23 Best Cowboy Romance Novels

Best Cowboy Romance Novels

Finding the best cowboy romance novels among the various publishers and editions can be challenging.

On the other hand, most of them need to satisfy the product’s essential requirements or application standards. 

However, we kept and concentrated on a few issues and quality in our study of the best cowboy romance novels, including user-friendly features, fantastic quality, notable performance, all-around features, extended lifespan, and value for money. 

Western romance, often known as cowboy romance, is frequently set in rural America and centers on an action hero and an attractive heroine who develop an intense and riveting romance. 

Even though the genre of western love stories has a long history, there have been many significant modifications to these cowboy tales.

For instance, the protagonists of these works are no longer timid and bashful. They are aspirational, wise, and cunning. 

Due to their popularity, many movies and novels are available online. You must read about cowboys to learn about historical western culture.

As a result, both history and culture readers and romance readers enjoy it. 

1. Second Chance Cowboy

  • By A.J Pine 

The brothers in this book, who come from separate families and inherit a ranch, are followed as they grow up.

However, I admire how their ranch runs since they go beyond what is expected of a ranch.

The first novel centers on Jack (Cowboy) and Ava’s second-chance relationship. They were classmates in high school, where they had a lot to contend with.

They ultimately parted ways, dealt with their issues independently, got back in touch, and are now getting back together. Second Chance Cowboy is one of the best cowboy romance novels.

2. Rode Hard, Put Up Wet

  • By Lorelei James 

A second chance romance novel following a widow named Gemma, the second installment of the well-known erotic western serial Rough Riders follows.

She never imagined falling in love with the foreman she hired for her property. The first book, Long Hard Ride, had supporting characters named Gemma and Cash.

As a result, you’d like to learn more about them in this book. This book is for you if you enjoy reading gritty western novels with hot cowboys. 

3. One Night With a Cowboy

  • By Cat Johnson 

Next on our list of best cowboy romance novels is One Night With a Cowboy. Tucker Jenkins is one of the key characters in Night with a Cowboy.

After his unsuccessful attempt at marriage, Tucker is determined to put the days of casual flings and no-strings-attached relationships in the back of his mind. 

We frequently relapse, though, and when Tucker looks at a stunning blonde woman, it seems like he’s back to his old ways. Tucker and a friend take it to the ladies to set everything up. 

Tucker takes in the female in his incredibly seductive manner, but this one stays with him after she leaves his house. This is new to Tucker, who can’t get her off his thoughts. 

4. The Cowboy Next Door

  • By R.C Ryan 

This book, set in Montana, is part of another entertaining, reliable cowboy series. The narrative centers on Sam, a cowboy, and Penny.

Penny, who is struggling, ends up working for the guy’s family, and Sam has returned after a lengthy absence.

He sees her, and from there, things become worse. Try this one if you want more in-depth information about western society.

Although it is set in Hollow Creek, I liked this installment of the Montana Strong series. So unquestionably, give this one a shot. 

5. The Cowboy’s Bestfriend

  • By Jessie Gussman 

The Cowboy’s best friend is one of the best cowboy romance novels. Palmer and Ames were best pals growing up.

Palmer enjoys spending time at his family’s ranch in North Dakota, but Ames is an Olympic athlete who travels much.

Despite having quite different personalities, both have had wonderful friendships. But Palmer’s situation could be better because he has financial difficulties. 

One day he receives a letter about a potential inheritance from a billionaire, with the caveat that he must get married and remain in North Dakota.

Ames decides to introduce some of her girlfriends to him after learning about the letter and its contents from him. 

6. Cowboy Heat

  • By Sable Hunter 

We have the utmost respect for best-selling novelist Sable Hunter.

Hunter’s work contains timeless stories, but Cowboy Heat from 2010 is our top pick for our list of the finest cowboy romance novels.

The first book in the Hell Yeah! A series of thirty-four novels is titled Cowboy Heat. 

After his disastrous marriage to a lady he believes to be a descendant of the devil, Aron McCoy decides not to give women the benefit of the doubt.

Aron lost his parents ten years ago, a more tragic aspect of the situation, yet he never stops thinking about them. 

Aron fears that everything will go south if his future bride is anything like his ex-wife. He has siblings that he loves and wants to be good. 

7. Justified (Loveless, Texas)

  • By  Jay Crownover 

The familial dynamic of the siblings we’re following in this one is messed up. Their mom passes away when the kids are little, and their father is a dishonest police officer.

