23 French Series on Netflix to Watch

French Series on Netflix

Popular French series on Netflix are a great way to improve vocabulary and listening skills while gaining cultural fluency.

However, Netflix offers a terrific French TV series for you, whether you’re looking for laugh-out-loud comedies, riveting dramas, fast-paced detective episodes, or everything in between.

So grab some popcorn (or an éclair) and spend an hour or two working on your French while having a good time with these great French shows.

After all, what’s better than discovering a new favorite television show while also learning a new language? It is incomparable.

As of September 20, 2021, below are some of the top French programs available on Netflix  in the United States.

If you’re not in the United States, click the title to see if the show is available where you are.

Netflix originals will continue to be available, but catch up on the rest while you can, as license deals expire.

Some of the best French series on Netflix are;

1. Emily in Paris

A program about a Midwestern transplant navigating a Parisian workplace comes from Darren Star of Sex and the City. Additionally, the endearing fish-out-of-water play will make you yearn to travel. 

Although the show is (mainly) in English, Emily in Paris was produced entirely on location and with a French film crew, creator Star revealed to oprahmag.com.

Top Cast include, Lily Collins, Lucas Bravo, Camille Razat, Ashley Pack.

2. Call My Agent

Easily one of the best French series on Netflix in recent memory. Agents at A.S.K., a Paris talent agency, are scrambling to keep their top clients pleased and their business intact.

Mathias, Gabriel, and Andrea, three agents, juggle one scenario after another in situations that mix their personal and professional lives.

Top Cast: Thibault de Montalembert, Gregory Montel, Liliane Rovere, Nicolas Maury.

3. Lupin

A retelling of Arsène Lupin, the world-famous gentleman thief and master of disguise, from the old French narrative. 

Besides, it is the adventures of expert burglar Arsène Lupin, popular French antihero of a series of great crime novels, that are adapted into a fun, fast-paced film. It is the most popular French series on Netflix ever. 

Top Cast includes, Omar Sy, Shirine Boutella, Clotilde Hesme, Ludivine Sagnier.

4. Marianne

Marianne can terrify you with a single glance. Mireille Herbstmeyer is well recognized for her comedic work, but in Marianne, she portrays a character that is the epitome of pure evil, and her expressions will stay with you for a long time. 

Additionally, Marianne is set in a French coastal village and tells the story of an author (Victoire du Bois) who is haunted by the same thing that her protagonist fights in her writings. 

Furthermore, the one-season horror show’s inventiveness will leave you shaken. Top Cast include, Victoire du Bois, Lucie Boujenah, Mireille Herbstmeyer.

5. The Hook Up

Elsa, who is perpetually single, can’t figure out why she has such bad luck with men, and her friends want to gather around her. 

They engage a male escort, who Elsa knows as educator Julie’s. In other to rekindle her trust in dating, relationships, and finding love in a misguided attempt to boost Elsa’s confidence. 

Furthermore, when Elsa discovers that her friends have been keeping major news from her, she becomes agitated. 

However, as Elsa struggles with mounting misgivings about Jules, long-standing friendships come to a head. Top Cast Includes, Zita Hanrot, Marc Ruchmann, Josephine Drai, Sabrina Quazani.

6. Family Business

The first good French series on Netflix, produced by Netflix, other than the French show Marseille.By day, the Duncans are a respectable family who own and operate a car business. 

By night, they lead a perilous double life. The Duncans will have to stick together or die if they are besieged. Top Cast includes, Javicia Leslie, KJ Smith, Darrin Henson, Ernie Henson.

7. Oggy And The Cockroaches

Oggy and the cockroaches is an anime French Series On Netflix. Cat who is sluggish Oggy enjoys watching television and eating. 

His flatmates, three small cockroaches, on the other hand, like assaulting Oggy’s refrigerator and causing a mess.

8. The Circle France

If you enjoyed the Netflix series The Circle, there’s good news: there’s a The Circle France waiting for you. 

Besides, We decided it was worth offering a little pleasant sugar for the weary, pandemic-worn brain, even though there are plenty of high-quality French series on Netflix. 

Additionally, Players must pick whether to be themselves or other people in this humorous and strategic competition series. Top Cast includes, Romain Ben, Maxime Merkouchenko, Rudy Doukhan.

9. The Chalet

The show is set in a chalet in the French Alps and alternates between two timelines: 2007, when a family moves there for a fresh start, and 2017, when a group of friends meets for a wedding. 

Meanwhile this six-episode French drama reminds us a lot of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, with characters disappearing one by one. 

Even though the premise is basic, The Chalet has enough surprises to keep it interesting. Top Cast includes Chloe Lambert, Emillie de Preissac, Blanche Veisberg, Marc Ruchmann.

10. A Very Secret Service

André Merlaux is appointed as a trainee with the French secret service during the height of the Cold War in 1960. 

He quickly becomes entangled in a web of international intrigue, irrational bureaucracy, and young love. 

Nevertheless the show provides fascinating insights into French culture and history. As it explores France’s past of racism and colonialism, the humor may be rather bleak. 

For learners, one of the most popular French TV shows. However the language is straightforward. Top Cast includes, Hugo Becker, Mathilde Warnier, Marie-Julie Baup, Karim Barras.

