kinect to track your movements. You can use it to get into shape or just have fun by punching and kicking the air.

If you want to take it further, you can use the Kinect to track your movements so that when you punch and kick the air, it looks like you’re hitting something.

UFC Personal Trainer has an extensive library of exercises, from pushups and squats to jogging on an elliptical machine.

Each one has multiple levels of difficulty, so even if at first glance, one may seem too hard for you, there’s likely another version with easier steps that will work better for you as well!

The best part about this app is that hundreds of different workouts are available (including several full-blown fight training programs).

The app will help keep track of everything, so all you need is yourself and maybe some dumbbells if they’re within reach.”

In conclusion, we’re excited to see how VR gaming will continue to expand and become a more popular option for gamers. It’s an exciting time to be alive!

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