They must deal with the community’s expectations of their family and relationship. The second book is Unforgiven for those who fit into this first one. 

We move after Aspen and Case (the cowboy). Aspen is fleeing for her life and is terrified, and Case finds up taking care of her.

This one is for you if you’re seeking a fantastic, naughty western romance.  

8. Cowboys & Wedding Woes

  • By Natalie Dean 

We follow Sean Baker in the sixth installment of the Baker Brothers of Copper Creek series as he takes over the family ranch following the passing of his father.

His goal is to live alone and without a soul partner. Then, though, his adversary and next-door neighbor approaches him with an odd offer. She desires that they unionize the farms and get married. 

Will Sean agree to this peculiar business deal? The year 2022 will see this unusual western romance become a bestseller. 

9. Knotted

  • By Pam Godwin 

Next on our list of best cowboy romance novels is Knotted. Pam Goldwin, a superb novelist, currently resides in the Midwest with her family.

It is excellent in terms of Goldwin’s literature. The twins Jake and Jerret Holsten are siblings like Lorne and Conor Cassidy.

Even if they aren’t all related, given that they were united as a child, one might have assumed they were.

The four of them had grown up together as their family shared the same house. 

Nothing else than a damnable catastrophe could have ruined the immaculate beauty of a friendship that dates back to childhood.

Since that tragic evening, everything between them has changed, and nobody is the same. 

10. Cowboy Bold

  • By Carolyn Brown 

The Longhorn Canyon series’ first volume originally piqued my interest in Western romances. The protagonists of the tale are the stunning Retta and the dashing Cade.

Their relatives run a summer camp for underprivileged children. Reta and Cade wind themselves in close quarters with that living thing. When cowboy romances do this, I adore them. 

Retta gradually integrates into the family as their relationship begins to blossom.

They also find methods to distance themselves from one another, as is typical in all romances, but this one was fun. 

11. Once Upon a Cowboy

  • By Maisey Yates 

Once Upon a Cowboy is a brief cowboy novella you will adore if you enjoy stories with sexy alpha male characters. It is one of the best cowboy romance novels to read.

This is the tale of Belle and Adam, who find themselves attracted to one another in the strangest situations.

Adam is not interested in employing the housekeeper when his mother-in-law announces her coming. Nevertheless, he lets her stay in his home with his kids. 

12. Christmas With a Cowboy

  • By Carolyn Brown 

Maverick is the name of the renowned cowboy who serves as our hero. He is Irish and visits his grandma there when he returns home.

Here, the person he briefly encounters in Ireland decides to visit and stay with his grandma. Maverick’s grandmother and the girl’s grandmother were close friends. 

Therefore, these two needed to be made aware of their continued relationship. It offers a unique perspective on a single-parent love story.

All of them are good, but you’ll like how that one turns out. These include a moderate level of snark and discussion holiday enjoyment. 

13. Montana Desire

  • By Josie Jade 

Montana Desire is one of the best cowboy romance novels. Are you looking for books about country romance with drama and depth of emotion?

The 2022 book Montana Sanctuary by Josie Jade and Janie Crouch is a fantastic option in that Case. Evelyn Taylor, who cannot let go of the past, is the person we follow.

She has been compelled to flee her past for the past four years. Finally, she finds herself at the Resting Warrior Ranch, a US Navy SEALs-owned estate.

One of them will have the power to alter Evelyn’s course in life. 

14. Big Bad Cowboy

  • By Carly Bloom 

This particular series is a gritty, lewd western romance. We follow various family dynamics; in this one, Travis (Cowboy) and Maggie are the subjects. A strange spin on a single-parent romance is also present.

The scenario with the strange, eccentric neighbor next door is presented to you and is handled well.

This book is for you if you enjoy the angsty plot and the enemy-to-lover romance. 

15. Cowboy Heat

  • By Sable Hunter 

Sable Hunter is a New York Times bestselling author who writes hot cowboy novels with swoon-worthy romance. This is one of the best cowboy romance novels by Sable Hunter.

You’ll find yourself repeatedly returning to the scorching cowboy romance book Cowboy Heat. 

Libby, the protagonist, is experiencing remission. Although her doctor has cautioned her about the potential of the illness returning, she now has time to live for herself.

She hopes to make the most of every day when she meets the dashing cowboy Aron, her secret crush. It’s swelteringly hot and spicy in this sensual cowboy romance book. 