11. Osmosis

Have you lost count of how much time you’ve spent on dating apps? Osmosis has the potential to be a cathartic viewing experience. 

Furthermore, the one-season French sitcom imagines a world in which a dating app can correctly predict your soul partner 100 percent of the time. 

Will you, on the other hand, program your romantic destiny? Osmosis is similar to a season in Black Mirror. Top cast includes, Agathe Bonitzer, Hugo Becker, Manoel DuPont, Luana Silva.

12. Attack on Paris

The events of November 13, 2015, when ISIL terrorists struck six Paris locales, killing 130 people and injuring hundreds more, are chronicled in this gripping French docu-series on Netflix.

13. Huge In France

Gad Elmaleh is a real-life comic celebrity in France, yet his name may be unfamiliar to non-French speakers. That is, in fact, the show’s conceit. 

Additionally, Elmaleh tries to break into the American market by moving to Los Angeles and beginning at the bottom of the stand-up circuit.

Top Cast Includes, Jordan Verhoeve, Matthew Del Negro, Gad Elmaleh, Erinn Hayes.

14. The Mantis

This suspenseful French series on Netflix is a must-watch. It’s a quick watch with only one six-episode season.

Decades after her arrest, imprisoned serial killer Jeanne Deber.

He is invited by the Paris police commissioner to serve in the investigation of a string of unsolved killings perpetrated by someone who is replicating her crimes from years before. 

Jeanne, who used to be known as “The Mantis” when she was a criminal, accepts, but only if her estranged son Damien, who is now a detective, joins her. 

Nevertheless, he reluctantly accepts so that they can try to stop the copycat from committing more crimes.

Because the number of victims continues to climb as the inquiry continues, time is of the essence.

Top Cast Manon Azem, Carole Bouquet, Fred Testot, Frederique Bel.

15. Zig & Sharko

Zig, a starving device, devises the most bizarre schemes to eat Marina, the carefree mermaid.  But that’s ignoring Sharko, the muscular shark who will go to any length to protect her.

16. Into The Night

If you’re terrified of flying, skip Into the Night. The suspenseful Belgian French series on Netflix takes place entirely on an airplane during a natural calamity. 

Furthermore, people on Earth are being exposed to a deadly chemical carried by the sun (just go with it). If the occupants on the plane want to live, they must keep the sun behind them.

Top Cast Includes, Mehmet Kurtulus, Alba Gala Kraghede, Regina Bikkinina, Pauline Etienne.

17. The Forest

When a young girl goes missing in a village in the Ardennes Forest, local cops and a concerned teacher begin to piece together a web of disturbing truths.

Top Cast of the movie includes, Alexia Barlier, Samuel Labarthe, Suzanne Clement.

18. Can You Hear Me

We sail across the water to Canada with Can You Hear Me (or M’entends-tu in French). 

Additionally, the sitcom follows three friends who live in a low-income Montreal neighborhood. Mélissa Bédard, ve Landry, and Florence Longpré have chemistry that makes the characters’ bonds feel real.

Top Cast Includes, Florence Longpre, Eve Landry, Melissa Bedard.

19. The Chef’s Table: France

The Chef’s Table, Netflix’s delightful documentary series, showcases some of the world’s best chefs and bakers, so it’s only right that a whole spin-off would be dedicated to French cuisine. 

However, the Chef’s Table is basically a psychological study of what it means, and what it takes, to be on the cutting edge of the culinary arts industry, despite all of the show’s food images.

However, it’s ideal to watch the four tantalizing episodes on a full stomach. 

20. The Break


Watch out for a crime drama! The Break is about a cop who can’t manage to stay out of trouble. 

Seeking to heal from a tragic incident, Detective Yoann Peeters goes to his quiet home town—and suddenly is tied up in a murder case.

Top Cast Includes, Yoann Blanc, Sophie Breyer, Jasmina Douleb, Guillaume Kerbusch

21. Ad Vitam

A cop (Darius, 120yo) and a rebellious, suicidal young woman (Christa, 24yo) must investigate the unexplained suicide of seven youths in a world where everyone believes death has been finally defeated and humans can live forever. 

Why would a group of teens commit such a crime if they were promised eternal youth? Is it possible that it was a cult? Is this a political act? 

Whether it’s a desperate call for aid from a despairing lost youth, the two will embark on a mystery and deadly investigation with no way out.

Top Cast includes, Yvan Attal, Garance Marillier, Niels Schneider, Victor Assie.

22. Vampire

This French teen drama is about vampires, as you would have guessed.

To be exact, half-human vampires like Doina Radescu (Oulaya Amamra), a 16-year-old trying to get through high school while battling her bloodlust. 

Additionally, start here if you want to fill the void left by The Vampire Diaries and True Blood in your heart (or neck?). Top Cast includes, Oulaya Amambra,  Mounir Amamra, Aliocha Schneider.

23. Black Spot

Villefranche is a little town on the outskirts of a strange forest with no phone service. 

Although the population is declining, crime has increased dramatically. Lauren, a police inspector who was previously a victim of a crime, is constantly finding new bodies. 

Black Spot is also one of the French series on Netflix. Top Cast Includes, Suliane Brahim, Hubert Delattre,

I hope you will brush up on your French by viewing one of the Netflix French programs.

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