16. Rocky Mountain Heat

  • By Lori Wilde 

This book is more small-town than cowboy, but it fits. It’s a very passionate, fated lovers-style romance.

There is cowboy-related stuff nearby, but in this one, we’re coping with grief over losing a loved one and getting past it. 

Attorney, our heroine, doesn’t think of genuine love. On the other hand, Tuck Manning, our cowboy hero, tends to his ailing wife.

They share a home because of their occupation. Attorney and Tuch argue with one another at first over little things, but their feelings for one another grow with time. 

17. Sarah Surrender

  • By Lynda Chance 

When John, a wealthy alpha guy, sees someone he desires, he will pursue it.

However, it wasn’t that simple this time when he saw the girl at the gas station. She becomes less interested in him as his desire for her grows. 

Sarah isn’t prepared for yet another unhappy relationship. She only wants someone who won’t develop an emotional attachment. 

This contemporary best cowboy romance novels explore a passionate yearning excitingly. 

18. One Tough Cowboy

  • By Lora Leigh 

The Moving Violation series is a new one. However, it doesn’t yet contain the volumes that will follow.

Hunter is the tale’s protagonist; he served in the military before becoming sheriff.

Some things are going on, and they killed his uncle while making it out to be an accident.

He is thus attempting to understand what is happening. Sam, our heroine, returns to the town after living in Detroit.

She ultimately transfers there, where there is a ton of mush and everything. So you get to witness the cop and cowboy romance. 

19. Branding the Virgin

  • By Alexa Riley 

Their most recent book is a warmhearted country romance novel with sultry sex scenes.

The plot centers on Mary Jane, who uses artificial insemination to conceive a family.

But when she learns that a significant mistake was made during the sperm transfer, she decides to track down the man to learn more about him. 

And that is how she first encounters Ty, a cowboy who lives alone on a ranch. Branding the Virgin is one of the best cowboy romance novels to read.

20. A Cowboy to Remember

  • By Rebekah Weatherspoon 

Evie, the protagonist of this book, introduces herself. In the world of cooking, she is a rising star.

So she’s at a party and on a TV show. Following the accident, she experiences significant memory loss.

She returns to California, where she spent her formative years, as a result, and spends some time there recuperating. 

Zach, who she had a major crush on, is one of the people that popped up from her past. They both felt it, but they never took action for various reasons.

Their second opportunity to fall in love is now available to them. So there you have it—the intriguing idea of the story. 

21. Cattleman’s Choice

  • By Diana Palmer 

Cattleman’s Choice is one of the best cowboy romance novels. Carson and Madelyn, who have both been residing on ranches, are neighbors.

Carson has been in love with his neighbor but feels out of place around her family despite his feelings.

But soon after, he asks her to train him to be strong. Madelyn, however, has her own set of mysteries.

However, they instantly click and feel a pull toward one another. This romantic western cowboy story is endearing and lovely. 

22. The Cowboy’s Secret Baby

  • By Monica Castle 

It centers on cowboy romanticism and an interracial couple’s hidden pregnancy.

The main female character, Maggie, is a driven environmentalist interning at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

One night she meets Jonathan, a charming cowboy, and they get together. He is a tiny village young man with many lofty goals.

But his entire family, circle of friends, and neighbors forbid him from taking those actions. 

One night, he is inspired by Maggie. Then he decides to embark on an adventure after being inspired by Maggie after their one night together.

When he eventually returns to town, they unexpectedly cross paths on the streets. 

But due to his trip, he has moved on with his life and now has a fiancée he brings back to town.

This is a brief account of what he intends to do with his life and how it has influenced Maggie. 

23. Rancher’s Heart

  • By Vivian Arend  

The last of our best cowboy romance novels is Rancher’s Heart. Tamara hasn’t been making the best judgments in life, and those poor choices have had a lot of negative effects.

She is currently working as a nanny in a new town and is looking forward to a new beginning.

Caleb Stone struggles to manage his ranch company and care for his two young daughters simultaneously.

He was delighted to hire Tamara because he had been searching far and wide for a capable nanny for his daughters.

He didn’t anticipate, though, to feel an overwhelming desire for her. As they spend more time together, an explosive sexual chemistry develops. 

These are just a few of the best cowboy romance novels out there. Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming story or an intense love affair, these books have something for everyone.

So pick up one of these books and prepare to be swept away if you’re in the mood for some romantic westerns!

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